Friday, 30 March 2012

Month of March

March is Fire Prevention Month and Earth Hour. Aside from the end of school and Graduation season here in Philippines, we commemorate these two important observance that is very significant in our daily lives. Fire Prevention and Earth Hour is co-related to each other if one could observe. This relates to our environment, the preservation of our Mother Nature and the proper use of our electricity that is generated by the electrical power plants which is in turn powered by our Natural Resources. Usually, fire occurs because of electrical wastage and abuse. The use of unattended candle due to blackouts and the improper use of electricity that results to short circuits causes it. Thus, it is important that we have to once in a while remember our basics and preserve energy. Because preserving energy is one way to preserving our natural resources and keep our Mother nature to its healthiest form. 

Tomorrow, March 31 , is the celebration of Earth Hour. Usually, we encourage every household to spare 1 hour of lights off and to observe a no-use of-electrical power. Because if every one will cooperate, Mother Nature benefits. So thus, we.


I just discovered about blogging about 3 years ago but really didn't mind it. Since I'm not a cyber freak, I really don't have any idea of what "blogging" is all about until my office-mates earned money from it. I just took this seriously by last quarter of last year. This I discovered is like a diary of one's personal experience, interests and anything one can talk about. I find it very advantageous for the following reasons:

  • Interesting, because it's not only sharing my inner most thoughts but the fact that I came to meet new friends aside from Facebook. 
  • Productive too compared to Facebook because of the earnings I'll be getting. (Note: As of now, I haven't gotten my fair share because I'm still starting and still learning.)
  • Amusing, because aside from getting new friends here, I discovered different facets of people's personality in their own site design which I find it interesting.
  • Informative, because of blogging, I came to know new facts and insights through blogger's topics.
  • Charitable. Through this, many are organized to create a group which they do for helping other's.
  • Fun. I am thankful that I was introduced to this because I enjoy doing my journals on a daily basis. I just discovered writing is fun especially if fellow bloggers are following you and that satisfies me and challenges me to do better in my writing.
  • Self-fullfilled.
These are some of the things why I love blogging. I hope that it will continue helping others. Long-live blogosphere!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Passing Away

Today, around 12 noon, our grandmother passed away in her death bed. Not in the hospital but at home. She's the mother of my mother-in-law. We were just there last night to visit. But the entire family is just waiting for her farewell. They knew that it will be coming soon. My Mother-in-law pass by yesterday at my grandmother's doctor and honestly told her there's nothing more they can do because her kidney is totally not functioning well. The doctor even told her that eating in solid and liquid form is avoided already. More so, even if admitting her in the hospital won't help because she can easily acquire virus now that her immune system is very weak. The aunt of my husband told me that half her body down has no sensation at all. This morning the siblings of my mother-in-law were at their house because they knew they're just waiting for hours.

At this time, I recalled how also my other grandmother passed away. I was there in the hospital in her last breath. My grandmother passed away peacefully like she's just sleeping. But it was really painful seeing my grandfather beside my grandma. He talked to my grandma like she just listens. That's why I was kind of traumatized this time. I only saw once the grandmother of my husband in her bed. But I never came to take a peek on her after that because it pains my heart. Now, the entire family grieves with the lost of a family member.  And I pray, that "Lola Toling" will rest in peace. She's now pain-free and worry-free because she's now with the Lord.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Magnum explosion

Since there is no excuse for me to indulge of anything I want to eat because I am still in my first trimester, I am craving recently for Magnum ice cream. While it's already advertised in the television, I told my husband to buy me one. It looks creamy and velvety in the inside and smooth and chocolately at the outside. And not to forget the crunch you hear when you take the first bite. Oh! can't wait to take a bite on it. For only Php50.00, one could taste its royalty as what the commercial brings us. I think I'm gonna buy one 'cause were going to the mall today to buy some stuff.  Hmm.. can't wait to be off in the office now.

