Thursday 16 January 2020

SnR finds

Hello! I'm like was lost and then resurrected all of a sudden. I have no plans of reviving my blog just yet but I'm just excited to share my shopping finds at SnR in case you are obsessed with proper skincare. I'm now in my 40 and life begins with me by taking care of my health including my skin.
If you are familiar with Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay which became a craze, then this one might get you hitting SnR in a flash! I got it at 50% off. I bought it at Php299.00. The Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Foam is known to be gentle in the skin so I want to try it too. Got it at 399.00. I think the price is so 'sulit'. That's all folks!

Thursday 28 September 2017

Caring For Our Skin...and Eyes Too!

Hello yah all!  After a very long hiatus, I am finally back!  I was stuck with laziness to write a post thus no updates here.  Though I have so many things that I think I should've shared but the drive to put things in writing came to no avail.  As you could see, when you go back in my previous posts, the photos embedded in it are no longer seen.  I don't know what happened with my Photobucket.  I still have to find out. (UPDATE:  OMG!  I cannot access anymore my account.  I have to figure it out right away.  A lot of my blog photos are in there.  I hope I can revive it.  Anyone from here knows how?  Please help!).  But I am actually active with blogging.  I enjoyed reading other's blog and learned a lot from them.  Like for instance, skin care and make up related and a lot of tutorials!  I admit I am way too late when it comes to make up.  I am now in my late 30's but still I am no expert.  I only use in a daily basis eyebrow pencil/gel (because as they say 'kilay' is life).  I am currently using Monalisa as my eyebrow pencil and gel from Rimmel.  I put on make-up primer in matte (Rimmel) and lipstick (Revlon and Wet N' Wild which are my staples now because they are gifts).  Sometimes I put blush on (from Mac), or curl my lashes (Shiseido) and put on mascara (Maybelline) if I feel like 'gandang-ganda-ako-sa-sarili-ko' moment.  But on top of these, I never forget to prep my face (skin).  As they say, our face (skin) is our canvass.  Bad canvass, unimpressive make-up.  Umm, do I make sense?

Anyway, I wanted to share with you how I prep my skin as 'canvass' before doing my very simple make-up to no-make-up look.  I know mine is not very challenging.  It's a mother-career-woman thing.  Daily rush make-up.  Okay let's begin:  We all know that the first step is to wash face with water and facial soap.  But for me, I don't do it on a regular basis.  I've read in one mommy blogger that for how many years she tried to do it and it works.  Fortunately it works for me too!  I felt that my skin is not that abused with all the soap suds that makes the skin dry all the more.  Since I am not exposed everyday with air pollutants naman, I just use Micellar Water to remove my make up or traces of dirt.  I have used Simple, Maybelline, L'Oreal (in pink) and Biore (in pink).  I like all except L'Oreal.  I feel it didn't remove traces of dirt on my skin as evidenced after I swipe cotton on my face.  I have yet to try Garnier and Derma E Vitamin C Cleansing Micellar Water since I saw the first having great reviews and the latter, well, I want to try because it's interesting having Vitamin C on it.  Though I still wash my face with facial soap and water everytime I commute going to and from work.  Most of the days kasi I ride along with my husband's car going to work.  Right now, my facial soap is still from Simple.  The Simple's Smoothing Facial Scrub.  Though if I were to rate base on my skin's reaction to it, I won't repurchase because I don't find suppleness in my skin.  Though what I like about it is that it is very mild (the scent) and it's not harsh to one's skin.

