Thursday, 30 May 2013

Torn between Soleil and Inspire 2... Thanks Sun!

So what the heck I'm talking about? It's sounds like an online game, isn't it? But nope and I'm not addicted to it either like the current online craze, Candy Crush. Techies and gadget freaks would now what I'm blabbering. These are some of the latest mobile phones introduced by Alcatel. I'm no expert to this nor recommend which is the better nor will I do reviews for both. Why I am sharing this is because my hubby is getting a postpaid line with Sun Cellular (to my persistence, he gave in. What an obedient husband!).

So when he said the magic word "Yes", I immediately searched Sun Cellular's website and look for the right phone (for me, hehehe!) in accordance to the budget my hubby has for the month. He has a 300 monthly load allowance from their office so I quickly look directly to that range of amount. They have Fixed Load Plan of 299 but the available phones are quite limited. They also have a Regular Plan 350 and had more choices of phones. To name a few: Samsung, Nokia, Cherry Mobile phones are under the said plan. I searched reviews on what's the best amongst them. I thought of Cherry mobile because it's a Philippine brand. But I saw reviews that the downside of which is the battery. It easily gets weak even if it's not used so much. So it turns out that Alcatel One Touch Inspire 2 won my heart  ;)). But just this morning, when I ran again to their site, there's additional phone that was included. It's the Alcatel One Touch Soleil. This is the winner! This is now my choice. Thanks also to my officemate who helped and enlighten me a lot as to which of them is the best.

Alcatel is owned by TCL (see details here). I've heard TCL and saw some of their television sets in various appliance stores. The reviews I've read on their mobile phones are more on the positive note. Most of the comments are their mobile phones are really sturdy and durable and even can last for a long time. Of course if you also know how to take extra care of your things, it will stay for a longer time. One commenter said that his wife has an Alcatel unit for a long time already even if it fell a couple of times. This is quite interesting since I'm quite an "OC" when it comes to taking care of my things. So for sure this will stay a couple of years for me.

Sun Cellular by the way has an ongoing promo. They have a lot! They have choices for their Regular Plan of 350. It's either:

  • Option 1: Sun Trio Plan (Unlimited Texts to Sun, Smart and Talk n' Text/ Unlimited Sun-to-Sun calls) + FREE Android handset. This promo is until May 31, 2013 only.
  • Option 2: Call and Text Unlimited (Unlimited Call and Text  to local Sun-to-Sun and 250 free text to other networks) + FREE Android handset.
For more details and for other latest promos, visit their website here.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Petite Brownie Bites of S & R

I have a sweet tooth. That's what I am. You can feed me sweets everyday without giving up. But because I am also cautious of my food intake and for health reasons, then most of the time I don't give in to my cravings. But nevertheless many of my friends know me that well that it's my weakness. Thankful that I have lots of them  :)))

Just right after lunch, my officemate gave me this..

Photo0280 on 365 Project

Photo0282 on 365 Project

It's a bite-size brownie. There's no name when she gave it to me. But because as I said in any form that is sweet, I will whole-heartedly accept. No second thoughts.

Photo0283 on 365 Project

At first site, I'm drooling already. First bite was soft. Munching it is chewy and wanting some more. It is sweet but it is just right for the size. I had this brownie at 4 bites only. Wanting for more. Then later found out that it was purchased from the newly opened S & R store. First here in Davao City located along corner MacArthur Highway and Ma-a Streets. This heavenly goodie is named Petite Brownie Bites. Grab this eat. You won't regret.
Photo source (jinlovestoeat)
Planning now to get membership card of S & R since members can only have access to the store. I heard their pizza are delicious. When S & R opened last May 28 here in the city, the pizza section had a very long queue.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Morning uplifts

Today is Tuesday! It's a cold and rainy morning down South. I already had a mug of coffee during breakfast at home. But because of the weather, it's nice to have another shot of hot and steaming drink. I didn't think twice of getting another mug of coffee. So on my way to office, I passed by the convenience store to get a sachet of coffee and a food to eat with it. I chose the "hopia" (I don't know how it's called in English. Only Filipinos know what it is) to partner my coffee. My current favorite now is The Great Taste White. But unfortunately it's not available. So I saw this "White" in the shelves. It's the San Mig version.