Responsible Parenthood

I just remembered yesterday about the news I saw last week in the television. I told my husband if he has seen it. And yes, it was also featured in the internet. It was about an Indonesian boy of about 8 years old who is already a chain smoker. I was totally shocked when I heard it. And caught my attention thus glued myself in the TV. This boy started smoking at the age of 4 years old and even his parents gave him money to buy cigarettes. Even drinks coffee with it. I was really stunned and dismayed about this. The parents are very much responsible for this boy especially it's health. I worry about the child's lungs. At age 4, it's suppose to be a fragile and delicate organ system that must be taken cared of. As a mother, I'm very much protective of my daughter's health even to the extent of not going outside the house especially near night time because of mosquito bites that causes Dengue fever.

Children should not be exposed in such vices. I am much confident that Philippine government won't tolerate such acts especially to minors since Indonesian government don't have policies on that. However, the parents are the responsible people to teach their children and must be a good role model  to their children. It is said that the family is the first hand information of their children thus parents must exercise.

As of the moment, this 8-year old Indonesian boy goes into a 1 month rehab for him to be a normal child again.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Full-packed weekend

It was indeed a memorable weekend for my family. The birthday surprise and homecoming was a success. I guessed it right. My mom got teary-eyed upon seeing my brother in flesh together with his wife. Everybody got shocked on the following days as my relatives got to see them one-by-one. I missed my brother. He's no longer our younger 'baby' brother like we're used to. He's grown up into a fine, responsible man. And that makes me a happy and proud sister.

Anyway, when we got to our dinner place, my mom wondered why there are many seats prepared for us. We joked her that we invited some of her former hospital-mates. She just flashed a grin in her face. I told her mom you can't just backed out because we made this special for you. So she just stayed and played with her grandchildren. Then came her sister and the husband. This was not a big surprise for her because all along she knew it. And then after a while, we got a bit hungry, so started the dinner. And then arrived my brother and his wife. That was the most heartfelt reunion. That moment, I felt that I missed my family very much. There's no other thing in this world that is valuable to me than my family. It was so good to be reunited again!

Friday, 23 March 2012

The wait is over

There are two events I am looking forward this first quarter of the year and this is the most awaited moment. Today marks the birthday of my mother and the homecoming of my brother. Finally, we will be complete for a while. My brother and his wife will be here for a surprise birthday for our mother as well as taking their 2-week vacation break. We booked dinner at a buffet restaurant and ordered this beautiful flowers for our mother's 62nd birthday. This is made by my florist office-mate.

See how beautiful this bouquet of flowers are? Mind you this weighs a bit because it composes dozens of roses in it. I very love its creation. The fact that these are a bunch of roses which my mom adores. I bet my mom will surely love this and I think she will get teary-eyed once she'll receive this in which my brother will hand over this to her. Oh! I'm looking forward to 5 o' clock this afternoon. 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

A Surprise Birthday and a Homecoming

Tomorrow, March 23, my mom will be turning 62. I am excited since we will be celebrating it which will surprise her. My sister had been talking lately for this occasion. And I hope she did not even have a hint that my brother and her wife will be home from London just for her birthday. This is the surprise. However, when I talked with my sister a while ago, my mom said she knew about the plan (I hope not of my brother's coming home). When my sister 'cross-examine' her about her knowledge on tomorrow's planned dinner at Chippen's, my mom was hesitant. She don't want to have a big party and spend. But my sister insisted that we should celebrate for her special day. All she have to do is to be present since we have prepared everything for it including the expense. She agreed in the end but with a condition that she don't want too many people. Or else, she will walk out..duh I hope not mom! Secretly, we invited her close sister and the husband and the family of my sister-in-law. Everybody don't know about their homecoming. I hope not even mom. I am very excited too to see my brother and her wife. Excited because  first when they moved to London, I was still pregnant with Mariella. But now that they are already playful and can walk, I would be happy to share with them the joy these two kids bring to us. (The other one by the way, Danna, is the daughter of my older sister).

