Monday, 30 June 2014

Pure Love and Joy

One fine Saturday afternoon, I had the privilege to stay at home and be with these two kulits. If you may notice in my past posts, the Ate (older sister) has the most number of exposure compared to that of the younger one. This is because, the little one can't stand yet posing for a photo resulting to blurred photos and no images at all. All she does is roam around like she doesn't care banging herself on things. Hence, may I present to you the younger sister with her uncanny facial antics. With the power of multiple shots, I was able to capture moments of them, cuddling each other and playing tricks on each other. I had fun taking snap photos of them. And I think I did well looking on this collage of photos.

 photo PhotoGrid_1404113442481_zps6685840e.jpg
Mariella loves Nique and so is Nique to her Ate Mariella.
I am super kilig on the lower right side photo where Nique is burying her Ate Mariella
with kisses. She is under those pillows thus you can't see her. After that, effects are clearly shown.
Hair raising moments.. Oh how I love Thee!

How fast time makes these two creatures grow in love with each other. Me and hubby are always in awe watching them having the fun of their early lives by loving in each other's presence. We couldn't ask for more. God has given us pure love and joy with these two people. I pray that God will give us the wisdom, compassion and love that God has set us to be their parents. We can only give what we have in us,  so I pray for total guidance and a heart and mind that's pure of love, patience, and wisdom.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My Life Booster

We are not perfect creatures nor does the life ahead of us. God promised us a happy life in His dominion. But along the way, why it seemed it isn't? We are not to blame God for the misfortunes we have. But what I believe in is what you sow is what you will reap. When you do good, God will reward. If not, God has something to teach us and make us realize our mistakes and make up for it. For me it's not a punishment but a jolt of reminder that 'Hey, that's wrong/bad my friend." Experience is a great teacher, I believe. But let it not our reason to do wrong in order for us to realize what is right. God gave us our own freewill and the ability to know what is right from wrong. So we have to be careful in what we do and say because as Bo Sanchez repeatedly says, it keeps bouncing back to you. That's what Karma is all about, good or bad. Intentionally and unintentionally, I've hurt people including the ones I love. And that brings me to become weak and at the same time hopeful that God will lift me when everything else is nowhere in sight.

In times of lows in my life including that when I'm extremely happy, I have a song that I always sing (not aloud, but in my mind). It keeps me sane, it helps me calm, it gives me hope and makes me thankful. And when I sing this, it makes me cry, always. The lyrics says all what I want to say to God. It washes all my fears, it cleanses my hurts and it lightens my load. On the other hand, it strengthens me, it gives me hope and full of gratitude to Him. I always thank Him for my two beautiful kids. Because in them I always find the unconditional love. Just a hug and a kiss from them, I know, those are expressions of true love.

Here's the words of my favorite Christian/love song:

Anima Christi

Soul of Christ 
Sanctify me
Body of Christ save me
Water from the side of Christ
Wash me, Passion of Christ
Give me strength

Hear me Jesus
Hide me in thy wounds
That I may never leave thy side
From all the evil that surrounds me
Defend me and when the call of death arrives
Bid me come to thee
That I may praise thee
With thy saints forever

I even consider this piece as my funeral song. In my death bed, I would want this to be played over-and-over again. It's heartwarming and comforting. I feel Jesus is embracing me when I sing this song. I feel right and good. I have done wrong to others, that's why I was given pieces of misfortunes in my life. I don't feel good about it especially if those 'karma' are caused by my loved ones. It really hurts and I just want to close my eyes for not a medicine can cure it. It stings really bad. And if it's a nightmare, I just want to wake up so that it'll end.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Mi Amor's Big Feat

Small and simple developments I see from my children are big achievements for me. I can never be prouder as a parent. I knew my 3 year old girl can draw basic shapes already but last night kind of amazed me when she effortlessly draw something from her magic drawing board.

 photo IMG_20140616_203727_zps5b29f318.jpg
Showing off her little masterpiece.

We were watching Blues Clues (Season 3) and I noticed she's scribbling on the board. It's an eyeglass! I exclaimed with glee! I immediately grabbed my phone's camera and captured her holding her instant art work. I can't wait to brag about it! I screen TV shows my kids watch and Blues Clues is one of the shows that I would recommended for kids, toddlers to be specific. I've seen all the episodes from this show's series and true enough it added to my kids learning experience.

