Thursday, 3 December 2015

Christmas In Our House 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year again. December knocks so fast at our doorsteps and it's already here. So for this year, we decorated our home as we celebrate the spirit of Christmas looking like this...

 photo IMG_20151202_065600_zpsfvzxmwke.jpg
This Christmas tree is in its second year with us.
Since we have a small space, we put it on top of our side table.

This tree is not that heavy so not a problem that the table might give way.
Those stuff toys are already placed there and since we don't have
Christmas base cover, we used them to cover it. Nice idea too!

 photo IMG_20151202_065244_zps9lkfr4de.jpg
When we still don't have Christmas tree, this wreath garland is the focal point of my Christmas decoration at home. It's still a work in progress as some of my old Christmas balls were detached from its string. I might buy new balls or any decor that would fit in with the wreath.  I thought of this because of the minimal space that we have. I decorated it with lights, hanged balls or any Christmas decor that is usually put in a Christmas Tree. Since we have a lot of stuff toys, I make use of it as decors because if by keeping it, it would just accumulate dust.  

 photo IMG_20151202_065131_zps2xzjyes8.jpg photo IMG_20151202_065105_zpslgy7m80x.jpg
      I got these Christmas stockings from Watsons. It is priced at Php57.00 each.
      The Sales Lady told me it's marked down from the original price of Php99.00 each.
      I've been looking for the longest time a Christmas stocking that is of good quality
      and so happy to have finally saw one. I'm still planning to put letters on the green-
      colored space with names of my two kids for a more personalized look.

Most of my Christmas decorations this year are already used from previous Christmases. Only these two Christmas stockings and additional Christmas LED lights are my purchases for this year. My kids are happy with what I put up. After all, Christmas is for the children and for the kid-at-heart.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My Beauty Regimen Products and Olay Anti-Ageing 'Night' Cream

This is not a product review as I just bought this yesterday. But with Olay as the brand, you wouldn't doubt its quality and question its effectivity. I use different brand of beauty products as I don't stick to only one brand because I'm more particular to a certain product's effect on my skin and of course its affordability. I use Biore (the blue colored container) as my facial/daily moisturizer and sunscreen and Pond's facial wash and toner (the pink one). Now, if I want to splurge a bit on beauty products, I would buy The Body Shop's seaweed toner. It doesn't make my skin that oily. For face and body sunscreen, I love Daylong. It doesn't make my skin heavy and greasyI should've posted photos pala of the products I use in regular basis. Maybe next time if I happen to snap photos of them.

Anyway, one particular beauty product that I've been wanting to buy is a night cream. I haven't tried using it pa because for one it's a bit expensive. And I believe during sleep or at night, our skin renews or rejuvenates more faster that's why it's more effective to put night creams to help boost healthy looking skin. 

To my delight, I read somewhere that Olay will be having a Buy-1-Take-1 promo (27-30 November 2015 or until supplies last) of their night cream. Oh how my heart sang!

 photo DSC00038_zps7nrr1nyu.jpg
Bought this at Watson's. 

Good thing that I knew of this promo because when I asked the Sales attendant, she said that the promo was over. But I said, the promo is until today (which was yesterday by the way). Then she validated it in their cash register. Alleluia! It's still in promo. I'm happy that I was lucky to have availed this because I read in some sites that in Manila at Watsons it's always out of stock even if you visit their other branches. Some even commented maybe they are just holding it up and sell again when the regular price is back.

 photo DSC00040_zps21iqgouu.jpg

 photo DSC00042_zpstfx1mkha.jpg

 photo DSC00044_zpsfe4smpsi.jpg

 photo DSC00045_zps1ci3afck.jpg

At Php789.00 for two, not at all bad. I got a huge savings instead! Before, I wasn't mindful of buying and using beauty products. Good thing my mother is very much particular of using and applying skin products on herself that's why I was also enticed to do the same (but not as solid as my mama). I just use the basic stuff: cleanse (Pond's facial wash, the red one), tone (Pond's, the pink one/The Body Shop's seaweed toner), moisturize and use sunblock for protection (Biore Milk, the blue container/ Daylong). You may notice that I don't have Olay products in my basic regimen that's because it's a bit expensive for my budget. But given if I have extra money to buy their products, I wouldn't have second thoughts buying them.

In my 30's, I value the importance of taking care of my skin. I don't have a flawless and healthy skin that's why I have to make extra effort in taking good care of it. Good thing I am not a heavy user of make-up as I just groom my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and a lipstick. I don't even use face powder as Biore (my facial/daily moisturizer and sunscreen) gives my face a matte finish already and doesn't make my face shiny at all. That's my everyday make-up. Now if I want to further it more, I curl my eyelashes and put blush on. That's the farthest I can make for myself.

