Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Power of Touch

I equate touch to healing. I know many will agree with me on this. With just a simple stroke of hand running to one's skin will make you feel comforted and loved. Right? It just dawned on me because I feel I took this simple gesture for granted. Last Monday, as in my previous post, I remembered my hubby told me, he misses me doing it to him. I was caught off-guard. Of what? Because of what happened that night, after those little incidents that almost drained our energy, time and stomachs, I think he needed that gesture a long time already. When we were about to head home in our friends' house for dinner, he came straight to me and said he's tired. Then out of my emotions, I stroke his face because I feel that I have to do it despite of what happened. Then he blurted immediately, he misses me doing it. I was a bit guilty because with everything we've been through and with the things that we have now, I realize that I have taken small things for granted especially taking extra care of my husband. I was more focused on being a mother and tending the house. With my job that requires me 9 hours daily, 5 times a week, I feel that I was consumed with my daily routine. I am just lucky and thankful that my husband has been more sensitive now than before. That makes me think that he became man enough when our first child was born. He's now more caring especially that our first child is a girl. He always tells me he will do everything to provide for us and that he loves us. He never misses a day without saying he loves us. And that makes me figure out that a small amount of hug, kiss and touch does a big difference to one's being. It's not at all difficult. It's free!


  1. Aww...that's sweet. But I guess there are always times when we forget the most basic of gentures because of our hectic days.

    Ako nga, I always keep on telling the Husband that I hope he'll still continue holding my hand even when we are old already. =)

    1. Oo nga Tin.. simple things makes a big difference indeed! good morning

  2. Awww... so heartwarming! Touch is one of the things that make us feel connected to each other.


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