Friday, 30 August 2013

Suspicious Sign In: How Safe Are We?

How do you do my fellow bloggers? It's been a week now since I haven't posted anything here. I've got a big hangover over the many holidays August month brought. Anyways, to start up, just this morning when I opened my email account, I saw this 'no-reply' email from my email service provider. THERE'S SOMEONE TRYING TO HIJACK MY ACCOUNT! OMG! I wasn't afraid but just alarmed. Good heaven's that I made this account from them. The user's security and privacy is their main concern and priority. I was just saved from any malicious crawler trying to check something from my account...hmmmm..... But nevertheless, even if that person got in my account, he/she can't find something in there. You know it's pretty safe when you have a couple of email accounts in order to prevent it from somebody trying to access it. I have more than 2 email accounts. I have email accounts which I can freely give or publicize (I'm a blogger) and not worry too much when somebody tries to access it. I have also for those I use for confidential matters. And it's important too that you change/reset your password from time to time like changing toothbrush. You can never tell. There are really people who are privy to someone else's property... tsk, tsk, tsk...

 photo IMG_20130830_102352_zps7fdfc536.jpg
If you can't view clearly the details of the sign-in attempt, it's this:
Date: Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013  3:35:05 PM UTC
IP address:
Location: Shenyang, Liaoning, China

My high school friend told me something like 'coordinates' which he gave that I couldn't understand. Maybe computer experts might know this... 41(degree sign) 47'32"N  123(degree sign) 25'58"E  (+/-) 10 ft... According to him I would determine who hacked me and to which location. He told me it belongs to China Telecom. And what business do I have to do with that company?! I guess it could also be, that person hacked that account to be able to get access on my email so that I couldn't trace him/her. Sounds interesting huh! Well, the power of technology is limitless. And now I know how it feels to be stripped off and invaded my privacy. Oh well, I hope it won't get back on him/her. We'll see...

Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Controversial Pork Barrel Fund

Much has been said and spilled out. A lot of versions came out that kind of shaken and awaken me. I've heard it countless of times and I know what's it all about. But what came into my curious mind is why it is termed as 'Pork' Barrel? According to Wikipedia, and I quote, "is the appropriation of government spending for localized projects secured solely or primarily to bring money to a representative's district. The usage originated in American English.[1]." Further, the term pork barrel politics usually refers to spending which is intended to benefit constituents of a politician in return for their political support, either in the form of campaign contributions or votes. In the popular 1863 story "The Children of the Public", Edward Everett Hale used the term pork barrel as a homely metaphor for any form of public spending to the citizenry.[3] ... More generally, a barrel of salt pork was a common larder item in 19th century households, and could be used as a measure of the family's financial well-being.

That being said, I thought it's a Filipino term knowing Filipinos could easily make a joke on something controversial and illegal pertaining to government funds. With the questionable spending and distribution of government funds to the 'wrong' projects, I thought that's why it's coined after malababoy na ugali (like animalistic attitude). But metaphorically, it is somewhat kind of related to what's happening in our government scenario. In my own opinion, there is nothing wrong having Pork Barrel funds. The problem really is how it's used and spent and the manner it's allocated. What's saddening is the politicians whom we put into the government office are the ones making use the big portion of money that's hardly earned by each Filipino worker. That government tax that is slashed from every minimal salary of an ordinary Filipino worker is worth every cent in the ordinary Filipino family. I don't know what happened to this literate, over-educated and over-accomplished politicians that the basic rule, 'DO NOT STEAL' is not understood or just overlooked. This is one of the basic rule our CREATOR has taught us. Why their greediness over power their intention to 'serve' where in fact, they should be our servant and not the other way around. As a matter of fact, it should be their way of expressing their 'utang na loob' to us because if not for our vote, they wouldn't enjoy the privileges they are getting now. I'm NOT a kind of person who doesn't say a piece about government issues and stuff. But for this particular topic, I'd like to burst out my disappointment, disgust and protest to the same old government system and ideals that we're used to have. If not, I'll regret it that I haven't stand for the majority of Filipinos who are clamoring for justice. Shame on you DIRTY and TRADITIONAL POLITICIANS! I salute these whistle blowers who in one way or another have a little bit of dignity and integrity and a lot of courage and conscience (where these politicos don't have I bet) to show not for themselves but for the entire Filipinos. It's time for change, a deep cleansing of our dirty politics. It's now or never folks. It's time to end this evil ways. It's not helping us as they keep on saying that we're on our way to development. Maybe it's them who are becoming richer and living a life too much of a comfort. Our nation will never ever reach the goal and vision we have aimed for this country nor a government that is corrupt-less. It's a far cry from where we are standing now. 'Tuwid na daan' (straight road)? I don't think so. Unless we act for ourselves and NOT to leave it alone to this politicos who are doing dirty tactics as long as they reign supreme in their positions. How rude and shameless these politicians are. They are living in luxury and lavish lives while the rest of the poor don't even have food or slippers to buy. 