How about you? What's your daily beauty regimen and beauty products that you use? Share it too.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Our "New" Second-Hand Ride

I'm not a sporty person, though I'd love sana how to play tennis. Too much exposure to Mr. Sun discouraged me to engage on it. But I'm glad that at an early age I was so eager to learn and eventually know how to ride a bicycle. I learned on my own and those bruises that I got was all worth it. My uncle used to have a BMX bike when I was in grade school. Whenever he is not using it, I sneak into our tiny garage and practice until I get tired. I cannot remember when was the last time I rode in one. My eldest daughter kasi loves to have a bicycle maybe because she saw her friends in our neighborhood driving around with their own bicycles. Yung kind na like this...

 photo bike pink_zpsl5zcagpw.jpg
Mala- 'Lovers in Paris'. It's so dreamy, right? (Photo NOT mine)

My husband and I are actually planning to buy her a new bicycle because the old one is already too small for her. That now is the one my 3-year old girl is using. 

 photo IMG_20151118_193642_zpsxbom8d4j.jpg 

We scouted for it in malls but we are having second thoughts getting one because: (1) it's a bit expensive and (2) we cannot attest of its longevity. We then heard that buying in Japan surplus shops saves us a lot of money and we get more of our money's worth. Not to mention it's durability and quality-tested. So we check out some shops here in the city and found nga not only one but two bicycles. The second one is for me. I'm so happy I own one now even if it's pre-owned.

 photo IMG_20151119_055810_zpsefveber9.jpg
Here is my girl's bike. 
It's only Php1,800.00 and I tell you, it's so sturdy 
though there are a few scratches and minor dents noticed. 
But it's in a very good condition. 

Just a few flaws were there like the LED lights isn't working though we can just replace the defective bulb and it will light naThe other grip has a rip but the other one is still in good condition so we just leave it as it is. The plastic basket have only minimal cracks and dents and stains but it doesn't matter. There are also minor rusts seen but we can have it repainted and it's good as new. We just bought an extension tires (at Php300.00) at the back since she cannot balance yet with just a two-wheel. Before that there was a bicycle stand attached to it but it was removed to replace the extension tires.

We can really attest of its durability and quality because the bicycle itself is heavy. It's like I'm having lifts every time I carry it. The bell and brakes works perfectly. The seat cover is in nice condition (not dirty) and durable. The paint finish is totally fine. The height of the seat can be adjusted. I can even ride on it. 

 photo IMG_20151119_060447_zpsw6tkb99y.jpg

 photo IMG_20151119_060429_zps0uxasp9q.jpg
And now presenting to you my bicycle. 
Guys would you believe its worth is only Php1,800.00?! Sure steal!
But we got it for 2,500.00. Why? Everything is in superb condition 
and it's a reserved item. Meaning 'may nagmamay-ari na'. 
My husband haggled for it and wants it so badly for me.

He didn't mind paying for that amount because of the following reasons:

- the seat is leather, just a few (almost invisible) blemishes
- the LED lights, bell and brakes working perfectly fine
- there are just minor scratches, stains and rust
- almost no dents
- adjustable seat
- it has a lock/key attached to the back wheel that secures it and nobody can use it except me. Though I don't lock it so the nanny can use it to accompany my kids when biking around the village
- the paint finishes is fine (off white/chocolate color, yum!)
- the steel basket is love
- I love also that it has a bicycle stand

Overall, I love my Japan surplus/pre-owned bicycles we got. We saved a lot for the cost we bought given of the quality of the bikes. We can just have it groomed some other time if we really want that spunky/new feel of it. For the meantime, we love as it is. My hubby told me it's his Christmas gift to me. It doesn't matter if it's not new as long as I am loving it. He's planning to buy one for him and our youngest. And it'll be a family sport we'll be engaging in. How I love it! Thank you Lord for the blessing!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Heartbreaking Friday the 13th

Was it a mere coincidence or fated to happen? Last Friday, the 13th, shocked the whole world hours or days later. I don't want to believe in a Friday the 13th that it comes with a bad luck or something not nice will happen. After all it was a payday and many of us got already our partial pay bonus. That is not a bad luck after all, you think? This is what I saw in my Facebook newsfeed today...

 photo 12241252_516500178534032_6530210281957787096_n_zpswvl1dvxe.jpg

I was stunned to read that Japan and Mexico was struck by a magnitude 8 and 4.3 earthquake, respectively. Honestly, I wasn't really shock of Beirut and Baghdad's bombing attacks because for me, it is kind of a usual happening that I hear and see in news of places being part of the Middle East and Muslim areas because of this ISIS thing. Seeing and hearing these news every time in that side of the globe breaks my heart especially if affected people are family with children. Even the Muslim people condemn these kind of terrorist attacks. It's against the law of Islam and their Quran. But what terrifies me the most is it was a random and planned event that lead to Paris terrorist attack that led to hundreds of death and seriously injured. It is disturbing to hear these news because its target are public places were innocent people are put in danger. More so a lot of tourist flock in the City of Lights all year round. It is frightening that there's no safe place anymore even if you're in the compounds of your own home. Christmas time is already a few days away and it's saddening to note all of these chaos happening in our world when it should be excitement, hope and joy we feel as we wait for the holidays draws nearer. 

Here in our country, we experienced a magnitude of 4.0 quake in Davao City last Nov. 7, 2015 and it was said that it is possible that we'll be experiencing a 7.0M quake noting that their are new fault lines discovered. Yesterday's local newspaper wrote about recent bombings in Mindanao particularly in Kabacan, North Cotabato hurting 7 people including minors.

