Friday, 30 March 2012

Month of March

March is Fire Prevention Month and Earth Hour. Aside from the end of school and Graduation season here in Philippines, we commemorate these two important observance that is very significant in our daily lives. Fire Prevention and Earth Hour is co-related to each other if one could observe. This relates to our environment, the preservation of our Mother Nature and the proper use of our electricity that is generated by the electrical power plants which is in turn powered by our Natural Resources. Usually, fire occurs because of electrical wastage and abuse. The use of unattended candle due to blackouts and the improper use of electricity that results to short circuits causes it. Thus, it is important that we have to once in a while remember our basics and preserve energy. Because preserving energy is one way to preserving our natural resources and keep our Mother nature to its healthiest form. 

Tomorrow, March 31 , is the celebration of Earth Hour. Usually, we encourage every household to spare 1 hour of lights off and to observe a no-use of-electrical power. Because if every one will cooperate, Mother Nature benefits. So thus, we.


  1. Hmmmm ..... This activity is very interesting

  2. too bad..we haven't participate it :(


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