I'm sorry for pouring out negative remarks here. I'd really like to share something that concerns us all. I thought I'm done with my sentiments in my post here. But last night, words are flowing in my head and that I want to address it more. I really feel for the majority of Filipinos who for a very long time are suffering from tainted truth and lies. Let us be one in heart, mind and soul that Filipinos are really worth dying for.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

'Maring' Hits Like No Other, Pork Barrel for the Rescue

It was my first time to see on television this morning the nightmare it brought Luzon area particularly Metro Manila and other nearby cities/provinces like Cavite and Laguna to name a few that was devastated by Tropical Storm 'Maring' that hit Philippine territory last Saturday, August 17. I didn't imagine that its destruction is massive and terrible again. Everyday in our household, our television is always tuned in to Dora the Explorer and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And there's no chance or way we could check the current events happening in the world. Anyway, as I Yahoo-ed and Google-ed today in the internet, there are countless of casualties (while some still not identified) from across regions in Luzon not only in Metro Manila as what I've seen this morning. I lost track of the previous typhoons that previously hit our country before this which is Labuyo in a span of less than a week leaving thousands homeless and families either separated or became casualties. I've seen it first with Ondoy, Sendong in Cagayan de Oro, Pablo in Davao Oriental and then now, Maring. And there's a new typhoon to enter by Wednesday or at most Friday as what I've read in the internet today. I hope it will not be disastrous like Maring (God forbids) or it may swerve to somewhere else and spare us another life threatening event.

 It's never been the same and we, still haven't learned from the past tragedies. It all boils down to destruction of our Mother Nature, our environment. Well, it's not that we took hold of the weather situation or disturbance but if only we try to protect our environment, the aftermath of this so called weather calamities would not have gone this far. If only there's no illegal logging, trees could have protect us from ranging water current or it could have hold the roots that will cause flash floods and landslides. If only there's a proper drainage/sewerage system that will hold the water from spilling in our areas. If only we have learned to recycle, reuse our garbage and put it in proper disposal and use, then we could have save thousands and millions of lives. If only our government officials could have make a good projects like proper drainage system, recycling methods and environmental issues, then maybe it will make a big difference. As corruption in the government tends to blow out once AGAIN, maybe its high time that these government officials stand up not for themselves but for our country. Use our money through the government taxes we are paying through projects that we will enjoy not just now but for the next Filipino generations and not only YOU benefiting from it. After all, we've seen and read those whistle blowers who courageously spilled out detail by detail on how this IDIOT government lawmakers and the governing body abuse its power, even if their lives are at stake. As what my hubby told me, even if it already came out in the open, corruption cannot be completely abolished because they are also the people who will decide to let go or remain the 'Pork Barrel' (anak ng baboy!). The biggest feat for us Filipinos will be to let these corrupt officials surrender against all odds. That we need to pray harder and a miracle to happen. It is not easy for these whistle blowers to speak up for it means their lives and that of their family is in danger. To those who benefited a lot on this 'Pork Barrel' thing, may God be with you. If for this lifetime you enjoy to the fullest, then expect for the worst when you're called up. Good luck na lang sa inyo!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Kadayawan, a Celebration of Bountiful Harvest