Next, after cleaning my face, I put on moisturizer.  Even if I have oily face (just at the T-zone), I still use moisturizer because there are some dry areas on my face.  I am currently using the Simple's Hydrating Light Moisturizer.  True to its word, it's indeed light on the skin.  It's what I needed because I have to put on my sunscreen pa.  I don't like the feeling na parang I have too much on my face.  My sunscreen is the Biore UV Perfect Milk in SPF 50+ PA++++ (not the spray type because I feel it's just air coming out everytime I spray.  It's  like nothing comes out and it doesn't give a matte effect on my face compared to the regular one).  It's the blue one for face and body.  I just use it on my face, neck and arms.  So far it worked for me as it gives a mattifying effect on my skin.  No shiny face for me the whole day.  I have oily T zone, so this gives me the right coverage.  I don't use powder kasi because I noticed if do, black and whiteheads settle in my skin to which I abhor.  Sometimes in the afternoon, I just use oil control paper by Biore and after that I'm done na.  By the way, these products I use are what I put during the day.  At night, instead of the Hydrating Light Moisturizer of Simple, I use either Redwin Vitamin E Cream with Evening Primrose Oil or the DHC Deep cleansing oil.  My take on them? The former gives me a moisturizing and cold feel on my face.  The latter gives me a smooth and plumping effect that I don't mind using them alternately.  I recently saw in Youtube one Philippine celebrity who uses all natural and organic product to clean her face.  It can clean and moisturize already and it so safe in one's skin.  She is Coleen Garcia and she uses coconut oil.  See for yourself and click link here.

Okay, I have this one beauty product that I think most women forget to add in their beauty regimen.  The eye cream is important especially as you go older, fine likes and wrinkles are already visible.  A lot of beauty products are available in the market but don't know which one is the best among the rest.  To give you idea on what's hot in store, click link here.

Ultimately, you can only achieve healthy and glowing skin when you eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise and have a positive outlook in life.  Because as they say, beauty radiates from within.

Tuesday 11 April 2017

Where to Look for Love as You Get Older

As you get older, you become enamored with the thought of someone to spend your life with. Those biological clocks tick on high speeds, after all. So, if you are ready to put yourself back on the proverbial market of love, considering looking for romance from the following places.

Go for the Classics

The dating classics are considered movies, libraries, coffee shops, and even the grocery stores. Those places that have become your weekly routines. But, instead of staring at your phone or computer when perusing the aisles or sipping your java, make eye contact and smile with others. Your confidence is like a lure. Throw it out into the plentiful seas of love and see what you catch.

Opt for New Age Methods (Just for Fun)

Some people invest in purple and pink crystals to cleanse their energies and invite love into their lives. While other people go to designated love psychics for hopeful readings about the romance in their future. Whatever your case may be, you could find some fun and light-hearted hope in pursuing new-age methods for finding love. Don’t take it too seriously, but definitely have fun with what you learn.

Fire Up a Dating App or Two

Dating apps are the most used method for finding love in the modern age. So, swipe right, send a wink or a kissy face, and wait for your love interests to drop a few lines. You might have to swim through some fakes to get to the real gems, but it could be worth your while. For you, romance could truly be a click away.

Wait for Love to Come to You

The belief is true: sometimes you will find love at the moment you least expect it. Strive for friendship first and see what develops. Instead of looking for love specifically, look for someone to talk to, to have fun with, and to share your time with. Be friends for starters, then see if either of you catch feelings. Or, simply choose the single life for a while, but have some fun on your own. Go out, celebrate who you are, and be free for a bit longer. You never know when Cupid’s watching.

Take the aforementioned advice with a light heart and good humor. There are bigtime possibilities that you will find love almost anywhere, but you have to be happy by yourself before you can be happy with someone else. Let love happen. 

Tuesday 21 February 2017

Highway 81

It has been months since my last post and it feels just like yesterday. With so many things and seasons happened in between, Halloween/ Christmas/ the New year and Valentine's day, there's a lot of things to talk about yet I'm still lack of something to say and don't know what and where to start. But for sure I had meaningful months behind me.

To start of, I have 2 'kwentos' for this LOVE month. First up is the out-of-town birthday celebration of my daughter who turned 6 last week. In Davao, we also have our own version of 'Tagaytay City' or 'Baguio City' because of its cool climate. Situated at 4,000 feet above sea level, Brgy. Buda, which word is derived from Bukidnon-Davao Highway, is our retreat for the weekend. It's nearby places are Davao City, Valencia and Malaybalay cities of Bukidnon.

We went to this relaxing and chill place called Highway 81. From the name itself, it is located along Km. 81, literally along the highway of Brgy. Salumay, Marilog District. Check out below some of the photos I took.

 photo 89987592-fa69-4f31-956d-71051946ee50_zpsatqwcubt.jpg
Facade in front their restaurant, Cafe Binukid.

 photo 00ff6fd1-8cc7-4c80-aa84-e7a6cbc5ecaa_zps47ckv7wd.jpg
The reason why we are here. Happy Birthday dear!

