Thursday, 26 January 2012

Fashion Icon

It's been a long time since I have blogged of something. But because of the stress during the holidays, I wasn't conditioned or inspired to write on something. Yesterday, was the perfect inspiration for a blog. For many days, I have been surfing the net (my boss is away!!) and to my amazement found a new topic. Laureen Uy. I didn't know she's the face in "My Binondo Girl" as the daughter of Cherry Pie Picache. But more so of being an actress, I idolize her of being a fashion adventurer. She's not at all afraid to mix and match different pieces of clothing even if its design don't match at all. For more of her, check out her blog site,

Friday, 6 January 2012


Last night we we had our Post-holiday get-together/mini-reunion with my college batchmates. Unfortunately, the initial people confirmed to attend were 10 but only 5 of us came. But even if we were just 5, we had a great time, catching up each others stories. We had a good laugh, reminiscing our college days and of course the present life we had right now. Dinner is at Coco's Grill at 7pm and ended up almost 11pm.    It's a great feeling to see the same faces like we never aged since a decade ago. The same habit if the agreed time to meet is at 6pm, most of them come 2 to 3 hours late. Kuddos to Stephanie, who came 6pm at a dot. The main reason why I was an hour late is I attended the wedding of my very good friend in the office. I have to be there since it's a long wait.

Being reunited with good friends is a way to de-stress and take a little pause of my daily routine. It's nice to look back on our younger years and make a good laugh for all the fun time we share. I wish on our next get-together we would be complete.

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