Thursday, 22 March 2012

A Surprise Birthday and a Homecoming

Tomorrow, March 23, my mom will be turning 62. I am excited since we will be celebrating it which will surprise her. My sister had been talking lately for this occasion. And I hope she did not even have a hint that my brother and her wife will be home from London just for her birthday. This is the surprise. However, when I talked with my sister a while ago, my mom said she knew about the plan (I hope not of my brother's coming home). When my sister 'cross-examine' her about her knowledge on tomorrow's planned dinner at Chippen's, my mom was hesitant. She don't want to have a big party and spend. But my sister insisted that we should celebrate for her special day. All she have to do is to be present since we have prepared everything for it including the expense. She agreed in the end but with a condition that she don't want too many people. Or else, she will walk out..duh I hope not mom! Secretly, we invited her close sister and the husband and the family of my sister-in-law. Everybody don't know about their homecoming. I hope not even mom. I am very excited too to see my brother and her wife. Excited because  first when they moved to London, I was still pregnant with Mariella. But now that they are already playful and can walk, I would be happy to share with them the joy these two kids bring to us. (The other one by the way, Danna, is the daughter of my older sister).

I am looking forward for tomorrow!

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  1. I wish your mom a happy birthday. You and your siblings are sweet for surprising her with a birthday party. Have fun later today!


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