Monday, 25 November 2013

It's the Season to be Jolly

Oh my! It's exactly a month to go and Christmas day is finally here. Here, there and everywhere we see Christmas decorations that makes me giddy like a child. How much more for my kids. How could you not love everything sparkling, colorful, vibrant and merry?

Last Saturday, I had the chance to visit SM Lanang Premier together with my parents and my kids. I already booked my father 3 days in advance to drive us there for the main reason of seeing the tallest Christmas tree in Mindanao standing at 57 feet tall. Well of course, I'd love my kids to see for themselves and shock with delight this gigantic display of lights and the water fountain at the back of SM. Indeed, my eldest cannot contain her excitement as she stare in amazement for a few minutes and running around the area with so much energy and glee. While my 1 year old daughter just stared on the gleaming lights and I'm sure she was stunned with what she saw.

How could you not be delighted of this thing? It's towering height stands just exactly so right to make one in awe and savor the Christmas spirit which is just around the corner. Being in this area, makes me still for awhile, enjoy watching Christmas shoppers roaming around and just feel at ease with the beauty of this tree nestled in the center of everybody's commotion.

 photo IMG_20131125_123621_zps79363124.jpg
I love Christmas in malls! Everything is inviting. 

I didn't expect that it'll look like this. I'm proud of my captured photo on the tallest Christmas tree. Every inch and corner captivates merriment. Be sure to catch and take a look at this huge tree this Christmas time only at SM Lanang Premier in Davao City. Isn't it glorious? #christmas2013 #feelingblessed

Friday, 22 November 2013

#TBT: Snail Mailing

LATE POST. It's better late than never.

I wouldn't hold this for so long. Not until next Thursday. I've been busy this week preparing to send out Christmas cards from my boss for his business associates, friends and relatives here and abroad. And I'm very ecstatic about it since in today's age, we are very much equipped with technologies that means faster delivery of communication and service. Sending letters and cards in a traditional way have decreased over the years and the faster way to send greetings is by electronic mail like e-cards and text message or a personal call are great options. In a matter of seconds, not even a minute, we can relay messages in an instant. Thanks to the world wide web, cellular phones, telephones, laptops/computers and the digital era. It makes life much accessible, effortless, environment friendly (paperless), fast and convenient. I couldn't imagine if we still live in a turtle-like pace.

However, I miss those times that we make personal notes whether through a card or a letter. I see it as something special, unique, made out of love and with so much affection and emotion to it. It still has a sentimental value for me receiving stuffs like that. Till this very day, I still keep those personal notes (letters or cards) that I've received before from loved ones. I actually get "kilig" all over again reading those letters/ cards I got from suitors (hahaha... dead me!). Seriously, it makes me reminisce beautiful feelings of importance and appreciation by reading those written notes especially made for you.

Every year, we always support Hallmark cards in their vision of L.I.F.E. (which stand for Leukemic Indigents Fund Endowment). For every order we get from their catalogue of cards, we helped in their vision by helping cancer patients. See photos below their 2013 collection catalogue.

 photo IMG_20131122_130132_zps092ab6e0.jpg

 photo IMG_20131121_180616_zpsf2e878e1.jpg

 photo IMG_20131121_180636_zpsbeb76107.jpg

 photo IMG_20131122_123902_zps741b92b1.jpg

 photo IMG_20131122_123916_zps299127c7.jpg

 photo IMG_20131122_123932_zps570d1aa5.jpg

 photo IMG_20131121_180507_zps7971510d.jpg
For this year, we chose this design. Isn't it cute?

For many years now, we've supported Hallmark not only because they've been supporting for a cause but because the quality of their cards is very good and note worthy. They use thick cardboard for their cards and the material is glossy finish on the outer and a matte texture inside. They use a separate sheet for the message which you can personalize. For us, I asked them not to paste on the separate sheet so I can still add details on the card and print it by myself. However you can request them to have it glued it on the card itself. Minimum order they have is 100 cards. #Hallmarkcards #seasonsgreetings2013 #wellwishes

Nothing beats the traditional way. What do you think?