I wish for world peace and that people should be sensitive to others in order to have a loving and happy environment to live in. So much anger in one's heart makes a destructive world that we don't care anymore of others but only our own. I pray that God will touch these bad people's hearts and minds that they may see how cruelty they've caused. A change of heart and a total surrender to God will make a big difference. 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

McDonald's Happy Meal: Hello Kitty and Thomas and Friends

Hello mommies and girls out there! It's been a while after my last post. Been to a lot of busy stuff lately but I'm back to tell you about the latest of McDonald's Happy Meal. I got 2 hello Kitty toys for my little girls. I was ecstatic seeing these when I happen to pass by their store last Monday together with my daghter. Normally, I don't usually give in to my kids pleading of buying toys like that. But being a kid-at-heart too and once a lover of Hello Kitty/ Sanrio/ Little Twin Stars, like any parent, I couldn't resist to the consistent 'please-mama' of my almost 5-year-old tot.

I am happy with what we purchased. Hopefully, these won't break too soon as these are nice Hello Kitty toy collections. If you're an avid collector of Hello Kitty, these are great pieces to add in to your collection now... or you'll regret not getting it.

 photo IMG_20151027_210606_zpsy10vgq3k.jpg
There are actually 4 kinds of Hello Kitty Collection and
another 4 for the Thomas and Friends stuff.

 photo IMG_20151027_203812_zpsqhnjx46o.jpg
A closer look to one of the HK collection: You can open the toy
and inside is an HK ring.

 photo IMG_20151027_203946_zpsukcvdpce.jpg
Cute ring! and I like its quality. Not a cheapskate kind of plastic material.

 photo IMG_20151027_204041_zps6xa1pmhu.jpg
This is the 2nd HK collection that we bought and inside is
a hair comb.

I'm wondering what are the other 2 HK collection has inside. I'm planning to grab the other 2 Hello Kitty toys in their Happy Meal... hehehe (happy kid inside, giggle!). Anyway, for this Happy Meal purchase we got, I bought the Spaghetti w/ a drink for about P82.00pesos and a 1-piece chicken meal w/ a drink that cost around P102.00pesos. Not bad at all I guess. Go visit your nearest McDonald's stores now. #Mcdohappymeal #HelloKitty

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Turmeric for a Healthy Drink!

I was alarmed when I experienced high blood pressure late of last year. This was before our Great Britain trip in October. The highest blood pressure reading I had, recorded at 150/90. It was the first time I experienced such reading ever since. It was a wake up call for me. And honestly, I realized that I'm not in my 20's anymore and I'm getting older (not that old at 36). The reality sinks in that my body cannot take all the bad stuff anymore. That what I eat reflects later on when I'm not taking a conscious effort to be mindful in my choice of food. I admit that I take my eating habit lightly. I love sweets and salty foods. I am one of you who indulge in junkfood. Never in a day that I get to eat something sweet. Thankfully, I don't crave for soda except for occasional reasons. I love coffee with creamer. I don't settle for the black one. I find it too strong for my taste. But I love the native one. I can take its taste.

Apart from having elevated blood pressure, my uric test shows above normal results and my Creatinine level too. On that note, my choice of food made a turn around. There are food now that I should avoid. And surprisingly not all vegetables, or fish for that matter, should be eaten when you have high level of uric acid according to the nephrologist I went to. Some of the veggies that I should be avoiding or limit its intake are asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli in that family. Dairies, salty foods of course, junkfoods, Magic Sarap, vetsin or the MSG should be avoided. That's why we are no longer using such when cooking at home. As in bawal! I strictly imposed it in our house. At first my husband protested because the food is not delicious. I told him it's just mind over matter. The Magic Sarap, vetsin/ MSG or our health is at stake. You have to choose and decide... But eventually, he already adapted to the natural taste of the food we cook. Keysa magutom siya. Right? And one more thing, my doctor told me that we cannot choose these conditions especially if it's a hereditary thing. Both my parents and their lineage have high blood pressure. So the 50% of that, whether you like it or not, is already in your system and the other 50% depends on your lifestyle. It is important that we take a conscious effort to discipline oneself to take care and keep ourselves healthy in all ways.

And because I so love the 3-in-1 coffee thing, I had a hard time letting it go. Sabi ko nga, I think I am already addicted to it. The caffeine doesn't kick anymore even if I'm sleepy. It doesn't have much effect already in me. But being scared on further effect on me, I resorted to drinking turmeric in exchange of coffee. Though I drink coffee pa din everyday but once only in a cup but in black form. No creamer. But if I really crave, I should use milk instead of the creamer. The craving never happened pa naman since I started taking turmeric. I hope it won't na!

 photo DSC00016_zpsli9xtfsf.jpg
My officemate introduced this to me when recently my BP went high.
I have my maintenance na, but I didn't took it seriously.
I just take it if I don't feel well and if my BP reads high.
Since then never in a day I missed drinking turmeric more so my maintenance.

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa plant), according to this link, has many health wonders. 

  • An Effective Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Relief for Rheumatoid Arthritis 
  • Help for Cystic Fibrosis Sufferers
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth and Metastases
  • May Help Prevent Colon Cancer
  • Teams Up with Cauliflower to Halt Prostate Cancer
  • Reduce Risk of Childhood Leukemia
  • Improved Liver Function
  • Cardiovascular Protection
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Protection and may help preventions against Alzheimer's Disease

 photo DSC00017_zpstilyisse.jpg
This is the turmeric powder color. I just use a glass so you can see
clearly the color and how much I put in a drink. That is 1 1/2 tsp.
I love it's woody, peppery smell. 

 photo DSC00020_zpszicdcbs1.jpg
I now mixed it with hot water. You may also use cold water.
But I like it hot. It's relieving!

