Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Right now, I'm beginning to feel giddy and a can't-wait mindset about my soon to labor and delivery moment. I am just too ecstatic of seeing my 2nd born and to finish this exhaustion and boredom about the discomforts I have nearing my awaited day. Oh how I wish it'll be a safe delivery and a bearable labor pains. But I still have a lot of preparation to do like having the baby's cabinet (me and hubby thought of having it customized for a more sturdier one), buy N's feeding bottles, cleaning items for the feeding bottles, mittens (I lost or maybe misplaced M's), install the baby's crib and prepare its fittings, buy her bathing paraphernalia, her towels, blankets. I won't buy a lot since I can use M's when she was still newborn. Buying new ones won't be necessary and I am just being practical because N won't use it for long. I'm excited about buying her new stuff this weekend since I am preparing it before I go on labor. I have already washed the baby clothes and other linens last weekend and have it ironed already. I just hope I'd be able to buy and get the stuff I want in one store. Happy baby shopping!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My two cents worth

I never tried giving movie reviews since I am not the type of a moviegoer and an expert in film reviews. However, as a viewer, I have my own set of opinion which I think is worth sharing and that depends on my readers on what they think is my opinion according also to their own experience. Anyhow, we have our own thoughts about something that we have also to consider. I am talking about the much talk about movie "The Mistress" against "No Other Woman". I'd like to believe that with these two films, both are very relevant in the world we are in. It is not fictitious but should be dealt with an open mind and heart. Each and every one of us has a different story to tell, a different circumstances in life that it would be unfair to judge. "Thou shall not commit adultery" and "Thou shall not commit thy neighbor's wife". It's as simple as that but hard to do when trapped in a triangle. In the movie, "No Other Woman", Ann Curtis is the selfish, immature, bratty and liberated "other" woman of a married man played by Derek Ramsey. She'd get what she wants to the extent of not minding she's hurting other people especially the wife, Cristine Reyes. While Bea Alonzo, as the mistress in the movie "The Mistress", she's the selfless, responsible, prim and proper lady that's hard to hate. Being the sole provider for her extended family, she has reasons for having a benefactor in the role portrayed by Ronaldo Valdez. The issue is about money but it's more to it. First, Bea don't have a father growing up and a maybe he found it in Ronaldo. Second, Ronaldo has helped Bea in providing for her family especially for her grandmother. Third, she now pays it as "utang-na-loob" to Ronaldo by being with him every Thursday in exchange with the help and the good things she has received from his benefactor. If Bea has her own way, I think she would not enter into that kind of set-up. She's a good person inside and out but her family mattered to her the most that's why sacrificing was her way of making other people happy.

I am happy with the story as a whole because it shows the essence of love in many ways. Love conquers all. Despite having to sacrifice, entails patience and being selfless all in the name of love, then one has to do it. I like the phrase in the movie, "hindi dahil gusto mo, makukuha mo" and "kung ano ang gusto mo, makukuha mo." These phrases has a lot of realizations and limitations. There are things that you want, you won't really get it and some things you want, you can have it as long as you're determined to get it. But that depends on the situation.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mental Block

I am nowhere in sight in the blogosphere for almost a month now. This somehow made my everyday routine lifeless. Nevertheless, I am present visiting other bloggers sites which I enjoyed leisurely. Maybe it's because I'm now gearing up and nearing my due date of expectancy. I feel lifeless, tired and slow in thinking that made my blog less appealing to my GFC friends (hope they will still support me even I'll be looong away during my 2 month maternity leave). But on the other hand, I came to discover a lot of things visiting other blogs to keep me updated and not outdated. I'm sure it'll be a challenging chapter ahead of me expecting my second baby girl anytime soon. Wish me luck and a safe delivery guys! I hope by the time I'm back on track, you are still there supporting my blog even if I'm away. I just can't wait to see another angel in my bedside and experience a whole new chapter of my life. It's a season of Christmas and I'm looking forward to experience it with the new blessing God has given my family. Season greetings to everyone!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The so-called "RH Bill"

I had been hearing about this issue lately in the Senate more so when President Noy declared through his recent "SONA" (the 3rd "State of the Nation Address") that he is in favor of the RH Bill which some women in the House of Senate are in favor of. I honestly could not say if I am in favor of it or not because I haven't been well-informed of the said bill. However, I have my stand in which I personally believe that one must be well-educated and sensitive enough to build one's family at the expense of one's health (especially that of the mother) and financial condition in life. I would love to have a BIG family. It is of so much joy to have many children around because it's fun. Both my parents have a big family too that's why I can say the bigger, the merrier. However, they were born way back when the peso is equivalent to US$ 20 or way below; when one (1) liter of gasoline/diesel is P16.00 or below; when the transportation fare is around P1.00 or below. You see, the way of life before is very affordable that a family can sustain to raise kids of 8 members or more. Not to mention that only the husband is working for their living and the wife is taking care of the household and kids. I wish that it's still our way of life today. But it's not. Everything is rising except for our salaries (if you're a working/an employed being). And it's hard to cope with the expenses if you have plentiful of children with the present condition we have. I am in favor of family planning for both parents. Whether they would be using contraceptive method or natural planning, it depends on the parents as long as they will be thinking of the well-being of their family. One to two or five to six children doesn't matter as long as they are capable of keeping their family on its feet and that they can provide the needs or maybe wants of the entire family. A well- planned and well-educated family is healthy for everybody. Not only for the family itself but also for the society as a whole.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Power of Touch

I equate touch to healing. I know many will agree with me on this. With just a simple stroke of hand running to one's skin will make you feel comforted and loved. Right? It just dawned on me because I feel I took this simple gesture for granted. Last Monday, as in my previous post, I remembered my hubby told me, he misses me doing it to him. I was caught off-guard. Of what? Because of what happened that night, after those little incidents that almost drained our energy, time and stomachs, I think he needed that gesture a long time already. When we were about to head home in our friends' house for dinner, he came straight to me and said he's tired. Then out of my emotions, I stroke his face because I feel that I have to do it despite of what happened. Then he blurted immediately, he misses me doing it. I was a bit guilty because with everything we've been through and with the things that we have now, I realize that I have taken small things for granted especially taking extra care of my husband. I was more focused on being a mother and tending the house. With my job that requires me 9 hours daily, 5 times a week, I feel that I was consumed with my daily routine. I am just lucky and thankful that my husband has been more sensitive now than before. That makes me think that he became man enough when our first child was born. He's now more caring especially that our first child is a girl. He always tells me he will do everything to provide for us and that he loves us. He never misses a day without saying he loves us. And that makes me figure out that a small amount of hug, kiss and touch does a big difference to one's being. It's not at all difficult. It's free!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Life's Little Mishaps

Yesterday's turn around of events were unexpected. There were a couple of not so good incidents that happened to me and my hubby on our way after office work. We did not go home directly since we have to fetch somebody at the airport. She'll be arriving at 6:45 in the evening. Aside that the weather is a bit gloomy (though it didn't rain), my husband told me that we will stop first at a vulcanizing shop to have his spare tire fixed. It's almost 7pm and we were still there. He told the man who fixed his tire if it can be finished the soonest since we'll still be going to the airport. Maybe because of that pressure, the tire wasn't worked properly. Because halfway on our way to the airport, we heard a noise at the back of the car, it's like we were pulling tin cans. When I told my husband what's the noise all about, he immediately pulled down his window and saw that the tire that was fixed was again almost wrecked.  We were still thankful that we were not driving in a highway and prevent any deadly accident. That was so frustrating. Even if we have to fetch his friend, he asked her instead to take the taxi and follow us where we had a change of tire again. Good thing that there were good Samaritan bystanders who extended their help changing the tire. That was a time consuming incident. I was surprised that I didn't flare up and took it coolly. I was able to calm my husband down despite what happened because I know he is already hungry.

