Monday, 25 March 2013

On Making sense

Are feelings always right? Or can it be also exaggerated? Can someone say your feelings are wrong? I would say that feelings are like intuition or gut-feel. They say that with your instinct you can never go wrong. In my own opinion, even if one's feelings are right or wrong for other people, one should consider and  respect that. To the one that has "that" feeling or gut, for them they are right, they are true. It is with that feeling that "that" person is just being true to her/him self, with her being. Lest to say, feelings describes you and no body has the right to judge it for it comes uniquely to a person. Every "feelings" makes sense because it defines what the person is going through. If it seem wrong, you may make the person understand that her/his gut feeling is not the way it is. Sometimes out of negative emotions and assumptions, feelings can be blown out of proportion. And that can make the feelings wrong."Feelings" are part of one's being that should be considered (not necessarily right) and respected as it is. Am I making sense?!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Boring fashion

After having 2 pregnancies in a span of 3 years, my clothes of ages ago somehow needs to retire by now. I have this tendency of having a hard time separating from my favorite clothes that even if it doesn't fit or look good on me anymore, I still keep it hoping that one day I can wear it. I have to be realistic. I have a petite body frame. Maybe that's why even if my body changes form, I seem to have it in mind that I can still fit in into my existing clothes because of my small body frame. My body "beautiful" before (as if I have that sexy body huh?!) is no longer the way it is. Aside from the fact that clothes now are expensive for me in my case (having 2 kids already and a big fraction of my salary goes to their daily necessities and groceries at home), buying for myself especially basic clothing takes a back seat. My recent hauls would be that of my maternity clothes. I would still be wearing it because also of the fad that loose clothings are in fashion. But I think it don't look good on me anymore. I have a lot of clothes that dated back my college years and still in good shape and condition. I'm planning to sell it in garage sale or in online but my time doesn't permit me to focus on it. Some I already gave because it takes a lot of space in my closet. I'm wondering where can I have this sold in a faster and easier way. I'm planning also to buy new set of clothes for me with the proceeds I will raise on this.

It is also important that one knows how to identify one's body shape and know what style that fits on a certain body frame. I'm poor on this. I told myself that if I have a few extra pesos to spend for a "stylista", I will go for it. But I think it would be too luxurious to do it. I just have to know what's good on me and which I am comfortable wearing without spending a lot. I tried buying myself second-hand finds but unfortunately, mostly I ended up buying impulsively without thinking does it really look good on me. Well, right now I'm exposing my self to fashion blogs to know what's in and what's not? I'm in fashion dilemma right now. I still want to look good despite having children and despite the imperfect body form.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Flu, flu go away! Don't come back anyway..

I am grateful that I'm a person who won't easily gets down with flu. Even if my entire household got the same virus including my 2 kids, I am lucky that I'm the survivor and if not, the last one to get it. And prevention for me is better than cure. So aside from me, I make sure that my 2 household helpers gets vitamins daily, moi husband and my 2 kids as well. That is always my reminder every morning especially to my husband and helpers. But the case today is different, the virus went on me. This is terrible. And the worst thing is that my 6-month old daughter had cough and flu too! I don't mind us adults getting the virus. What concerns me are the kids! They still have very low resistance and it's not also difficult for them but for me as well: no sleep, more irritable because of lack of sleep and a headache.

Yesterday, I was curious and thought of getting rid of flu (or worst, fever!) the natural way. Since I make sure that I get natural cure for fever and as much as possible don't relay on medicines, I searched the internet and found these interesting facts in getting rid of fever or flu . Number one really is to keep oneself hydrated. Drink lots of water above the normal 8-12 glasses of water a day. I also discovered Gatorade would be of big help since it not only keep you hydrated but it will replenish lost minerals during illness. Drinking hot tea or ginger tea can help. I like it when the article says to eat ice cream (but I think not too much to develop sore throat). I think Berocca too as what my big boss told me.

