Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Hotel-like Bed right in your Own Home

One of my project this year and probably would take a big slash out of my bonus is to purchase a bigger bed for the 4 of us.  Currently, we are using a Full size bed (54in x 74in) that can only fit up to 3 persons. It has been our bed since we got married. And having the 4 of us in it is already crowded.

 photo DSCN0973_zps4kjby1nw.jpg
My eldest in her tender years. That's our bed.
Imagine how we could fit the four of us now.

Waking up every time feels tiring, backaches here and there. It really is not a total relaxation and sleep for us except for the two girls because they are still small. How much more to my husband that he is kind of big and his sleeping position is always his legs hanging at the edge of the bed. Imagine that! How we wish we could stretch our backs and legs freely. Now it takes a conscious effort every time we change position in our sleep.

 photo DSCN0962_zpseteelizs.jpg
As you could see, that mattress we have is only 4 inches thick.
I want the 6 inches thick one. More durable and comfortable to get cozy and sleep.

I am planning to get a Queen size bed (60in x 80 in) because beyond that, we cannot move in freely in our room. I would love though to get the California King size (72in x 84in) but I have to consider our space. Since I cannot get the bigger one which I prefer, I saw this trundle bed from Uratex. It's multi-functional that I can just pull out the bed below when in use and pull in after.

Now, one cannot fully achieve a complete and comfortable hotel-like bed if it aren't for comfortable linens and beddings to match it with like that of a luxury bedding collection from Parachute. I told myself the moment I'm gonna find that "perfect" bed for our family, I will really dress up our bed with the "perfect" linens that would complement the whole look. That look when the moment I see it, I will imagine a restful and peaceful sleep and cannot wait to hit the sack. 

Monday, 14 September 2015

Weekend Diaries with the Family

I always look forward to Sundays ever since I was a kid. Every Sunday is a family day for us. We go to church, eat out after and head to the grocery next. Up until this day, we see to it that we bring the kids out for a play in the mall or go to the school of my daughter where other families too are having outdoor activities like basketball for daddies, volleyball or badminton for the mommies and the kids just run and play in the fields with their classmates or schoolmates. I liked it that the management of my daughter's school encourage and implement this kind of activity wherein parents and kids get to know each other and bond.

I want my children to experience quality time with us, to look forward to a particular day in the week where we can do things as a family. Like me, I want them to cherish moments or activities that they do with us. It's such a heartwarming memory when they grow older they would always remember being with my parents is the best thing and place in the world.

 photo IMG_20150907_161954_zps8ici8iqf.jpg
One thing I like about bringing them out for a stroll is that
I can dress them and make them my mannequins.
Good thing I have girls. They are so cute to be dressed up.
They are growing up so fast!

 photo IMG_20150908_190107_zpsvja8tzoj.jpg
Life is here in Davao! There is no place I'd rather be.

 photo IMG_20150908_193401_zpsqwi4igu7.jpg
Last week, my parents celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary.
We spent it by having a simple dinner and these 3 made it
more enjoyable and memorable.

There's still more adventures to come and hopefully an out-of-the-country trip will be materialized by the end of the year or the start of the new year. It's on the planning phase as of the moment. It'll be the first for the kids and the first for us with the kids in tow. Nothing is impossible with God.

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