Friday, 20 November 2015

Our "New" Second-Hand Ride

I'm not a sporty person, though I'd love sana how to play tennis. Too much exposure to Mr. Sun discouraged me to engage on it. But I'm glad that at an early age I was so eager to learn and eventually know how to ride a bicycle. I learned on my own and those bruises that I got was all worth it. My uncle used to have a BMX bike when I was in grade school. Whenever he is not using it, I sneak into our tiny garage and practice until I get tired. I cannot remember when was the last time I rode in one. My eldest daughter kasi loves to have a bicycle maybe because she saw her friends in our neighborhood driving around with their own bicycles. Yung kind na like this...

 photo bike pink_zpsl5zcagpw.jpg
Mala- 'Lovers in Paris'. It's so dreamy, right? (Photo NOT mine)

My husband and I are actually planning to buy her a new bicycle because the old one is already too small for her. That now is the one my 3-year old girl is using. 

 photo IMG_20151118_193642_zpsxbom8d4j.jpg 

We scouted for it in malls but we are having second thoughts getting one because: (1) it's a bit expensive and (2) we cannot attest of its longevity. We then heard that buying in Japan surplus shops saves us a lot of money and we get more of our money's worth. Not to mention it's durability and quality-tested. So we check out some shops here in the city and found nga not only one but two bicycles. The second one is for me. I'm so happy I own one now even if it's pre-owned.

 photo IMG_20151119_055810_zpsefveber9.jpg
Here is my girl's bike. 
It's only Php1,800.00 and I tell you, it's so sturdy 
though there are a few scratches and minor dents noticed. 
But it's in a very good condition. 

Just a few flaws were there like the LED lights isn't working though we can just replace the defective bulb and it will light naThe other grip has a rip but the other one is still in good condition so we just leave it as it is. The plastic basket have only minimal cracks and dents and stains but it doesn't matter. There are also minor rusts seen but we can have it repainted and it's good as new. We just bought an extension tires (at Php300.00) at the back since she cannot balance yet with just a two-wheel. Before that there was a bicycle stand attached to it but it was removed to replace the extension tires.

We can really attest of its durability and quality because the bicycle itself is heavy. It's like I'm having lifts every time I carry it. The bell and brakes works perfectly. The seat cover is in nice condition (not dirty) and durable. The paint finish is totally fine. The height of the seat can be adjusted. I can even ride on it. 

 photo IMG_20151119_060447_zpsw6tkb99y.jpg

 photo IMG_20151119_060429_zps0uxasp9q.jpg
And now presenting to you my bicycle. 
Guys would you believe its worth is only Php1,800.00?! Sure steal!
But we got it for 2,500.00. Why? Everything is in superb condition 
and it's a reserved item. Meaning 'may nagmamay-ari na'. 
My husband haggled for it and wants it so badly for me.

He didn't mind paying for that amount because of the following reasons:

- the seat is leather, just a few (almost invisible) blemishes
- the LED lights, bell and brakes working perfectly fine
- there are just minor scratches, stains and rust
- almost no dents
- adjustable seat
- it has a lock/key attached to the back wheel that secures it and nobody can use it except me. Though I don't lock it so the nanny can use it to accompany my kids when biking around the village
- the paint finishes is fine (off white/chocolate color, yum!)
- the steel basket is love
- I love also that it has a bicycle stand

Overall, I love my Japan surplus/pre-owned bicycles we got. We saved a lot for the cost we bought given of the quality of the bikes. We can just have it groomed some other time if we really want that spunky/new feel of it. For the meantime, we love as it is. My hubby told me it's his Christmas gift to me. It doesn't matter if it's not new as long as I am loving it. He's planning to buy one for him and our youngest. And it'll be a family sport we'll be engaging in. How I love it! Thank you Lord for the blessing!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Heartbreaking Friday the 13th

Was it a mere coincidence or fated to happen? Last Friday, the 13th, shocked the whole world hours or days later. I don't want to believe in a Friday the 13th that it comes with a bad luck or something not nice will happen. After all it was a payday and many of us got already our partial pay bonus. That is not a bad luck after all, you think? This is what I saw in my Facebook newsfeed today...

 photo 12241252_516500178534032_6530210281957787096_n_zpswvl1dvxe.jpg

I was stunned to read that Japan and Mexico was struck by a magnitude 8 and 4.3 earthquake, respectively. Honestly, I wasn't really shock of Beirut and Baghdad's bombing attacks because for me, it is kind of a usual happening that I hear and see in news of places being part of the Middle East and Muslim areas because of this ISIS thing. Seeing and hearing these news every time in that side of the globe breaks my heart especially if affected people are family with children. Even the Muslim people condemn these kind of terrorist attacks. It's against the law of Islam and their Quran. But what terrifies me the most is it was a random and planned event that lead to Paris terrorist attack that led to hundreds of death and seriously injured. It is disturbing to hear these news because its target are public places were innocent people are put in danger. More so a lot of tourist flock in the City of Lights all year round. It is frightening that there's no safe place anymore even if you're in the compounds of your own home. Christmas time is already a few days away and it's saddening to note all of these chaos happening in our world when it should be excitement, hope and joy we feel as we wait for the holidays draws nearer. 

Here in our country, we experienced a magnitude of 4.0 quake in Davao City last Nov. 7, 2015 and it was said that it is possible that we'll be experiencing a 7.0M quake noting that their are new fault lines discovered. Yesterday's local newspaper wrote about recent bombings in Mindanao particularly in Kabacan, North Cotabato hurting 7 people including minors.

I wish for world peace and that people should be sensitive to others in order to have a loving and happy environment to live in. So much anger in one's heart makes a destructive world that we don't care anymore of others but only our own. I pray that God will touch these bad people's hearts and minds that they may see how cruelty they've caused. A change of heart and a total surrender to God will make a big difference. 

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