Monday, 29 April 2013

Truth about Water Intake on: Officially GIRLY-fied: Health and Wellness: Jogging and Yoga (and workout...

We all know that one should drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day or more to help or replenish one's water in the body and keep us hydrated all day. But on this blog I read, you might think about it and change your water intake depending on your weight. Read on...

Officially GIRLY-fied: Health and Wellness: Jogging and Yoga (and workout...

Food for One's Soul: Michi's Home Sweet Home's "Burned Biscuits"

When I read about Michi's article, I remembered yesterday cooking for our lunch "fish egg". I don't know if that is called for "bagaybay". My husband asked me to saute it with garlic, onion and put soy sauce a little to add juice to the bagaybay. He told me not to add anymore water because the bagaybay itself produces water already as cooking progresses. Because of my being experimental that most of the time, it ends up not successful, I sort of put more soy sauce on it and I find it a bit salty for my taste. I panicked a bit because I want it to be good tasting for my husband. Thinking of what to do, I added oyster sauce and a little of sugar. That I tasted the sugar and knowing him, he doesn't like putting sugar on a dish. I panicked more. But for heaven's mercy, I asked my husband if the taste is good. He told me yes. Well, I thought of myself, "How come?" Actually it's just okay for my taste especially if you eat it with rice, the saltiness doesn't empower anymore. Well, I shared this because of the story below. Read on...

Michi's Home Sweet Home: Burned Biscuits: A good reading and lesson we all should learn. Photo Source When I was a kid, my Mom liked to make breakfast food for dinner every...

In-love fever

Filipinos can understand what I mean. It's the latest craze now in Philippine television. Finally, their feelings will come out in the open. I'm talking about Sir Chief and Maya, ABS-CBN's "Please be Careful with my Heart". Today's episode will bring so much goosebumps and Love-is-in-the-air mood for every Filipino. Sir Chief already confessed her feelings to Maya and said "I Love You"! I can't wait to see the reaction of them both for what I saw in the advertisement is that Maya said 'I love you" back and it caught her by surprise. OMG!! I so swear this is really like a fight of Manny Pacquiao where every Filipino is glued to their television sets.

Photo source
It's always good to be in love and to have a happy heart! It's contagious and feels like always young. OMG!!!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Michi's Home Sweet Home: Because your Wife Does Not Work…

This is worth-sharing and deserves to be featured. Everyone should be aware of this especially the men. I salute women, not because I belong in this circle, but because indeed we are dedicated and loving human beings who beyond the meekness and weakness other people sees in the outside are the more strong and steadfast who holds and protects the family as ONE. Read on...

Michi's Home Sweet Home: Because your Wife Does Not Work…: Nice story to share from FB. Photo Source The following are Questions and Answers between Husband (H) and A Psychologist: P : ...

Blog Giveaway: Swirls & Scribbles X Lipstick All U Can

Who doesn't want freebies! Calling all beauty and make-up enthusiasts and freaks, join this make-up giveaway by Abbey. You can click here for more details on the product up for grabs, mechanics and to join the contest giveaway. I'm joining here too. Grab while you still have 24 days to go. Keep sending everyday your entries for more chances of winning. Good luck to us!

Lunar Eclipse: 04/25/13

I didn't know this early dawn that there was a Lunar eclipse until I saw this morning on TV in a morning show. Yesterday, I was at the whole time browsing the internet and visiting blog sites (that in between office work of course!hehe) but I didn't come across any article related to it. And so right now I'm browsing some sites related to this recent phenomenon.

A partial lunar eclipse will occur on Thursday/Friday, April 25/26, 2013, and will be seen in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia.(Source)
Specifically, this partial lunar eclipse will be seen in eastern Europe and Africa, through the Middle East, and in southeast Asia and western Australia.
The maximum portion of the partial lunar eclipse will occur at about 20:07 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which correlates to:
      • 10:07 p.m. Thursday, April 25, 2013, in Cairo, Egypt, Africa
      • 4:07 a.m. Friday, April 26, 2013, in Perth, Western Australia, Australia   
      • 5:07 a.m. Friday, April 26, 2013, in Tokyo, Japan, Asia
For more locations, and your specific local location, please check out, or another time conversion websites.
This eclipse is a partial lunar eclipse, meaning that at its maximum only a part of the Moon will be blocked out by the Earth’s umbral shadow.