Over the weekend, our beloved City of Davao celebrated the Kadayawan Festival. It is the celebration of thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest and abundance of flora and fauna our City has been blessed over the years. I am very proud and lucky that I lived here despite being tagged as "probinsya" (Province) by other developed cities in the country. Being tagged by it connotes a negative meaning and makes one a slow-paced region. But truly, I have experienced both worlds here in our humble yet abundant city amidst 'other' putting it down . I can experience a laid-back atmosphere if I want to distress, unwind and relax my spirit and mind. And immediately, if I wanna have a good and fun adventure, I can still do that. If I wanna shop for most coveted material things I can have it here too! Most of all, if I want to have good, excellent and affordable food, great company, secure and safe place, this is the place you would want to be in.

My hubby has a tribal blood. His ethnicity is Bagobo. He has 50% of it. He told me the story about Kadayawan. It originated way back in the 70's and was originally ApoDuWaling Festival. It means Mt. Apo (tallest volcano in the Philippines), Durian (popular fruit) and Waling-Waling (a rare kind of flora, an orchid which we are known to have). These 3 paved way to abundance in our land because of richness and the culture we have. And because of the various tribal ethnicities, its beliefs and culture, the abundance of the flora and fauna in our region remains to be the best of the country and the world. Davao is known to be and still up to know the Land of Promise. It is the fruit basket of the country and I say we are rich of everything of natural resources and a promise of a future to the next generation.

Recently, Davao City is ranked as the 4th safest city in the whole world. That's something to be proud of. With all the developments here and there, we are in competitive enough yet we still preserve the richness and bounty our Davao ancestors started. Long live Davaoeños! Congratulations for it's successful celebration amidst bomb scare and threats. It's a successful, commendable celebration.

The Beauty of Home Care

I love interior design. That is a fact. Why I emphasize its factualness because I'm proud to be one of those few people who appreciate the beauty of home and design and make it a way of living and as a profession. I mean its a rarity when one says I want to be an Interior designer when I finish schooling or when I grow up. Ever since my high school days, I am passionate about beautifying our home and rearranging our furnitures to come up old pieces into a 'not-boring' state. Yes. Having your furnitures re-arranged once in a while gives a new feel and vibe in a space and the furniture itself. It gives an old piece a feel good view once it is positioned on a location where it was once dull. Anyhow, one great home decorating idea and piece I love is sprucing up the space with a carpet. It is a good alternative to giving your space a different angle of elegance and simplicity alongside with wall frames. I find putting knick knacks too chaotic because it may tend to crowd in the place. Having carpet/s in your home makes it homey and vibrant too that is why there's no need to put many decorative pieces that will just collect dust and a lot of time cleaning it.

Speaking of cleaning, this is also the advantage of having carpet as it already beautify ones living space where it can be the focal point to any area of your home. It gives a statement already to an abode as there are a lot of carpet designs and variety to choose from in the market today. No need for putting too much of figurines, vases and stuff. Having such pieces will only give you a lot of time cleaning miniature ones. Like me, I have one carpet and that's the only thing I give my whole time when cleaning my room. I bought it in a thrift shop. I don't know what kind of carpet it is but it gives my room a different good feel. Since it's a light weight carpet, I clean it with warm water and a mild soap then hung it dry. I don't know about heavy duty ones on how to care for it especially those rugs and carpets that of high quality and value like Persian rugs. Those that are made of Wool and Silk I guess has a proper way of restoring and laundering that will still preserve its quality over the years. Then leave it to the experts to prevent and diminish wear and tear easily. They would know how to extend your rugs and carpets shelf life longer especially if its torn and needs repair. Get more info here.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Going Beyond Your Limits