That's what life is all about. You never know what will happen to you in the course of life. But we must be ready to face any untoward incident that comes along our way. The most important thing is the attitude we choose on those trying times and how are we able to deal with it.

But at the end of the day, we were able to get half dozen of Krispy Kreme from that friend of ours. It was a happy ending indeed!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Waiting for another Maria

Time flies fast than I ever imagine. Before when everything in this world is not so complicated and not in a hurry, I can still appreciate the itsy bitsy facets of life. Now that with a lot of happenings that I cannot fathom one-by-one, I just realize that I'm about to deliver a new life 2 months from now. It's like a passing event that I regret I wasn't able to focus more on my second pregnancy unlike the first one. Maybe because I already new what's going on with my body and what's not to do. I am just too  complacent. I said that because my first daughter is still in the growing stage and I am just amazed of how she turned to be an adorable being. Honestly, I am in tuned more with M than my pregnancy. And I am guilty about it. Maybe that is why the baby inside me is very active unlike M. She just want my utmost attention. Now, me and my hubby is starting to introduce baby inside to M. M now knows how to say 'baby' and she acknowledges it by holding and massaging my tummy and she even hugs and kisses my tummy. That's too sweet for M! Wondering wants going on in her mind on it? But somehow, at this point, I try to condition myself that when they'll become two by October, I will be having another adjustment period and that's a new phase of becoming a parent and a mother that I will again experience. It's a challenge yet I know it will be a fulfilling phase of my life that surely as a mother no one will be able to understand, truly!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Birthdays and Thanksgiving

This year I should say is the 2nd best birthday celebration I will not forget in my lifetime. The first is  my birthday celebration in year 2000 where I was surprised. My relatives from Manila carefully planned for my birthday bash. I almost broke in tears. That wasn't an extravagant one but knowing that they took the extra effort to prepare everything, that was so touching! And this year was incomparable too. I had 3 batches of birthday celebration all in my birth date! That was so tiring yet satisfied and happy at the same time. I had prepared lunch for my immediate family and some relatives, merienda time with my in-laws and dinner time with some officemates of my husband. That was tiring indeed but fulfilled. I give credits to my mother since she helped me all throughout my preparation.

With these celebrations, I thank the Lord for giving me another year of worthwhile experience and unending blessings. Blessings that I didn't ask yet He gave. Every day of my life, all I am wishing is good health for myself and my family and sustenance that I may live each day in greater glory of His name.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Firmoo: I won!

I won! Here's the proof. Finally, I had my first winning giveaway from my fellow blogger. Thank you Elilea for the sponsorship/opportunity (thanks to Firmoo too!) and for the random luck I got from your giveaway promo. When I opened my blog today, a Monday, I am totally surprised and at awe when I got the email notice from you. I can't believe it! Though I haven't completed the total number entries required but I gave my best to comply some of the requirements to the best of my ability. Actually, I never expected to win because I am never lucky with this kind of "pa-contest." But then, through Elilea's blog, I am driven to join more blog sponsorship giveaways. Thank you Pretzel! You've given me hope.

This is also a coincidence since my birthday is coming up in a week's time. Thank you Lord for answering my needs! I know that in many years, I deprived what is due to my health especially my eyes. Now that I have a pair of eyeglasses coming up (still waiting for Elilea's reply to my email confirmation and the possibility of Firmoo to contact me), I am very much excited to give myself, my eyes in exact, total relaxation and medication.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Talk about J.Co donuts: First "mouth" experience

I have been yearning to grab a bite on what's new in the "food"landia . After all the food trippings I see in this blogosphere (I really thank I'm part of this), it keeps me updated on what's the newest craze in this industry. I'm referring to the much talk about J.Co donuts.
Its history

Nice one!

Oops! because it's hand carried all the way from Manila.. pardon for the messy donuts. But even though it's like this, sure it's really tasty and the sweetness is just enough that it won't stuck up in one's throat.
I love the taste of some of it since I haven't eaten yet the rest of the donuts. But believe me, I can finish this in just one sitting of course with a friend. (Share-share style!) But for sure each and everyone has that distinctive taste that I'll surely love knowing that I have the sweetest tooth ever! I highly recommend it over the other pricey donuts because as I said the sweetness is very bearable and mild in the taste buds. Hope it would also be accessibly available here in Davao..soon! Calling J. C's..

For a better and deliciously looking images, visit their website at

Monday, 2 July 2012

Versatile Blogger (Part II)

Thada!! And here is my Top 15 Versatile Bloggers not in random order. I chose to not put it in order since I don't know who tops the most since everybody deserves to be in Top 1. Where in fact, it takes me days to ponder and jot down my Top 15 because everybody on the blogosphere deserves the versatility in blogging since each and everyone has its own unique pages that speaks of their own personality. But since Ate Balut just ask for Top 15, I had to make my own list. Pardon for those who are not in the following list, but those who are in my blogroll deserves in this list too. That's why I had you in my list because your site inspires me! 

And the Versatile Blogger Award goes to....

1. Balut on Balut Manila and Run! And Keep on Running
2. Joanne of My Open Notebook
3. Nikki of Askmewhats
4. Chloe of ChloeBelle's Nest and ACE'S
5. Irish of D' Explorer
6. Zenith in Heart of DNA Success
7. Mike of Explorer, First Time Networker, Jocy's World and The Researcher
8. Lester of Gateway to adventure
9. SMF of Life In Every Moment, The Blood Donor and The Flowergirl Artist
10. Shengy of Love Always, Shengy'sdelight and theLivingShed
11. Michael of The Pinoy Wanderer and Show Me Your Look Today
12. Blogger of The Pinay Wanderer (hey, what's your nick?)
13. Mai Flores of Budget Biyahera and Sinigang Junkie
14. Joanne of Joanne's Blog
15. Maxi of The Travelling Swe-Nay Foodie
16. Jenn of Tara! Let's Eat

And there you have it. I have Top 16 because they really deserve this award! I can't help it. Thank you to all of you!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Versatile Blogger (Part I)

Same as you Ate Balut, I was surprised too for considering me as one of which you think is a "Versatile Blogger." And like you also, it's my first ever blogger award! Yehey! 

