Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Blog got PR1

Yey! Finally my online diary got recognized today. For these past few days, I've been trying to check if my page rank got at least a 1. But it failed and even was invalid when I try to check it via page rank checker . And at least today when I tried to check again, I got a PR 1 today. I still have a long way to go since the highest is 10. Not too bad compared to last week with no rank at all. And here's another one, I check also my blog site if how it ranked in the top blog of the Philippines and from last week's 700++, I am now at 495 (as of writing time). Thanks to all my fellow bloggers who have been visiting my site religiously and even oftentimes. If not for your support, my site wouldn't have a face in the blogosphere.


  1. Congrats Cheekegirl for your PR! Keep it up and by the way I supported you too. :-)

  2. Happy to hear that yeheeeyyy..

    1. Thanks for your support Irish. always I'll be grateful


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