Monday, 18 November 2013

I SEEKed THE UNIQ for Christmas

I have a few weeks left to do some Christmas shopping to give for my loved ones. It's no easy task to think and look for gifts especially if it is for someone dearest and special to you, right? Everytime Christmas comes, I always rush in buying presents and joining in the mad crowd. It's so tiring and stressing plus you could not think of better ideas. I end up not buying the right thing for the specific person though not always all the time. Good thing that online shopping is the way to go nowadays and I find it very convenient and accessible. I came across Ms. Daphne's blog here and I got interested. I've never been so much of a cologne or perfume person. All that I have are gifts given to me. So for a change, I want to give scents this Christmas. It would be hard to give on clothes, bags, shorts and all the basic stuff because they already have it. Getting online with these purchase excites me more as I went into Seek the Uniq's website here. Here's my ordered items.

 photo IMG_20131118_150223_zps9dab6135.jpg
My orders are safely packed in a very "Uniq" way. I love that it is very personalized.

 photo IMG_20131118_152113_zpsbc9a2673.jpg
These are for me (Left: Eau de Cologne) and for my kids (Right: anti-mosquito baby cologne)

I wouldn't divulge on what's inside the package because it contained the gifts that I'll be giving. I won't spoil the surprise. Their scents are from France so I'm getting a good buy for an affordable price. It's not cheap in quality and the scents indeed is not overpowering and stinging to the nose. Very light, fresh and heavenly! Definitely one "uniq" find. #christmasgift #vanity #scents

Saving All My Love For You

Do you have this strong attraction to a certain thing? I do. Everytime I hear this Whitney Houston song, I feel attached to the lyrics, swayed with the extreme emotion the song expresses and I feel the woman in me. It exudes so much passion and love. In short, nakaka sexy ang drama ano? Diba girls songs like this makes us feel that love is in the air always. That it makes everything beautiful and loved. #sentimode

Video clip got from YouTube.


Saving All My Love For You Lyrics

A few stolen moments, is all that we shared
You've got your family, and they need you there
Though I try to resist, being last on your list
But no other man's gonna do
So I'm saving all my love for you

It's not very easy, living all alone
My friends try and tell me, find a man of my own
But each time I try, I just break down and cry
Cause I'd rather be home feeling blue
So I'm saving all my love for you

You used to tell me, we'd run away together
Love gives you the right to be free
You said be patient, just wait a little longer
But that's just an old fantasy

I've got to get ready, just a few minutes more
Gonna get an old feeling, when you walk through that door
'Cause tonight, is the night for feeling alright
We'll be making love the whole night through
So I'm saving all my love
Yes, I'm saving all my love
Yes, I'm saving all my love for you

No other women is gonna love you more
'Cause tonight is the night
That I'm feeling all right
We'll be making love the whole night through
So I'm saving all my love
Yeah, I'm savin all my lovin'
Yes, I'm saving all my love for you
For you, for you

How about you? Do you have a song that best describes your current state of mind? Ako talaga I always refer to this song when I feel unloved. I always play it over and over in my mind. Di ko kasi kabisado masyado ang lyrics eh. So this is it!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Caudalie Facial Foaming Cleanser: On-hand

I've blogged about it here my recent winning item at Breakfast with Tiffany blog (here's a link to her page announcing my winning. Click Yehey!). Tiffany, I found out her family hails from Davao City. Very nice of her to share this personal details to me. Anyway, Ms. Tiff, I received the item yesterday for you to know. That was fast huh! Here's the package I received delighted and excited to open.

 photo IMG_20131115_110241_zpse92ee10d.jpg
Thank you Xend. Fast delivery!

 photo IMG_20131115_110622_zps4e32153b.jpg
Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser in 150ml.
I never expected how huge my prize is.

It's the first time I've heard of this beauty product and it's from Paris. I love the lime scent. Another product to try on. You may visit their website at 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Our Merry Christmas Home Decor

Despite the massive destruction of Yolanda which brought the entire world in mourning, I want to pave way to uplift the Christmas spirit mood to each one. It is not yet the end of the world guys. It is great to know that we are still blessed and alive after that devastating tragedy. There's no reason to be sad for us who were spared off by the weather disturbance. I know, we couldn't help but feel at lost and affected too. But instead of wallowing on what happened, we should reflect and show to them somehow that after the storm, a new beginning and brighter tomorrow is in store for us.

So moving on to a merrier side. I made our home as "Christmas-y" as I could by setting up Christmas garland in our living area. This serves as our own Christmas tree since it will not take so much space from our small area. It's less hassle also when it's time to fix and keep. It's been 3 Christmases that we've used this and so far until now it's still in good shape. I just added and mix up decors to make it something new. For this year, I changed it to LED multi-colored lights that blinks in series. Before it was just a warm single-colored steady lighting. Now, my kids love it because it blinks and it's more colorful.

 photo IMG_20131114_050217_zpsf008cd1b.jpg
Without fluorescent light.

 photo IMG_20131114_050233_zpsd8f6cba6.jpg
Now with fluorescent light.

 photo IMG_20131114_050616_zps7beb29ed.jpg
I put Christmas hats at our bedroom doors instead of the usual stockings.