My verdict: I'm sorry for the makers of San Mig White. But I still prefer my favorite Great Taste White. It's much creamier, foamy and with more aroma.

Photo2 on 365 Project

But anyhow, I still was filled with my "want" to have another mug of hot and steaming coffee. My tummy is somehow satisfied and my cravings solved.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Our House Helpers and it's Back-to-School!

The merry month of May is about to bid goodbye. Summer days are over fellas! Hello June and it's back to school once again. Nope! I am not spared with other parents dilemma on tuition fee hikes, back-to-school rush and all. Since my kids are still at non-schooling age, I thought it's going to be free of spending. But not for our household. We have 2 house helpers. One for my kids and the other for the house. But since there's no heavy work chore in our house both of them can alternate house chores and taking care of my 2 kids at the same time. This coming school year the older one is going to college and the younger one is 2nd year high school (Grade 8). Because me and my hubby do also have compassion for these two fellows, we send them to school. Its our goal for these two to finish their school because we don't want them also to be a house help all throughout their lives. We also want them to have decent salary enough to sustain a family on their own when the right time comes. These two are siblings coming from a family with insufficient means of living. Both their parents are farmers and income is not enough to send 5 children to school. We are encouraged also to help since the two are eager to finish school. I just hope they will maintain their good grades until they finish with flying colors. I know, most of you readers will react on why I have to get siblings. Me and my hubby were hesitant at first because of any sabotage that might happen. Sometimes, I can feel that both of them are very reliant to each other. Like, the other has more work than the other. There's no fair play. But for us, we find it effective to them and to us as well. Kumbaga kanya-kanyang laro at diskarte yan kung saan effective and efficient sila. And you might also get me wronged why under age, it's because it's their choice to work because they need to go to school. They want to go to school and we like it that they are enthusiastic about finishing school. We love to help people who are striving hard to better themselves. In return, it's also a satisfaction and achievement to be able to help other people pursuing their dreams in life.

Moving on to their schooling, the nanny is going to a weekend college every Sunday. Same with the younger sibling but on a high school level. The nanny will be taking up Elementary Education. I was happy she did choose that. It's like hitting two birds at the same time. My kids will get to learn from her. Instant tutoring ang peg! On the other hand, I'd like also that my nanny will learn to pronounce the right words and that her vocabulary will widen because my eldest still has a hard time speaking. I know it's my job as a parent but reality bites, the nanny has more time dealing with my children than us. I can only have a one-on-one interaction with my children at night after work and during weekends. So short a time. But nevertheless, we are still lucky to have somebody which we can trust and more importantly keep my children safe. I just hope and pray that everyday, everybody in the house are safe and sound even if we are away.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Currently "Teased" by You

When it comes to scents, I like it that it's not empowering. Just subtle enough that it can notice anyone's attention (on a positive way..hehehe!) when I pass by. Wink ;)). And scents can also be quite tricky because if it doesn't complement with your body's PH, it might not smell good on you even if it does for others. So better try it your own when choosing or buying the right scent. Anyways, I'm sharing this because I am one lucky person to have sponsors/loved ones who doesn't forget me from afar. Every year I have loots that comes all the way from UK. That is already a thousand bucks savings for me (yehey!) and just like winning blog giveaways (yahoo!). This year, one of the presents I received from a friend is this one (referring to the photo). It's a body mist from Victoria's Secret, Noire TEASE. This is just one heavenly scent because I can say it can suit day and night times. Preferably for mornings, scents is more on the citrus-y, mild and gentle while that on the evenings, it's more on the sweet, strong yet pleasing to one's senses. The scent is just right for me. It doesn't itch my nose or make me sneeze a bit.

I'm half way through it.

"Sexy Little Things", as its caption says, comes in this handy parfum bottle. True indeed!