There's so much joy and gratitude that I feel right now considering I'm a newbie and that I'm still creating my niche in the blogosphere. Thank you for always supporting and noticing my page, my blog posts and giving your time commenting on my thoughts. You're a love and a dear! And now, in order not to violate any of your rules and to avoid being having a punishment (LOL!), here are the following random things about me:

1.  INTROVERT. Sheepishly shy yet gladly welcomes new acquaintances that comes along. I'd wait for  somebody to approach me rather than me to make the first move.

2. DOMESTICATED. I am a homebody rather than going outdoors. However, once in a while I go out just to pamper myself and update myself on what's new around me. Haven't hang out with my college classmates for the very long time already due to my career as a working mom.

3. MUSIC LOVER. I love soothing music that relaxes my senses. I'm into rhythm & blues, jazz kind of music. I listen to the new ones depending on the beat that I like. But for my list, R&B and Jazz music is the best!

4. A LOVER FOR ARTISTRY. I can say to myself that I'm one because being an "Interior Designer" is my most coveted profession and dream. Even if I am not given the privilege and time to do my own crafts, still it remains my hidden desire until now. I like conceptualizing designs in my mind that should have been realized. Yet not given the opportunity to make it happen.

5. HAS A SWEET TOOTH. Loves coffee, chocolates, cakes & everything that is FOOD. I can drink coffee in any way it's prepared and for how many cups a day except for the strong, black one. I like it when it has combination. Same with chocolates. But I prefer the bittersweet one. I don't care if it has nuts or raisins on it. I would love to bake but don't have oven at house. So, it's still my pending thing to do

6. TRAVELER... Wanderer. Apart from being an introvert, I have this side of me that loves to go outdoors especially if means travelling for a vacation. I love to explore new places and try out their food. But that again remains in my wishlist since I have a kid to take care of, a job and constraint in my finances. That's why I'm just a wanderer in my mind as for the moment.

7. GOOD KEEPER. I am a sentimental person. I treasure things that is of value to me. That's is why I have loads of things in the house that I have to constantly check if to trash or not. I love to keep things that I think I still have to keep even if it's okay to be trashed already. Same as with the things that I do and the people around me. I am very careful with the things that I do so as not to have a bad karma. But sometimes my mouth gets out of me.

8. BLOGGER! Need to say more?

Thursday, 21 June 2012

All an eagle would really like, is a teapot

All an eagle would really like, is a teapot

Freebies via blog

A lot of blog sites now have their own perks to be able to get other bloggers support and attention by giving freebies. Who wouldn't like that? I myself have been participating in such promos, contests and whatever it is called to be able to get those things. But unfortunately, I'm not the lucky one. Maybe there are much more deserving people than I am who by God's mercy are lucky enough to grab those featured items that's so cool to have. Anyway, I'm not giving out giveaways because I don't have sponsors yet. I'm still a newbie and hoping that I'll be able to give out soon (if my finances would let me).
In the meantime, I'm sharing to you one of the bloggers giveaways. As you all fellow bloggers know that Firmoo has been giving out plentiful of fashionable sunnies and eyeglasses to lucky bloggers. I joined pretzelgurl's "pa-contest" and hoping that I'll be lucky enough to grab one of those reading glasses for my tired and suffering eyes. You see it's been more than 5 years since I have my own reading glasses. But eventually it broke because of my carelessness. My job requires me to stare on a longer hours in front of the computer so I haven't been fair enough with my eyes. Hoping this time with God's mercy and pertzelgurl's presence in the blogosphere, I'll be the lucky one. The promo is ongoing and ends on the 13th of July. Winners to be announced on the 14th of the same month. So better join now! 

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Santorini of the Philippines

As I was visiting some blog sites of bloggers here in the Philippines, I came across one site that mentioned In here, you can purchase items at a much lower price. As I searched for the that site and started browsing for its offers, I was hooked on to the travel & adventure section. That's how amazed I was with the grandeur of one of the hidden resorts here in the Philippines: The Bellarocca Island Resort & Spa

Photo from their website
It is located in Marinduque, known to be the heart of the Philippines. Marinduque (FilipinoMarinduke pronounced [mɑrinˈduke]) is an island province of the Philippines located in the MIMAROPA region in Luzon. Its capital is Boac. Marinduque lies between Tayabas Bay to the north and Sibuyan Sea to the south. It is located south and west of Quezon, east of Mindoro, and north of Romblon (from The resort is situated at the Southern part, off coast of the island of Marinduque, the Elephant Island. When I saw the photos, it looks like Santorini. I fell in love right away and thought of blogging it. Its rates are in USD, so better check their site for complete information: It's indeed more fun in the Philippines! Proud to be Pinay!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Proud to be Dabawenyo

This morning as I was watching/listening the television, the news about the top 5 Philippine schools that are said to be included in the top 300 best Asian schools caught my attention. The following Philippine universities (already listed for a couple of years now) are the University of the Philippines-Diliman (UP DIliman), Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU), De La Salle University (DLSU), University of Sto. Tomas (UST) and first time to be included is the University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP in short, as it is known by the locals) located here in our very own Davao City (show link here of the news).

As a homegrown Dabawenyo (though not a graduate of the said school), I am very proud for the achievement and accolade that it brought for the city. USEP is a state university and many consider it as like the UP-Diliman here in the city. And what I know is (about some hearsays) that it educates, develops and provides good engineers and teachers though they offer a lot of courses to choose from.

To know more about the school, you may visit their website at

Thursday, 7 June 2012

My Beloved: It's your day!

They say that love is sweeter the second time around. Many don't know that my marriage is tested at the beginning of our lifetime together. At first it was like a bomb that hit me in pieces and denial stage has dawned in me. Many thoughts run to my head at that time because so many things were at that moment already there. It was most of me and myself alone and a friend. I want to break free but couldn't. So many reasons and realities to face and consider. But I hang on to myself and to my God. He never left me from the start until the end of my struggle. It was so real and I have to face it (come what may).

I am writing this because I want to thank my husband who strengthened my being. Despite of everything that we've been through, I will always be thankful to my Father for reasons that He only knew. It's been a roller coaster ride and I won't surrender until my dying days. To my husband, I thank you for showing me that marriage is a two way process. I know I have my downs, my weaknesses and my imperfections but still you never gave up on me. I can see you are trying and doing the best you can to provide for us. Thank you for making up and for trying to be a better husband and a father. Thank you for always being patient and considerate now with my needs and feelings. I somehow realize that being a father is a no-joke. It is a big responsibility to take as he should be the strength of the family. I salute you "Langga"/ "Papa" (to M) for standing by with us and for taking ways to support and provide for us. Thank you for showing your happiness whenever you are with us and that is enough for me to think that you love us more than anything else. I/We love you very much. Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Health is Wealth: Really!

