Thursday, 30 January 2014

Welcome Year of the Green Wooden Horse, 2014!

How time flies super fast. The month of January is ending tomorrow and we'll be welcoming the New Year in Chinese way...;-) (I don't know what I mean about that, tee hee..) and the day after tomorrow is yet another month, February. Oh the love month! I'm so excited about that.

Anyhow, what are you guys planning for tomorrow's declared holiday? As for me, though we don't practice it every year, but for this year I feel like celebrating it for the sake of the occasion and for the horse (hahaha! whatever!). Even if it's not mine or my hubby or any of my kids animal year (but for my older sister born in the year 1978, it's her year), I might as well give it a try. One thing that kept me thinking about celebrating it is what to feast on our table. I would love to buy tikoy (sticky rice) for a change and then hopia from Eng Bee Tin, or I would whip the No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake recipe of Mommy Michelle of My Mom-Friday, or try a crispy tofu recipe which I longed to cook for a while now. I'd love to cook a noodle recipe too which I recently love cooking because of the quality of the noodle we got from my hubby's officemate. For fruits, I think the soursup (guyabano) will do the trick since it has all the nutrients one can get from the many fruits available. We have that one at home now, avocados and bananas will be our fruits in our table. It's as simple as that. What's important is to welcome the new year with new beginnings, hopeful tomorrows and a positive outlook for 2014.

Oh by the way, I said it's a green wooden horse because I saw and heard in the television that Jade is the lucky stone this year. Well, Jade stone is said to be green and that's it! For more info about this year's wood horse, see informations here and here. Happy Chinese New Year or 'Kiong Hee Huat Tsai' (Hokkien) or 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' (Mandarin) and 'Gong Hey Fat Choy' (Cantonese). Notice my greetings instead of the usual Kung Hei Fat Choi that we normally see in ads? Here's why. Now I know why. But nevertheless we mean the same thing but to properly address it to Filipino Chinese, we need to correct it. Enjoy a long weekend everyone!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Full Head but Empty Stomach

Are you like that? Or have you experienced thinking about food you want to intake but never had a chance to do so. Well I'm most of the time like that. I have the nicest appetite for food especially sweets more particularly the sweet bitter taste of a dark chocolate like that of a pure cocoa or "tableya". Now I'm imagining again. I prefer the sweet bitter ones compared to the sweet milkier type. But either of them, it makes me happy and gay.

Why I choose to blog it? It's because I was handed a baking book for me to scan. I can't help it but to just imagine the food right before my very eyes. All sorts of breakfast sweets, tarts and pies, cakes, cookies and spoon desserts are in the book authored by Dorie Greenspan, also author of the best-selling Baking With Julia. The title of the book is Baking From my home to yours. It says it's a winning book of James Beard Foundation Book Awards. It's tempting, drooling, melting and gooey-licious. I bet you are now imagining and salivating too.

Well from the cover itself, you know that something delicious is about to unravel.

 photo IMG_20140123_144234_zps9db570c9.jpg
The cover book speaks for itself already

 photo IMG_20140123_105200_zpsd0718276.jpg
This cake is called the Devil's Food White-Out Cake.

 photo IMG_20140123_143058_zpsda501e32.jpg
Chocolate Armagnac Cake
I'd love to share with you the recipe but it seem I can't get a clear picture of the recipe using my android phone. The camera shots really suck. The photos above are enhanced already. But anyway there are really plenty of feel-good recipes in the book. The two were the first ones that caught my eyes and it really makes my stomach churn until now. How good is that?

Valentine's day is nearing and I'm sure these are wonderful gifts for the loved ones. How about you? What's your feel good food you really enjoy? #chocolatecakes #baking #valentinesdaygift

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hello Kitty!

Every little girl knows who Hello Kitty is. She's that adorable pussy cat that captures little girls' hearts. Not just the little ones but even adult girls couldn't resist her charm. I remember back then, I collect stuff that has Hello Kitty, Melody and Little Twin Stars on it. Up to this day, I still find them adorable and cute. At my daughter's first birthday party which I blogged about it here and here, I didn't think of any other character but Hello Kitty only for my little girl's theme decorations. Searching for the party favors and decors was quite a breeze because of Jollibee and party suppliers for a Girl's Birthday Party that made it easy for me to find the things I need for the event. For the giveaways, I had Hello Kitty tumblers, utensils, plate and hanky for the girls and Batman apparels for the boys like pencil case, ID string and writing supplies. Some of the decorations were provided by Jollibee. However, the piñata should have been a Hello Kitty which should look like this. But we ran out of time looking for a Hello Kitty piñata hence the Dora the Explorer piñata was what we used.

Overall it was a successful birthday event that up to now I am happy of what took place. I was very satisfied with my party suppliers from the food, the decorations, the program and most importantly the memories with my loved ones who graced the event made it more meaningful. #birthdayparty #Hellokitty #partysupplier

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Party Planning + Party Suppliers = One Fabulous Party

I always enjoy things related to arts and crafts, DIY in party events. I am very fond and passionate about the details and the preparation itself though it could be stressful yet challenging and fulfilling. Every time there's invitation to these, I'll make it a point not to miss the said gathering. I feel happy seeing details embodied in the party itself. From the invitation card, to the theme, the cake, giveaways, the food and the party venue itself. It adds more jazz and excitement to the merriment when everything is dolled up. Weddings, birthdays, baptismal events are nice avenue for showcasing one's creativity.

