Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mysterious Foe

Why are there people who can't accept and respect others position in the workplace or its stature in the society? Why do they have to envy people even if they already have everything in their hands? I am a victim of this kind of scenario. It just kills me because I didn't do anything to this person. If ever I did something wrong, why do this person just confront me in my face and tell me what's going on. Tell it to me straight and let's deal this professionally! Because we are now in the world of techies and gadgets, it's not appropriate to communicate thru it. The presence of the person still matters so that the message will be properly addressed. There are pieces of messages that will be said and most of times misunderstood if communicated through mobile phone. I am just distraught with this incident because of false accusations against me. I don't know what this person is trying to convey to me. But I am clueless. What the heck is happening here!

I don't know if envy takes this person to attack me. But I doubt because this person has everything (per this person said). I just don't know why this person hides his/her identity to me. I am open to any criticism because I am not a perfect person. So does he/she. Nobody is exception to the rule. Only that he/she knows better than me (this person claims). It doesn't matter to me if you're the greatest, the best as long as you deal other's fairly. I feel I'm not fairly treated. So it is unfair in my part and it bothers me a lot. However, I just wish that in time this person can face me squarely and tell me what's his/her problem with me. I just hope that he/she will realize that it started out because of his/her text to me that hurts me. All I wish that you will come up to me, face me and talk to me. Be a person enough to finish this since you started it.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Caring for my sick daughter

As a parent, I experienced the most dreaded part of being a mother. When your child is sick, there's nothing more stressful than seeing your child helpless and weak. Since last week, my 1-year-old daughter had very high fever like she's having chills. Her body temperature would not go down to 38-degree Celsius. I am afraid that it might be Dengue fever since it's very rampant now due to the rainy days. My daughter even would play with us even if we know in her eyes how weak she is. When, we decided to admit our daughter in the hospital, I feel very weak too seeing my daughter in an IV. In our second day, laboratory results shows normal in her urinalysis and CBC platelet count. However, in her X-ray result, it showed that she acquired PCAP (Pulmonary Community-Acquired Pneumonia). I was totally  mad on the nanny since I constantly remind her to take care of my daughter and to look on her shirt for any sweat. My daughter is very sweaty. Even if we are in an airconditioned room, her head sweats easily especially if the weather outside is very hot. For 3 days in the hospital, I thought that it will be over since she will be bringing her medications at home. But after her last dose of medicine and scheduled for a follow-up check-up, we noticed again rashes in her face and gradually spreading in her arms, chest and legs. Oh my God! I'm afraid it's Dengue fever again since she has slight fever. Then the doctor diagnosed that it is a viral condition. Again, I feel pity of my daughter as everyday we forced her to drink her medicine in a dropper. It is stressing to see her cry and stopping us to let her take it. Oh, how I wish I could let you see it in photos but I decided not to post it here. I am praying that she will be fine the soonest since her last medication will be this Sunday. Hoping her rashes will be gone already.

Friday, 11 May 2012

A Horror act of Parenting

As I opened my internet today, I saw a shocking and horrifying news at Yahoo! As a mother and having a child, this is a heart-breaking news that any mother could take. This video clip that was spread around the net got a lot of attention of netizens that would almost like to kill the mother who happens to abuse her child (click here to see the whole story). This baby of hers is very helpless and I would not dare to watch again the photos. It just pains my heart and pity the baby very much.

As a mother, I would not imagine this woman doing it to her own child. Spanking, pinching, pushing and kicking her own baby because the baby won't stop crying? Of course, it won't stop! She's hurting her baby more and to think her baby is crawling up to her and maybe asking for some pacifying act. But in return, she just pushed her baby. God! What the hell is this woman doing? She's totally out of her mind! I'm sorry for putting my emotions here. But I can't help to feel the sympathy towards the baby. I told my nanny always not to spank my daughter because they may actually follow it. When my baby shows her tantrums, I let her cry until she ends crying and that's the time I carry her and embrace her. I always talk to her even if I know she doesn't understand what I'm saying. What's important is I want to let my baby feel that Mama is not mad at her and I love her. My tight embrace and a kiss to her stops her crying. Babies are still fragile and delicate. Spanking and hurting them will just make things worst.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Blog got PR1

Yey! Finally my online diary got recognized today. For these past few days, I've been trying to check if my page rank got at least a 1. But it failed and even was invalid when I try to check it via page rank checker . And at least today when I tried to check again, I got a PR 1 today. I still have a long way to go since the highest is 10. Not too bad compared to last week with no rank at all. And here's another one, I check also my blog site if how it ranked in the top blog of the Philippines and from last week's 700++, I am now at 495 (as of writing time). Thanks to all my fellow bloggers who have been visiting my site religiously and even oftentimes. If not for your support, my site wouldn't have a face in the blogosphere.