Easier said than done. Since the middle of May, our household was not spared by any one member getting sick. First my daughter got sick because of pneumonia and viral infection which got her into rashes. Then 2 weeks after, one of my house-help got an infection because of her constant pricking of her pimple. Half of her face was bloated due to infection because of the pus already underlying her skin. We were worried because it might be an insect bit her face during one of her working chores or it might be an allergy caused by the "bagoong" which she ate with sour (green) mango. A little bit OC (obsessive compulsive) about cleanliness, I am like a mother which always remind over-and-over again and emphasize cleanliness at the very beginning. I always tell and teach them about proper hygiene and sanitation; to keep their hands clean as possible by washing with soap and water every after doing dirty chores. I am now much more particular about sweeping and disinfecting floors and other parts of the house since our house have lots of ants crawling especially if there is food not properly disposed or kept. I also tell them to wear slippers inside the house, change pillow and bed sheets once a week and to not touch their face and eyes especially if hands are not yet washed, to name a few reminders. My daughter is fond of sitting in the floor and walking in our house so I always told them to keep an eye on her and of any dirt. Again, I always tell them that it is for our own good to be hygienic in the environment and body. I don't blame them if it's not their habit to maintain proper cleanliness since they grew in a barrio in their province. But I assure them that if we continue to maintain a germ-free and clean environment, there is less likely we get sick. Right now, I make sure 70% solution Isopropyl Alcohol is readily available for proper disinfection and taking daily dose of vitamin C a must. It not only benefit our wellness but also our pockets where spending extra bucks for the medicines could be savings already. Agree?!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mysterious Foe

Why are there people who can't accept and respect others position in the workplace or its stature in the society? Why do they have to envy people even if they already have everything in their hands? I am a victim of this kind of scenario. It just kills me because I didn't do anything to this person. If ever I did something wrong, why do this person just confront me in my face and tell me what's going on. Tell it to me straight and let's deal this professionally! Because we are now in the world of techies and gadgets, it's not appropriate to communicate thru it. The presence of the person still matters so that the message will be properly addressed. There are pieces of messages that will be said and most of times misunderstood if communicated through mobile phone. I am just distraught with this incident because of false accusations against me. I don't know what this person is trying to convey to me. But I am clueless. What the heck is happening here!

I don't know if envy takes this person to attack me. But I doubt because this person has everything (per this person said). I just don't know why this person hides his/her identity to me. I am open to any criticism because I am not a perfect person. So does he/she. Nobody is exception to the rule. Only that he/she knows better than me (this person claims). It doesn't matter to me if you're the greatest, the best as long as you deal other's fairly. I feel I'm not fairly treated. So it is unfair in my part and it bothers me a lot. However, I just wish that in time this person can face me squarely and tell me what's his/her problem with me. I just hope that he/she will realize that it started out because of his/her text to me that hurts me. All I wish that you will come up to me, face me and talk to me. Be a person enough to finish this since you started it.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Caring for my sick daughter

As a parent, I experienced the most dreaded part of being a mother. When your child is sick, there's nothing more stressful than seeing your child helpless and weak. Since last week, my 1-year-old daughter had very high fever like she's having chills. Her body temperature would not go down to 38-degree Celsius. I am afraid that it might be Dengue fever since it's very rampant now due to the rainy days. My daughter even would play with us even if we know in her eyes how weak she is. When, we decided to admit our daughter in the hospital, I feel very weak too seeing my daughter in an IV. In our second day, laboratory results shows normal in her urinalysis and CBC platelet count. However, in her X-ray result, it showed that she acquired PCAP (Pulmonary Community-Acquired Pneumonia). I was totally  mad on the nanny since I constantly remind her to take care of my daughter and to look on her shirt for any sweat. My daughter is very sweaty. Even if we are in an airconditioned room, her head sweats easily especially if the weather outside is very hot. For 3 days in the hospital, I thought that it will be over since she will be bringing her medications at home. But after her last dose of medicine and scheduled for a follow-up check-up, we noticed again rashes in her face and gradually spreading in her arms, chest and legs. Oh my God! I'm afraid it's Dengue fever again since she has slight fever. Then the doctor diagnosed that it is a viral condition. Again, I feel pity of my daughter as everyday we forced her to drink her medicine in a dropper. It is stressing to see her cry and stopping us to let her take it. Oh, how I wish I could let you see it in photos but I decided not to post it here. I am praying that she will be fine the soonest since her last medication will be this Sunday. Hoping her rashes will be gone already.

Friday, 11 May 2012

A Horror act of Parenting

As I opened my internet today, I saw a shocking and horrifying news at Yahoo! As a mother and having a child, this is a heart-breaking news that any mother could take. This video clip that was spread around the net got a lot of attention of netizens that would almost like to kill the mother who happens to abuse her child (click here to see the whole story). This baby of hers is very helpless and I would not dare to watch again the photos. It just pains my heart and pity the baby very much.

As a mother, I would not imagine this woman doing it to her own child. Spanking, pinching, pushing and kicking her own baby because the baby won't stop crying? Of course, it won't stop! She's hurting her baby more and to think her baby is crawling up to her and maybe asking for some pacifying act. But in return, she just pushed her baby. God! What the hell is this woman doing? She's totally out of her mind! I'm sorry for putting my emotions here. But I can't help to feel the sympathy towards the baby. I told my nanny always not to spank my daughter because they may actually follow it. When my baby shows her tantrums, I let her cry until she ends crying and that's the time I carry her and embrace her. I always talk to her even if I know she doesn't understand what I'm saying. What's important is I want to let my baby feel that Mama is not mad at her and I love her. My tight embrace and a kiss to her stops her crying. Babies are still fragile and delicate. Spanking and hurting them will just make things worst.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Blog got PR1

Yey! Finally my online diary got recognized today. For these past few days, I've been trying to check if my page rank got at least a 1. But it failed and even was invalid when I try to check it via page rank checker . And at least today when I tried to check again, I got a PR 1 today. I still have a long way to go since the highest is 10. Not too bad compared to last week with no rank at all. And here's another one, I check also my blog site if how it ranked in the top blog of the Philippines and from last week's 700++, I am now at 495 (as of writing time). Thanks to all my fellow bloggers who have been visiting my site religiously and even oftentimes. If not for your support, my site wouldn't have a face in the blogosphere.

