Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Talk about J.Co donuts: First "mouth" experience

I have been yearning to grab a bite on what's new in the "food"landia . After all the food trippings I see in this blogosphere (I really thank I'm part of this), it keeps me updated on what's the newest craze in this industry. I'm referring to the much talk about J.Co donuts.
Its history

Nice one!

Oops! because it's hand carried all the way from Manila.. pardon for the messy donuts. But even though it's like this, sure it's really tasty and the sweetness is just enough that it won't stuck up in one's throat.
I love the taste of some of it since I haven't eaten yet the rest of the donuts. But believe me, I can finish this in just one sitting of course with a friend. (Share-share style!) But for sure each and everyone has that distinctive taste that I'll surely love knowing that I have the sweetest tooth ever! I highly recommend it over the other pricey donuts because as I said the sweetness is very bearable and mild in the taste buds. Hope it would also be accessibly available here in Davao..soon! Calling J. C's..

For a better and deliciously looking images, visit their website at


  1. I love J.Co's donuts! I just don't like the green ones, hihi.. But the rest are oh so yummy! Did you try the pizza-flavored one? It's really weird..

    1. I instantly loved it! Well I hope I can have a "pasalubong" of that pizza-flavored one..

  2. ang sarap naman niyan... ^___________^

  3. haven't tried J.Co's yet, mahanap nga ito. :)

  4. Oh no! It's a shame that they all got squished ... they look pretty pa naman. It's interesting that these are cheaper than the usual suspects which makes me want to check the atore out!

    Thanks for sharing! :)


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