I'm known by many as a sweet, demure, introvert, home-buddy, almost a kill-joy, not breaking rules, obedient, dependent, (almost) sinless, soft-spoken, peaceful lady. With all the characteristics I've mentioned, I can be qualified for being a nun. I'm the shy type of person and I can stay inside the house most of the time. I'm no party-goer and night life is not my cup of tea. In short, I'm a late bloomer. I've never had a boyfriend during my entire school days. A lot attempted but I didn't entertained. Yes, and I'm not bragging because it is true. In my elementary days, some high school guys show interest on me but I find it awkward. I remembered one guy said, through my teacher then, he'd wait for me when I'm at age. Until I reached high school, there were college guys who courted me even a lesbian. I appreciated all these people giving me so much special attention. In my yearbook, I was tagged as the Helen of Troy. That's nice to hear huh! But I was not going beyond my principle then because it's my choice. I'm always at the safe side. I'm not a risk-taker because I know the consequence of it. I know that if I'd fall hard, my studies would be at stake. I so respect my parents, though they do not enforce. There were things I would like to try then but I put some limitations to myself. It's not about depriving myself but just staying away from possible addiction.

Yes. There were some things I regret not doing but in the long run I told myself it's better late than never. In my own time, I can enjoy it and at my own pace and not because everybody is doing it. I've proven myself right that other's fun and happiness may not be applicable to mine. Yes, I do go out with friends for fun and catch up once in a while but not as often as other people like my age. I'm not a bore as what you are picturing me now. It's just I'm settled and preferred staying at home rearranging stuff in the house. But I've grown and changed now but not totally. I try doing stuff that I think it's time for me to experience. I told yah I'm a late bloomer.

As I began to explore the life ahead of me after graduating from college, I was determined enough to know what is going beyond ones limitations. It's not about doing this and there without thinking its pros and cons. But needless to say, I'm quite confident that whatever happens it's for my own growth.  I'm making my own niche in the society. One of the biggest decision I made so far is going to a foreign land where I don't no anyone. It was a test for myself on how I far I could go, that I can be independent away from my parents' shadow, to learn things by myself and be able to stand up for my decisions. It was a complete turn around. And I never ever regretted doing that because I feel free, independent and somewhat accomplished.

The ones young naive lady is now stronger and can break a heart, hurt and can say the darnest things, do some things that before I try to not risk. It's the only way to learn life. Of course, it's not that I mean it. But there are some things that you know that it's worth trying and some would not like it. I'm just living my life the way I want it to be.

Good vibes. Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Baguio, the City of Pines: After a Decade

For the longest time, I've been yearning to come back in the coolest place in the Philippines, Baguio. I'm wondering how's it like today. I can vividly remember the sweet and dusky smell of pine trees that welcomes us, of the hushing cold wind that blows right on my face and the fireplace in every house. I want to experience again walking around the city without worrying of sweat and air pollution that stinks in my face, body and clothes. Whilst, sporting a covered and cozy attire like you're outside the Philippines. It's great to try out the unusual stuff right?

The City of Baguio  (Ilokano: Ciudad ti Baguio; Filipino: Lungsod ng Baguio; Pangasinan: Ciudad na Baguio, according to Wikipedia) is the go-to destination during the summer season here in the Philippines (usually falls on the early months of the year). It was designated by the Philippine Commission as the Summer Capital of the Philippines on June 1903 due to its cool climate and high elevation with temperature at around 8 degrees Celsius with an average temperature ranging from 15 to 23 degrees Celsius. Apart from the cold temperature, strolling around the place where everywhere you have a view of pine trees that relaxes oneself. I feel fresh and sweet. What's great is you can never see establishments and houses that has air conditioner as well as taxi cabs. You can't see one in there. Lest a fire place is a staple in every household. Cool noh? And energy saver too!

Some of its known and long-time tourist attraction when in there is the Mansion, The Burnham Park, the Mines View Park, Camp John Hay among others. The Session Road is where all the buzz is happening. It's the center of trade and life of the city. I love their thrift shops (the ukay-ukay), their strawberry and ube jam, their flavorful cornicks (dried corn bits), their hand woven handicrafts are some my the favorite stuff and memories in Baguio.