Snippets inside their quaint resto. I love bricks! Much like England's structures.

 photo 7dbaf408-3008-4c4a-a304-8aebb975f803_zpsa6yrfj60.jpg
 photo 885a6d94-0687-4d59-a258-c77e82e2c8dd_zpsllup5rh1.jpg
I love their food! Super! Must try: Pasta Carbonara, Pork Adobo, I love the crunchiness and juiciness of their fried chicken, Bulalo soup, deep fried fish with white sauce.

 photo P_20170217_201948_zpsqaufz8zr.jpg
 photo 2b583159-96fa-4162-a875-07d88e92b974_zps2rbqcsci.jpg

I took a video of the surroundings. Please bear with it as I got lazy to stand up on where I was sitting. It's so cold during that time that I just want to sit, sip coffee and savor the beauty of the place and sunset.

This is where we stayed for the night. We are 14 in all and we fit into this cozy and charming log cabin house. It has a comfort room inside with hot/cold shower, a small kitchen with stove where you can cook, the upper floor is the sleeping area. It has a grilling area outside.

 photo 887db584-35e9-46d1-b359-0fd869372e99_zpsiwp5ah9w.jpg
Facade of the house where we stayed.

 photo P_20170217_174248_BF_zpspgb6eq67.jpg
Sitting at the terrace of their restaurant.

 photo d1099963-c85b-4f25-922a-555d8de50caf_zps7i1bzavz.jpg
Waiting for the sun to set.

 photo eb073010-86ec-46ad-ade7-a5e72181c2f8_zpsxg81pqsa.jpg 
We definitely love the place! And we shall return...
 photo c87655ec-d916-4c31-a88d-a8940b4170a3_zps0lrth8gr.jpg
This view captivates me... Silhouette ang drama!

 photo 9a23116b-37a8-42b7-bea6-6024d2a29e9b_zpsebteq6ce.jpg
God is truly amazing! I felt grateful every second I was here. I saw every creation He has made and I am in awe.

Valentine's day was not over yet as I got to spend quality time chatting, bonding and savoring the place with the loves of my life.

 photo cf8c2ce0-6335-4386-af40-9dd524f03d52_zpskemzitrr.jpg

Monday 11 April 2016

Praise and Worship

I am born, baptized and raised to a Roman Catholic family. My grandparents are Roman Catholic devotees wherein both of them serve the church in their ‘able’ years. My family goes to Sunday Eucharistic celebrations, pray the Holy Rosary and knew the Lord's Prayer by heart. I even went to a Catholic School until my tertiary level. I think it was not a conscious thing that my parents sent us to a Catholic school. Yeah, I’m sure now because my brother studied in a non-Catholic school during his elementary to secondary years. So basically it’s more on its accessibility to our house, my parent's workplace for most part. I never changed my religion even until I married a non-Catholic person. My husband and his family were actually Roman Catholics before they converted to Christian-Protestants. We even got married in a Christian ceremony with Pastor as our celebrant and wed in a garden, not in the church. I can say that we are just lucky (so I think) that both sides of our family supported and understood our relationship until we tied the knot. Both our kids were dedicated to our Lord as Christians and my eldest daughter went to a Catholic school. Religion was never a big issue in our family. And it should never be. Thank God! I believe that for as long as we live harmoniously, respect each other and our relationships’ untainted despite religious differences, God doesn't mind. I cannot remember I struggled so much adapting to these two different religions because there are also some similarities as to how Catholics worship versus Christian Protestants. I am not very particular on the history of why they are called Protestants but base on what we practice, the way they service Mass has a similarity of how Catholics celebrate. There are songs of praise that I am accustomed to singing in Catholic mass that I sing in Sunday service at my husband’s church. The Holy Bible is the basis of both church’s Gospel reading and worship. When I enter both house of worship, there is a big sign of the Cross which is situated in altar and the stage. It may have some differences but I think it doesn’t matter as long as we worship and believe in the same God and what's base in the Holy Bible.