Online Purchase

Nowadays, everything is so accessible and hassle-free because of the high-end technologies that are invented like the computers, cellphones, Ipads and the like. These inventions made everything so easy especially in online purchases and fund transfers via bank facility. Before I am afraid to risk my payment online especially that there are scams already that surrounds buying through the internet. However, due also to my favorable encounters with people doing the thing, I have been a bit convinced to do it and experience it myself. Not a techie, I somehow do my second attempt in purchasing cosmetic product online. The first one was a success and had received it in good condition. This time I braved enough to purchase online because when I called their branch office here in Davao, the stocks I want was not available. But since I need (want!) the product badly (impulsive buying, here I go again), I decided to go online. I don't know if the stocks are readily available in their head office, but hopefully it will reach me within 1-2 working days from today. It's very convenient and with just a click in my keyboards, whala! online purchase already confirmed.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Public Figures for Public Consumption

It has been a chaotic drama for Philippine celebrities, Mr. & Mrs. Santiago versus Mon Tulfo over the weekend. They are public figures here in the Philippines from show business and from media, respectively. I was totally clueless until I found in Yahoo! Philippines trending in the top stories. It started out when Mrs. Santiago (Claudine) found out here baggage was missing in the airport of their destination, Manila, where her whole family came from a vacation in the white sand beaches in the island of Boracay. As per reports, Mrs. Santiago was scolding the ground attendants because of her luggage that was not loaded in the local plane carrier they were in. She even threatened those two ground personnel of that place carrier to be fired from their job. Mr. Tulfo was there, who came from Davao, and saw and heard the whole commotion. And as a media personality, he took pictures/video of what transpired at that moment. When Mr. Santiago (Raymart) saw Mr. Tulfo doing that, Raymart came to Tulfo already fuming with anger, asking why is he getting pictures/video of his wife. Then, as the two parties claimed who's who to give the first fist, started the rumble.

As I was looking on the photos and videos that was on print and television, I feel sorry for both parties because of their initial reactions that came to a chaos. First, I found Claudine very arrogant because of her missing luggage which she threatens the staff to be fired from their work. I don't found it a proper way to deal with that situation. There was a mistake from the plane carrier's staff but it should not be arranged with that kind of attitude she was showing and won't solve the problem either by being haughty. Second, for Raymart to indulge in a fist fight which cause so much trouble in both parties was a total mess. He would have been calm and talk to Mr. Tulfo in a proper manner since they are public figures. And people look to them as role models because they are public figures. Lastly, for Mon Tulfo. As a media practitioner, everything they see which will be a good material for a story they will document. But sometimes, they don't know how to respect some privacy that whey will make a story out of emotional or personal bias.

For the Santiago couple, where art thou values and decency? Mr. Tulfo, give some privacy and respect.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sundays are special for me

Ever since I can remember, I always like the Sunday spirit. I don't know why but I feel something different. Different in the sense that it's a positive vibe. Maybe because I associate it with families bonding together, going to church and it's the day that we spend it with our God. If my memory can recall it right, when we were still kids, we go to the beach every Sunday and the only time that we eat together as a family including holidays and birthdays. My father, most of my schooling years, was assigned in different areas in Mindanao (Philippines) because of work. And that made me feel special when Sundays come because of my father is home with us.

Another reason why I like Sunday is we look forward to what my grandfather brought for us from the market. He goes to the market early in the morning and bring home some "kakanin." And that's what we eat during our breakfast since it's already heavy in the stomach. Kakanin are Filipino specialties which is usually served as snack food. We look forward to Sundays because we drink cola drinks every after lunch and dinner. Sundays are also "tsokolate" time for us which my grandmother makes which is a good partner with "kakanin".

Oh how I love Sunday! How about you, don't you feel the same way?

Friday, 4 May 2012

Learning to deal with babies

Last night, my 1-year old daughter was crying for almost 4 hours. That lasted until 1 o'clock in the wee hours. I can't figure out what happened to her but what I thought is her sleep was disturbed by me and my husband watching a movie. Though we turned the volume into its lowest that we can hear. That was not the only time we did it but last night was something different.  I observed that lately my daughter wants me to always carry, cuddle and embrace her all the time even in the mornings where I used to be the one to take her to bathe. When I'm in a hurry preparing for work, I leave it to the nanny to do it. But she cries if I'm not the one to bathe her. They say when your child behaves that way, they feel jealous and knows there's a coming sibling. Yes, I am 4 months pregnant and it seems a bit discomfort for me carrying her all the time because she's quite heavy now. I'm afraid I might be pressuring the baby inside me and tiring myself. Lately now, I experience constant back aches.

Now that I'm seeing behavioral changes from my daughter, I'm still learning, discovering and dealing with how she reacts in certain situations. And that for me is a challenge because I'm a new mom. Still, it excites us seeing each and every time she had new antics that amuses us and endears her much. Now, that's what I call learning at its finest.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

May 13: Specially for you Mom

When I was still single, since my childhood days until a grown-up, me and my siblings look forward to Mother's day. Not only because we go out as a family and eat somewhere, but because we pay tribute to our mom who gave her whole self to us. As a child, we make our own personal cards to our mom and address to her how special she is in the family. She really takes good care of us despite her work that requires her to work at nightshift because of her profession as a nurse. I remembered, because I'm a "Mama's girl", I sometimes don't let her work or even joined her to work just to be with her. There are times that I won't let her work because I want her to be with me in school. Until I was in 6th Grade, that was the time I eventually let go of her as her shadow.

Now that I'm a mother and a working woman too, it's such a joy to have a family I could call my own. I now can feel and experience what it means to be a mother and a wife at the same time. Not only that, I make sure that my household is in proper order and see to it that everything in the house is presentable at all times. I know that I still have a lot of things to go through, but I just prayed to God to give me strength, patience, compassion, wisdom, a caring and healing hands and SO MUCH LOVE to do everything at the same time just to keep my family intact, happy and a place called home. I now realize that mother's deserve to be happy (as what the Coca-cola commercial says!). And to all the mommy's out there, who tirelessly, effortlessly devote their whole time juggling both their careers and as a mom and a wife, cheers to you and I salute you for your unending and unconditional love.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wisdom for today

"Happiness is celebrating the little things" life. 
That 'Promises Message' quote came from a small package of a chocolate named "Dove" given by smf over lunch and a Tootsie roll (a childhood favorite!). I never noticed it until smf said there's a saying in it. She said it's true for me. I wonder what she is trying to say. But eventually it sinked it. Yes, it's true! Little things like a smile on someone's face can brighten our day, a kiss, a word of appreciation, a thank you, a sorry, a hug, friendships, family, doing our favorite past time, simple chit-chat with our love ones and having God as the center of our life. Most of the time, these simple gestures are much easily taken for granted because it just passes away easily. We never thought about it until the other one died or because they've hurt you. Even if they've left, the memory of them makes us happy enough. I believe that money and material things are just secondary to our so-called happiness. It's temporary.  What matters is the simple things that come from who and what is around us. Everyday that we wake up is already a gift that comes from our God. That is Happiness!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Blogging and it's wonders

Today marks the long wait I've been dying to happen. My blog has finally recognized by many fellow bloggers and advertisers particularly. Though I can still say I have a long way to go, to discover and to experience the wonders of blogging. Blogging for me has become my other half (aside of course from my husband! Yes, I'm already legally married). It became my venue of outpouring my sentiments (the ups and downs of my life), my current state of mind, my everything. For six months now, I told myself, if ever I'm not recognized and earning, I will still continue writing in my blog because it helped me release my inner most feelings, I discovered many things while visiting other blogs (informative, educational) and I got to meet lot of friends all over the globe. Being recognized and paid is already a big bonus.