While on the other hand, as for PAG-ASA forecast:

Filipino sky-watchers may be in for a treat before dawn Friday with a partial lunar eclipse that will last until the early morning.
The PAGASA said the eclipse will be "safe to watch," and observers need not use protective filters.
"A pair of binoculars will help magnify the view and will make the red coloration of the Moon brighter," PAGASA OIC Vicente Malano said.
He said the umbral eclipse magnitude will be 1.47 percent and will also be visible primarily in Australia, most of Asia, Africa, Europe and Antarctica.
In Manila, Malano said the moon will rise at 5:43 p.m. on April 25, and will set at 5:40 a.m. on April 26.
"The eclipse will begin at 2:03 a.m. Philippine Standard Time (PST) and will end at 6:11 a.m. (PST)," he said.
PAGASA said the penumbral eclipse (partial shading of a part of the moon) begins at 2:03 a.m., while the partial eclipse begins at 3:54 a.m.
It added the partial eclipse ends 4:21 a.m. while the penumbral eclipse ends at 6:11 a.m. LBG, GMA News 

That's it! Happy Friday everyone..

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Simple Happiness

Look what I got today? Super love this cold Wednesday afternoon! A cup of hot brewed coffee coupled with a nice and fun chit-chat with officemates over merienda break. Instant surprises indeed makes me happy and gay. How's your day by the way?

Blog-Inspired! Blog with Purpose


Subject is coined from Dainty Mom's Martine blog (read her related post here). She is one of the mom bloggers I follow and reads daily on her journey of being a mom, wife, entrepreneur and a woman rolled in one. She and some of her fellow mom bloggers in her circle are living testaments of the Woman in this generation. I so admire them and inspired by them and hope to be like them in my own little way.

About 5 years ago, I came to know about blogging from my officemate. Up to now, they are still into it and earning thousands already from it. They have a number of material possessions which they got from earning extra income in blogging. That is on a regular basis. The word "earning" which for me is synonymous to money and financial abundance is the key word for me to try blogging. But it wasn't until 2 years ago, I finally gave it a shot. It was at that time I got married then after 6 months got pregnant. Then gave birth to my baby M, hired 2 household helpers at almost at the same time and so on and so forth. That means I need to earn extra bucks for my growing family including our helpers. Then last year I gave birth to my second baby N. With hubby and mine's meager salary, it doesn't compensate to our monthly expenses at home. So I welcomed blogging in my life for real.

Starting from scratch, it was kind of difficult for me. I'm not a writer neither my heart is in it. It was difficult for me thinking of what to write. Actually it's simple because you can make stories out of the things you see around. But my concern is its content. You cannot just make stories out of nothing. Would this topic be readable? Will this interest readers? Will I earn right away? With this questions and more, my main goal is really the need to earn money. I was already getting impatient plus enrolling myself in Google Adsense adds more to my pressure. Plus the fact that my officemate is getting assignments left and right from advertisers, I was very envious already. Good for me that this blogger officemate of mine is very determined for me, encourages me more and inspires me to just wait and Thy (God) will be done. And so after almost 6 months of diligently and painstakingly visiting other blog sites, I was approved by Google Adsense and little by little earning in cents. But my journey doesn't end there.  It still boils down to what will I write. Questions are running in my mind then. Will this thing be just visiting sites and dropping hi's and hello's for your site to be visited back by them as well? What's the purpose? Actually it works but there's more to it than just passing by like a speed of lightning. Then I asked again how will somebody want to visit your site if it doesn't have interesting things or informative topic on it?

