Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Summer = Beach

April is the start of summer. I like summertime especially before when I was still a student, I'm always looking forward for March because it's the end of the school year here in the Philippines. It's Summer = Beach = Vacation. It's fun! But now that I'm working, Summer = Beach alone. I love summer because it's all about vacation, the beach and get-together with the family and relatives. I have not gone to the beach lately and I was convincing my husband that we go to Samal Island together with our 1-year-old daughter. It will be our first time together as family and first for my daughter to experience the beach. I remembered when we went to Eden Mountain Resort in Toril, we dipped our daughter in the pool but she cried. I guess because of the cool climate in there that she felt cold. Anyway, I am looking forward to go to Paradise Island resort in Samal to experience summer. There's always fun in the beach!

I remembered when were were still kids, my siblings and my cousins almost every weekend we go to the beach. It's always our child memories that makes me always think that summertime is always in the beach!


  1. If you want to go for summer vacation and somewhat confuse then you have to go for paradise island resort in samal to experience summer vacation.
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    1. Yes, Paradise is nice. It's more nearer. thanks for dropping by


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