Thank you for all who have been patient with me, for my fellow bloggers who have visited and supporting my blog and for my mentors smf and thelivingshed (lovealways) who have been there for me in the initial process of building my site. And most especially my God who gave me this day the gift of wisdom and knowledge to be able to express my thoughts here. If not for Him, I will not be getting this. Forever I will be thankful to all of you.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Saturday: I can't wait!

Here's to another weekend. But this Saturday is different from the rest of my weekend. Since I already blog about wanting to go for a dip in the beach for summer, hence, my wish will finally come true. Wink! I'm going to a birthday party and it's going to be in an exclusive beach resort that is equally heavenly. It will be in small Ligid at the renowed Samal Island in Davao City. My boss will be celebrating his birthday at his own Island. It is my dream to be there one of these days. And eventually tomorrow will be the day. My husband has been yearning to be in that resort. But it's an exclusive resort that strictly invitees are welcome. It's open for public but because of its high end price, a few are chosen and privileged to be in this beautiful paradise resort. It's worth the price indeed. Going there has no entrance fee. But if you're planning to be there, you rent the whole Island and it's yours. Everything from the amenities and the food are all-in-one package.

I'd better be ready and my camera in hand. I would not miss a thing in there and will experience summer at its finest. Buenavista Island Resort, here I come!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Have you ever wondered why a child's smile and laughter is so natural, so spontaneous, so unpretentious and infectious? They seemed to tickle our overall senses once they smile and laugh. Why they know to smile or laugh of something where they don't even know what they are doing?  Usually we do and make odd faces just to make them laugh. Right? 

I just hope and wish that each and every one of us learns to practice a child-like manner because I believe we always have a child in us regardless of whatever age group we are.  The world could be a better place if we just know how to smile and laugh in whatever circumstance we are in.


I received a call today from my hubby that his former office-mate together with his family is here in Davao City for a vacation. Kenneth is now residing with his wife and kids in New York where his wife is working as a nurse. Kenneth and my hubby are close office-mates way before and I got to know him well. We hang out before when me and husband are still not married. He's a nice person even if he comes from a well-off family. Anyway, I just realized that this summer is all about my family and friends coming home from abroad, having their vacation. It's nice to be around them for the longest time. First, my brother and his wife coming here last March, then, my sister-in-law too. After a couple of days, my husband's aunt all the way from Kuwait working as a nurse also was here and lastly the Obed family. Apart from that, I would not miss the "pasalubong's" or the presents given to us. But of course, what matters is there presence and not by the material things given.

I can relate to the feeling of a "bakasyunista" coming home. There's no place like home indeed. And truly, Philippines is where I belong where I have everything: my family, friends and the warmth and smiles of every Filipino that makes us stand out from the rest.

Summer = Beach

April is the start of summer. I like summertime especially before when I was still a student, I'm always looking forward for March because it's the end of the school year here in the Philippines. It's Summer = Beach = Vacation. It's fun! But now that I'm working, Summer = Beach alone. I love summer because it's all about vacation, the beach and get-together with the family and relatives. I have not gone to the beach lately and I was convincing my husband that we go to Samal Island together with our 1-year-old daughter. It will be our first time together as family and first for my daughter to experience the beach. I remembered when we went to Eden Mountain Resort in Toril, we dipped our daughter in the pool but she cried. I guess because of the cool climate in there that she felt cold. Anyway, I am looking forward to go to Paradise Island resort in Samal to experience summer. There's always fun in the beach!

I remembered when were were still kids, my siblings and my cousins almost every weekend we go to the beach. It's always our child memories that makes me always think that summertime is always in the beach!

Craving for coffee and pregnancy

I admit that I'm addicted to coffee. I do. In a day I can consume more than 2 cups without disturbing my sleeping pattern. Even at night before going to sleep, I can take caffeine and sleep right after. Right now, I am prevented to do so because of my pregnancy. This is hard. But sometimes, I take a sip just to ease my cravings. I know this is bad for my baby. I'll be ending my first trimester this month and I can assess that I'm NOT doing a good job taking care of my eating habit. This pregnancy is unlike my previous one.  This time I am lazy and picky of my food. I guess I don't like to eat too much even if I have my desired food on hand. Sometimes it disappoints me because I like to eat but my taste buds don't react well with my appetite resulting in not finishing my food.

Right now, I'm opting to take in dark chocolates to satisfy my senses. But also wary that taking too much might also affect my developing baby inside. Oh, I'm hoping that there's an alternative solution to coffee that pregnant women can take especially, like me, that coffee is their life and satisfaction. I miss my coffee badly. Sigh!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Davao City: Life is here (Welcome Visitors)

I was invited by my boss yesterday to welcome their Australian friends at the airport all the way to dinner. They are a couple in which the guy holds a position on a political arena in a town of Queensland. Both of them are first time visitors in the Philippines. While waiting for the plane carrier they were in, we spotted the family of Rep. Miguel Zubiri of Bukidnon. His kids are so adorable more so his wife is charming. Anyway, finally announcing the plane's arrival, we positioned ourselves at the waiting area holding the welcome banner. They were delighted seeing that we have prepared a welcome streamer for them as they approached. I think they were not expecting a grand  welcome as their face lit up with "oh's" and "thank you's" upon seeing us. After some chit chatting on our way out of the airport and to our respective vehicles, I find myself in awe and grateful that I was one of the invited person to welcome high ranking persons of their kind. They are so down-to-earth and hearing that they appreciate their coming here to Davao City makes me proud that I live here.

We proceeded then to Marco Polo Davao in an exclusive dinner for 12. We are welcomed by the hotel's General Manager Bruno Simeoni and it was such a nice feeling being in a comfort of a 5-star hotel service. Anyway, I wasn't able to get photos of our said plate-in dinner even if my bosses took pictures in it through their cellphones. It was indeed an excellent presentation of food with a 6 or 7 plate-in courses that at the 4th course I thought it was the end of the show. There was more. I couldn't remember anymore the names of the food that I ate because of its lengthy name and complication. All I can say is that even if the food tastes to be excellent, I find myself in drowned by its assortment of tastes that makes my taste buds rumble. Meaning I wasn't able to savor each of its distinct taste because of the food coming and go. However, I manage to try each of it so that I have an experience each of its taste. I am thinking that I was in gluttony at that time because the meals are so heavy in my stomach and that is one reason why I haven't savored them all. Too much of everything is really bad at all. But overall, I would love to return and taste again their food. But I guess not as much as yesterday.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Royal Fortune

I am lucky to be the 8,751th recipient of the 50,000 strictly limited edition memorabilia coin of the Royal wedding of England’s Prince William and Kate Middleton. Actually it’s my brother who applied for it and luckily approved to have one. It’s what I requested my brother to buy for me which cost 7.90 pounds.  Here are some snapshots I took for your viewing pleasure. (Since I'm not an expert in photography, I hope that I gave justice in capturing the coin that would satisfy your curiousity).