Then came the caption, Blog with Purpose. Blogging is not just visiting sites, its also reading what's inside to be educated and to be aware and informed of the social scene and it's about making a content with substance. Believe it or not, you can learn from them and then you can envision what goal you have for your blog in relation to their own blog. They may not have the best blog but you can learn from them. I see them as effortless and it transcends beyond what I see in my own PC monitor. They are real and true. They are confident with themselves and selfless. They are free and unassuming. Bloggers are like teachers also.

Reflection: Blogging is not only meant for writers (literally!). We are writers of our own life. We write what we ought to be. We make it happen. So by blogging keep it real. Keep it simply YOU. Don't be like a copycat. It's very natural to admire blog spots that have very colorful and beautiful page, very nice sentence and word formation.  Just make these blogs/ bloggers an inspiration that you will also inspire other people. You are already inspired by them and keep in mind to spread that inspiration to others. I am not an expert on blogging yet but these are my realizations. With the earnings, it's still hand-in-hand with my reason why I blog. However, I believe doing good and great things the money will just follow. Good things comes to those who patiently wait ('ika nga!).

I am making a post using her own caption because indeed I am blog-inspired. I am blogging because I want to showcase and motivate myself to be ME, to inspire, to share to others what I can give and impart with a purpose. Apart from getting new friends, I am learning and educated. It refreshes my knowledge for being out of school for more than a decade already (it means obsolete na ang stored knowledge ko). I feel free and good about myself while expressing my heart's content.  I cannot believe I've made this realizations. It's so good and I felt good! Every night when I go to sleep, I keep on thinking what to write. But this time it's not hard anymore. More so, it over flows already that my mind cannot embrace everything. I put key words on my phone so I won't forget (hehe!). That's the power of wisdom that transcends beyond myself. Thank you Lord for the gift of life.

And thank you Martine! I hope and I know someday you will come across this post of mine and that I can take on this course with you if you happen to extend your blog-inspiration here in the livable city of Davao. I AM BLOG-INSPIRED BY YOU!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My Favorite Things

Foreword: A prologue of my post "Ultimate Wishlist for 2013". This will be a series of posts. Like a saga, by chapter and the like. For sure, in my everyday exposure to blog, the World Wide Web (www) and my daily personal encounters, I will have endless of favorite things and wishlists that will build up through time.

My previous post was all about my wishes for this year. But as time goes by I know it will be multiplied as I get to be aware of the most coveted things one has. I blame the power of Blogger and the World Wide Web. I know it is not their fault but simply because having something new on-hand is like being an achievement for me. I work hard for it and I deserve to have it. Not just for my own need but for my family's need that I think they deserve to have.

In just a matter of hours, I am adding up my cart of favorite things on my wishlist. I have 2 new wants.

1. Aquasana Complete Countertop Filtration System. This for me is the best I can give for myself and family. Safety for me is one of my top priority. In this time that our water and water system is not that potable anymore even if I'm living in a place where it has the 2nd cleanest potable water in the whole world (2nd to Italy and I don't know if it's still until today), rapid development and abuse of our environment makes everything polluted. I'd like to have a clean and safe drinking water right in my own faucet at home and straight into my stomach without any worries. The thing is expensive though but for me it's already affordable knowing that it can benefit my family a lot.

2. Panasonic Lumix LX-5. I have my own Sony Cybershot DSC-S700 series (I'm going to sell it) but I'd love to get a new one and replace it with this Lumix LX-5. I love that it has white color. I saw this in Mommy Michelle's blog. I am inspired and admire her for being a multi-faceted woman. Her and so many moms in her circle I support daily and read each of their own blogs about parenthood, family and being a woman of this age. Any how, What do you think of this?

How about you, do you have favorite things and wishlists too? Until my next!...

