Thursday, 12 April 2012

Royal Fortune

I am lucky to be the 8,751th recipient of the 50,000 strictly limited edition memorabilia coin of the Royal wedding of England’s Prince William and Kate Middleton. Actually it’s my brother who applied for it and luckily approved to have one. It’s what I requested my brother to buy for me which cost 7.90 pounds.  Here are some snapshots I took for your viewing pleasure. (Since I'm not an expert in photography, I hope that I gave justice in capturing the coin that would satisfy your curiousity).

This is the package of the said coin.
The coin. With Queen Elizabeth on this side.
On the reverse side of the coin is Prince William & Kate's photo. Look at the CW printed on the right side. It's the authenticity logo.

This is the certificate of authenticity.
The inside of the certificate.
Closer look.
Closer look.


  1. great article and pictures of Prince William coins

  2. That is a gorgeous coin. You're so lucky :-)


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