Some couldn't take the taste but for me I like it because it smells good and the after taste is quite decent on my tastebuds. So far so good. I'm planning to take it as long as I can still take it in. And the choice of food, I make sure that pork intake in a week must only be three meals in a week. The rest would be fish, chicken, vegetables and fruits. Eating less to avoiding fried or oily stuff and getting used to eating wheat bread alternative to white rice. I know I'm not that healthy eater yet nor in lifestyle but for a start I think I'm doing good. Keeping up to the fight for a healthy me.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Life's Simple Pleasures

This morning, I got the privilege to experience or witness God's greatest creation. If you're all new to my blog, I am a working mother and every morning is quite a rush for us at home. My eldest daughter goes to school and she must be prepared by 8 o'clock in time for her ride to pick her up at home. Although I admit I wake up late (past 6am) because if I wake up by 5am (the time I want to be with hubby and have coffee with him) the kids would wake up too. It's a bit early for them to rise by that time. They seem to feel me as I slowly climb off the bed. That's why I'm always in a hurry every morning that I seem not to mind or take notice of the things happening around. Like I said, this morning was kind of different. The usual stuff I wake up to but the chirping of the birds caught my senses. It was really a music to my ears and calming to my spirit. I guess there were lots of them flocked in our plants and a palm tree inside our area. Their happy voices seem to vibrate in our surroundings that I cannot help but grab my camera and record it… 

This was just a portion of what took place. They have been chirping for a long time. Their happy "noise" was like this the whole time we were preparing for our daily morning stuff. Our bathroom overlooks that palm tree outside so I had a very pleasant bath even if a hurried one because their voice soothe me. Though it was simple as that, it was a happy moment for me. I was full of gratitude and overwhelmed of that gift to witness God's presence first thing in the morning thru these wonderful creatures. I am amazed, humbled and thankful.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Hotel-like Bed right in your Own Home

One of my project this year and probably would take a big slash out of my bonus is to purchase a bigger bed for the 4 of us.  Currently, we are using a Full size bed (54in x 74in) that can only fit up to 3 persons. It has been our bed since we got married. And having the 4 of us in it is already crowded.

 photo DSCN0973_zps4kjby1nw.jpg
My eldest in her tender years. That's our bed.
Imagine how we could fit the four of us now.

Waking up every time feels tiring, backaches here and there. It really is not a total relaxation and sleep for us except for the two girls because they are still small. How much more to my husband that he is kind of big and his sleeping position is always his legs hanging at the edge of the bed. Imagine that! How we wish we could stretch our backs and legs freely. Now it takes a conscious effort every time we change position in our sleep.

 photo DSCN0962_zpseteelizs.jpg
As you could see, that mattress we have is only 4 inches thick.
I want the 6 inches thick one. More durable and comfortable to get cozy and sleep.

I am planning to get a Queen size bed (60in x 80 in) because beyond that, we cannot move in freely in our room. I would love though to get the California King size (72in x 84in) but I have to consider our space. Since I cannot get the bigger one which I prefer, I saw this trundle bed from Uratex. It's multi-functional that I can just pull out the bed below when in use and pull in after.

Now, one cannot fully achieve a complete and comfortable hotel-like bed if it aren't for comfortable linens and beddings to match it with like that of a luxury bedding collection from Parachute. I told myself the moment I'm gonna find that "perfect" bed for our family, I will really dress up our bed with the "perfect" linens that would complement the whole look. That look when the moment I see it, I will imagine a restful and peaceful sleep and cannot wait to hit the sack. 

Monday, 14 September 2015

Weekend Diaries with the Family

I always look forward to Sundays ever since I was a kid. Every Sunday is a family day for us. We go to church, eat out after and head to the grocery next. Up until this day, we see to it that we bring the kids out for a play in the mall or go to the school of my daughter where other families too are having outdoor activities like basketball for daddies, volleyball or badminton for the mommies and the kids just run and play in the fields with their classmates or schoolmates. I liked it that the management of my daughter's school encourage and implement this kind of activity wherein parents and kids get to know each other and bond.

I want my children to experience quality time with us, to look forward to a particular day in the week where we can do things as a family. Like me, I want them to cherish moments or activities that they do with us. It's such a heartwarming memory when they grow older they would always remember being with my parents is the best thing and place in the world.

 photo IMG_20150907_161954_zps8ici8iqf.jpg
One thing I like about bringing them out for a stroll is that
I can dress them and make them my mannequins.
Good thing I have girls. They are so cute to be dressed up.
They are growing up so fast!

 photo IMG_20150908_190107_zpsvja8tzoj.jpg
Life is here in Davao! There is no place I'd rather be.

 photo IMG_20150908_193401_zpsqwi4igu7.jpg
Last week, my parents celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary.
We spent it by having a simple dinner and these 3 made it
more enjoyable and memorable.

