Friday, 11 May 2012

A Horror act of Parenting

As I opened my internet today, I saw a shocking and horrifying news at Yahoo! As a mother and having a child, this is a heart-breaking news that any mother could take. This video clip that was spread around the net got a lot of attention of netizens that would almost like to kill the mother who happens to abuse her child (click here to see the whole story). This baby of hers is very helpless and I would not dare to watch again the photos. It just pains my heart and pity the baby very much.

As a mother, I would not imagine this woman doing it to her own child. Spanking, pinching, pushing and kicking her own baby because the baby won't stop crying? Of course, it won't stop! She's hurting her baby more and to think her baby is crawling up to her and maybe asking for some pacifying act. But in return, she just pushed her baby. God! What the hell is this woman doing? She's totally out of her mind! I'm sorry for putting my emotions here. But I can't help to feel the sympathy towards the baby. I told my nanny always not to spank my daughter because they may actually follow it. When my baby shows her tantrums, I let her cry until she ends crying and that's the time I carry her and embrace her. I always talk to her even if I know she doesn't understand what I'm saying. What's important is I want to let my baby feel that Mama is not mad at her and I love her. My tight embrace and a kiss to her stops her crying. Babies are still fragile and delicate. Spanking and hurting them will just make things worst.


  1. I agree with you. Although spanking is ok if it's done in the right way, she was not doing it right at all!!

  2. Maybe she's just not ready to have a baby. But doing such nasty things to a baby is not a solution either. :(

  3. stupid mother ! ugh. i wanna kill her. tsk !
    i can't believe she did that.

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  5. My heart aches for this baby when I watch the video shared by my friend from FB. My hubby's right some woman are not designed to breed especially this woman. She has an animalistic attitude. Thanks God she's now in jail.

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