This is the package of the said coin.
The coin. With Queen Elizabeth on this side.
On the reverse side of the coin is Prince William & Kate's photo. Look at the CW printed on the right side. It's the authenticity logo.

This is the certificate of authenticity.
The inside of the certificate.
Closer look.
Closer look.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Holy Week activities

I am born and raised with a religious and devoted Roman Catholic family. My grandparents in the paternal side are the reason why we in the family are closely-knit and always put God in the center of our family. Both my grandparents were active in the church when they we're still capable. My grandma passed away in 2009 while my grandpa is still active at the age of 92. He no longer is active in church but he regularly attends mass every Sundays. He never misses a Sunday.

This year is a long holy week for us. It was a timely event since my brother was here for a vacation, my sister-in-law too both all the way from UK and my auntie from Kuwait. Aside from observing holy week together, it was also perfect to spend more time with them.

  • Day 1 (Holy Wednesday) is scheduled for a get-together with my family and relatives for a Videoke party. It was the only available time to unwind since my brother and his wife is leaving by the 8 of April. We had a fun night and ended around 10:30pm. If it hadn't been our cut-off time, surely we'll end up in the wee hours of the following day. 
  • Day 2 (Maundy Thursday) we stayed at home together with my family and do some laundry. My nanny-cum-helper went home in their province and me and my husband left doing the household chores. Good thing my mom was there to nanny my baby. Doing the chores was like part of the penitence.
  • Day 3 (Good Friday), we did Visita Iglesia (7 churches + 1) with my entire family. It was also a good bonding time together with my kid and my sister's one. The plus one is our traditional thing we do. After visiting the 7 churches, it is time to take a rest and pamper our stomachs. Chowking is our saviour.
  • Day 4 (Black Saturday), me and my family headed to SM for a picture taking. Since my brother was here, we took advantage to have our family photo taken together with our kids.
  • Day 5 (Easter Sunday), my sister-in-law treated as for a lunch at Ah Fat Seafood restaurant here in Davao City. It was a hearty meal.
  • Day 6 (Araw Ng Kagitingan) is considered a regular holiday in the Philippines. It was the time that I just stayed home and rest after the long holiday/ holy day activities.
It was indeed a full-packed holidays and holy week that I'll surely keep. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


With the Holy week falls on a long holiday, it is a great time to renew and recharge our spiritual self. It is with this that I will be out in the blogosphere world for some time after some soul recharging and self-recollection. It will not take long. It is just during these holy days and will be back as soon as regular days will be back to life. I know that it will be a good time to be with myself and recollect with what I have done wrong especially to my husband that I know that I’ve hurt a lot. I want to confess and say sorry for my wrongdoings. At the same time, I will be spending it with family whom I haven’t had a great and long time bonding and catching up with them. I will be back and visit you guys as soon as the Holy days (holidays) are over.

But at the same time, please do still support and visit my blog for those who are still in the surfing world!

A Blessed week to all!

Monday, 2 April 2012

40 days

This week we observe the Season of Lent . It starts on the day of Ash Wednesday (which was February 22, 2012) and ends on Black Sunday (which falls on April 7, 2012) . In this season, it is our time to take a pause on our daily activities and take a personal breather and recharge our spiritual side. This is our chance to renew our personal conversation with our Creator and reflect on our doings for the entire year. It is also our chance to repent on our sins and to spent time together with our loved ones.

Have a Blessed and enlightening Holy Week to all!

Friday, 30 March 2012

Month of March

March is Fire Prevention Month and Earth Hour. Aside from the end of school and Graduation season here in Philippines, we commemorate these two important observance that is very significant in our daily lives. Fire Prevention and Earth Hour is co-related to each other if one could observe. This relates to our environment, the preservation of our Mother Nature and the proper use of our electricity that is generated by the electrical power plants which is in turn powered by our Natural Resources. Usually, fire occurs because of electrical wastage and abuse. The use of unattended candle due to blackouts and the improper use of electricity that results to short circuits causes it. Thus, it is important that we have to once in a while remember our basics and preserve energy. Because preserving energy is one way to preserving our natural resources and keep our Mother nature to its healthiest form. 

Tomorrow, March 31 , is the celebration of Earth Hour. Usually, we encourage every household to spare 1 hour of lights off and to observe a no-use of-electrical power. Because if every one will cooperate, Mother Nature benefits. So thus, we.


I just discovered about blogging about 3 years ago but really didn't mind it. Since I'm not a cyber freak, I really don't have any idea of what "blogging" is all about until my office-mates earned money from it. I just took this seriously by last quarter of last year. This I discovered is like a diary of one's personal experience, interests and anything one can talk about. I find it very advantageous for the following reasons:

  • Interesting, because it's not only sharing my inner most thoughts but the fact that I came to meet new friends aside from Facebook. 
  • Productive too compared to Facebook because of the earnings I'll be getting. (Note: As of now, I haven't gotten my fair share because I'm still starting and still learning.)
  • Amusing, because aside from getting new friends here, I discovered different facets of people's personality in their own site design which I find it interesting.
  • Informative, because of blogging, I came to know new facts and insights through blogger's topics.
  • Charitable. Through this, many are organized to create a group which they do for helping other's.
  • Fun. I am thankful that I was introduced to this because I enjoy doing my journals on a daily basis. I just discovered writing is fun especially if fellow bloggers are following you and that satisfies me and challenges me to do better in my writing.
  • Self-fullfilled.
These are some of the things why I love blogging. I hope that it will continue helping others. Long-live blogosphere!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Passing Away

Today, around 12 noon, our grandmother passed away in her death bed. Not in the hospital but at home. She's the mother of my mother-in-law. We were just there last night to visit. But the entire family is just waiting for her farewell. They knew that it will be coming soon. My Mother-in-law pass by yesterday at my grandmother's doctor and honestly told her there's nothing more they can do because her kidney is totally not functioning well. The doctor even told her that eating in solid and liquid form is avoided already. More so, even if admitting her in the hospital won't help because she can easily acquire virus now that her immune system is very weak. The aunt of my husband told me that half her body down has no sensation at all. This morning the siblings of my mother-in-law were at their house because they knew they're just waiting for hours.

At this time, I recalled how also my other grandmother passed away. I was there in the hospital in her last breath. My grandmother passed away peacefully like she's just sleeping. But it was really painful seeing my grandfather beside my grandma. He talked to my grandma like she just listens. That's why I was kind of traumatized this time. I only saw once the grandmother of my husband in her bed. But I never came to take a peek on her after that because it pains my heart. Now, the entire family grieves with the lost of a family member.  And I pray, that "Lola Toling" will rest in peace. She's now pain-free and worry-free because she's now with the Lord.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Magnum explosion

Since there is no excuse for me to indulge of anything I want to eat because I am still in my first trimester, I am craving recently for Magnum ice cream. While it's already advertised in the television, I told my husband to buy me one. It looks creamy and velvety in the inside and smooth and chocolately at the outside. And not to forget the crunch you hear when you take the first bite. Oh! can't wait to take a bite on it. For only Php50.00, one could taste its royalty as what the commercial brings us. I think I'm gonna buy one 'cause were going to the mall today to buy some stuff.  Hmm.. can't wait to be off in the office now.

