Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Birthdays and Thanksgiving

This year I should say is the 2nd best birthday celebration I will not forget in my lifetime. The first is  my birthday celebration in year 2000 where I was surprised. My relatives from Manila carefully planned for my birthday bash. I almost broke in tears. That wasn't an extravagant one but knowing that they took the extra effort to prepare everything, that was so touching! And this year was incomparable too. I had 3 batches of birthday celebration all in my birth date! That was so tiring yet satisfied and happy at the same time. I had prepared lunch for my immediate family and some relatives, merienda time with my in-laws and dinner time with some officemates of my husband. That was tiring indeed but fulfilled. I give credits to my mother since she helped me all throughout my preparation.

With these celebrations, I thank the Lord for giving me another year of worthwhile experience and unending blessings. Blessings that I didn't ask yet He gave. Every day of my life, all I am wishing is good health for myself and my family and sustenance that I may live each day in greater glory of His name.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Firmoo: I won!

I won! Here's the proof. Finally, I had my first winning giveaway from my fellow blogger. Thank you Elilea for the sponsorship/opportunity (thanks to Firmoo too!) and for the random luck I got from your giveaway promo. When I opened my blog today, a Monday, I am totally surprised and at awe when I got the email notice from you. I can't believe it! Though I haven't completed the total number entries required but I gave my best to comply some of the requirements to the best of my ability. Actually, I never expected to win because I am never lucky with this kind of "pa-contest." But then, through Elilea's blog, I am driven to join more blog sponsorship giveaways. Thank you Pretzel! You've given me hope.

This is also a coincidence since my birthday is coming up in a week's time. Thank you Lord for answering my needs! I know that in many years, I deprived what is due to my health especially my eyes. Now that I have a pair of eyeglasses coming up (still waiting for Elilea's reply to my email confirmation and the possibility of Firmoo to contact me), I am very much excited to give myself, my eyes in exact, total relaxation and medication.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Talk about J.Co donuts: First "mouth" experience

I have been yearning to grab a bite on what's new in the "food"landia . After all the food trippings I see in this blogosphere (I really thank I'm part of this), it keeps me updated on what's the newest craze in this industry. I'm referring to the much talk about J.Co donuts.
Its history

Nice one!

Oops! because it's hand carried all the way from Manila.. pardon for the messy donuts. But even though it's like this, sure it's really tasty and the sweetness is just enough that it won't stuck up in one's throat.
I love the taste of some of it since I haven't eaten yet the rest of the donuts. But believe me, I can finish this in just one sitting of course with a friend. (Share-share style!) But for sure each and everyone has that distinctive taste that I'll surely love knowing that I have the sweetest tooth ever! I highly recommend it over the other pricey donuts because as I said the sweetness is very bearable and mild in the taste buds. Hope it would also be accessibly available here in Davao..soon! Calling J. C's..

For a better and deliciously looking images, visit their website at www.jcodonuts.com.ph.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Versatile Blogger (Part II)

Thada!! And here is my Top 15 Versatile Bloggers not in random order. I chose to not put it in order since I don't know who tops the most since everybody deserves to be in Top 1. Where in fact, it takes me days to ponder and jot down my Top 15 because everybody on the blogosphere deserves the versatility in blogging since each and everyone has its own unique pages that speaks of their own personality. But since Ate Balut just ask for Top 15, I had to make my own list. Pardon for those who are not in the following list, but those who are in my blogroll deserves in this list too. That's why I had you in my list because your site inspires me! 

And the Versatile Blogger Award goes to....

1. Balut on Balut Manila and Run! And Keep on Running
2. Joanne of My Open Notebook
3. Nikki of Askmewhats
4. Chloe of ChloeBelle's Nest and ACE'S
5. Irish of D' Explorer
6. Zenith in Heart of DNA Success
7. Mike of Explorer, First Time Networker, Jocy's World and The Researcher
8. Lester of Gateway to adventure
9. SMF of Life In Every Moment, The Blood Donor and The Flowergirl Artist
10. Shengy of Love Always, Shengy'sdelight and theLivingShed
11. Michael of The Pinoy Wanderer and Show Me Your Look Today
12. Blogger of The Pinay Wanderer (hey, what's your nick?)
13. Mai Flores of Budget Biyahera and Sinigang Junkie
14. Joanne of Joanne's Blog
15. Maxi of The Travelling Swe-Nay Foodie
16. Jenn of Tara! Let's Eat

And there you have it. I have Top 16 because they really deserve this award! I can't help it. Thank you to all of you!

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