I've been thinking that maybe it's high time that we put a little Christmas tree. I'm sure the kids would love to look at it and experience having the tree as one of the symbol for Christmas. I'm just doubtful that they may end destroying it by always tinkering it. Well, let us see. I found affordable slim Christmas tree about 5 feet tall at SM Department store for only P500.00. That's really a steal.

Leaving you some thoughts to reflect upon. I came across from my FB newsfeed yesterday about a prophecy for the Philippines. I was moved, delighted and hopeful that God moves in mysterious ways; for ways we cannot explain and fathom. He moves greatly and with all His might for our better tomorrow. See clip below:

Thursday, 14 November 2013

On Yolanda's Aftermath

It's almost a week after the raging super typhoon hit Central Philippines that left thousands in doom. Our country has been the headlines on television, radio, print ads and the social media locally and even internationally. It breaks my heart seeing and hearing the plight of these people because of misery and that are in dire help. Everything is like a nightmare and unimaginable to happen. What we see in movies came as a reality for us. HELP is the immediate need we can extend for the victims of this catastrophe.

I thought we are already prepared enough on this predicted super typhoon as it has been reported all around the news days before its coming. I thought that the casualties are manageable and minimal. But I realized you can never be totally prepared for anything. There would always be some lapses but at least we can have it prevented. Being complacent was what happened for some because it was just a "storm" and that we were used to having it, some would just say "we can manage it." There is also insufficiency to information, I personally think, to the people as to how this super typhoon would impact. Stating in figures as to how strong "Yolanda" is, I will never understand. Yes, they said it's the strongest to be ever recorded in history but it was not mentally pictured out. However, if it was explained in layman's term, I would think people will fear and will flock on higher grounds. Storm surge literally could be understood. But its effect, I wouldn't know. Natural phenomena is something we should not be taking for granted and consider seriously especially now that the environmental condition is unstable and unpredictable unlike before. The issue on climate change is not a joke and now we are getting its effects. Recycling is a simple and humble step to care for our world. In the long run, it has great positive impact on humanity.

I was kind of disgusted, frustrated, dismayed, disheartened, in disbelief on how the government took the initial steps to make immediate relief to those affected. A lot already questioned the leadership of our President and how slow things are being remedied. I understand very well this is a major challenge for our President and our countrymen as a whole and it's a serious matter. With this scenario, I think, as the leader of this country, he has the authority, the power and the command responsibility to impose certain steps to address the immediate needs of the survivors. Delegate, delegate and delegate to speed up process, Mr. President. I know people will raise eyebrows on me saying this. Because as the leader of this country, I believe you have every means (if not all) to do what is right that's why people are pushing you to do something. How could one still follow protocols, SOP's in the midst of everybody hungry, homeless, orphaned, sick, mournful, hopeless and worst anger. We don't have time to just sit back and relax because it's a life that is at stake now. Every second counts. Big amount of donations are pouring in from all parts of the globe since day 1 of the relief operations. It is overwhelming. But where is it now? People only want for that moment food to eat, water to drink, temporary shelter and a concerning leader for his people. If there's a will, there's a way as the saying goes. A lot of reasons and explanations are being said on why it took longer to deliver these goods to the concerned people but I find it very shallow. Good thing that there are concerned civic organizations or private individuals who go there own way to help. If not, these people would have been dead by now not because of the typhoon but because of hunger and sickness. The relief goods are useless if it is not distributed to the afflicted community right away and it defeats the purpose of these donations.

I hope that God will shower each and everyone of us wisdom, strength, generosity, hope and a humble heart to extend in any help we can give to those affected by the calamity. May our Almighty Father embrace our heavy hearts with love and assurance for a brighter days to come in time for Christmas and in all the days of our lives. Let us be one in this trials and we can rise above it all. To God be the glory!

Monday, 11 November 2013

You're Too Good to be True

When the time some regions in the Philippines were battered by the strong typhoon Yolanda last Friday, I was getting good news towards the end of the week instead. How is that naman? It was such a blessing and I am really one lucky person! I couldn't believe that good vibes is indeed paying attention to me. Two months ago I won lots of goodies from Ms. Jackie Go's anniversary giveaway which I blogged it herehere and here and until now I haven't completed featuring each one of them. And now, this is what I saw from Ms. Tiffany of Breakfast at Tiffany blog in her post here. Thank you God for these unexpected blessings! You really know what I need and that is paying attention to the woman that I am. That I should still take care of my self despite being a mother, a wife, a career woman rolled into one.

