Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Blogging and it's wonders

Today marks the long wait I've been dying to happen. My blog has finally recognized by many fellow bloggers and advertisers particularly. Though I can still say I have a long way to go, to discover and to experience the wonders of blogging. Blogging for me has become my other half (aside of course from my husband! Yes, I'm already legally married). It became my venue of outpouring my sentiments (the ups and downs of my life), my current state of mind, my everything. For six months now, I told myself, if ever I'm not recognized and earning, I will still continue writing in my blog because it helped me release my inner most feelings, I discovered many things while visiting other blogs (informative, educational) and I got to meet lot of friends all over the globe. Being recognized and paid is already a big bonus.

Thank you for all who have been patient with me, for my fellow bloggers who have visited and supporting my blog and for my mentors smf and thelivingshed (lovealways) who have been there for me in the initial process of building my site. And most especially my God who gave me this day the gift of wisdom and knowledge to be able to express my thoughts here. If not for Him, I will not be getting this. Forever I will be thankful to all of you.


  1. Nice message! I blog also because I want all my escapades are documented. :D

  2. Cool post, I agree!!! I also blog because it helps release my feelings about certain topics. My blog is just now becoming more recognized by other fellow bloggers as well!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! and thank you also.
    I wish you more fruitful days of blogging and thank you for linking my running blog. Let's keep on blogging ;)

  4. Now, you have your blog not just as an outlet, you're earning through it too. Congrats... :)

  5. Hi Ate Cheek!!! Browsed through your posts during the wee hours in between Kaedi's 2 hr naps and when the internet connection was fast! Kakatuwa posts mo. Congratulations!!! :)
    I tried venturing into blogging too when i was on mat leave last year... felt it was a natural transition from my pen and pencils and notebooks and dozens of lists. But I'm not really the techie type so was having difficulty starting it up kaya hindi na nasundan masyado ang mga posts... But thanks for the posts, you lighted the fire within me again! Can you be my mentor ate?! Visit naman my blog at theocness.blogspot.com and tell me how i can improve... Lots of kisses to Mariella! Mwah!!!

  6. i enjoy blogging too because i get to express myself more and share something which i hope is of good use to others :) here's to more days, months and years of blogging to us! *cheers* :)


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