Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Swiss Deli and Restaurant -Davao

When I was reading the blog post of Ms. Jane Go of Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice here, I know right away where to take hubby to have our dinner on that Friday night, The Swiss Deli and Restaurant it is. Its first establishment is located along J.P. Laurel Street, Davao City. Now that it opened its second store down South (along McArthur Highway Matina. The building where it is situated is beside Davao City Water District), it's much more accessible to Southerners like me. Upon looking at Ms. Jane's orders, I went for this…

 photo IMG_20140822_132349_zps4b3bf285.jpg
Photo courtesy from Ms. Jane's blog post.

I am more on eating light nowadays, so I prefer this as my order. Aside that it is priced reasonably already, I am surprised that it is priced lower by 3 pesos here in Davao City at 162pesos. And one order is already huge in portion perfect for those who are on diet or watchful of what they are eating. I even shared this with my hubby. This one is yummy in itself. But because I love it saltier in taste, I wish it had bacon tidbits or parmesan cheese to have a kick on the pasta in it. But overall, I loved how it tasted and I'll surely be back ordering it again with them. 

The Swiss Deli and Restaurant:

I. Lanang Branch
D’ Butcher D’ Baker, Inc.
The Swiss Deli and Restaurant
RS Compound (fronting Damosa Gateway)
Km. 7 Lanang, Davao City 8000
Telephone Number: (+63-82) 234-0271
TeleFax number: (+63-82) 235-3418 / 235-3417
Business hours: Monday- Sunday 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
II. Matina Branch
Matina Swiss Deli Inc.
La Cima Building 1
Mc. Arthur Highway
Corner Duhat and Camias Streets
Matina, Davao City 8000
Telephone Number: (+63-82) 295-6168
TeleFax Number: (+63-82) 295-6169
Business hours: Monday- Sunday 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Facebook PageMatina.SwissDeli
WiFi Zone
With Function room for 30 persons
With affordable set menu

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Our Little #donya

The long weekend gave me and my husband quality time to be with our kids. And on that note, we spent it as well at my parents house. Obviously, my parents are the most happiest when the kids are around. At 9 in the evening, my kids were still at the peak of their energy. My mother made this to one of my kids...

 photo IMG_20140825_062012_zps9c75f763.jpg

She's such a darling cracking up a hearty laugh while my father and her Ate Mariella was playing something and she enjoyed watching them. Our house at that hour was filled with so much laughter with this little one. I missed to document it through video. But surely these snap shots will make me remember of that happy moment with the kids and my parents around. And when they're a little grown up, I would tell stories to them of how precious this moment was. #justsharing #happymoments #kids

Friday, 22 August 2014

Happy Days ahead!

After that last post I published, good things have been coming our way and more. Good things come to those who certainly wait and it's all worth it. Such a wonderful feeling when you just claim everything to be positive and possible even if you find it impossible and unimaginable to happen. No, don't think of it that way! Don't ever allow even a little to think about it. As they say, habang may buhay, may pag asa! Ganun dapat tayo pume-peg sa buhay. Even if sometimes, things do not happen the way we want it, let's bear in mind that God has something better in store for us. Envision that thing, the bull's eye, so that life would be more colorful and exciting on the days to come. There's no reason to bum about the waiting period. It should give us hope and let's put that faith alive in us.

After a week, the waiting paid off indeed. I'll be seeing one important person in my life soon... and five more. It's too good to be true! Thank you Lord for the goodness! I'm so freaking impatient to let you know but I'm still not allowed to say anything. Nakakawalang gana ang post ko ano? No details yet but full of suspense and surprise. But I'll definitely blog it once we got there. I have the clearance to do so. One month more to go and I'm off for a great vacay! 

Monday, 11 August 2014

August is the Best!

I AM CLAIMING IT like it's gonna be all positive and the way I want it to be. Being assuming at times isn't that bad at all. It's just a matter of embracing good vibes and karma so that everything will follow accordingly. The start of the month gave us a reason to look forward to the coming days. Not to mention that this month has 3 declared holidays which means no work for a working parent like me, thus, more quality time with my kids. You might wonder why there are 3 instead of 2. The 3rd declared holiday is for Davaoeños ONLY. It is the month where we celebrate the Kadayawan sa Dabaw. It is our 29th year and considered the "Festival of festivals" as we feast the abundance Mother Nature has gifted our City. In every street, you see bountiful harvest of fruits being sold at a very affordable price. This is because there is a plentiful of supply of fruits from the region. I am lucky because my husband's family own a vast land because of my MIL's blood line (she's a Bagobo). And because they love farming (and hubby) too, we have generous rations of fruits from the fruit-bearing trees they planted, namely: durian, lanzones, mangosteen, rambutan, avocado and banana. For this alone are the reason why I will never leave my hometown. We have everything in here where urban cities don't have: peace, no heavy traffic, no excessive pollution, great climate, richness of soil for agriculture, nature, beach, clean water, laid back life and much more. 