From the name itself, it certainly teases all my senses. Wearing this makes me feel a bit confident and it's like I just stepped out from a long shower bath. Spanking clean and feeling fresh all day long. How about you? What's your favorite? You might want to share and would love to hear from you.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Zalora for my Princess Kid

This was a post that should have been published 3 months ago. I want to share this because I find it cute for my 2 year old daughter and you might find it adorable too. #sharehappiness. This umbrella is going to be useful on her when the time she goes to school and I find it very affordable already for the price of 150 pesos. I'm thinking of 2 years from now that my daughter could use this to school. And as a #stagemother #excitedmomma that I am, I didn't think twice of getting this. I just regretted that I didn't get one for her cousin Danna. Because when I went online and decided to get another one, they're out of stock already.

I just kept this for the moment in my closet because when I gave it to her, she played it by riding on it and hitting it on the wall. Oh my! Glad I came to rescue the umbrella. Saving this for her first day in school.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Do you know to braid one's hair? Or better yet braid your own? It seems difficult right? But good for me I can do it on my own. I'm fine with it even if it doesn't seem to look polished. I'm happy of having a skill for it. It looks nice after wearing it the whole day. When I want instant natural curls, I braid it in the morning when my hair is still wet. Then untangle it at the end of the day after office. Photos I got my own showing my not-so-perfect-but-carry-lang braided hair.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

In Style: Kids Fashion

Kids nowadays are way too far from our generation in terms of fashion. Back in the 80's, me and my siblings were okay whatever our mother dresses us. And whatever is given, we were delighted and very happy. You know for kids, gifts are ultimate happiness. Unlike before, today's selection of kids clothes are flooded with all sorts of style that even adults would love to have it too. And even little ones know what kind of clothes they want to wear for as young as 2 years old. Call it instant fashionistas! And because of so many advertisements bombarding television, radio and print, you can never blame your kids where they get these great fashion ideas. One advantage of having a girl kid is that you can dress them up and prettify them so easy. And seeing them so adorable makes me one proud and happy Momma!

Last Saturday, my entire family spent a good 'ol time because it was my father's birthday. We celebrated it at Ayala Abreeza Mall of Davao and ate lunch at Shakey's. We had a great time because the little ones (the cousins) were able to spend time playing around. They really had a good time and enjoyed like they owned the mall; running, walking, shrieking to their hearts delight as they roam the entire mall and played at the Atrium playground. It was such a joy seeing our kids so happy and free! Cousins Mariella and Danna were so happy to see each other and played together.

Danna (left): Top-Spoiled ; Pants -Spoiled
Mariella (right): Top-Mothercare; Shorts -Denim Co.
Mariella: Shoes -Mothercare boots
Danna: Shoes -Payless
(Pardon for the lost pair. This is the only picture that 's not blurred. The rest were vague to the eyes.)
The whole time they were hugging each other. They miss each other terribly.
..Until they were down and out.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

A Frozen Friendship

Is there such a thing as Friendship Holiday? Like taking friendship a break?

Have you ever been judged wrongly and unreasonably? I know you can relate to me because in your lifetime there's that somebody who will try to put you down or make false stories about you and then make it believable to others. Yes. They can make stories all out and they will try to jazz it up too much like it is the truth. In some cases, there are also your friends who were brain-washed by others and they will perceive you as one hell of a bad person. These so-called friends you have see you in a different light overnight. Like instantly! without clarifying matters to the one concerned. Isn't it unfair? What if you have done something wrong in your life? Does that measure the person you are now? We are not perfect creatures. We fail, stumble and  fall many times in our life. But each failure makes you a better person, not the same person who intentionally makes the same mistakes over and over again. What if a loved one of yours is going through something like that? That hurts a lot, right? Because you know you knew all along that person knows you already by heart and everything you have been through. It's sad to say because you can never justify it for yourself because you are not the concerned person or the one involved. But because you know the truth and you know your loved one better than everybody else, it's very heartbreaking.

