Monday, 22 September 2014

Four in a Row + 1 Free and more

I must have done something really good to have all the blessings poured out to me. Ever since, as I always say, I am not lucky joining in raffles, contests or giveaways. But I was hopeful. I do believe that there is a right time for everything. We'll never know. You can't have it today. But who knows what tomorrow may bring. And that is happening to me since I first won a raffle prize last December of 2011 and became full blown last year. Good things comes to those who patiently wait indeed. The past few weeks had been full of beautiful surprises. But for this post, I'll be sharing my happiness to you of how lucky I am to have won 3 blog giveaways in a just one week and another one came in this morning as I opened my email. 

For my first winning, I got this beautiful package of Pond's product line of BB creams. It's from the blog giveaway of Ms. Rowena Lei of Animetric's World as seen here. I am super overwhelmed because I am a Pond's user of their Age miracle day cream and their facial wash. I love how it makes my skin supple and glowing. As what I have said in my winning entry, that it gives radiance to my skin while it nourishes from within. I really love the effect in and on my skin. It really does a lot of wonders. Though I haven't tried yet their BB creams, for sure it will have the same effect on me.

 photo IMG_20140922_140329_zps84a2b3b8.jpg

 photo IMG_20140922_140533_zps71320659.jpg

 photo IMG_20140922_150124_zps2ae94861.jpg
The vanity mirror is a plus for me because the one that
I have in my desk gave way already and to think it's not mine.
I was guilty pa because it's my officemate mirror.

 photo IMG_20140922_141511_zps5894bb81.jpg
Okay, this one is a bonus winning I got from Ms. Lei herself.
I can't be more happier. I've been longing to buy K-Palette.
And now I have it for free. No sweat for me and my pocket!

These stuff are silently adding up to my wish list including the second winning I got from a doctor blogger (which i will have a separate post on), 2 food giveaways in which I won a cake (which I was disqualified because I'm not a resident of Metro Manila) and a perishable food (which I was still negotiating or requesting the host that I'll be able to get it on November pa) and the free one was a bag of Unilever products from a kind hearted person. All of them came in just in time and even more than I ever expected. Even if I didn't get the cake prize but still I am thankful that I was chosen as the lucky winner. Maybe a more qualified person needs that more than I needed it. I am still crossing fingers and hoping for more winnings in blogs and non-blog giveaways in the future. I hope this would not jinx everything but will put on good vibes all the more.

So to you dear readers, I will encourage you to join in blog giveaways. Who knows, your time will come.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Watch What You Eat

Recently, I've been hearing news of people who had experienced mild stroke; people that I knew personally and to my shock, a young celebrity who was hospitalized due to mild stroke (Paolo Ballesteros. Familiar? he even IG'ed it.). Another case is instant death which I blogged about it here. Their case perhaps are not known to them maybe because of complacency and denial. Most of us has the tendency to shrug off strange feeling in our body since it is still bearable that's why the thought of medical check-up is out of consideration. It is scary and worrisome that people who experience this kind of illness are getting it at a young age nowadays.

Just today, I experienced a 'tired' body feeling especially in the nape part and a few days ago my head aches. Though it is bearable since the past few days I am sleep-deprived. I knew I am tired that's why my head and body aches. It happens when I can't sleep at least straight 6 hours at night. Or if I tend to stress myself thinking on something that bugs me. Who does not eh? Every time I feel this, I sort to full body massage which relieves me after. High blood pressure did not come to mind since I am not hypertensive and we have annual medical examination offered in our office where I am employed. Every year results are okay and no need for me to worry. Though I always have findings in my urine since I have history in UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). It is not that alarming though but I am advised to drink 'healthy' fluids more.

I just thought of submitting myself to check my blood pressure this morning from our stationed office nurse. Lo and behold! First time my blood pressure read as 130/90. Who can't be alarmed with that?! The second reading after lunch, it rose to 140/90. Without second thoughts, I went to an IM (Internal Medicine) specialist immediately. When the doctor took my blood pressure reading, it rose to 150/90. Honestly, when I first knew of my initial reading, it scared and worried me already. My office mate nurse told me to just relax and for me not to worry because all the more it will trigger high BP reading. The doctor told me to have a complete rest/sleep, to not stress too much (which I am guilty of), avoid eating oily and salty food. He added too that too much exposure in front of the computer can also trigger high blood pressure. I haven't asked why but maybe because I told him I felt a bit my-world-is-spinning (in Filipino, hilo... ano nga ba yan in English?).

So there, I must change my daily routine like add up exercise and eating fish, vegetables and fruits more. Though pork for me I can easily get away with it since I can live without it. Lechon doesn't make me crave for it. So I may get rid of it for a while until I'm back in a healthy state. Let's stay fit, healthy in mind and body folks!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Now That You're Gone

I received a phone call yesterday that took me seconds to digest on it. A heartbreaking news of a sudden loss of a loved one. One of my close guy friend and classmate in high school lost his mother because of a sudden heart attack. The tragic death of her mom shocked me and is still unbelievable to me. This guyfriend of mine, we haven't seen each other for 18 long years. The last time we saw each other was at our high school graduation. Even though we still studied college in the same city, we had our respective circle of friends in our college years and time didn't permit us to meet once in a while. Two years after graduating from college, he flew to United Kingdom and worked there as a nurse. Even though for that span of time he comes home for a vacation here but I don't know why we could not meet. Thankfully, through the efforts of one of our classmate, we were able to meet just last week. It was a Thursday. It feels like nothing has changed and it feels good to be reunited.