Simple as it can be, you gave a bunch of joy to Mama and Papa. Soon enough, when your little sister will be able to handle the pen well, be patient enough to teach her. We are so proud of you Mariella. I will prepare you for your formal education next school year. I'm very much excited seeing you in your school uniform and buy you your school supplies. I can't wait for that moment to arrive when are starting to hone your skills and make it big someday. We are here for your and encourage you to go on and live your dreams.  

Monday, 16 June 2014

A Father's Day Celebration

How was your Sunday like guys? For sure, yesterday was a truly memorable day to celebrate and honor the day with our fathers. I'm pretty sure you had an extraordinary day too celebrating it like dining out or just simply in the house with all of you complete. As for some Dads who are away from their loved ones, the social media or technology didn't make it too far away, right? Traditionally, my family celebrate special occasions, like Father's Day, by gathering and dine together. There's nothing more grandiose as long as we are complete whether outside or just at home. Normally, we gather at my parental's house. But for this occasion, we chose to dine out and have our lunch at Lyndon's World's Worst Ribs and Awful Chicken along Lanang, Davao City. Why we chose to dine here? Nothing specific really. It just popped out in my mind while rolling my mind where to eat. For a change, me and my sister don't want to feast in the mall where we know it's too crowded and a lot of people flock there especially because of the occasion. Second, we want a little privacy. We have 3 toddlers in tow, so we want a bit of free space where they can run their hearts out without worrying they might get lost and still can enjoy our eating pleasure. Third, we knew the food is great there especially their tender and flavorful pork ribs. Their "worst ribs" slogan is just an attention grabber but it's the exact opposite. Their chicken though is not that awful but the taste is just okay. Nothing worth bragging about unlike their ribs. What we have ordered worth trying is their grilled Vietnamese Lapu-Lapu. Tender and juicy it is. 

After our hearty and satisfying lunch, we headed to SM Lanang Premier to kill time and do our grocery. Indeed, we feast our eyes on those vintage cars displayed in the Atrium. There I saw sleek Porsche and other luxury sports cars. While 'wasting' our time there which we really enjoyed albeit tired because of 3 toddlers running and chasing around, personnel from the mall handed out cookies to the men of the our lives (my father, my gandfather and my hubby). He got this cute cookie treat.

 photo IMG_20140616_125954_zpsbb3480ae.jpg

Truly, you are the best father because you always do your best to provide for us in the best way you know how. You always 'abuse' your hands every weekend tilling the soil while farming for the future of your children and, you always say, for a more comfortable lifestyle later on. I just wish 'Pop' (that's what I call my hubby sometimes) that we are not wishing for a richer life but a simple yet comfortable life with a quality time with you. Thank you for  having the desire to give us the quality of life. We pray that God will bless you good health always. This goes too for my Papa Dodong (my father) and Lolo Gerun (my grandfather). Ate (older sister), me and Rom wish you longer and healthy life ahead so that you will enjoy your grandchildren (the Tres Marias and the only boy, coming soon!). Happy Father's day too, Bro! We are super ka-duper excited for the coming of the only thorn among the roses. Thank God for the 3 (or make it 4) men in my life!

Friday, 13 June 2014

What is Critical to Success?

Most often than not, when you ask a child or a young adult still in school or just stepped out of school, if what do they want when they grow older or after they finish studies, the typical answer you get (in general) is they want to be a successful somebody someday. I remember when I was still in my early years, I want to be a nurse (adapting my mother's line of work), then suddenly, an interior designer even up to this date. I equate success to having a notable profession that pays you well in order to compensate one's needs and wants, for one's future and the future family to come. Success to me means being able to afford the present quality of life and being able to adapt to it. However, when I started to have a job that is really not my liking but fared enough to sustain my needs and wants and being able to help in the expenses in my parental's house, I was not contented yet and felt there's still missing. All the while I thought, having a corporate job that entitles you to dress respectably in the eyes of people, having the privilege to be in rubbing shoulders with big wigs in the business society and earning and spending more than you ever expected, is what I thought success is all about. Having been employed for more than a decade with the same field of work that I came to eventually love, success in life comes with being able to fulfill or experience the passion you are into. It is not only equated with the monetary value it brings but there's a sense of fulfillment you earn for one's self. I believe too that with proper education, you will be able to make your dreams come to reality. When I say education it doesn't have to be in the four corners of the classroom but by deriving it from the environment we are in. They say experience is a great teacher because it teaches you the realities of life. I am not saying that to be in school is not important as it is in life. In school, we are taught of the skills, the theories and the basics that we ought to know. In life, we are face to apply these things we learn from school and contribute it to the society. 