Maybe now they have a lot of tourist destinations. I'm excited for our planned vacation with hubby. We're thinking too of bringing our 2 year old daughter along. It will be her first airplane ride. I wonder what will be her reaction. I bet she'll have a good time as well as my husband. He has never set his foot there so I suggest that we should proceed to Baguio instead. Hubby smiled with agreement. So off to Baguio soon! Any suggestions where to stroll and visit new attractions in there?

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Godiva, You Chase My Blues Away

What a good day to start the week. I love August because every week there's a one day off. Lots of holidays! And look what greeted me on a Monday morning. Chocolates!!! A belated birthday present from someone I admire and respect. Help me unravel and unmask the urgency of our senses, one by one...

 photo IMG_20130812_124224_zpscae02426.jpg

Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get. - Forrest Gump in "Forrest Gump" (1994) 

 photo IMG_20130812_124258_zps1203beba.jpg

 photo IMG_20130812_124538_zpscac6cc9d.jpg

 photo IMG_20130812_124551_zps80373456.jpg

It's hard for a reader to just plainly look at the food in a photo noh? I've encountered a lot of food bloggers and every time I see food they blog about, it makes me drool, hungry and craving for it. I detest (in a good way) them for making me envious of their journey towards paradise without me around. Gosh! I hope you won't hate me as much I hate (in a good way too) food bloggers (tee hee) feeding my eyes with so much. Well, it's not their fault! I just wanna be glued and be satisfied by merely imagining it is mine.

I have a love-and-hate relationship with chocolates. I love them for being so sinfully delicious and I can't stop and can't say no. I hate them for having too much of you can cause a lot of negative side effects on me. Oh! whatever! I'm in love with you.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Fiba FIlipinas, Almost!

The intensity of the game, the solidarity, the "Puso" (Heart in English) showed by the Team "Gilas" Philippines had got me on my feet  for 3 days until last night. My Facebook feed from my friends a few days back, I just brushed it off until last night. But because basketball game is not my cup of tea, and because my hubby can't stop talking and raving about it then I caved in and watched the finals with him last night. The spirit is indeed contagious and I feel patriotic for that moment when our very own, Team Philippines, proved they have everything in their hands. It was an overwhelming feeling when you are representing for the majority apart from their own selves. It was a joyous celebration for the entire nation even if we got the Silver place. Not bad at all. The last time that the Philippines represent for the World FIBA Basketball Cup was about 40 years ago in the season of Freddie Webb and other notable players at that time. So after many years, it's time indeed to cheer up and be merry. It was a momentous event and I think that our Team "Gilas'  has the edge and should have won. But it's not meant to be. But what's important is they qualify to represent our country and play for the World FIBA Cup to be held in Spain next year.

Let's be hopeful and wishing for another miracle to happen. Long live Team 'Gilas' Philippines! Let the  power shine through.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

On Backyard Harvest: Part 2

On my previous post here, I was able to share to you our plant garden that was able to bear its fruits. The cucumber plant which I took photos of, we already harvested a number of times. The photo below is one of the many cucumbers we already harvested. We are amazed and delighted as to the hugeness of the cucumber. Our neighbors are happy too seeing how big the cucumber is. Some are asking for its seeds so that they can plant it in their own backyard. We also gave them some of our harvested fruits.

 photo IMG_20130808_063312_zps70b71fa4.jpg

 photo IMG_20130808_063334_zps411e850b.jpg
Look at how big the cucumber is. I put it beside our oven toaster for your
better view of how huge it is.

 photo IMG_20130808_063504_zps8c465eb5.jpg
This is our tomato plant which we thought there's no chance of bearing a fruit.

Our tomato plant is revived by my husband since we thought it won't bear fruits anymore. It became dry and wilted. I don't know how my husband did it and it bear a number of fruits now. He's the greenest thumb I've ever met. So lucky to have him (hehehe). So far, we've been enjoying (a lot!) the fruits of our plant garden.  Thank you God for the bountiful harvest!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Rejoice and Remain Hopeful, our Nurses!