I learned that you can never be too complacent in anything and everything. Just because we have this now, you can just be confident that what you have right now will be yours forever until death gets you. You may think you know the person too much but in the end they are the one's that will hurt you the more. Trials are meant for learning. You can never be strong or knowledgeable if life is just flat; no ups and downs. How boring life can be that way. But of course, you are not wishing for a bad thing to happen. What I mean is, to be able to stand up when you stumble or fall, you will be careful the next time it will not happen again in the same form. Lessons learned. True friends are not wishing harm for each other. They do not tolerate bad things to happen. All they want is a harmonious relationship while respecting each other's dignity, privacy and individuality. Real friends are there when you need them the most. They do not take advantage nor destroy each other's personal life. They support and help each other's cause. We see it that way. I am confident, hopeful and wishing that one day both parties will settle the issue and friendship will be regained. I am praying that bad vibes will be out and good ones to replace.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Apple Cider Vinegar: Toner and Breakouts remedy?

I've come across this blog by an Architect. I would say she is also into beauty and make-up hauls. SO as I was browsing in her posts, I came across this. When it comes to remedies for our body, nothing beats the natural and organic stuff. The good part is no need to shell out a lot of money. Sometimes, we can just get it from Mother Nature; right in our own backyard or in our kitchen. This is worth-sharing.

ARchicTECT: Apple Cider Vinegar Toner and Breakouts?: I make it a habit to check makeup alley almost everyday to check on the latest reviews for the different beauty products.Someone has advised...

Homemade Baby Wipes

For mommies who are budget and health conscious, this blog episode is for you. As a mother, I giddy whenever I see and hear products that are new, beneficial and friendly to my kids. I'm happy seeing cute and useful stuff for them. As they say, when you become a mom, your personal wants (most of the time) takes a back seat and it is by choice. No second thoughts.

In today's generation, a lot of products are now coming back to basics. Meaning, manufacturers are using organic and natural ingredients. This is a good sign that company owners are not only thinking on the profits they will be earning but also the safety and well-being of the consumers and the environment as well. The buying public on the other hand have been very keen already as to what products are beneficial to ones health and more so they have become well-informed. Because of the many variety of products in the market today, people choose what is cost saving, efficient and environment-friendly. Especially us mothers, we are very particular and careful on what products to use for our tots. As much as possible, it would not harm our babies in all aspects because of the sensitivity of our little ones skin. For example, cloth diapers are now being introduced in the market today that it not only benefit our children but a lot for our environment and our pockets too. For one, a disposable diaper takes hundred of years to decompose. Imagine if you use 3-4 disposable diapers in a day! I am currently using cloth diapers and I regretted I just used it only now. I might have saved thousand of pesos already. I have two kids ages 2 and 7 months old. For a month, I can save up to 1,000.00 or more for my 2 kids. I use disposable diaper on them at night only. During daytime, I use cloth diapers for my baby. My 2-year old knows already to use the toilet so good for her and us (hehe); no diapers needed. Now without further ado, I am sharing to you DIY homemade baby wipes. I encountered this in one of a parenting blog site which I think will be of great help to saving a lot money and disaster to our environment. I haven't tried this yet but will do this. It might be effective to my family. See and click link here.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tuesday Surprise

As expected and my much awaited gift is finally here. I received the gift of my blog partner, LookChem today. A white and blue porcelain pen with an intricately made steel bookmark. Thank you LookChem for supporting my blog. For more details of my sponsor, click here.

The paper bag that secures my pleasant surprise. I don't know what's written here.
All I'm excited about is what's inside.

This is what's written in the box that I only understood. The rest is up to Chinese people to understand.

The porcelain pen

The stainless steel bookmark

The intricate design of the bookmark

What's my Mother's Day 2013 like

Happy Mother's Day to all my "kapwa" Mothers. We deserve this special day because we truly are worthy of such recognition. Juggling things at home, work and play almost at the same time is no joke and not easy. Mother's Day 2013 falls on a Sunday, sandwiched by non-working days (the Monday is Election Day). What a great way to spend the special day with the family because of a long weekend.