Online Purchase

Nowadays, everything is so accessible and hassle-free because of the high-end technologies that are invented like the computers, cellphones, Ipads and the like. These inventions made everything so easy especially in online purchases and fund transfers via bank facility. Before I am afraid to risk my payment online especially that there are scams already that surrounds buying through the internet. However, due also to my favorable encounters with people doing the thing, I have been a bit convinced to do it and experience it myself. Not a techie, I somehow do my second attempt in purchasing cosmetic product online. The first one was a success and had received it in good condition. This time I braved enough to purchase online because when I called their branch office here in Davao, the stocks I want was not available. But since I need (want!) the product badly (impulsive buying, here I go again), I decided to go online. I don't know if the stocks are readily available in their head office, but hopefully it will reach me within 1-2 working days from today. It's very convenient and with just a click in my keyboards, whala! online purchase already confirmed.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Public Figures for Public Consumption

It has been a chaotic drama for Philippine celebrities, Mr. & Mrs. Santiago versus Mon Tulfo over the weekend. They are public figures here in the Philippines from show business and from media, respectively. I was totally clueless until I found in Yahoo! Philippines trending in the top stories. It started out when Mrs. Santiago (Claudine) found out here baggage was missing in the airport of their destination, Manila, where her whole family came from a vacation in the white sand beaches in the island of Boracay. As per reports, Mrs. Santiago was scolding the ground attendants because of her luggage that was not loaded in the local plane carrier they were in. She even threatened those two ground personnel of that place carrier to be fired from their job. Mr. Tulfo was there, who came from Davao, and saw and heard the whole commotion. And as a media personality, he took pictures/video of what transpired at that moment. When Mr. Santiago (Raymart) saw Mr. Tulfo doing that, Raymart came to Tulfo already fuming with anger, asking why is he getting pictures/video of his wife. Then, as the two parties claimed who's who to give the first fist, started the rumble.

As I was looking on the photos and videos that was on print and television, I feel sorry for both parties because of their initial reactions that came to a chaos. First, I found Claudine very arrogant because of her missing luggage which she threatens the staff to be fired from their work. I don't found it a proper way to deal with that situation. There was a mistake from the plane carrier's staff but it should not be arranged with that kind of attitude she was showing and won't solve the problem either by being haughty. Second, for Raymart to indulge in a fist fight which cause so much trouble in both parties was a total mess. He would have been calm and talk to Mr. Tulfo in a proper manner since they are public figures. And people look to them as role models because they are public figures. Lastly, for Mon Tulfo. As a media practitioner, everything they see which will be a good material for a story they will document. But sometimes, they don't know how to respect some privacy that whey will make a story out of emotional or personal bias.

For the Santiago couple, where art thou values and decency? Mr. Tulfo, give some privacy and respect.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sundays are special for me

Ever since I can remember, I always like the Sunday spirit. I don't know why but I feel something different. Different in the sense that it's a positive vibe. Maybe because I associate it with families bonding together, going to church and it's the day that we spend it with our God. If my memory can recall it right, when we were still kids, we go to the beach every Sunday and the only time that we eat together as a family including holidays and birthdays. My father, most of my schooling years, was assigned in different areas in Mindanao (Philippines) because of work. And that made me feel special when Sundays come because of my father is home with us.

Another reason why I like Sunday is we look forward to what my grandfather brought for us from the market. He goes to the market early in the morning and bring home some "kakanin." And that's what we eat during our breakfast since it's already heavy in the stomach. Kakanin are Filipino specialties which is usually served as snack food. We look forward to Sundays because we drink cola drinks every after lunch and dinner. Sundays are also "tsokolate" time for us which my grandmother makes which is a good partner with "kakanin".

Oh how I love Sunday! How about you, don't you feel the same way?

Friday, 4 May 2012

Learning to deal with babies

Last night, my 1-year old daughter was crying for almost 4 hours. That lasted until 1 o'clock in the wee hours. I can't figure out what happened to her but what I thought is her sleep was disturbed by me and my husband watching a movie. Though we turned the volume into its lowest that we can hear. That was not the only time we did it but last night was something different.  I observed that lately my daughter wants me to always carry, cuddle and embrace her all the time even in the mornings where I used to be the one to take her to bathe. When I'm in a hurry preparing for work, I leave it to the nanny to do it. But she cries if I'm not the one to bathe her. They say when your child behaves that way, they feel jealous and knows there's a coming sibling. Yes, I am 4 months pregnant and it seems a bit discomfort for me carrying her all the time because she's quite heavy now. I'm afraid I might be pressuring the baby inside me and tiring myself. Lately now, I experience constant back aches.

Now that I'm seeing behavioral changes from my daughter, I'm still learning, discovering and dealing with how she reacts in certain situations. And that for me is a challenge because I'm a new mom. Still, it excites us seeing each and every time she had new antics that amuses us and endears her much. Now, that's what I call learning at its finest.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

May 13: Specially for you Mom

When I was still single, since my childhood days until a grown-up, me and my siblings look forward to Mother's day. Not only because we go out as a family and eat somewhere, but because we pay tribute to our mom who gave her whole self to us. As a child, we make our own personal cards to our mom and address to her how special she is in the family. She really takes good care of us despite her work that requires her to work at nightshift because of her profession as a nurse. I remembered, because I'm a "Mama's girl", I sometimes don't let her work or even joined her to work just to be with her. There are times that I won't let her work because I want her to be with me in school. Until I was in 6th Grade, that was the time I eventually let go of her as her shadow.

Now that I'm a mother and a working woman too, it's such a joy to have a family I could call my own. I now can feel and experience what it means to be a mother and a wife at the same time. Not only that, I make sure that my household is in proper order and see to it that everything in the house is presentable at all times. I know that I still have a lot of things to go through, but I just prayed to God to give me strength, patience, compassion, wisdom, a caring and healing hands and SO MUCH LOVE to do everything at the same time just to keep my family intact, happy and a place called home. I now realize that mother's deserve to be happy (as what the Coca-cola commercial says!). And to all the mommy's out there, who tirelessly, effortlessly devote their whole time juggling both their careers and as a mom and a wife, cheers to you and I salute you for your unending and unconditional love.

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