I read a column from yesterday's local newspaper about our nurses to get higher pay. Hooray and finally it got noticed. 

 photo IMG_20130808_141507_zps2240f871.jpg

Honestly, our nurses are underpaid and over worked here in our country. I know it's their duty of service that comes along with their profession. But suffice to say, they are not well compensated even fairly. I'd say that the population of nurses here in our country varies unpredictably. Unpredictable in the sense that its overpopulation would mean there's no available hospitals or health-related centers that will cater to their service because of no work available or no vacancies thus many are unemployed. Underpopulation in the sense that the highly skilled and qualified nurses are going abroad for a better pay and finding jobs that are not available here in the Philippines thus making our hospitals running out of quality service nurses and they are much needed as to the growing demand of patients. I know, a lot of nurses will be glad on this proposed bill that is brought back for passing. Being away from their loved ones is the last resort our nurses would do in order to proved for their families. It is a big sacrifice an OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) can do just to make a beautiful future for their own family. With this great news, a lot of nurses who just settled here on our country will be given jobs and better opportunities for a decent living. 

I hope this will not be passed out once again. It's about time that these said workforce be given of what is due for them. P-Noy, I hope this will not be a promise that will again be drained somewhere else. 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My Solid Ground

Recently, I'm feeling down and a lot of things wander in my mind. I'd like to shake it off in my head and hoping by doing that, it would take away all the worries in an instant. But that would be impossible. And why not? Again, I have to tell myself, why do I have to settle on what's not making me happy? Why not think of happy thoughts and positive notes instead? Silly me (tee hee).

Why worry when I have these...

 photo IMG_20130606_204105_zps2e3a9d1c.jpg photo IMG_20130720_091355_zpsc7aac1cc.jpg
 photo IMG_20130720_162728-1_zpse2eb51dc.jpg photo IMG_20130807_065242_zpsc4e5f2a9.jpg
 photo IMG_20130722_102208_zps5591e299.jpg photo IMG_20130807_065429_zpsa2f48628.jpg
 photo IMG_20130807_060131_zpsc1b4a9f2.jpg photo IMG_20130807_060127_zps4aab066d.jpg

Waking up everyday seeing these bundle of joy and faces that warms and lightens up every corner of our home is pure joy, pure love, pure happiness and more. Even if chaos, screaming and shouting to the fullest, whether of laughter or of tantrum episodes, there's peace in my heart that we're one normal, sane, happy and loving family. That's what matters the most. When you became a mom and have a family of your own, you know what I'm saying. 

 photo IMG_20130803_154834_zpsc020514e.jpg
My sleeping tigress...
 photo IMG_20130727_142534_zps5312b96e.jpg
...and my sleeping lioness NOT in action.

This post is inspired by Mommy Frances of Topaz Mommy (though not the same topic). She said on her parting words and I quote... I tell my boys (my girls on my part), though they are still very young, that they don't have to be friends, they don't have to like the same things, they don't have to even like each other, but that they have to be there for each other, that they'll have each other's back, that they will watch out for each other. No matter what! And that's what having more than one child has done for me, too. I know my kids have each other. Vince and I will die one day. Our children won't be alone. It's a comfort to a parent's heart.

My hubby and I have built our foundation of love and commitment by seeing through the eyes of our children. That made us grounded and solid even more.

Forewarn: I am wary and seldom post photos of my kids for security and protection reasons. I just post if NEEDED in my topic. Not because there's a threat in our family or we're a celebrity for that matter. No, we're not that prominent. And because I'm into the blogosphere world and access to one's personal information is very easy peasy. There are idiots out there who are just plain crazy to use other else's property without restrictions to the extent of damaging one's being. Whoever uses the photos of my kids from this blog without permission, in any form that is damaging shall be LIABLE, legally and to our God Almighty. Bahala na si BAD KARMA sa inyo! You will reap what you sow.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Unbelievable Truth

What will you do if you have no money (literally speaking) on hand, in bank or those who you can run to whenever the need arise? Very grueling and tough huh! This is the biggest feat a man face in order to sustain for the remaining days until the next payday. Talking about survival of the fittest huh?! This is where your faith is challenged and so do you mental and intuitive ability. This is where your hope is tested and your personality is defined. This is where you can get to experience the phrase..."when you least expect it." Life has it's profound way of giving you a push and a pull of your whole being and make use of God's given ability in order to surpass life's challenges.