There's still more adventures to come and hopefully an out-of-the-country trip will be materialized by the end of the year or the start of the new year. It's on the planning phase as of the moment. It'll be the first for the kids and the first for us with the kids in tow. Nothing is impossible with God.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Weeks That Were

Forewarn: There's no photos ahead. It's all words. So I hope you bear with me as I was just unloading baggage to release me and make me feel better. Nevertheless, it's not an intention on the other hand to pass it on to you as I don't wish you feel the same way as I do.

I'm all out of words, nothing to say. But my mind is full of stories to tell and concerns to address. I'm full packed now. Maybe I'm just all too stressed out thinking on things that I have in mind. I'm making paramdam here because it's almost 1 month after my last blog post. But I am grateful and thankful to those who stumble across my blog and patiently and took their time reading it. I know there are people reading here because of my ranking that is actively moving in numbers. Yehey to that!

Okay what keeps me busy from the past few weeks? Let me enumerate it because I too lost track. More than two weeks ago, both my kids were down with flu and hit with fever. My 3 year old's temperature went up to 40. I got scared. I brought them to their Pedia and antibiotics were prescribed. Oh gosh! The thought of that makes me weak. For one, my kids and I have a hate-relationship especially the youngest whenever taking in antibiotics. She dislike its pungent taste (yes, I tasted it) and in full force, with all our joined forces, we really and literally hold her like someone has to hold her feet, her hands and her head just to give her that 5ml dose otherwise she wouldn't take it or worst spit it. I couldn't afford to see my kids fighting with all their might, screaming and struggling for a dose of that medicine. It's not only stressful to us but more so to the kids. Second, antibiotics are expensive prescribed drugs and it's the last thing I would want them to ingest in their system. Besides that, I noticed from my youngest daughter rashes from her legs spreading to the body and arms which became more profound and itchy, to which the doctor told us is just heat rashes. I never mind for the first three days of medication thinking that the antibiotics he gave to my daughter is not only for the phlegm but for the skin infection/rashes (I read in the leaflet of the medicine) she had. I thought it may be the effect that the rashes gradually is coming out and because of the heat. On the 8th day, I sensed that it is not already the normal rashes though she don't have fever anymore. It's more bigger, itchy and red. So I went back to the doctor and blurted out measles! I got worried right away because she already had contact with my eldest daughter and what if she might get the virus? Luckily and thank God I can see no signs of rashes from Mariella since then. So I packed the things of my dear one and send her for the meantime in my parental's house in order not to pass on infection to the sister. We're missing her already. It's been a week of not seeing her and only talk to her daily through the phone as I speak. 

Another thing that keeps my motherhood so alive in between those happenings is I crammed for my eldest daughter's projects in school. Create an Alphabet book and using recyclable materials, make an illustration of a human body parts. After all the sleepless nights and the worries, I still manage to think of it overnight to be submitted on the next day which is 2 days late already. During the medication of Mariella, I didn't send her to school so not to infect her classmates thus the delay of her project's submission. The pictures of the Alphabet Book, I slowly collected it days before. But finishing everything was done overnight. Then there were school requirements to be bought for their 2nd Annual Family Day at school which was held last Sunday which was a whole day event and this week is there examination. I thank God still because it was a long weekend where I got to take time and rest a bit.

Have you guys watched the movie 'The Love Affair'? I am in awe of Dawn Zulueta's timeless and ageless beauty. Richard Gomez charisma is still undoubtedly remained despite her age. Kinikilig ako sa kanilang dalawa ni Dawn in the roles they played. And Bea Alonzo, very beautiful, fresh and she's very flawless. I was affected by the story because I can relate to it and it brought back bitter memories. I watched the movie together with my husband and I don't know what effect it had on him. But I'm certain that he can relate to it as well. No discussions done after because my eyes are all red when I came out of the cinema. My eldest daughter asked after if I cried. Of course, I couldn't lie because it's all over my face. We just laughed it off!

I'm not yet through. Work-wise it's manageable and it helps that my boss is very considerate. But what pisses me off are  people who are taking advantage of the opportunity that their favors are granted almost all the time and that they couldn't help asking for more. They are not yet satisfied of the help they are getting and I feel that they are making that generous person like a milking cow for their own needs. I know for a fact what they are asking help for because I'm also a mother. But I hope they should find a long term means to support the needs of the family and not to always ask money for whatever it is to other people on a regular basis. I don't know if they know what shame and gratitude is. They are not ill or disabled people who cannot find ways to sustain the needs of their family. And to think even their family in their own blood had already said to ignore them. 'Nuff said.

I feel that my PMS is somewhere down the road. Even a little detail affect my emotions. Recently, I posted something in a social media for my loved ones to see but it was nowhere to be found. It was deleted. Even if I don't want to feel anything for it, I felt hurt. I prayed that my hurt will just let go because it's not really a big deal after all. But I don't know. I felt a pinch in my heart. I got affected.

To end, I want to do many things to erase all these challenges that came my way lately. I'm thinking of pampering myself with facial and body massage, going to a retreat to embrace myself and meeting people who can be an inspiration for my everyday living, making memories with my family like going somewhere and doing the unusual stuff.