Ever since I attended Sunday service mass at my husband's church, I feel an overpowering joy to the extent of tearing up. Every time I sing songs for God, I feel grateful for my life. I feel the Lord is touching and healing me. Passages from the Bible gives me a sense of relief and calmness. It gives me comfort, hope and joy for myself and my God.

And when an opportunity came for me to attend #TheFeast (a Catholic meeting of Prayer and Worship), I didn't have second thoughts. I am ecstatic and told myself this is my chance since the venue is near my workplace. 

 photo IMG_20160401_192124_zpsfkaoqj8d.jpg
every Fridays at Cinema 3 SM Ecoland from 6:30pm-9pm.

 photo IMG_20160401_202621_zpsmc801img.jpg
Fridays now is my 'Fridates' with my God and myself.

 photo IMG_20160401_202608_zpsmlboesdc.jpg
A person who ran out of DREAMS is a person who ran out of LOVE. 

I've heard of this group way before because of Bo Sanchez. I didn't mind it at first until my cousin has been attending The Feast at their Bay Area assembly. Attending The Feast is an answered prayer. I love singing and I like it that I can sing here with all my heart's might. More than that, it gives me a breather and time for myself. My 'me-time' with my God. Even for just 2 hours in a week, it recharges my faith and remind me that God is with me whether in bad times not only in good ones. Honestly, I am guilty that my family don't regularly go to Sunday service. But attending this once a week is like having attended Praise and worship service. But I know it is still not okay because my family is not with me everytime I attend this. I need to restore our bonding as a family to God in order for my children to grow up knowing God. If my husband can't, then who else will? Putting pride aside, maybe God is giving me in charge of our Faith. Then I have to obey.

As parting words, what I am trying to say here is that religion will not save us. Our faith does and it is our ticket to salvation. Nowadays, I see a lot of religious groups formed through time and it is sad to note that there are some of its members who righteously brag that theirs is the truth. I mean, it is not right to judge. For me, as long as you find yourself and God in whichever sect you have chosen to join, then that's where you belong. If you feel in your heart comfort, love, peace, kindness and selflessness, then you found the right one. Let us respect each others' belief because I believe if respect dwells in each one of us, our world will be as harmonious as we would like it to be. God bless our world!

Friday 1 April 2016

Pained Heart: Remembering Courageous Caitie

Yesterday is a devastating one for me. As a mother, I cannot imagine myself losing my child because of a life-threatening illness. During the journey, it's like each day gets harder and harder and you don't know what tomorrow has in store. You don't know until when the agony and pain will end. I am talking about the painful story of the almost 4 year old Caitlin 'Caitie' Lucas, daughter of Feliz and Jay Jay, who suffered and acquired a rare kind of leukemia which I got to follow in their facebook page, Courageous Caitie. Before, I was glued on the same situation of the 4-year-old daughter of actress Jackie Forster, Caleigh known as Kikay Caleigh at Instagram, who was struck with leukemia (but not the rare kind) also. But now, I rejoice because she was healed by God. It's so painful and I can't bear to feel what the parents of Caitie's undergoing right now. Sure, words of God and people who sympathize overflows with so much encouragement for the bereaved family. But nothing can ease as of the moment the reality of losing a loved one. I cannot bear to post photos from their Facebook page because everytime I see it, my eyes and heart tears. It aches so much. Yesterday at lunch break, I really cried coupled with sobs in between and even now writing this piece. I remember the photos of Feliz and Jay Jay holding Caitie's lifeless body in their arms. And in one photo, Jay Jay cradled Caitie and kissed her on the forehead. It's such a sorrowful ending. My only consolation is that Caitie is now pain-free and is safely in God's hands. My reflections about this journey of Caitie and her family is I PRAY that... I wish that accepting death is not too hard to deal with. Honestly now, I fear the life after death. Because I don't know where my soul take me. I know I will be in an unknown place and travel alone. I fear death because I still don't want to leave my kids behind at a very young age. I want to be present in their journey towards adulthood. Secondly, how I wish that my faith endures all things. Yes, I am weak. I need God in my life so much and I know that I've been missing a lot because I am preoccupied with a lot of worldly things.