This is my prize ladies and gentlemen. Presenting another beauty loot for me.

 photo IMG_20131108_150900_zps666ada74.jpg

It's the first time I encountered this beauty product brand. I was kind of ecstatic reading Ms. Tiffany's prologue of the product line which you can view it here, here and here. I never hesitated joining even it means I'll pay for the shipping fee. But no. Ms. Tiffany didn't oblige me to pay nor does the giveaway says. She willingly shouldered everything until I will just receive it. Sitting pretty lang ang peg ko. I'm excited to have my first hand experience on her love connection with the product. Thank you again Ms. Tiffany for this giveaway. #vanity #feelingblessed #beautyoverload

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Cool Kitchen Finds: Sponge Pocket

I've been following Ms. Jackie Go of Go! Jackie Go for the reason that her blogging style is that every mother needs to know and should be. Her blogging style is very versatile and I can relate to it very much. She recently posted on her blog on her purchases here from Qrius. It is a one stop online shop basically that provides home accessories suited for your lifestyle and quirky needs. One of her purchases caught my attention. It is their soap pocket which you can view it here for a complete details on the product. It cost around P500.00 for a single pocket. It is quite pricey and even more pricier if you get it online and add the shipping fee. Right? So thankfully when I pass by Ace Hardware last night I saw similar product and it cost only Php150.00 to a less than P300.00 pesos only depending on the kind of material for a single sponge pocket. Quite a deal right? It comes in a plastic and rubber like design.

 photo IMG_20131107_183526_zpsaf773c3d.jpg
Single sponge pocket.

 photo IMG_20131107_183511_zps80acf98f.jpg
These are double sponge pockets that comes in various styles.

The photo above is another design with different styles. On the left side, is a double sponge holder in single pocket that is around P250.00 pesos. In the middle and the right side is made of rubber that doubles the holder and is good if you have double basin sinks. Take a good and closer look on the photo to understand what I mean. It is made of rubber and cost around P400.00. It's quite a steal already! I saw also another kind that doubles a soap dispenser and a sponge holder in one that costs around P500.00. I'm coming back for this. 

You love it? What are your cool kitchen finds? Share naman mommies...

Friday, 8 November 2013

Typhoon Storm "Yolanda" hits Philippines

We are braving the strongest typhoon/hurricane/storm "Yolanda" (International name "Haiyan") that is ever recorded in the world/history and the strongest for 2013. Even international news coverage has been monitoring this event since yesterday. Hearing this news alone makes me weaken and anxious even if here in the area where I am staying, we are not very much affected. As of this writing, the skies is bright though no trace of Mr. Sunshine and not even a drop of water from above.

I really pray and we should all pray that even it passes our territory, I hope that it will just pass by swiftly and not prolong in the place for too long. I pray also that my fellow Filipinos be more than ready for this another tragedy we are facing again. And I can see that the unity, generosity and the spirit of camaraderie of everyone is present despite calamity-after-calamity we are experiencing. That's what I'm proud about for being a Filipino. The undying love for each other and for the country is unending and I know we can get this through. Protect your loved ones everybody and safety should be our first and major concern above everything else.

I have seen flooding news over the social media and sharing to you links here and here for more information about this strong typhoon that land in our country early this morning. Let as all pray more that no major casualties will again happen. Stay alert, safe and pray Filipinos.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Overwhelming Christmas Spirit

Ever since I was a kid, the most anticipated season for me aside from summer and my birthday is Christmas. I don't know why but the rush of excitement, merriment and happy feeling is there overflowing within me. They say Christmas is for the children. But I say it is for young and adults alike. Up until now, when I see decorated houses and establishments, I can feel the air of joy transmitted to each and everyone. When exchanges of Christmas greetings are said, I feel warmth and calmness. It is indeed true that the spirit of Christmas is more than just the material things sprawled in front of us where there is abundance. It is found within us because it's Jesus and it's all about him why we celebrate the most merriest time of the year. I give credits to my parents as well because they made our Christmases a season to celebrate, be happy and a season for thanksgiving. They made us believe and experience Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Christmas stockings, exchange gifts, Christmas carols and songs, Christmas shopping, malls, vacation, reunions, feasting with family, relatives and friends. Those are fondest memories of my holidays and it feels so good being around with these things, events and people.

Oh yes! I still giddy thinking of those until now but growing up, I find the essence of Christmas more meaningful than what I have in mind. It is more on giving happiness to others, sharing to others, wishing well for others and thanksgiving. More on that material stuff, what's more important is the one that cannot be found visible to the eyes but it is where we find happiness and goodness in our own midst. I wish that people would have this thinking everyday that everyday is Christmas. Lakas maka #goodvibes and you can't find bad blood to each other; everyone exchanging good words to each other and good wishes for the season. Even friend-nemies take a break and just be merry. Ang saya isipin na ganito na lang lagi ang mentality ng tao so that everybody happy. Wish ko lang! So to you guys, let us make this season a wonderful time to celebrate with our loved ones and share blessings.

 photo Merry-Christmas-Wishes_zpsbf646139.gif
Photo NOT mine.