You may ask, how about those inventions of the likes of Bill Gates (Microsoft), or Steve Jobs (Apple) and 21 more others, lead them to become the world's multi-billionaires now and successful in their own field even if they are dropped out from school? I say, even if they didn't get a degree and finish school, they never stopped learning. They find their own way to push their passion and beyond their limits in order for them to excel in their chosen field. They have failed, stumbled and fell many times. But they didn't stop learning and never bothered of the difficulties they may meet along the way. Success is being able to attain one's goal in life. There is a sense of fulfillment, contentment and self-achievement in all aspects of one's life. 

For the new graduates out there who are joining in the bandwagon of the corporate world, never stop learning. Find new opportunities to further enhance one's skills. Better go out in your niche while still pursuing your passion in life. In more than ten years in the administrative kind of work, the basic skill that I realized is needed is to know how to operate or use the computer. It is the very basic skill in order to be accepted in a job. I never learned overnight or everything the basics of using the computer during my school days. But as I get emerged in my job, I continue to learn and get new concepts through time. In today's generation, the easiest and fastest way to communicate with the rest of the world is through using the computer. With all the technologies sprouting around, you can never be left behind. There are even online training classes designed for professionals who would wish to further enhance one's computer skills. Education/learning, responsibility, passion and skills are aspects critical to determine one's success. If you do not have these attributes, success is unlikely.

Monday, 9 June 2014

On Teaching Kids' Responsibility and Building Self-Worth

 photo IMG_20140608_122318_zps99915b8d.jpg      photo IMG_20140608_184306_zps4df23f1b.jpg

Weekends are usually spent in the house with the family except for Saturdays where hubby is busy with his passion and for our future which is farming. And during these days, I have no 'housemates' with me because of their weekend class. Therefore, I'll be left manning the house and that includes cooking for 3 meals and spending time with my kiddos. 

Yesterday, I have an assistant cook. I'm no expert in this field but I have to because who else will do it? I have two kids to feed. Anyways, I was preparing the ingredients needed for my vegetable soup dish for lunch when suddenly my little girl stood right beside me standing on a plastic chair. At first, I was irritated because she was touching everything I prepared. At 3 years old, she knows the word cook and she wants to have an experience of it. She's been bugging me ever since to help especially if she sees me holding the magic sandok. And because I don't want her to get close to the fire, I gave her the task to pull off the malunggay leaves from its stem instead. Since I dislike that part, I gave her the authority to do it. Successfully, she managed to pull it all one by one without any side remarks, hahaha... And not yet satisfied with her cooking session, come dinner time, she did cut the string beans by her bare hands and NOT with a knife because it's dangerous. 

It dawned in me that I shouldn't deprive my children to experience activities that stimulate their senses and curiosity. Of course as parents, we have to choose and guide them on certain activities they can indulge in base on their age. Like our cooking bonding session, it was not good for me to shoo her away. But instead, let her participate on other things that I know she can carry on. Giving her the full responsibility to pull off the malunggay leaves from its stem or cut the string beans all by her self gave her the feeling of self-reliance and self-worth once her job is done. With this small gesture, as parents,we help them develop their own sense of fulfillment and boost their self-esteem. For example, once she's done, she proudly showed it to me her finished product with a smile. With that smile, there was a sense of fulfillment from her part. When I said my thank you, she lovingly embrace me back and taught her to say 'you're welcome'. Those simple and basic words like, 'thank you', 'I'm sorry', and 'you're welcome' are big enough to make a person feel valuable so I teach them those. I noticed too when I assigned her a task or ask her a favor, she lovingly do it with zest. Yes, I can now ask a favor from my 3-year-old daughter. No more worries. And to me, I feel accomplished because she cooperates with me.

Everything she did is with passion. Her sweating face and back says it all. It didn't hinder her from performing her task as my assistant. Her intention was pure and big. As long as her passion is there, I will lift her and keep her interest alive. I know when the time comes, when she becomes older, her interest will not be so much of me but of other more interesting things. From now on, I will not take my kid's curiosity for granted. Lest, feed her with the things that she ought to know and do. By giving kids simple responsibility which you think they may handle, they will eventually gain self-worth, self-confidence and trust.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

What is the right age for kids to be in school?

School has finally begun, at least in the Philippines, as the month of June sets in. How time flies so fast. Not only that children are back to rushing every morning for school, traffic and stuff but also for mothers like me to join in the bandwagon of back-to-school woes. I am not yet at that stage but next school year will be a life-changing set-up for us for like the next 19 years. Oh my! With the effect of K1-K12, it's gonna be a long journey for us kids! And a lot of saving to do, Honey! Let's do this...