Caitie touched my heart in so many ways. Like I said, I have a child almost as the same age of Caitie. That's why I am so moved and touched with the Lucas' family journey. Seeing my kids last night as I arrive home from work, I feel blessed and grateful to God that my kids are healthy and active. And I pray that it will always be that way. As a working mother, every minute that I got a chance to be with them, I take advantage of it by spending quality time with them. I know I am not a perfect mother and sometimes I want to take a break but with the realization Caitie has shared to us, I will never stop being there for my children. So that in the end there will be no regrets... only gratefulness of the moments that God gave to each one of us.

Caitie, my dear, you'll always be remembered. Thank you for showing to me how to be courageous, faithful and cheerful despite life's battles. Please help your Mama and Papa cope up with your loss. Always make rainbows in the sky so that they will feel your presence even in that instance. I love you!

For full details of Caitie's journey until the end, see links below:

Wednesday 2 March 2016

McDonald's Happy Meal: February 2016

Toys, toys, toys... Now that I became a mother, my kids needs (and sometimes wants) mostly gets in with my priorities. Their joy are now my joy. And toys are kids happiness! My kids default fastfood is Jollibee. Most of the time, we wish that they could just abide with us where we want to eat. But we always end up with their choice. Or else, food will come to waste or they will never eat at all. And since, SM City Davao branch is close due to their ongoing store renovation, we headed to McDonald's. I'm happy that we chose to eat there not because of the food but because of the toys included in their Happy Meal.

 photo IMG_20160227_173315_zpscr8mumyr.jpg
Completed all 4.
UPDATE: From L-R: Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, (?), Pinkie Pie
They also have Ben Ten for the boys.

I'm not sure or remember what they are called but my kids are into fairies now. (UPDATE: They are called My Little Pony Dolls Equestria Girls). Anything with wings and about flying (maybe except riding on an airplane), they just love. Lately, they have been engrossed with the 2015 animated movie 'Strange Magic'. Have you seen it? At first, we don't appreciate it because most of the characters have a beast-like appearance and scary to some. But what they love about it are the songs which they love to sing and even the dialogue and scenes they re-enact. The movie is played several times a day. No wonder they already memorized every song and every conversation and scenes. Even me and the husband can go singing along with them and enjoys watching them acting up. It's a happy and light movie that talks about love. 'Everybody deserves to be loved' is their movie caption.

What I love about McDonald's toys are its durability and quality. I even got their Hello Kitty last year but sadly, have not completed it because supplies run out very fast. So what are you waiting for. Grab now for your little ones and even for the young-at-heart! It's a good collection material.

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Random Thoughts: The Smell of a Baby

I always love how a baby smells like. It's synonymous to a milk, a mild powder or sweet as a smell of a candy. I noticed that when I kiss the forehead of my almost 5 year old daughter, I can still smell it. Just this morning when I bid my daughters goodbye leaving for work, I told her you are still a baby. And then she smiled back at me. According to her, she is no longer a baby but an "Ate" (an older sister) to her 3 year old sibling. I can't help but sigh on the thought that my girls are growing up fast right before my very eye. Oh, I am just being nostalgic of the days that I still carried them and put them in the comfort of my arms. Don't get me wrong. Planning for another baby is out of the question now that I am in my late 30's and being pregnant again seems scary for me because of health-related issues. No, I'm not sick either but I have to take extra care of myself since my doctors told me to watch on my diet. I'm not getting any younger so as my health and the capacity to function normally unlike in my younger days.

A baby/child is a blessing and it gives so much joy to a family. As parents, they say, cherish them while they are still clingy because when the time comes they have their own mind set and discover new and interesting things apart from us, they'll be most likely spending time on those new found things. Savor the smell and time of your child until it lasts.

Thursday 3 December 2015

Christmas In Our House 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year again. December knocks so fast at our doorsteps and it's already here. So for this year, we decorated our home as we celebrate the spirit of Christmas looking like this...

 photo IMG_20151202_065600_zpsfvzxmwke.jpg
This Christmas tree is in its second year with us.
Since we have a small space, we put it on top of our side table.