I am looking forward for tomorrow!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

"75th Araw Ng Dabaw" fever

The heat and excitement is on! Tomorrow, March 16, will be a special non-working holiday for us Davaoeños as we celebrate the 75th Araw Ng Dabaw. Today, I had a taste of what might be the situation of the big event. As we headed to my OB-Gynecologist in downtown area, the traffic was terrible! Not only because everybody are busy in the preparation but some of the major streets in Davao are under construction. Thus making the vehicles decongested and re-routing was done which caused a bit chaos. Some of the major streets were closed due to some areas that were used for bazaars and some events to highlight and welcome the festivities tomorrow. Per my office-mate, PAGASA is predicting it will be a rainy day for us. So be prepared and bring your umbrellas and jackets with you for your safety. For your quick reference, here I am posting the schedule of activities prepared for this occasion.

So come to Davao City to experience what are in-stored in the City. Happy 75th Araw Ng Dabaw to everybody!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Dating and Courtship (Part 2)

As in my previous post entitled "Dating and Courtship," I am making a continuation of that story. So here it is: When I already found a plot about courtship, I browse to the story itself. It's quite interesting and heartwarming since I again remember the "heart-melting" moments when I was on that stage. Their story was, I would say, a match made in heaven. It's because both prayed for their right partners from the very start of their lives. As in when they we're still babies! Of course their parents started praying for the right partners of their children when they were still babies. Parents also has a major role in finding our right partners. Not to meddle but just to guide their children. This is the proper love story to be followed to individuals who are still searching for their right partners and couples who are about to take their relationship into the next stage which is marriage.

Click below for the whole story. I didn't help but share this story with you because I know it will melt your heart. 'Cause it did in me. Hope you will enjoy!

by Jennie Ethell Chancey 

Serenity Prayer

Prayer is the key to sustain in this lifetime of ours. Without it, I feel as if I'm not safe moving around. It is my security blanket. It is also a tool for assurance and that God will always be there to listen to us whatever it is. May it be if we're in trouble or asking for forgiveness or just the mere thought of gratifying His everyday blessings. Everyday we should always call on to God. Not that we are asking for something. But touching our inner most spiritual depth and have a personal communication with our God. Here I would like to share a short, simple and yet powerful prayer that would certainly cleanse our mind with worries and just being safe and trust in God's love and protection everyday.

"God grant me the serenity 
to accept the things I cannot change; 
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference."

--Reinhold Niebuhr

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Dating and Courtship

I ended up blogging this because my daughter's nanny has this assignment about dating and courtship which I will be researching for her. I wonder what is their lesson all about and the subject relating to this matter? Anyway, as I was about to think of something to blog about, I quite of suddenly reminisce my personal experience on this. You see I'm a late bloomer into this subject matter. I entertain courtship after I finished schooling. That is right after college. This is quite late for my generation. Because I have this notion that I will be having a boyfriend right after I graduated. And that I standby until I finished with flying colors. But when I was still in school there are also suitors who would woo me (gave love letters, flowers --there are no cellphones at that time). But I never gave in to their affections even if there were prospective applicants (wink,wink!). Anyway, during these courtship, I enjoy also the attention they've given me. It is indeed flattering that an opposite sex likened my beauty and appreciates my being me. In this stage, it gives me an inspiration also to take care of myself specifically my physical looks. Although the most important thing is what lies in one's being, one's personality.

My first dating experience is with my husband some ten years ago. He is my first and last boyfriend. But during my first date, we never dined just the two of us. We have a chaperon. She was the one who introduced us. Anyway, it was awkward since I'm not used to dating with an opposite sex. But the dinner went just fine.

Dating and courtship is fun and exciting since you've got to know well each other. It's also a way of knowing the opposite sex. As the saying goes, "Women are from Venus and men are from Mars."

Monday, 12 March 2012

Picnic weekend

Seriously, it will be my first picnic event ever! I am excited because this weekend will be a long weekend for Davao City residents. This Friday, March 16, marks our 75th "Araw Ng Dabaw" celebration. The city will be festive and a lot of activities are in-stored for locals and visitors alike.

Anyway, some of my office-mates are planning for a picnic activity in their new house since they are newly weds. I am sure this will be exciting because for me picnics are being one with the environment, staying under the sun and sharing food and exchanging stories with your companions. There is nothing more exciting that being with the company of friends. Since we are planning to have potluck,  I am thinking of what food to bring. It will be a mid afternoon party and I want a food to bring that fits the event. What do you think will I bring? Please help me made up my mind.