Just this morning, on our way to office, we saw again this mentally ill person roaming around the streets. It's his usual route because we always see him. Even if he's dirty, no bath and almost no cover on his body (except for his bottom), he still wears his big and genuine smile. I don't know why mentally ill person always smile. It's as if they don't have problems at all. I told my hubby even if he don't have any means of living, no money, no shelter and no family, he still survived. He don't have any qualms in life. He is the living proof that God works in mysterious ways. He too, like us, is blessed. Why and how? It's like he has faith. He never worries what and where to eat later or tomorrow. In our modern world, good Samaritans still do exists. I assume he is given food from people along the way. Because if not, he's dead by now. One time, we saw him strutting a new haircut. (Pogi na si kuya!) Whereas, us, who live a more decent and comfortable life compared to him has a lot of concerns and issues to take care of. We worry a lot. And my hubby told me, "In short, we are the ones making our lives complicated'. If we choose to live simply and according to our means, then we make our lives hassle and stress free. That's just it. Beautiful things in life are meant to be free.

I realize too that in times of hopelessness and nothingness, a good talk with your loved ones does take all worries away. It's a great bonding and reflection time not only for oneself but also for the both of you as a couple. My hubby always assure me that as long as we have each other and the kids, we're okay. I believe in him.

P.S. I equate nothingness to simplicity. Having nothing is not about empty-handed, it's just making lives as simple as it can be, less as possible. Talking about material things huh!?

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Thank You is an Understatement

Yesterday is payday. And I must admit, the feeling of excitement wears down gradually after you spend for the necessary things needed for the kids, the house, bills and other "necessary" obligations. The money you earned in 15 days is gone like a speed of light; like a bolt of thunder that strikes in a matter of seconds. Then no more. I make a BIG sigh. Most of the time, I just wish I have other source of income to make ends meet. I wish I have more. I whine calmly, felt weak and hopeless.

My hubby knows about my sentiments most of the time. I know he understands me because we are of the same boat. However, he is way more positive and hopeful than I am. Good thing he doesn't share the same feelings every time I vent out my side. He always tell me that we're still good no matter what, we have our two kids that brings profound joy every single day, we're healthy, we can think of ways in finding source of money and then money comes in even if it's borrowed, we're thankful that our parents are still alive and still able to help us in many ways when in dire need and so many reasons to be thankful about. I close my eyes, reflect and feel the many reasons my husband said about how lucky we still are. I felt a tinge of guilt swallowing me.

He relayed to me yesterday about his officemates' touching story. Her nephew was hospitalized due to an accident that needs to be operated because of fractured bones. Anyway, the story is not about them. It's a fellow patient that was also admitted in the same hospital. The patient I assume is still a kid. Her father is still young. I would presume that they do not have any means of living or if they have, money is insufficient. His kid do not have milk at that time. What the father did is he pawned his very own wedding ring just to buy milk for his child. That made my heart sank! My hubby told me that I should be thankful that we both have work and money comes in regularly. It's better that way even if it's not sufficient than to have nothing at all. I told him, we could also be like them if there are no good Samaritans who are willing to lend us. We are lucky still! My anxious feeling melt down after hearing that. I hugged my husband. I know that as the head of the family, he feels money is scarce too. But he diligently find ways to financially support us. I feel helpless every time he vents out his side naman. But he never runs out of hope. That's what I admire in him.

Overall, I thankfully praise God for all the blessings (of any form) He endows us. Saying "Thank you" is not enough. I feel it's not the exact word. I think it's more than that. This two words are overly used by people for the sake of saying it without feeling its essence. Genuine sincerity must come with it. "I know my Lord you know what's in my heart. It overflows with all the joy and good things that I have for you.  And that speaks of how grateful I am for giving me what I need and what I have in life. That's enough testament of how wonderful you made my life be."

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