Thank you God for making my life not dull. I am not asking you to get rid of those unpleasant instances but I am asking for enough strength, wisdom, patience and heart to do all the things you let me encounter in this lifetime of mine. Everything that I have now -good, even the not so one- I thank you for I know you are molding me to be a person for others.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Women Can't Have Enough…

I finish the title phrase by saying shoes and shopping! I'm sure the rest of the women couldn't agree more should I say. Some women would add up clothes, bags, make-up in the long list of can't-have-enoughs. But I prefer shoes more, apart from home and kitchen furnishings and kid's stuff.

Last night, I took the opportunity to go "malling" in Abreeza while the hubby have something important meetings to attend nearby. And since I want to spend for myself muna because  it's my birthday naman, I took off finding a pair of ballet shoes that I've been wanting to buy. Ako naman talaga si Ballet/Flat shoe girl. Since I become a mom, this is my go-to shoe whether for causal or office attire. It's just comfortable and I can move with ease.  

 photo IMG_20150724_062542_zps8qy44kjx.jpg
Aldo has an ongoing sale on selected shoes and accessories.
I got mine at Php800.00 (Regular priced at Php 1,595.00). 
 photo IMG_20150724_062836_zpstqmkphud.jpg
Payless also has an on going sale: Buy 2 (regular priced item) and get
Php500.00 off on the total amount.
(with a minimum purchase of Php1,000.00)

I love my haul from Aldo. I'm looking for a black shoe that would not look too casual when I use it for office. I was already eyeing this about 2 weeks na. I like it because it's the jelly type good for rainy days. I won't worry that much when it'll be soak in water because it won't destroy the texture of the shoe that much. Easy to clean too. It's pointy toe design makes it more formal even if it's not heeled. Not to mention the comfort it brings to my feet!

 photo IMG_20150724_062527_zpspnceegxb.jpg photo IMG_20150724_062535_zpshmog6ks5.jpg

The second (and third) find I scored are these casual flats from Payless. From the original price at Php695.00, I got this two items for only Php890.00. 

 photo IMG_20150724_062820_zpsehacly4n.jpg photo IMG_20150724_062803_zpsvnb9q4vs.jpg

I'm suppose to buy the red one but I love the redness more of Celine and the effect of the color on my feet. That is about Php899.00. I was thinking of buying it, but again guilt sinks in. Too much! Maghunos dili naman. If it's meant for me, I definitely will have it in the right time. 

So that's my shoe shopping spree! I hope you like my new purchases as much as I do. 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Feeling Happy and Grateful @ 36!

Birthdays for me now at this stage of my life isn't anymore of grandiose feast on the table, spending bucks to have a party and receiving material things. I mean who doesn't want to be around with loved ones celebrating the special day in one's life and receiving gifts. For me, less is already enough for me. Maybe it goes already with the maturity and priorities you have for your life as we age. Those I mentioned are already a bonus. Simple celebration is enough for me by celebrating thanksgiving for the gift of life and good health God has given me, being around with my loved ones knowing that they are okay and happy, having a job, spending sometimes for my wants and being able to afford the basic needs for myself and my loved ones, spending quality time with them and grateful of God's abundant blessings. Of course, during the birthdate, I just want to have a simple dinner with my family for a celebration. And so that's what I did…

We dined at Grand Emerald Seafood Garden at the back of Victoria Plaza Compound. There are several restaurants in the vicinity and one of the famous Chinese restaurants found there is the Afhat Seafood Plaza. There are actually 3 of them inside the compound. However, I chose this time Emerald because I love and missed their complimentary peanuts. Very comforting, addicting and delicious! What I love is it is for FREE and refillable. In our case, we requested. And since we used their VIP room which can accommodate up to 14 persons for a consumable rate or minimum order of Php3,500.00, the waiters serving us would just check on our table and give us when they see we already emptied our peanuts without asking from them anymore, hehehe… Maybe they would just assume we will ask more of it anyway. Very good service! And of course good food! I love their Fish Fillet with Tausi sauce. I really enjoyed my dining experience and birthday celebration as a whole. 

 photo 1941526_555376237904538_7780576091809819418_o_zps8eirtqun.jpg
Photo grabbed from their FB page here.
I don't know though if their flyer special offer is still valid up to now
as this photo was published in their page 2014 of July.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Torn Feelings

God has been extra good to me and my family this year. I am beyond elated more than words can say. It's more of grateful and overjoyed on the things that's been happening to our family. God has been a good provider ever since we start our family. Indeed it's true that patience, faith and trust will find it's way to God's promise for us. My belief now is God directs our path ahead. Even if we don't understand why this happens in our life, we have to accept and follow His will for us. Most of the time, I am just surprised of God's goodness because He blesses us things that we didn't pray and expect. And now I understand why certain things just don't happen because God gives us the things He knows the best for us.

Why I am sharing this because I think God is so amazing, so generous and so loving. He is working things according to my desire and prayers. Lately, He is answering my little requests but there's only one thing left unanswered. It's gonna be a life changing thing if it's against my will. But I'm still hoping that God will consider my reason which I think is valid. It is actually a blessing that I'd rather wish it to other people who needs it more. I know, shame on me to turn down a blessing from God but I think I have enough for the moment and I see other people needs it more than I do. At this point, it's payback time. People have been good to me and my family. I think it's our time to share our blessings to those who needs it the most. It's actually a very nice feeling more than the bliss of receiving. Of course, it's nice also to receive gifts from other people and of God. But you know, the satisfaction, fulfillment and achievement of sharing surpasses everything.

