Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Health is Wealth: Really!

Easier said than done. Since the middle of May, our household was not spared by any one member getting sick. First my daughter got sick because of pneumonia and viral infection which got her into rashes. Then 2 weeks after, one of my house-help got an infection because of her constant pricking of her pimple. Half of her face was bloated due to infection because of the pus already underlying her skin. We were worried because it might be an insect bit her face during one of her working chores or it might be an allergy caused by the "bagoong" which she ate with sour (green) mango. A little bit OC (obsessive compulsive) about cleanliness, I am like a mother which always remind over-and-over again and emphasize cleanliness at the very beginning. I always tell and teach them about proper hygiene and sanitation; to keep their hands clean as possible by washing with soap and water every after doing dirty chores. I am now much more particular about sweeping and disinfecting floors and other parts of the house since our house have lots of ants crawling especially if there is food not properly disposed or kept. I also tell them to wear slippers inside the house, change pillow and bed sheets once a week and to not touch their face and eyes especially if hands are not yet washed, to name a few reminders. My daughter is fond of sitting in the floor and walking in our house so I always told them to keep an eye on her and of any dirt. Again, I always tell them that it is for our own good to be hygienic in the environment and body. I don't blame them if it's not their habit to maintain proper cleanliness since they grew in a barrio in their province. But I assure them that if we continue to maintain a germ-free and clean environment, there is less likely we get sick. Right now, I make sure 70% solution Isopropyl Alcohol is readily available for proper disinfection and taking daily dose of vitamin C a must. It not only benefit our wellness but also our pockets where spending extra bucks for the medicines could be savings already. Agree?!


  1. Agree with you Cheekee, as the saying goes "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Take care always. BTW, thanks for visiting my site again.

  2. I agree! It really is so hard when our children get sick!


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