Before ending my post, a tropical storm is set to hit our country in a couple of hours now. Aside from preparing for our needs and precautions heightened, please arm yourselves with prayers that no massive destruction will take place and that God will shield us from harm. We pray that God will give us this gift of safety and protection in time for Christmas. May God bless our country, Philippines! Stay safe everyone.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Holidays and the Panic-buying mode

The long weekend is over and the right moment to start looking forward to the Christmas season after the much anticipated Halloween and Trick or Treat celebrations is already here. Traditionally, Halloween and Trick or Treat events is not very much celebrated here in our country.  Unlike in other countries, here in the Philippines, it is more on commemorating our departed ones who have gone ahead of us. It is normally celebrated by going to the cemetery where they are buried and offer prayers for them. Now that I have my own kids, I enjoy the Trick or Treat celebrations that is widely and is starting to kick off here in the Philippines. I'm now looking forward to every Halloween celebrations because it makes the kids happy by just getting treats and by dressing very cute and not so scary costumes for the little ones.

Anyways, have you started to decorate your homes for the Yuletide season? For me, I haven't done it yet. I'm looking forward to decorating this weekend. For our household, we decided not to put up yet a Christmas tree mainly because my kids are still in their toddler years. The tree might end up dismantled or out of form before the Christmas time approaches. So to spruce up and feel the spirit of Christmas, I just put decorative Christmas pieces like socks and hats at our bedroom door and put a Christmas wreath in our living area adorned with lights and decors. It still is very nice and it won't occupy space in our little abode. Another thing that I'm looking forward too, excites me the most and adds a little pressure on me is 'shopping for the holidays' bring. Not so much of a bad pressure because shopping is No stressful (I enjoy and LOVE the 'stress' it brings) unless it's a hurried one and you don't have any idea on what to give. I know you're feeling the same as mine. Thinking of stuff to give for this particular person is definitely one brain wrecking thing especially if you do the holiday shopping rush. Not only this brings a head ache and body aches (you know what I mean) but more so on the time wasted and the unnecessary spending it entails. So to make it easier for me, as early as now (for some they made a little shopping as early as October), I made a list on who to give and what to give. That's my first step. It eases me a bit seeing my list because I categorized it. I started with the immediate family, relatives and friends. I have ideas in mind what to give for some even if I haven't completed it yet. But that's okay at least, I won't be cramming that much. By doing this, you'll have a smooth shopping spree and it won't waste your time looking for what item to give. It's easier, faster and convenient when you know what items to buy. Another shopping option is purchasing online. This is very easy, reliable, convenient and stress-free because you just select what item to buy right in your own nest. Actually, I just ordered na for Christmas presents (hehehe). It's also good to buy in bulk so you can make use of the flat rate in shipping fee for a number of items already. I'm so excited for the real shopping experience to happen. For an employee like me, the partial 13th month pay is in less than 15 days from now. I'm sure the malls are packed by that time for Christmas shopping and some are have a 'sale' going on.

I'm not in a panic mode now. But the buying I guess is still panicky. Crossing my fingers that I'd be able to fully complete my Christmas gift shopping before December starts. How about you guys, have you started to shop for Christmas? If yes, where can you recommend good, affordable buying sites (may it be online or shops) that sells Christmas gift items for all ages? Please do share. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year ahead!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Drive a Car

Last Thursday, on our way to office, we spotted this Mercedez Benz car on the highway. In our country, having this kind of car brand is luxurious and for the rich who can afford. I was just swooned by its form and its swag. How it smoothly glides in the streets, just perfect for my eyes to bring me in awe. Not to mention its color which is white, definitely is so sleek.

 photo IMG_20131031_080941_zpse5e88b99.jpg

In Singapore, this kind of car is like the usual Honda cars we see in every street and corner here. Definitely, a sight to behold because honestly I rarely see having this kind of car in our place. For me, the most suitable car one to own here is an SUV or pick up since some of our streets here are not that developed yet like a free way in other countries. And most importantly, since hubby goes to their farm regularly, you will not expect a smooth ride going there.

How about you? Given a choice to drive your own car, what would that be? 

Caring For Our Skin...and Eyes Too!

Hello yah all!  After a very long hiatus, I am finally back!  I was stuck with laziness to write a post thus no updates here.  Though I have...