It's my birth month and I still wish from God that my heart's desires are enough for a birthday present: good health for me and my loved ones, comfortable way of living, quality time with my loved ones, a stable job, enjoy and have a peaceful life and being able to hurdle life's challenges.

I ask and I'm sure I will receive… #bepositive #Godisgood

Monday, 22 June 2015

The Wonders of Having Great In-Laws

After reading Fleur's post here of Mommy Fleur blog, I therefore say I AM SO PROUD TO BE ONE OF THE LUCKY FEW. One of the best or shall I say an endearing trait which  all they have in common is their sincerity and they have big, fat and generous hearts. As in! Nakakataba talaga ng puso. Honestly, my husband's family side are not well-off. But despite their status in the society, they are as if they have more to share. I've witnessed how they are so selfless not only to their relatives but to other people whom they considered a family. Nakakahiya maging selfish when you are with them. Actually it's really inspiring to be one; to be more on a giver than a receiver. Because everything good follows when you do good to others diba? Domino effect kung baga. There's so much joy and fulfillment when you give.

The second best thing I love about my second family is that they are so humble, down-to-earth people. Nakakahiya again to be a braggart. They have been blessed with so much especially now that my husband and his two other siblings are very successful in their respective career paths and family. The two of them are working outside Philippines and my parents-in-law had the privilege already of travels in Europe pa talaga. Kasama na din kami sa nabigyan ng opportunity to tour London last year.

Third and definitely not the least, what's admirable about their character is that they have a deep and solid relationship with our Lord. Their faith is immense and when they worship sagad sa puso. It is their profound trait that shows how they are a person to others. Nakakahiya na maging passive lang with our faith and to just take for granted the power of what prayer can do. Personally, it inspires one to do our obligation (in a good way) to our God. I say obligation in a good way because it should not be a forced one. It should be done with an open heart. And that we should also pray to God that He may open our heart and mind to His wisdom and a spirit that is always in gratitude. 

 photo 20150620_110220_zpsl296rxfk.jpg
I am so blessed having this people in my life (missing in the photo are my BIL and SIL,
sibs of my husband). 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

#OOTD: School Year 2015-2016

There is no stopping now. She is already a legit school girl. I cannot contain my excitement as my daughter all dolled up on her first day of school last Monday. Of course, I don't want to miss her first two days in school that is why I took a leave from work in order to know how is its situation from the time the school open its gates for the pre-schoolers until they are dismissed from their 3-hour class. (On the first day, parents and guardians were allowed to enter the school premises. But on the second day, they already implemented their rules on NO ENTRY for visitors/ parents/or guardians. The part on NO ENTRY for parents or guardians of pre-schoolers, I'm kind of half-hearted on this because as a toddler, they don't know yet how to look over on their things especially if it's packing up time. On her second day, she already lost her eraser. Oh geez!). I am proud of my daughter. Without hesitation and with a sheer of guts and confidence, she willfully went inside and placed her things inside their provided cabinets and took her seat with the assistance of her teacher. I am thankful that somehow we taught her independence early on in little ways. Unlike her other classmates who were shy, refused to enter inside the classroom while others were wailing and clinging to their mothers and fathers. On the second day, she seemed confident enough because we just let her go by herself inside the campus and managed to enter her classroom.

 photo IMG_20150609_074537_zpsbpwcprns.jpg
Second day #schoolOOTD:
Dress -Tommy Hilfiger (℅ cousin Sam including the backpack and lunch box);
 Shoes -Payless Shoe Source (a Christmas gift from her Mommy La);
Socks -Mother Care

 photo IMG_20150611_074654_zpszlr6fxm6.jpg
Fourth day of #schoolOOTD:
Dress -(SIL 'pasalubong' from London);
Shoes -Chicco (got it on sale at SM around Php400.00);
Socks -Burlington

I can't wait until she will wear her official school uniform. She's excited and so am I (*wink insert*). #mommyduties #schooluniform #schoolyear2015-2016 #motherofaschoolgirl

Going Local

Instead of hiring a large company to do a remodeling job, consider hiring a local remodeling contractor. You will be helping your community, and there are a few benefits for yourself when you hire locally. 

The contractor will often have ties to the community. Most will know the businesses that sell the items that will be needed to complete the remodeling project. He can sometimes get discounts where a contractor for a larger company might not be able to get a lower price and could even charge more money because it's a larger business. 

When you hire a contractor, you won't have to worry about dealing with the other workers who will be needed for the job. The contractor will oversee the job and make sure there are professionals who can do the plumbing, electrical, painting and other work. This is a person who will listen to what you want to have done. It's your home, and this is taken into consideration with the design as well as any extra details that you want to include. Since you only have to tell the contractor what you want, it can take a burden off of you through the remodeling. 

Local contractors usually won't have to travel long distances to get to your home. This means the job can sometimes begin earlier in the day, and the contractor can sometimes stay longer in the afternoon. The job will often take a shorter amount of time to complete with the added time dedicated to the project. Most local contractors won't charge as much as companies from another city because they don't have to use as much gas in a vehicle getting to the location. Word of mouth referrals often travel far in your own town, so you will likely be able to find more people who have used the contractor for work.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Around the World with these Things

Now, I understand how it feels not to be connected. One week without/limited internet access is like being sent to outer space and have no/limited contact with the real world. But thank Heavens for the free 30MB connection of Sun. I can browse and check my FB and IG page yet very limited. But it's better than no connection at all.