Monday, 22 April 2013

Ultimate wishlists for 2013

Each and everyone of us has goals every new year. I do not have goal lists in particular but this year I feel that this is worth something looking forward too. Even if 3 months has passed already I still can feel that this year is something good for me. Good vibes, positivity mode: on! Well, I have so many things I wanna have and to achieve may it be materially, spiritually, emotionally and physically (literally!) For one, I already enrolled my self in Zumba classes which I see myself to be healthy this year to start off everything. Because being able to move and actively participate in such health and wellness program promotes positive vibes and a good aura on oneself and to the people around. I believe being healthy in mind, body and spirit makes one a happy person. Would you agree?

So, here's my ultimate wishlists/ goals for year 2013. I am listing 10 of my possible and make-it-happen things. I still have more than 10 but those are still impossible to achieve for now unless I make a bet in lotto and win the jackpot. So here it goes:

1. Good health: for myself, my family and loved ones. Staying fit and healthy. Hitting it with Zumba! A living proof below.


Friday, 19 April 2013

First time injury

It's been 2 weeks that I attended Zumba classes. So far it's been good to me not that I've seen major changes in my body like having smaller tummy now. That would be impossible. But the mere fact that I've sweat it out all the unnecessary toxins in my body, that is a great relief to me. I am more energized even if I don't have enough sleep (note: I have a 6 month old baby), I'm less irritated (good for me), I am more careful of what I eat. Not that I skip meals, but I am eating now in moderation, enough that I am not depriving myself. However, I've met injury during one of the sessions I attended. At that time, it was raining and windy. I felt uncomfortable because I'm sweating a lot and I feel cold because of the weather. We hold classes in an open area. I think my body absorbed all the air circulating around me. Plus there is this particular pose or stepping that made my knee or a vein in my left knee got stuck. It's been more than a week now that I still feel a tingle of pain in my left knee when I walk or climb the stairs. I keep on limping because it really is painful. I already had it massaged by a "hilot" but I feel there's no effect.

Anybody out there who could suggest on what to do? I thought of buying a massaging oil or a mentholated thing to put in my knee. Help! I am sooo looking forward to joining Zumba sessions again (sayang ang membership fee!).

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A 12-peso Merienda

Gone were the days when you can buy 3 pieces of candies for a peso. It even cost a peso for piece now. I remembered in my grade school days (the 80's), our school canteen is selling spaghetti burger (Yes! you heard it right. It's the spaghetti right in the middle of the bread bun) and it only cost P2.50. That's big enough for my small tummy. I am saying this because nowadays there's no cheap stuff. Prices of commodities are soaring up. A decent meal that can fill your tummy is almost like a luxury for an average worker. But in the middle of Metro Davao, a small bakery named Meister Baker (located in Bolton, Davao City) had this tasty and satisfying food discovery. I don't know what is it named but my brother-in-law told me just say it's "empanada". I am happy with this because it is cheap but the filling which is made up of a mayo, cheese and ham is not "kuripot" as well. My officemates liked it. The bread is big as the price suggests. It is best eaten when it's hot because there's like bread crumbs coated on it. I have it toasted before we ate it so that you will have a crunchy crumbs.

The bread is fluffy and soft. Big bits of ham and cheese are inside that almost filled the entire bread.
It's good to recommend it for merienda when you like cheap but tummy-filling food. I'd buy this again. Every peso is worth it.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Pleasant surprise!

This morning, I was greeted with this. Handed over to me by the office building security guard, just before I entered the office vicinity. This is such a sweet and welcoming gesture of the one who gave this. Positive vibes!

Big things come in small package. Cute gift bag! Love the color combination.

Soap, pasalubong from US.

Loved that it has Shea butter! I liked its scent.

This is enormous in size. Not the regular soap size we have. It's big.

Thanks Doc!