His name is Jon. He's an only child. He lost his father a couple of years ago. I got to catch up with him during our meeting: his life alone in England. It's good to know how he has become a responsible son and a family to his relatives. I so admire him with all the accomplishments he had made for himself and for his relatives. Such a genuine heart at that. He always want to give the best for his mother. He said the only family he has right now is his mom. I felt a bit of guilt because I asked him a question pertaining to her long term plans whether to stay in UK for good or settle here. If not for his mom, there's no reason for him to get back here, he said. Maybe for a vacation just to reminisce the country where he grew up from. Then I shoot a question, what if your mom will be gone? Then he just shrugged. Then 3 days after that meeting, that question became a reality. I should have not asked that. Parang 'usog'? I felt weird and sorry.

It dawned to me again that in whatever way, God has its way of ending our lives in the right time and place. Who would have thought about dying when at that moment you are on for a great vacation with your mother? All plans are ready to be fulfilled. You are already in the pre-departure area ready to board the plane who'd bring you to your destination. You know your mom is in good shape and fit to do fun-filled activities. And then all of a sudden, it comes to a full stop. With Jon's mom, the unusual more than a month vacation that he spent here in the Philippines that should have been the usual 3-week vacation only gave more time of him and his mom to bond and be together. But it's such a bitter ending. Seeing your loved one pass away in your own eyes and feeling the pain she is undergoing, those seconds are like hours full of agony and hell. You wish that that moment will finally end and can easily be mended. You wish that everything will be okay but damn not. 

Right now, I just want to hug my friend really tight. I know he is not okay. I wish him to be but I know how it feels to have lost a loved one. I wish that hug could take away a bit of pain he is now feeling. But I know it is not too soon. I worry about him a lot. I feel so sorry for his loss. To you my friend Jon, I really wish you well and peace. I know it's hard because your mom is in good condition. You wouldn't expect that this all happen in a flash. But it happened. I pray for strength, for hope and comfort in this trying times. Just keep in mind and heart that God has reasons and that we should trust on that purpose for what happened. Cheng said, everything is in perfect timing. I guess it is. 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Happy Grandparents Day!

Now that I am a mother of two, I am very fortunate and privileged to have parents that are very supportive and stand as second parents to my daughters who truly loves them back. They never fail to take care of us siblings, up until we are parents of our own kids. They are always willing to make their time available for our children when we needed somebody to look after them. Every time I asked them this, I always feel ashamed or hesitant because I know how it is tiring to take care of two hyperactive girls considering my parents are in their senior years. But still they are not mindful of it and is very willing to 'parent' them.

My friends say that I am lucky to have my parents around (and even parents-in-law). I thank God for the gift of life and health He bestowed upon them. But because of age, there are still issues with health, but I am thankful that it is not dreadful and is very much manageable with God's grace. Both mothers and fathers that I have right now, I won't have it in any other way. They are the very supportive, generous and the most envied parents anyone could ever ask for. And as they say, I am the lucky one. But I say, our children are the luckiest because they have plenty of parents who love them even more. 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Smart Gilas Pilipinas #BasketballWorldCup2014

All eyes now are glued in the Basketball World Cup which is being held in Spain as our Team #GilasPilipinas is playing. Showing notable, unforgettable and almost-winning 3 straight games against the top 5 leading basketball teams in the whole world, namely: Croatia, Greece and Argentina, it marked tremendously in the history of Philippine basketball and that of the whole basketball world that the current 34th in rank will be making headlines even if they didn't end up victorious. What makes #Gilas stand out from the rest of the team is the spirit, dedication and heart #Puso they have put in the game. Watching those games again and again, I felt goosebumps and can't help but be proud of and with them. Being a non-sport fanatic, victory of this sort is not appealing to me. The rush and intensity that comes with it is too manly for me. But the moment I joined my husband to his delight and interest watching and staying in tune of the games, I felt a sense of pride and honor to my fellow Filipinos. Bringing back the bacon is another thing but being able to represent the country, making a remarkable place in each and everyone's heart and mind is more than anyone could wish for.

Last night, our Team, #Gilas played against the Argentina was a never-say-die game. The score 85-81 is a no nonsense game. My hubby was extremely 'into' the game at early morning around 12:30. At first quarter, it's already intense leading the #Gilas by 7 points and no score for the Argentines yet. What made it even more thrilling and jaw-dropping is the moves of Norwood over Scola. See clip below: 

Judging by the voice-over of Philippine commentators, it's such a remarkable move that even International sports journalists and enthusiasts made social media in raving party. See more of here. Reading on to these very positive and encouraging words from foreign bodies, it makes me twice to thrice proud of being a Filipino that a lot have looked down upon. So what makes us stand out from the rest of the world? Filipinos do things from the heart #Puso. Being passionate in everything we do and never gives up easily especially if it is for the country and family. Long live, Philippines! #pusongpinoy

Monday, 1 September 2014

"Ber"-ry Excited for the Holiday Season

September steps in and for us Filipinos, the long holiday season and celebration countdown begins. Yesterday we went mall-ing with the family, and the National Bookstore branch in SM City Davao has displayed Christmas decors and trees already. As a child and up till now, the Christmas season always bring delight and cheer to my heart like a kid. It never fades. It always amazes me. Maybe because we had the best Christmas celebrations my parents and family had contributed in me. I will see to it that my kids will experience the same or more joy and excitement I had. More than the celebration, the material gifts, the sumptuous food, the abundance of everything, I'll make sure that they will know the spirit of what Christmas brings: The joy and love when shared with the loved ones, reuniting with so much laughter and merriment around not any material thing could ever replace. 

Right now, I'm tuned in with Christmas songs playing in my computer here in the office. It feels so relaxing, pampa good vibes and just to bring a smile on my face on a Monday morning. And so I greet you Merry Christmas everyone! #Mondaymantra #Christmasgreetings2014 #holidayseasonishere

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