Okay back to the real topic. Last night, I went with hubby to buy piping materials to replace our leaking toilet sink at Wilcon Builder's Depot. While browsing the lanes/racks, my eyes directed me to this corner and with such delight, I couldn't help but take photos instantly. I don't know if it's not allowed but I snapped anyway. Thankfully, nobody called my attention. So here are the things I saw and would love to have for my home decor.

 photo IMG_20150602_181535_zpso5tjywa2.jpg
Aren't they glorious? Anything related to Europe are my 'in' -style now.

 photo IMG_20150602_181549_zpseg1sm5u7.jpg
How do you call this cases? I love these for storage.
The small ones are around Php600.00 and the bigger cases
is about Php900.00++

 photo IMG_20150602_181654_zpshdhemfeh.jpg
The one with the British flag design is like a book.
But ones you open it, you may store stuff like cards/letters or
jewelries (sans division).

 photo IMG_20150602_181731_zpsdtkhc8xi.jpg
London's Tower Bridge.
Not exactly the way it looked minus the British flag at the center.

 photo IMG_20150602_181625_zps4fapvgil.jpg
This really caught my attention. I love these beautiful storage chests.
I've been looking around for something like this and put it in our living room.
I like it as a side or center table. This cost around Php2,000.00.

That's all folks! Did you enjoy my new discoveries? I still want the storage chest but I'm afraid my toddlers would write anything on it. You should see our walls full of pencil scribbles. That's why I couldn't buy anything yet to further beautify our inside. It might cost me a lot. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Are you Ready for School?: Back to School 2015 edition

Summer is almost over. In a few more days, school year 2015-2016 will officially begin. Oh hello traffic and morning rush! And as expected, our daily morning grind this year will definitely change as my 4 year old daughter will be going to school. Hooray! I'm really looking forward to this milestone of my li'l one as it will be her first time to enter school. She will skip Nursery and proceed to Kinder 1 (or Pre-Kinder) because of her age. I see her very excited as much as I am. I enrolled her as early as April to make sure she'll be in the morning slot (from 8:30 until 11:30). In her school-to-be, each class (particularly in her level), will be limited to only 15 kids. I liked that they narrowed it to that number so that they can be monitored by their teacher properly. And dealing with toddlers can be really tiring when tantrums and hyper-activeness strikes. We are not talking about 1, 2 or 5 children here, but 15 kids with different personalities. (As a backgrounder, the school that I enrolled her in is in its 2nd year of operations only. Before enrollment, I already went there to inquire. That's why I knew ahead why they limit down the number of students per class particularly in this level. Last year, they have a total of 25 kids in each class. Knowing kids can be rowdy, playful and has a short attention span, it's really a handful for the teacher and a co-teacher to handle such a huge number of kids.)   

Anyways, in preparation for school, I slowly bought the things which I think she will be needing (without yet the school's checklist). 
  • Bag of course! (I had it already prepared for her since 2013. See post here.)
  • Black Mary Jane shoes (I bought hers at SM Department Store. Its brand is Sugar Kids for just around Php300.00. Some kind of like this. I know it cost cheaper and its quality a question. But let's see… So far I love the texture and the design. Very simple yet easy to clean)
  • Umbrella
  • Undergarment "sando" shirt
  • Black knee-high socks
  • face towels (The one I bought is the microfiber quality that is like the Aquazorb)
  • Undergarment black cycling shorts (since her skirt is above knee level long)
  • Snack box/bag (It's a hand-me-down bag but still in its good quality condition. I know it is because it came all the way from Canada and it was hardly used by my niece. Thank you sponsor!)
  • plastic cover for the (6) books and (8) notebooks

Now that I have the checklist from the school, I was stunned to see a lot of requirements for a preschooler. It's like endless...

 photo 11294439_984063578271222_1773069738_o_zpsbftg17iz.jpg
Page 1.
Today's generation is really different. Lesson Plan notebooks na gamit today.
What will they do with the sand paper?
What is chipboard?

I'm kind of obsessive when it comes to checking on things that every thing is complete. Honestly, these are a lot for a preschooler to check everyday if her supplies are intact. I know my daughter would not fathom right away if I remind her always to check her things by herself. Guardians are not allowed to enter into the school's campus during school hours. So there's no 'Ate' to check it for her. I worry a bit if it'll be misplaced or other kid would get it. Thinking now on how to label each and every thing on the list. A lot of things needs to be done…

 photo 11271080_984063328271247_643951338_o_zpszut0dnke.jpg
Page 2.
Seriously? As in EQ or Huggies diaper?

"There may be additional items that may be requested by teachers throughout the…" Gotta be prepared for it. Nevertheless, I am determined to settle it all before the start of their classes on June 8. For now, I am excited to buy the rest of the requirements and join in the rush in buying school supplies. Anyway, I love it and it makes me bring back to memory lane…

How about you? Are you prepared na mothers like me?

Caring For Our Skin...and Eyes Too!

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