This tree is not that heavy so not a problem that the table might give way.
Those stuff toys are already placed there and since we don't have
Christmas base cover, we used them to cover it. Nice idea too!

 photo IMG_20151202_065244_zps9lkfr4de.jpg
When we still don't have Christmas tree, this wreath garland is the focal point of my Christmas decoration at home. It's still a work in progress as some of my old Christmas balls were detached from its string. I might buy new balls or any decor that would fit in with the wreath.  I thought of this because of the minimal space that we have. I decorated it with lights, hanged balls or any Christmas decor that is usually put in a Christmas Tree. Since we have a lot of stuff toys, I make use of it as decors because if by keeping it, it would just accumulate dust.  

 photo IMG_20151202_065131_zps2xzjyes8.jpg photo IMG_20151202_065105_zpslgy7m80x.jpg
      I got these Christmas stockings from Watsons. It is priced at Php57.00 each.
      The Sales Lady told me it's marked down from the original price of Php99.00 each.
      I've been looking for the longest time a Christmas stocking that is of good quality
      and so happy to have finally saw one. I'm still planning to put letters on the green-
      colored space with names of my two kids for a more personalized look.

Most of my Christmas decorations this year are already used from previous Christmases. Only these two Christmas stockings and additional Christmas LED lights are my purchases for this year. My kids are happy with what I put up. After all, Christmas is for the children and for the kid-at-heart.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday 1 December 2015

My Beauty Regimen Products and Olay Anti-Ageing 'Night' Cream

This is not a product review as I just bought this yesterday. But with Olay as the brand, you wouldn't doubt its quality and question its effectivity. I use different brand of beauty products as I don't stick to only one brand because I'm more particular to a certain product's effect on my skin and of course its affordability. I use Biore (the blue colored container) as my facial/daily moisturizer and sunscreen and Pond's facial wash and toner (the pink one). Now, if I want to splurge a bit on beauty products, I would buy The Body Shop's seaweed toner. It doesn't make my skin that oily. For face and body sunscreen, I love Daylong. It doesn't make my skin heavy and greasyI should've posted photos pala of the products I use in regular basis. Maybe next time if I happen to snap photos of them.

Anyway, one particular beauty product that I've been wanting to buy is a night cream. I haven't tried using it pa because for one it's a bit expensive. And I believe during sleep or at night, our skin renews or rejuvenates more faster that's why it's more effective to put night creams to help boost healthy looking skin. 

To my delight, I read somewhere that Olay will be having a Buy-1-Take-1 promo (27-30 November 2015 or until supplies last) of their night cream. Oh how my heart sang!

 photo DSC00038_zps7nrr1nyu.jpg
Bought this at Watson's. 

Good thing that I knew of this promo because when I asked the Sales attendant, she said that the promo was over. But I said, the promo is until today (which was yesterday by the way). Then she validated it in their cash register. Alleluia! It's still in promo. I'm happy that I was lucky to have availed this because I read in some sites that in Manila at Watsons it's always out of stock even if you visit their other branches. Some even commented maybe they are just holding it up and sell again when the regular price is back.

 photo DSC00040_zps21iqgouu.jpg

 photo DSC00042_zpstfx1mkha.jpg

 photo DSC00044_zpsfe4smpsi.jpg

 photo DSC00045_zps1ci3afck.jpg

At Php789.00 for two, not at all bad. I got a huge savings instead! Before, I wasn't mindful of buying and using beauty products. Good thing my mother is very much particular of using and applying skin products on herself that's why I was also enticed to do the same (but not as solid as my mama). I just use the basic stuff: cleanse (Pond's facial wash, the red one), tone (Pond's, the pink one/The Body Shop's seaweed toner), moisturize and use sunblock for protection (Biore Milk, the blue container/ Daylong). You may notice that I don't have Olay products in my basic regimen that's because it's a bit expensive for my budget. But given if I have extra money to buy their products, I wouldn't have second thoughts buying them.