Happy Wifie

Thank goodness! I saw the 3rd flick of Miggy & Laida love story. If you're still clueless, ewan ko na lang kung sa'ng lupalop ng Pilipinas ka nakatira. Even though there are some scenes that's kind of cheesy and hard to incorporate in reality, still it has some valuable lessons I would like to bear in mind and apply it to my daily life. Above it all, it taught me and made me realize that I have lots of things that I didn't let my husband experience as a hands-on wife. Because I am so absorbed on my mommy duties, normally wives tend to take the wife-y role a backseat. I am very guilty on this. Just this morning, since I was so inspired on that movie, "It Takes A Man and A Woman," I had to make a step to serve my husband and do the wife-y duty. Actually, my husband just want me to prepare a good tasting food that comes with a cup of coffee in the early morning. That's around 5am. He wants me to accompany him. But everyday I'm so caught up with the 2 kids waking up at the same time as I am suppose to prepare that to my hubby. My eldest don't want me to go out of bed yet and she wants us to have cuddling moment. But just this morning, I had the time to prepare a healthy sandwich meal to my husband even if both of my kids are awake already. What I did was turn on the video of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and that glued their attention on the TV and not to me (yehey!). Immediately, I prepared the food which consists of a wheat bread, ham, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce topped with ketchup and mayo. That's it! A few minutes later, hubby arrived from jogging and gobbled up 2 sandwiches which he told me if I do this everyday to him, he'll be a happy hubby! That makes me a happy wife-y today!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Zumba and being healthy!

April 1, 2013 marks the start of my daily healthy regimen. It's not related to April Fool's day you know. This is true. How? Well my officemates with the support and approval of our office management joined together and have our M-W-F (Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays) Zumba class program. Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance-fitness program created by a Columbian dancer and choreographer during the 90's
"Zumba involves dance and aerobic elements. Zumba's choreography incorporates hip-hop,socasambasalsamerenguemambomartial arts, and some Bollywood and belly dance moves. Squats and lunges are also included.[2] Zumba Fitness, an organization that sells Zumba videos and products, does not charge licensing fees to gyms or fitness centers.[3] Approximately 14 million people take weekly Zumba classes in over 140,000 locations across more than 150 countries.[4] In 1986, Alberto "Beto" Perez forgot his tape of aerobics music for a class he was teaching. He took the tapes he had in his backpack – consisting of traditional salsa and merengue music – and improvised a class using this non-traditional aerobics music." (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
Normally, a Zumba class takes an hour of your physical strength. It is rigorous yet a satisfying feeling after all the sweat is coming out in your body. It is also challenging since my goal here is to shed of unwanted calories and burn those excess fats sleeping in my tummy. Last month, our office personnel invited some nutritionists and doctors and gave informative facts about eating the right food at the right time. Though I wasn't able to attend it but one of my officemate told me that for breakfast one should eat protein rich foods. Among them are: 

  • Poultry (Chicken, light meat only/ Turkey breast, deli, skinless)
  • Beef (Sirloin top steak, broiled, lean only)
  • Fish (Salmon, fresh, Atlantic farmed, baked, broiled/ Trout, rainbow, fresh, farmed, baked, broiled/ Tuna, bluefin, fresh, baked, broiled/ Tuna, canned, solid light in water)

  • Dairy (Milk, fat free)
  • Soy, Nuts, Eggs, Beans (Black beans, canned/ Boca Burger, Vegan/ Egg, hard boiled/ Egg, white only/ Peanut butter, creamy/ Soybeans, green, boiled, drained/ Tofu, raw, firm)
Notice there are no carbo-overload here which means no rice or bread as what we all knew by eating more at breakfast. And by the end of the short "seminar", we weighed ourselves using their not the usual weighing scale as what we have in our bathrooms. Aside from the usual weighing, it also calculates the number of calories in our body and your metabolic age. As for me, I am 33 years old. But my metabolic age is that of a 39-year old person. And that means my body is 6 years older than my number of years of being alive. Yay!

So now that everything in me is not in proportion, I am hoping that it will lead me to a healthy lifestyle starting from attending Zumba classes and later on choosing the right kind of food and eating at the right time.

Caring For Our Skin...and Eyes Too!

Hello yah all!  After a very long hiatus, I am finally back!  I was stuck with laziness to write a post thus no updates here.  Though I have...