In times like this, I go to party suppliers because it's already a one stop shop. You need not go from one place to another in order to find what you need. In today's generation, online buying or shopping gives one a lot of convenience. It saves time and energy plus you have a wide variety of items to choose from. Party decorations, favors and ideas for all sorts of event like 50th Anniversary Decorations, Bridal/Engagement Party Decorations, themed-birthday party, baby shower, baptismal, bachelorette, wedding or even Christmas, Valentines, graduation and prom events, a party supplier can cater these to you hassle-free. What's good about having a party supplier is that you can choose the items yourself and make your dream party a reality. #partysupplier #partydecorations

Friday, 17 January 2014

Looking good need not be expensive

My first OOTD for 2014. Recently, my hubby and I go crazy over "ukay-ukay" or thrift shopping. Every Sunday, the public market near our area is filled with vendors selling "ukay-ukay". The whole stretch of the street is lined up with glorious finds that I can't seem to get tired of, despite the dust, heat and people flocking as early as 6 or 7 in the morning. Because at the end of my "shopping" spree, I am very satisfied with the clothes I get plus it didn't hurt my pocket very badly. Not to mention that some items are in very good condition to the point that it looks like it was not yet used. A lot of finds I get still has tag on it. So here are my happy purchases:

 photo IMG_20140110_144206_zps658b3153.jpg
From top to bottom (excluding the Gap Kids shoes which I raved about it in here and my underwear of course!) are my thrift finds.

 photo IMG_20140110_144511_zps19b6537d.jpg
Top (inner blouse) is from Uniqlo which I bought at 25 pesos. My friend told me that its color is Radiant Orchid. Oh! well thoughts from a fashion forecaster. 
The white knitted cardigan is at 50 pesos.  

 photo IMG_20140110_144008_zps10188cfc.jpg
I don't usually buy jeans at an ukay-ukay because first I don't get to fit it.
But what I love is the brand most next is the fit because it is slim and it hugs my bulges.. ;))

 photo IMG_20140110_144331_zps6f82ce64.jpg
See?! That's why I didn't hesitate to get it. It's a Paul Smith and it cost me 150 pesos only.

I love buying in thrift shops. Aside of course that it's way cheaper than buying in malls, you know that the quality of the item will never get you wrong. Branded stuff which you have to shell a thousand bucks but in ukay-ukay will just be a chicken thing. Of course, you also have to scrutinize the item for some damages and wear and tear. Otherwise, leave it. I always look the armpit part, the collar, the sides, the hem, its stitches next of course to the brand.

These are just some of my precious finds. How about you? What's your treasured thrift shop find? Thank God it's Friday! Have a great and safe weekend ahead. #thriftshopping #ukayukay is LOVE.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Christmas Holidays 2013 and the New Year 2014

This has been the longest I have not aired anything in my blog. It's been disappointing to me because my page rank moved down to 1 from the previous 2. But nevertheless the holidays brought so much joy, realizations and a breath of hope for the coming year to me that is fulfilling and incomparable. It's been a roller coaster ride for me and everything in that span of 2 weeks it's like I was pressed fast forward that at the end of the day it is just too tiring yet fulfilled looking back my activities for the day. For one, both my helpers at home were in holidays too. We decided to let them go and celebrate the holidays with their loved ones back in their respective province. Most of the people would say why we allowed it. It would be too difficult in our part because of manning the kids. Who would help us take care of them and doing the household chores. If I think of it, it's not a good idea really because it's physically and emotionally draining. But somehow, a part of me and that I was accustomed to growing up, being with the family at Christmas and the New Year is the best time to be with the loved ones. I grew up loving the holidays because it's merry-making and reunion time with my family and relatives especially that some of my relatives are living outside Davao City and it's always the season I am looking forward to coming until now that I have my own children to enjoy the joy I experienced. I want my helpers to experience the same thing because they are still young and we don't want to deprive the same happy feeling even if their own families has different stories to tell; for one they have broken families. They celebrate Christmas with their families with their relatives. And second, it's the only time of the year they get to go home except if there are emergencies back home. I got so many stories to tell about their holidays which they share with us when they got back from their long vacation. From their stories, I realized I feel blessed to have a complete family even if it is not perfect. I feel lucky that my parents let us experience the best holiday celebration materially, emotionally and spiritually. I feel blessed because we are able to buy the stuff we need and want. I feel blessed because my family is in good shape. I feel blessed and fulfilled because spending every single day with my children is worth the time despite being tired of looking after them. It is at that moment where I got to enjoy fully my kids and no mama is going to work. That is what my almost 3 year old daughter told me, mama office? And most importantly, I feel blessed because I am able to give back to others the blessings that I receive for the year it was. Christmas is a time for giving, sharing, thanksgiving and being with the company of loved ones.

For this new year, I am hoping for more positive and good things to happen than the negative or bad ones. I still pray and wish for goodness of health especially that at the beginning of this new year, my two kids are down with flu and fever. I still wish the two of them well. They are under medication now and hopefully the fever they are getting is due to flu and not because of anything worst like dengue. Third, I pray and wish for prosperity. Fourth, I pray and wish that God will protect my marriage and my family from harm and bad elements. Fifth, may we continue having good friendships and find new ones like what happened to me and @mommyjuvs. She's a warm person not to mention she is really beautiful in the outside. I'll make another post for our first time meet-up. I'll look forward for your coming back here hopefully with your family. And lastly, I pray and wish for a good year for my blog, whatever it will be.

I wish and pray the same things to you my fellow bloggers. Let's get some good kick as we enter this year 2014. May this year will be another reason to be thankful for. #goodvibes #happynewyear2014 #Godblessus

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