The next reason why I'm so thrilled with August is it's my sister and my grandfather's birthday. Me and my family/relatives (at my father's side) is excited to spend an overnight trip to the beach this time at Mahan Garden Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS). It's the second grand reunion we always have next to Christmas. Another thing that I look forward to this month is the wedding of my former officemate. What makes it exciting for me is this will be my first time to wear a long dress/gown being the theme is formal. Normally, when I go to formal events, I'd wear a knee-length dress. It never goes beyond that. For me, I feel wearing a long dress makes me look like all the more petite having a 5'0 height. Or is it just my belief? Anyways, I'm still in the hunting stage of that long dress I'm gonna wear. By the way, what's a good design for a petite frame like me? Any suggestions?

Last but definitely not the least, this month will reveal something me and my hubby are planning for. I will not preempt anything yet as we are still in the verge of that suspenseful waiting in vain situation. This is why I am very hopeful and feeling blessed this month because with this I am grateful already to God because of the many opportunities He has bestowed me and my loved ones. There may be downs but it's part of the essence of life. God directs everything in our lives. Whether it will happen or not, I will still be thankful because I know God has a reason and purpose for everything that will happen. 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Manila Diaries

Recently, just a few days ago, I was in the metro with hubby. And because I am not allowed to divulge anything (reserve for a separate post) and because it was just a quick visit, my photos will speak for my presence there with just a handful of evidence whilst in the place. I love Manila for some reasons: 1) there are a lot of places to see, experience and enjoy, 2) malls, shopping and a lot of sales going on, 3) food discoveries which are endless and 4) the vibe is always alive and up, on the go and updated. However, I don't see myself residing there because I want a laid back life and it's too chaotic for my preferred lifestyle. #justsaying But nevertheless, Manila is such a wonderful place to go, to be seen and experience. 

 photo IMG_20140803_120730_zps855d1bba.jpg
On board here. Always on time and most of the times ahead of time.
I am afraid of heights. Cebu Pacific arrives 10 minutes ahead of its time of arrival 

(as far as my experience is concerned). It lessens 10 minutes of my fear at that.

Taken when the in-flight voice recorder announces our arrival in Manila.
Plane is descending towards the runway. I took this to show my kids and housemates
what's it like when you are on top and inside the plane.

 photo IMG_20140803_132839_zpsfb07abac.jpg
Took a cab towards the left to our place for one night.

After checking in, we headed to Makati area, particularly the Glorietta/ Greenbelt/ Landmark/ Rustan's, all found in one area which is really confusing when you are not familiar with the place. After we took our power lunch which is way past 2 in the afternoon, we stroll around like we are in a maze! As we found our way to Landmark which makes my heart skipped faster because of all those red letter SALE hanging everywhere, here's what I ended up buying. Kid's stuff! #motheratheart

 photo PhotoGrid_1407287939234_zps01ae51c3.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1407288091842_zpsbdf19791.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1407288296776_zps3d2b3221.jpg

These clothes are all on sale and for everything, I just paid less than 700.00pesos. It's almost closing time and as a result, I ended up panicked buying and I just grabbed everything and whatever my eyes crushes on.

 photo IMG_20140803_205802_zps0e7bdc89.jpg
To cap the night, we had coffee. I told hubby we eat at food shops where we can 't
find in Davao City. So far we managed it. Headed to our place past 11pm.

 photo IMG_20140804_080720_zps1b121e53.jpg
The next day was the real reason why we where there.
We were more than an hour ahead of our appointed time
and decided to eat breakfast in the vicinity to save time.
This budget-friendly breakfast meal is only 89.00pesos with a huge amount of serving (well, more than enough for my appetite, hehehe…).
It taste good too. Who says food in Manila is very expensive?
I don't think not all.

 photo IMG_20140804_133843_zpsb43e6e48.jpg
We took our lunch here.
It's at Greenbelt/Glorietta (not sure what building we were in).
Food and serving is alright and huge.
We were quite satisfied enough to fill our stomachs. 

 photo IMG_20140804_144440_zpsdfeb92fb.jpg
And because hubby was craving for more, quite unusual for him, we ended up eating here less than an hour only after our lunch. And because, I wanted something sweet, I bought this yummy sans rival at only 60.00 paired with my hubby's cappuccino.
Such a sweet delight before heading to NAIA Terminal 3 for our return flight
back to Davao City.

Thank you Manila!

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