Last Saturday, together with my sister and mother planned for this "date" and sort of unwinding to have a relaxation retreat courtesy of Bioessence Skin Slimming Spa. A gift certificate was given to me as a Christmas present from my sister's family and thought of availing it with them (my mom has a gift certificate too). The package is composed of a Swedish massage, regular facial and hand paraffin. We opt to avail only the massage and facial since I have a hand injury and postpone hand paraffin to some other time. We arrived at the place past 2pm and were escorted to their lobby and reception area. We registered there because it is by appointment when availing their services. After a few minutes, we were ushered to our own rooms in preparation for the massage. I changed on my clothes to their robes and went for a Sauna. After around 15-20 minutes, we went back to our room for the massage proper. After an hour and a half, I was pampered by facial treatment that I fell asleep during the commotion in my face. It was all worth-it and a great way to treat myself. After all the services done to us, we were offered a tea and crackers. Overall it was satisfying and relaxing.

They have an ongoing Mother's Day promo which will run until May 18, 2013. For only P649.00, one can avail of facial, diamond peel, hand paraffin, and back massage. The regular price for all is P1,900.00. So it is already a good buy. Still the gift certificate has no expiration and it can be given in a form of gift if you wanna give it to your loved ones.  For more info about Bioessence, you may visit them in their website:

Saturday, 11 May 2013

My Favorite Things: My first Cath Kidston

Hey Guys! I'm sharing again my favorite item in my possessions. I'm not very much into bags but will choose to spend more on a shoe and clothes spree. But again I appreciate things that are presents and are given whole-heartedly (hehe). Again thanks to my sponsors and loved ones from abroad for always remembering me from afar. Anyway, here's my favorite bag given by my sister-in-law. When I received this (around 2-3 years ago), I'm clueless of the brand. Haven't been heard because I'm not so much of an OC fashionista (just slight enough to care for a presentable and comfy wardrobe that I think looks good on me). I love this bag! It is water resistant and it's easy to clean. Wiping clean wet cloth is all it takes to make this bag clean. That's it!

I love the polka dots in the red bag. It's a statement and since it has circles around,
I find this very lucky and to add up that its color is red. So much life in this bag!

I love that it can accommodate many things inside. Being a little bit OC, I can bring the entire things I needed.
I'm such a girl scout!
In my bag there's a lot of stuff. I feel that if I don't bring a particular thing, I feel lacking. Maybe next time I'll be sharing to you what's inside my heavy bag (As in super heavy! Even my husband complains and asks why my bag is too heavy, hehe..). I like bags that are big. Small bags aren't my thing.

I like Cath Kidston. It's a well- known brand in London and is originally from there. They offer a wide array of bags, shoes and clothings alike. I heard there's also a shop in Manila. They have very dainty and cute designs. To see more of their products, see and click their official website here.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

In Style: Baby Cabinet

Isn't this a cutie? My peg for a baby cabinet. This one is designed for the royal baby of Prince William and Kate Middleton. How I love the soft and dainty paintings on the cabinet and on top for changing dappies of the baby. This somehow reflects the personality of the mother, Kate. Both of my girls also have different closet so that their things are well organized. Right now I'm scouting for a shoe cabinet design for them because they have a lot of it for their age. Thank you to all my loved ones/ sponsors who continuously shower materials things for my kids. It's like they already knew what we want for the 2 girls. 

Photo source

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Our Children

Now I know that being a mom is not as easy as A-B-C. Before I used to take care of my younger cousins when they visit our house. They are so adorable and I'm very fond of them. But whenever the storm strikes, that's where the problem begins. How to tame properly the child and the right way to do it. Because in every word or every move you make creates an impact to them psychologically and emotionally. We are careful of this as parents. True enough, having 2 kids in the household is no way easy. I am fortunate that my 7 month old baby is not a problem child at all unlike my eldest when she was at the same age . She cries only when hungry and sleepy, or when her 'Ate' squeezes her too much and when we let her stay in bed lying for hours while awake. My eldest daughter is now our problem. She changed when the second baby arrived. They say its normal because before, she get used to all the attention we're giving her. But right now, of course, we have the baby to attend to that needs ample attention as well. My eldest daughter has tantrums. Whenever something doesn't come in her way, she cries, shouts, screams and dive on the floor. She don't obey on what we say to her. In short she don't listen. I don't know if for a 2 year old child she can fathom what we say. But really it makes our world and mind crazy. We don't know how to psychologize her and correct her behavior. And I think she knows to manipulate as by doing her own way. All that and more on child rearing, it is very important that in early years we as parents need to know how to teach them the proper way. Because at this stage, their mental formation has a crucial role on what they become as individuals later on. Anyhow, I've come across these captions below on one of the bloggers post. It reminds me that though we feed our kids with so much knowledge and things, we too have to respect and know their characteristics. Each individual differs and has its own way how to deal with it. Pardon, that I forgot where I come across with this. But to you blogger, thanks for sharing it and now I'm blogging it too.