For more detailed information click here and here. Be safe and be healthy everyone!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Blogging: my new personal diary

Just this morning, I felt another episode of dismay. I just couldn't express it in words to avoid further discussions and turning a bad day to my companions at the house. I just thought I would reserve it to my personal diary which is my blog. I find relief whenever I write something here. May it be happy thoughts, bad experience or ill feelings to a person. I don't know until when will I go through all of these things which bothers me a lot every single day and for these people to realize that if everybody works together without depending on other people to work on their supposed role, then there would be no heavy load. A woman plays a lot of role in the family and even in the society as a whole. She can even do what man can do. But why cannot be the other way around? Gender-sensitivity comes in. I envy women who have strong support system in their household. I don't know if there's something wrong with the way I handle myself or my household. It's just that I don't have the right vibes and I need to silence myself for a while to reflect on things because I feel my environment is very chaotic. I cannot think properly. But how can I? My hands are so full that I cannot even handle my own well. I know I've been missing my God for a long time. But I know He's just there for me. Waiting for my call. I have to start my personal contact with my Creator. I know and I'm guilty with this. It is not an easy journey because from the start I've been journeying all by myself. And I know my God is always there for me and He has been my support system all through out. I gotta save myself from going nowhere. In short, I think I'm lost. Please help!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Nuby, I got you!

Finally, I owned one. Thanks Mommy Fleur for introducing this to me. When I read her blog on this, I got interested right away. Since I have a newborn, a good quality feeding bottle is a must for me. Avent is very expensive for a budget conscious me. Searching for a way to get it, my eyes lit up when I saw it at Zalora online shop. No second thoughts, I bought it right away. For 2 working days, I got my most awaited purchase.

8 oz. bottle

Award winning!

It's natural shape and size of nipple mimics that of the mother.

The entire bottle. See how clear the bottle is. You could see what's written at the back.
What I like about this is as your baby grows till her/his toddler years (say up to 2 to 3 years), your child can still use it by just changing/ adding accessories like the bottle handle, changing its silicone nipple to a no spill spout, then to a no spill flip it drinking straw and finally when your baby gets a little bit older you can change it to a drinking rim and let him/ her drink in the bottle like a kid. Each transition spouts and straws I think are sold separately. It's a great alternative to Avent since it worth more than 50% less than of Avent. It's worth it!

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Got myself an all-in-one pair of shoe. I would say that it's a multi-purpose shoe because it can be worn in an all-day, all-night event. Good for office/casual/formal occasion pumps from Mendrez. They are on sale! Got this one on sale. Happy to have bought this.

Love the color that is Camel! It is available also in black. But don't have size 7 available at the time I bought this.

Love that its heels are in this style. It's not tiring on the heels even if you go around all day. I tried running wearing this by the way, hehehe..

Love that it's from Mendrez! I love their line of shoes. Check out their on going sale.

Love that its front is round like. It does not hurt any part of my toes especially the pinky one.

Love the design and texture of this shoe. It's easy to clean.

Love that its bottom is rubber. It does not skid

Monday, 4 March 2013

Missing M

It's been 4 days now that my eldest 2-year-old daughter is not with us at home. Last Friday, she had fever that reached to 38-39 thermo temperature. Because of fear that my 5-month old daughter will get sick also, we decided to bring M to my parent's house and isolate her. Though her sickness is not that deadly infectious(yes I'm exaggerating), it is through experience that once a member of my family got sick (especially if its a viral thing), everybody (if not all) will get the same illness especially flu. Lucky me, that I have a strong immune system (knock on the wood! Thanks be to God). Maybe because of a woman thing due to pregnancy and the like. It is difficult that children got sick especially a baby. It would be sleepless nights on me since I make sure that they breathed well because of runny and stuffed nose. By Saturday, we brought M to her Pediatrician since she vomited thrice on early dawn of Saturday with phlegm on it. Good thing that she brought that out. But worries me a lot because she has no proper eating and avoided milk and water intake. My mother said that M is just so restless. My fear rushed on me. She still has a slight fever around 37 thermo temperature when we went to her doctor. Indeed, she has weezing sound in her lungs and the doctor prescribed antibiotics and for her cough. The doctor told then to not get close of her baby sister. M is very fond of her sister. She squeezes her all the time and kisses her a lot, everywhere of N's body parts. Now that M is not with us these days, we missed her a lot. Even though her presence makes me at times impatient and irked me because of her uncanny and hyperactive movements, the house is not that jolly without M. I missed her sweet voice and her endearing antics. She embraces me a lot and most of the time giggles when embracing or kissing me. Right now since Saturday, my phone calls are on a regular basis in a day just to hear my daughter's voice and to check how she is. She talks a lot already with no formal or clear words. I miss that. See you my M! Papa, Mama and baby N loves you. Get well soon.

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