Preparing as early as now, I have been researching as to what level should my soon-to-be 4 year old girl would first take. I've heard various stages of preparatory levels like play school, prep school, montessori and nursery. But what exactly each stage pertains to? Should my child undergo all that levels? This some kind of gave me a stress levels thinking that my girl must have been left behind. And that I should have submitted her to school as early as 2 years old. In the back of my mind, that is too early for her. I don't want her to be deprived of her free time by playing and discovering things outside the four corners of the wall. My kids pediatrician told me, age four is the right time for a kid to get into school so as the kid won't get tired of meeting the 'demands' of it if too early. I've heard from our neighbor that the school where her child is studying, there are actually kids enrolled as early as 1 year and 8 months. I don't know what level of preparatory level they were in. But I find it irrelevant and unnecessary. Schools are just benefiting from it, profit wise. Further research led me to this site that gave me a clearer view on what age should our child enter school and on what level.

According to the official gazette of DepEd (Department of Education) with the effect of K1-12 basic education system here in the Philippines, at age 3, a child can enter nursery (level 1). Four years olds should be at pre-kinder (level II) and five years olds at kindergarten level (level III). And at age 6, the child must be in Grade 1. I am wondering, is nursery a pre-requisite to enroll her to pre-kinder? What if I don't send her anymore to nursery school because she might be left behind, does it matter? OMG!! Any views from mothers of schooling kids? Help! Does age really matter today when sending kids to school? A friend told me that there are schools in Davao City that strictly implement the age requirement. Personally, I don't find it fair because a one year difference doesn't make a big difference really. Only that she'll be a year behind. Oh maybe there is! The yearly tuition fee hike. Hayyy! Here comes the school blues again... 

Anyhow, I'm proud that Mariella is able to identify things around her na. Only that she cannot speak yet fluently but I know she can understand. While my niece with the same age as her speaks clearly. I mean each child has different level of coping up with things and I believe whether at 3 or 4 years of age, he/she can enter nursery. I was told kasi in one of the schools I inquired for Mariella, if I will enroll her to nursery next year when she turns four, will that be okay. The girl told me she'll be left behind. But instead I'll enroll her straight to pre-kinder skipping nursery. Is that okay mommies? OMG again! I'm kind of anxious already

I want my kids to experience the complete school requirement because I was able to experience it. As far as I can remember, I entered nursery then pre-kinder in the same school. Then transferred kindergarten to a much bigger school. I hope Mariella will be accepted to nursery class by next year even if she's four years old by then. I hope schools will not only consider the age of the child for a certain level of education. But more so on the eligibility of their age to enter school. #schoolblues #schoolwoes #k1tok12 #anxiousmother

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Not Again Fever!

In a span of 2 weeks, my eldest daughter is down with fever again. Oh no! Another round of seven days antibiotics. That doesn't sound happiness to me when almost every month since the start of the year, my kids are regular clients of the clinic. It's not a fever that will make you complacent but will make you paranoid as a mom. 40°C to be more specific. What makes it scarier was that her nose bleed the other day because of high body temperature. But thankful to God she don't look like being sick or lethargic, lest she was up on her feet playing with her younger sister. I don't know but my instincts would always lead me to go straight to her Pediatrician. No questions ask. I would not wait for three days (that's just too long for me) if the fever is continuous and temperature goes up as high as that. My mother said, which by the way is a retired registered nurse, seizure may be possible if not treated right away or will shoot up. When at home, if high fevers does exist, is to apply whole body sponge bath in cold(but not freezing)-to-tap water and an anal suppository to combat fever that reaches 39 to 40°C. That's what also the pediatrician told me. Anal suppositories are like oral paracetamols. So I stock on Opigesic suppositories in 125mg and 250mg for my 1 year old and 3 year old kids, respectively. So far I've managed to insert it in their anus every night and early morning so I won't be disturbing their sleep when fever is still in and time for their medication. Suppositories are also very affordable in less than P20.00 pesos each. Not quite bad huh?

 photo IMG_20140603_144115_zps12892e56.jpg
Just to add a little happiness to a sad note. #rainbowlooms

I felt that she's traumatic na when I bring her to the medical laboratory or to her Pediatrician, Dr. Joel T. Gallardo. She knows it that she will be again injected to get blood sample on her arms. And that bragging-ly, she will show it thereafter to us, as if she was brave enough to conquer her fears. Today is the start of her real medication. Get well my child. Mama will tirelessly look and take good care of you no matter what.

Caring For Our Skin...and Eyes Too!

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