Thursday, 28 June 2012

Versatile Blogger (Part I)

Same as you Ate Balut, I was surprised too for considering me as one of which you think is a "Versatile Blogger." And like you also, it's my first ever blogger award! Yehey! 

There's so much joy and gratitude that I feel right now considering I'm a newbie and that I'm still creating my niche in the blogosphere. Thank you for always supporting and noticing my page, my blog posts and giving your time commenting on my thoughts. You're a love and a dear! And now, in order not to violate any of your rules and to avoid being having a punishment (LOL!), here are the following random things about me:

1.  INTROVERT. Sheepishly shy yet gladly welcomes new acquaintances that comes along. I'd wait for  somebody to approach me rather than me to make the first move.

2. DOMESTICATED. I am a homebody rather than going outdoors. However, once in a while I go out just to pamper myself and update myself on what's new around me. Haven't hang out with my college classmates for the very long time already due to my career as a working mom.

3. MUSIC LOVER. I love soothing music that relaxes my senses. I'm into rhythm & blues, jazz kind of music. I listen to the new ones depending on the beat that I like. But for my list, R&B and Jazz music is the best!

4. A LOVER FOR ARTISTRY. I can say to myself that I'm one because being an "Interior Designer" is my most coveted profession and dream. Even if I am not given the privilege and time to do my own crafts, still it remains my hidden desire until now. I like conceptualizing designs in my mind that should have been realized. Yet not given the opportunity to make it happen.

5. HAS A SWEET TOOTH. Loves coffee, chocolates, cakes & everything that is FOOD. I can drink coffee in any way it's prepared and for how many cups a day except for the strong, black one. I like it when it has combination. Same with chocolates. But I prefer the bittersweet one. I don't care if it has nuts or raisins on it. I would love to bake but don't have oven at house. So, it's still my pending thing to do

6. TRAVELER... Wanderer. Apart from being an introvert, I have this side of me that loves to go outdoors especially if means travelling for a vacation. I love to explore new places and try out their food. But that again remains in my wishlist since I have a kid to take care of, a job and constraint in my finances. That's why I'm just a wanderer in my mind as for the moment.

7. GOOD KEEPER. I am a sentimental person. I treasure things that is of value to me. That's is why I have loads of things in the house that I have to constantly check if to trash or not. I love to keep things that I think I still have to keep even if it's okay to be trashed already. Same as with the things that I do and the people around me. I am very careful with the things that I do so as not to have a bad karma. But sometimes my mouth gets out of me.

8. BLOGGER! Need to say more?


  1. Congrats sa award! I've been seeing you sa blogging world dati pa, pero everytime I click your name, walang link to your blog, buti nakita kita kay Balut! :)

    Congrats.. a much deserved award for you! :D

    1. thanks joanne.. i keep am a follower of you blog too..ang galing nyo lahat! thanks sa inspiration..

  2. Wow, I am the same on numbers 1, 2, 3, 5 (except for the coffee), 6, 7, and 8!

  3. Congrats for the award! :) Happy friday to you! :)

  4. You're welcome! And thanks for the appreciation :)

    Lam mo I read this post few mins after you posted this, hindi lang ako agad nag-comment kasi kala ko kasunod na yung Part 2 ha ha. Actually medyo doon din ako nahirapan - sa pagpili ng 15. Gusto ko nga lahat i-tag :)

    Same tayo sa No. 3 & (obvious) 8. And I think sa # 7 mas bagay sa yo tawaging "pack rat" ha ha .

    I'm really glad that through this award/tag we are able to roll the friendship among bloggers. Hayan nag-katagpo na kayo ni Joanne (yan ang culprit bakit ako naka-tag lol).

    Abangan ko yung Part 2 ;) MORE POWER to your blog!

    1. Thank you Ate Balut! abangan mo na in a while ang top 15 ko..kinakabahan ako baka ma dismaya ang hindi ko nasama sa biglang i-retrieve ang kanilang "Follow Me" sa site ko,,hehehe...

  5. Congrats on the award! I have a sweet tooth too. Really a pain sometimes. Hehehe! =)


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