In my 30's, I value the importance of taking care of my skin. I don't have a flawless and healthy skin that's why I have to make extra effort in taking good care of it. Good thing I am not a heavy user of make-up as I just groom my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and a lipstick. I don't even use face powder as Biore (my facial/daily moisturizer and sunscreen) gives my face a matte finish already and doesn't make my face shiny at all. That's my everyday make-up. Now if I want to further it more, I curl my eyelashes and put blush on. That's the farthest I can make for myself.

How about you? What's your daily beauty regimen and beauty products that you use? Share it too.

Friday 20 November 2015

Our "New" Second-Hand Ride

I'm not a sporty person, though I'd love sana how to play tennis. Too much exposure to Mr. Sun discouraged me to engage on it. But I'm glad that at an early age I was so eager to learn and eventually know how to ride a bicycle. I learned on my own and those bruises that I got was all worth it. My uncle used to have a BMX bike when I was in grade school. Whenever he is not using it, I sneak into our tiny garage and practice until I get tired. I cannot remember when was the last time I rode in one. My eldest daughter kasi loves to have a bicycle maybe because she saw her friends in our neighborhood driving around with their own bicycles. Yung kind na like this...

 photo bike pink_zpsl5zcagpw.jpg
Mala- 'Lovers in Paris'. It's so dreamy, right? (Photo NOT mine)

My husband and I are actually planning to buy her a new bicycle because the old one is already too small for her. That now is the one my 3-year old girl is using. 

 photo IMG_20151118_193642_zpsxbom8d4j.jpg 

We scouted for it in malls but we are having second thoughts getting one because: (1) it's a bit expensive and (2) we cannot attest of its longevity. We then heard that buying in Japan surplus shops saves us a lot of money and we get more of our money's worth. Not to mention it's durability and quality-tested. So we check out some shops here in the city and found nga not only one but two bicycles. The second one is for me. I'm so happy I own one now even if it's pre-owned.

 photo IMG_20151119_055810_zpsefveber9.jpg
Here is my girl's bike. 
It's only Php1,800.00 and I tell you, it's so sturdy 
though there are a few scratches and minor dents noticed. 
But it's in a very good condition. 

Just a few flaws were there like the LED lights isn't working though we can just replace the defective bulb and it will light naThe other grip has a rip but the other one is still in good condition so we just leave it as it is. The plastic basket have only minimal cracks and dents and stains but it doesn't matter. There are also minor rusts seen but we can have it repainted and it's good as new. We just bought an extension tires (at Php300.00) at the back since she cannot balance yet with just a two-wheel. Before that there was a bicycle stand attached to it but it was removed to replace the extension tires.

We can really attest of its durability and quality because the bicycle itself is heavy. It's like I'm having lifts every time I carry it. The bell and brakes works perfectly. The seat cover is in nice condition (not dirty) and durable. The paint finish is totally fine. The height of the seat can be adjusted. I can even ride on it. 

 photo IMG_20151119_060447_zpsw6tkb99y.jpg

 photo IMG_20151119_060429_zps0uxasp9q.jpg
And now presenting to you my bicycle. 
Guys would you believe its worth is only Php1,800.00?! Sure steal!
But we got it for 2,500.00. Why? Everything is in superb condition 
and it's a reserved item. Meaning 'may nagmamay-ari na'. 
My husband haggled for it and wants it so badly for me.

He didn't mind paying for that amount because of the following reasons:

- the seat is leather, just a few (almost invisible) blemishes
- the LED lights, bell and brakes working perfectly fine
- there are just minor scratches, stains and rust
- almost no dents
- adjustable seat
- it has a lock/key attached to the back wheel that secures it and nobody can use it except me. Though I don't lock it so the nanny can use it to accompany my kids when biking around the village
- the paint finishes is fine (off white/chocolate color, yum!)
- the steel basket is love
- I love also that it has a bicycle stand

Overall, I love my Japan surplus/pre-owned bicycles we got. We saved a lot for the cost we bought given of the quality of the bikes. We can just have it groomed some other time if we really want that spunky/new feel of it. For the meantime, we love as it is. My hubby told me it's his Christmas gift to me. It doesn't matter if it's not new as long as I am loving it. He's planning to buy one for him and our youngest. And it'll be a family sport we'll be engaging in. How I love it! Thank you Lord for the blessing!

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