Have a Blessed week ahead!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Find the Hidden Message in The Picture

Find the Hidden Message in The Picture

Remembering my Lola Juaning

March 9 marks the 3rd death anniversary of my dearest "lola" (a Filipino term which means grandmother). Lola "Juans" as she is fondly called by us is ever lively and loves being in the crowd. Every time there is a family outing or just going in the downtown area, she is always prepared and as if she'll bring the whole house. She has lots of plastics inside her bag and her bag is very heavy. She brings two bags with her all the time. I remember my Lola to always have a candy "White Rabbit" in her bag. And when we where still kids, we would rummage her bag for it. I also remember her as being close to her "Apo's" ( a Filipino term meaning grandchildren). She loves it when every weekend we gather together in their house with my other cousins. I have 16 cousins and we have a very close age gap. So imagine when we where still kids, we are the life in the crowd. My lola loves kids and she is happy just to be around with us. She also has a vivid and clear sense of hearing. My Lola has a sharp hearing sense. Even if we talked in almost a whispering voice, she just hear it! Whoa! What a talent she has.

I missed her during my wedding in 2010 because when my sister and 2 cousins got married in 2008, my Lola is still alive. Her presence was never there. But I know she was there and is happy looking from above. Now that she's not with us anymore, she still has a strong presence in us. And that because, she and my "Lolo" (a Filipino term which means grandfather) who is now 92 years old and is very much active and still manages in taking care his ducks and chickens in his backyard, lives just at the back of my parents' house. Twice a month since her death, we and my relatives visits her in the memorial park. Bad thing that when I got married and have a child, I occasionally come to visit her for how many months now...(guilty mode!).

Lola Juans, you'll always be a part of us. I know you're looking at us and every time my Baby Mariella is smiling at nobody, I know that you are playing with her and protecting her all the time. I love you, Lola! (teary-eyed mode;)

(to post a picture of her soon in my tribute to my dearest Lola Juaning)

Friday, 9 March 2012

A New Blessing on the way

This is it! I finally knew what that revelation I've been waiting for. This is the result by the way of my previous post: "Check-up". I will be a new mother again. I am an expectant mom for the second time around! I have mixed emotions. I cannot believe that I'm seeing a new life again while watching the monitor in the ultrasound room. I can see the heartbeat and the size looks like a bean. This is unexpected and just couldn't help but smile in the sight of it. This time around I am not feeling normal in my first trimester. Unlike in my first, I don't feel and experience morning sickness or choosy in my food intake. By the way, it's a girl in my first. But now, I'm feeling sick minus the morning sickness. I have flu and always not feeling okay. I have dry cough that is very bothersome and I am choosy of what I eat and oily foods makes me want to vomit. If I think of something I want to eat, I take it but in the middle of eating I don't want to finish it. This is it! This is what it calls "lihi" in Filipino term.

I just hope I will be able to get it through and to take care of myself more. My office-mate told me that I look haggard. Oh no! I told myself that I should look presentable and pleasant especially during pregnancy. I have to stay in shape because in this point, pregnant women are prone to be more sensitive and lose track of their beauty regimens.I am 8 weeks and 5 days on the way, so I still have a long way to go. God bless me!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

My Mom-Friday: Foodie Friday: Irene's Quezo de Bola Cheesecake

My Mom-Friday: Foodie Friday: Irene's Quezo de Bola Cheesecake

Facebook vs. Blogger

For many years now, computer addicts have been glued to their monitors because of the so-called Facebook. But before that, there is Friendster. I don't know if it's still existing but what I know is that these websites help track long lost friends and acquaintances. It's a good thing that these websites have been made to solve lost communication and now it has been used to market business opportunities. It's nice to see old friends in their present lives and to keep in touch with them through the photos loaded in their respective accounts. I am not against these sites but the thing is that it became abused by many. In the workplace, it creates inefficiency and unproductiveness to a worker.

Now I discovered a more productive and inspiring way of creating journal and meeting new friends online by way of Blogger. It not only keep in touch with friends or meet new ones, you can actually be paid online! It's a good tool too in practicing one's writing skills and a venue to just be yourself.