As parents, it's fulfilling and a good pride that as our children grows older, they become an individual who is respectful. Respect begets respect and that covers all positive and good attitude. More power to us parents. May God be with us as we mold good citizens in this country.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Favorite Things: Great Ikea finds

Now that I'm married and has our own home, I love getting pieces of things for our house. These finds I like when I had the chance to visit Singapore. These are some accessories for our kitchen that I found in Ikea. I love these finds I got.

Great Ikea find #1: Spices container.

These are made of glass and the top is plastic where you can twist to close and open.

This doesn't consume space because it is made to be mounted at the back of the cabinet door.

I love the idea of this! Very accessible and convenient.
I put this inside the cabinet below where my counter stove is.

Great Ikea Find #2: Pot rack

I love this because it is stainless steel and very sleek. It can hold 2 pans at the same time. 
I love Ikea! I wish there is also one here in the Philippines.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Blackheads and whiteheads: No More!

For as long as I can remember, (from the moment that I was already particularly vain with my aesthetics) my blackheads (not so much of whiteheads) are killing me (not softly at all!). It's been my dilemma because having a supple, fair and healthy skin is my frustration. My skin is more on the oily type especially on the T-zone and having big pores added to that problem of mine. It shows that I have a poor structure of skin because I have stretch marks too below my tummy caused by two pregnancies pa man din. I am a late bloomer when it comes to vanity. I started using make-up and all sorts of beauty ritual essentials is way after I am working na. But that is not yet full blown. I resort to the basic 'make-up' of baby powder and lip gloss only. That's it, pancit! Even facials, I detest it because of fear that my face will have reverse reaction to all the things they will splat on my face. The baby powder that I put would last like minutes only because of the oiliness of my skin. I chose not to put all sorts of 'chemicals' (my term for make-up then) because I know it will trigger and will create blackheads build-up which I really hate. These nuisances are very visible in my nose where the oiliness is at most terrible. But I noticed later na when I first got pregnant, a lot of people noticed that my skin looks beautiful and radiant. I don't know why but I also noticed a bit. I don't know if my pregnancy has something to do with it. I've read a lot of home remedy solutions in the internet and found it very cheap and effective. Though I haven't tried anyone of it, I know it is effective because you can never go wrong with the basic, natural and organic. And many already attested to its effectiveness so might as well try it. Just this morning my officemate blogger forwarded this link to me.

Who would know that this kitchen finds: a toothpaste, tomato, lemon, lime, cornstarch, yogurt, almond or oatmeal, rice, potatoes, baking soda and honey has its way in beautifying our skin without spending big bucks. Each has its own use and application. So trial and error is likely because some also has allergies that is not suitable for one's type of skin. Some ingredients may not be suitable to you but is effective to me. Like that.

Well as to my beauty regimen and make-up essentials it has greatly improved. For my pre- make-up rituals, I cleanse, tone and moisturize na during day and before going to sleep. I use Olay 7-in-1 products for the 3 steps. I am 'hiyang' with the products. And as for my make-up going to work, I use Human Nature's Perfect coverage mineral foundation in Honey shade, Shiseido eyebrow pencil in Brown shade, seldom I use blush from Avon cosmetics and lipstick from L'Oreal. I love the lipstick of L'Oreal because it doesn't fade right away. As I said some products are suitable to me but not for you because of differences of skin type and the like.

Caring For Our Skin...and Eyes Too!

Hello yah all!  After a very long hiatus, I am finally back!  I was stuck with laziness to write a post thus no updates here.  Though I have...