Responsible Parenthood

I just remembered yesterday about the news I saw last week in the television. I told my husband if he has seen it. And yes, it was also featured in the internet. It was about an Indonesian boy of about 8 years old who is already a chain smoker. I was totally shocked when I heard it. And caught my attention thus glued myself in the TV. This boy started smoking at the age of 4 years old and even his parents gave him money to buy cigarettes. Even drinks coffee with it. I was really stunned and dismayed about this. The parents are very much responsible for this boy especially it's health. I worry about the child's lungs. At age 4, it's suppose to be a fragile and delicate organ system that must be taken cared of. As a mother, I'm very much protective of my daughter's health even to the extent of not going outside the house especially near night time because of mosquito bites that causes Dengue fever.

Children should not be exposed in such vices. I am much confident that Philippine government won't tolerate such acts especially to minors since Indonesian government don't have policies on that. However, the parents are the responsible people to teach their children and must be a good role model  to their children. It is said that the family is the first hand information of their children thus parents must exercise.

As of the moment, this 8-year old Indonesian boy goes into a 1 month rehab for him to be a normal child again.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Full-packed weekend

It was indeed a memorable weekend for my family. The birthday surprise and homecoming was a success. I guessed it right. My mom got teary-eyed upon seeing my brother in flesh together with his wife. Everybody got shocked on the following days as my relatives got to see them one-by-one. I missed my brother. He's no longer our younger 'baby' brother like we're used to. He's grown up into a fine, responsible man. And that makes me a happy and proud sister.

Anyway, when we got to our dinner place, my mom wondered why there are many seats prepared for us. We joked her that we invited some of her former hospital-mates. She just flashed a grin in her face. I told her mom you can't just backed out because we made this special for you. So she just stayed and played with her grandchildren. Then came her sister and the husband. This was not a big surprise for her because all along she knew it. And then after a while, we got a bit hungry, so started the dinner. And then arrived my brother and his wife. That was the most heartfelt reunion. That moment, I felt that I missed my family very much. There's no other thing in this world that is valuable to me than my family. It was so good to be reunited again!

Friday, 23 March 2012

The wait is over

There are two events I am looking forward this first quarter of the year and this is the most awaited moment. Today marks the birthday of my mother and the homecoming of my brother. Finally, we will be complete for a while. My brother and his wife will be here for a surprise birthday for our mother as well as taking their 2-week vacation break. We booked dinner at a buffet restaurant and ordered this beautiful flowers for our mother's 62nd birthday. This is made by my florist office-mate.

See how beautiful this bouquet of flowers are? Mind you this weighs a bit because it composes dozens of roses in it. I very love its creation. The fact that these are a bunch of roses which my mom adores. I bet my mom will surely love this and I think she will get teary-eyed once she'll receive this in which my brother will hand over this to her. Oh! I'm looking forward to 5 o' clock this afternoon. 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

A Surprise Birthday and a Homecoming

Tomorrow, March 23, my mom will be turning 62. I am excited since we will be celebrating it which will surprise her. My sister had been talking lately for this occasion. And I hope she did not even have a hint that my brother and her wife will be home from London just for her birthday. This is the surprise. However, when I talked with my sister a while ago, my mom said she knew about the plan (I hope not of my brother's coming home). When my sister 'cross-examine' her about her knowledge on tomorrow's planned dinner at Chippen's, my mom was hesitant. She don't want to have a big party and spend. But my sister insisted that we should celebrate for her special day. All she have to do is to be present since we have prepared everything for it including the expense. She agreed in the end but with a condition that she don't want too many people. Or else, she will walk out..duh I hope not mom! Secretly, we invited her close sister and the husband and the family of my sister-in-law. Everybody don't know about their homecoming. I hope not even mom. I am very excited too to see my brother and her wife. Excited because  first when they moved to London, I was still pregnant with Mariella. But now that they are already playful and can walk, I would be happy to share with them the joy these two kids bring to us. (The other one by the way, Danna, is the daughter of my older sister).

I am looking forward for tomorrow!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

"75th Araw Ng Dabaw" fever

The heat and excitement is on! Tomorrow, March 16, will be a special non-working holiday for us Davaoeños as we celebrate the 75th Araw Ng Dabaw. Today, I had a taste of what might be the situation of the big event. As we headed to my OB-Gynecologist in downtown area, the traffic was terrible! Not only because everybody are busy in the preparation but some of the major streets in Davao are under construction. Thus making the vehicles decongested and re-routing was done which caused a bit chaos. Some of the major streets were closed due to some areas that were used for bazaars and some events to highlight and welcome the festivities tomorrow. Per my office-mate, PAGASA is predicting it will be a rainy day for us. So be prepared and bring your umbrellas and jackets with you for your safety. For your quick reference, here I am posting the schedule of activities prepared for this occasion.

So come to Davao City to experience what are in-stored in the City. Happy 75th Araw Ng Dabaw to everybody!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Dating and Courtship (Part 2)

As in my previous post entitled "Dating and Courtship," I am making a continuation of that story. So here it is: When I already found a plot about courtship, I browse to the story itself. It's quite interesting and heartwarming since I again remember the "heart-melting" moments when I was on that stage. Their story was, I would say, a match made in heaven. It's because both prayed for their right partners from the very start of their lives. As in when they we're still babies! Of course their parents started praying for the right partners of their children when they were still babies. Parents also has a major role in finding our right partners. Not to meddle but just to guide their children. This is the proper love story to be followed to individuals who are still searching for their right partners and couples who are about to take their relationship into the next stage which is marriage.

Click below for the whole story. I didn't help but share this story with you because I know it will melt your heart. 'Cause it did in me. Hope you will enjoy!

by Jennie Ethell Chancey 

Serenity Prayer

Prayer is the key to sustain in this lifetime of ours. Without it, I feel as if I'm not safe moving around. It is my security blanket. It is also a tool for assurance and that God will always be there to listen to us whatever it is. May it be if we're in trouble or asking for forgiveness or just the mere thought of gratifying His everyday blessings. Everyday we should always call on to God. Not that we are asking for something. But touching our inner most spiritual depth and have a personal communication with our God. Here I would like to share a short, simple and yet powerful prayer that would certainly cleanse our mind with worries and just being safe and trust in God's love and protection everyday.

"God grant me the serenity 
to accept the things I cannot change; 
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference."

--Reinhold Niebuhr

Caring For Our Skin...and Eyes Too!

Hello yah all!  After a very long hiatus, I am finally back!  I was stuck with laziness to write a post thus no updates here.  Though I have...