I love both sites because it's a leeway to keep in touch, communicate and be oneself.


Today I will have the biggest revelation of being a woman. For the past few days, I have been experiencing hard cough and urinary tract infection (UTI). I feel weak and sick. My doctor already gave me antibiotics and mucolytic syrup for my dry cough and UTI to take for a week. Taking too much water is not normal to me since I don't reach the 8-glasses-per-day intake. But I did and do the thing. For the past 4 days now, I think I am better today than yesterday. But still I have this persistent cough that is really a discomfort and bothersome to me. My boss will arrive today and I am worried that he will notice my cough that's still there. He already told me to take Berocca but I never took it. Afraid that I will be affecting something in my body, I will be seeing a doctor today to check my present condition and to conclude my intuition.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Davao City: Most Livable

Home is where my heart is. You see, I tried to be away in my native country for almost a year and I did miss everything. That is why I came back for good. The things that became so important to me when I was in Singapore was the not so big things that I didn't mind so much when I was still here in Davao. Little things like 'ginanggang' (grilled banana), sardines, 'bagoong' (salted fish drench in a mixture of salt, somewhat like that), 'champorado' (rice cooked with too much water and mixed with cocoa and sugar), 'bulad' (dried, salted fish), locally made junk foods (chippy and my all-time favorite, Clover chips). I never regretted coming back since because Davao today signals development. There are many malls and establishments not to mention infrastructure projects are ongoing even in the minor roads of the City, that are visible. Many tourists and even locals are enjoying the sights and places here in the City. A lot of hotels and condominiums are also built that made these backpackers come to Davao for more. Abreeza Mall (owners of Ayala Malls in Manila), SM Lanang, Savemore (SM) in Bangkal, the expansion of SM in Ecoland are some of the malls sprouting here. Boutique hotels are just everywhere so no need to worry where to sleep in Davao because we have a lot here. Soon to open Radisson Hotel in Lanang, a 5-star hotel and SMEX are in the same vicinity located in Lanang. Not only that, a lot of subdivisions are developed due to the ever growing population and migration of people. People who choose to come and live here will agree with me that this place is the cheapest. Seafoods, fruits are abundant here. That is why every March 16 (Araw Ng Dabaw) and every 3rd week of August (Kadayawan) we here celebrate the abundance of everything that Davao has. And to showcase to our fellow Filipinos and foreigners alike fruits are sold in every street and corner of the City. These are the best season to enjoy the cheapest fruits and everything!

Davao is no other place I want to be in. Unlike other urban cities, I feel like I'm enclosed in a small place because of the never ending development which causes pollution of all sorts. At least in Davao, if you don't want the hustle and bustle of the city, you can hie away in the beach (Samal Island) and in the South part where mountains are relaxing in just minutes away.

I feel blessed to be born and live here!! I HEART DAVAO CITY!!

Chinese medicine

For almost 2 weeks now, I have been suffering from gradual health breakdown. Feeling week because it started from colds then almost every night I feel feverish. After the colds, it went to dry cough and every sleeping time at night is a cough attack. I am worried because my daughter who sleeps beside me has been struck with cough and colds too. Good thing now my daughter has stopped coughing and no more flu too. But me, I'm still stuck with my dry cough. My office mate introduced me to a lozenge. It's a Chinese medicine that relives throat itchiness and it's also mentholated that it feels good when taken. It's available in SM Davao in a small stall named Century. Everything they sell are mostly Chinese medicines. But they also sell slim toning supplements.

The name by the way of the lozenge which I bought from the store is The Golden Throat lozenge. It contains 4 packs with 5 pieces candies in it. It's pretty cool 'cause it not only relieves sore throat it also takes bad breath away. I'm having it handy in case my throat starts to itch again. But unfortunately, I still have my dry cough which I don't know why it's still there. I am prescribed by my doctor with a mucolytic syrup but there's no major improvement yet. But my mom told me to take in ginger. I don't know how to do it or how it works. Now, do you? I hope I will get better in a few days time.

Caring For Our Skin...and Eyes Too!

Hello yah all!  After a very long hiatus, I am finally back!  I was stuck with laziness to write a post thus no updates here.  Though I have...