Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Have you ever wondered why a child's smile and laughter is so natural, so spontaneous, so unpretentious and infectious? They seemed to tickle our overall senses once they smile and laugh. Why they know to smile or laugh of something where they don't even know what they are doing?  Usually we do and make odd faces just to make them laugh. Right? 

I just hope and wish that each and every one of us learns to practice a child-like manner because I believe we always have a child in us regardless of whatever age group we are.  The world could be a better place if we just know how to smile and laugh in whatever circumstance we are in.


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    1. thanks for dropping my site. have my support, thanks

  2. I agree that the world would be better if people were more like children. :)

    1. Hi Veron,

      thanks for the support. but could not open your site. why is that? hope to exchange links with you

  3. It's really true. It's so nice to be a child. Those innocent smiles are really captivating! Thanks for following.
    Followed u here, too. We can ex links. No problem.

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