Monday, 28 July 2014

Superb Buy @ Payless

I'm one happy momma. Being a thrift and meticulous buyer now (from being an impulsive one), I am quite careful now in buying stuff not only for myself but also for the kids. The cheaper, the better. But of course, I won't sacrifice its quality. It has to be of good craftsmanship and a known and tested brand for its quality. Yesterday, after our family took lunch, I told hubby that I pass by Payless (in SM City Davao-Annex). While browsing on the shelves of the kid's area, I found a very good deal (a steal at that!). A P100.00-peso shoe ala-Toms style. I was jumping with joy (inside) and hurriedly told my hubby to buy that for Mariella. It's now or never. It's the only size and stock left so I presumed they had it on sale to dispose it na.    

 photo IMG_20140727_154412_zps6be93788.jpg
Never mind the dirt. My daughter accidentally stepped on it.
It is still in very good condition. Very new. No DIRT and any flaws found.

 photo IMG_20140727_154552_zpsa61f823e.jpg
Its regular price is P695.00. Who wouldn't take it for nothing?

I was browsing the racks finding a pair for my the youngest one. But to no avail. Payless Shoe Source is currently holding its Sale season. I saw a Mary Jane style shoe for Mariella that cost only less than P400.00. It was also a good buy. Might as well go back after the pay day...

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Thank you #Google!

Today marks my 35th year in existence. Thank you Lord for all the things and people you have blessed me. Thank you Almighty God for the gift of good health, family and friends. Thank you for my job, for giving me such an inspiring, humble and kind-hearted bosses. I couldn't ask for more. And thank you Lord in advance for the forthcoming blessings you have destined for me to have and to be. All these I pray in Jesus name, Amen...

Thank you also Google for this surprise birthday greetings as I opened to check my emails today. When I saw the birthday cake and candles, I wondered who's also celebrating what. It's such a timely event same with my birthdate knowing Google they always have this animation in relation to the present events going on around the world. And to my delight, when I incidentally pointed my cursor to the photo, it's for me pala! Oh wow! I wonder if you can view it too in your screen. Or it's just me? Teehee...

 photo IMG_20140722_093952_zpsa37b16dc.jpg

 photo IMG_20140722_094007_zps4b8265ad.jpg
Zoom 3x...

 photo IMG_20140722_090848_zps34e3ab4e.jpg
Zoom 10x... It's for me pala talaga!

Nevertheless, it really is heartwarming knowing God has been with me all the way in this lifetime. Despite some odds, still, I am fine, I am good, I am okay.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Selling Online: Accessories thru

Girls never tire reinventing oneself by way of accessorizing, isn't it? You can be glamorous already with just a plain and ordinary shirt and a pair of jeans when worn with fashion neck pieces to boot. It really do wonders in your over-all get-up.

I have been fond of these accessories too. I can say I've hoarded too much of these to the extent that I wore it only at most thrice or even haven't worn some. I was so overwhelmed with the stylishness of the neck piece itself. I considered it as my precious collection over wearing it. But I am letting it go and decided it to be sold instead.

 photo PhotoGrid_1405475211308_zps21d698f7.jpg
Some of my precious neck piece collection.

It took time for me to decide to sell it because for one, I love the stylish designs that I got. They are really nice ensemble to a woman's wardrobe. But then, I'm giving injustice to these pieces because I'm hardly wearing it and just hide it in my closet. I know these are beautiful accessories that a girl must wear. It's all safely kept in my closet and sayang  lang na hindi sya na e-expose sa madlang eyes. So it should go (though I have kept some because it's hard to let go).

I posted it in my online site at I know about this site because of some mommy bloggers I follow (SoMom) who advertise to this site and sell also their unused stuff which can still be used. So I gave in. Please do visit my online site cheekeegirl8 at I'll be posting soon my other shoes I bought which I hardly used mentioning Charles and Keith brands. If you want to sell also your stuff, register to  

Monday, 14 July 2014

If we only have these much, Kids...

Yesterday was a Sunday and a family day like many of us. This is also a day wherein I told hubby aside from eating out after we hear the Sunday service/mass, we have to set aside a portion of our money to let the kids play inside the mall where you could find assortment of animal rides or the 'choo-choo' train for that matter. Fifty pesos wouldn't hurt bad. It is very priceless when you see your kids having fun and their hearts jumping in joy like once a week. We are actually fine having the usual Jollibee as our go-to lunch treat. Not to mention that it is very affordable and my kids loves their fried chicken, 200 pesos is all it takes to make our Sunday family bonding time worth the wait. My 2 kids, especially my eldest 3 year old daughter Mariella knows it already that she and her baby sister will be out for a treat after visiting Jesus.

Mariella is one insistent child. Determined in other words. If there's one thing she really likes badly, she would keep on fighting for it until it gets very irritating already. But she is not like that everytime. She can be understanding too especially if we explain to her why we can't have this or that that she likes. I'm glad too that she is not also a 'bilmoko' girl. Yes she asks as to buy certain food, but we don't promise her to buy it right away. We sometimes tell her that papa and mama do not have money yet. And when we have money, we make sure to buy her some of her requests. She's that understanding. She knows now how to share to other kids and that's what I appreciate in Mariella since she became an older sister to Nique. But yesterday was kind of different. When we got inside the mall, she was running already towards the indoor playground. We let them play for a good 10 minutes and then we decided to have early lunch at the nearby Jollibee to avoid a full-packed 'lunchers' (Canadians term) by noontime. And so right after our great meal, we headed back again to the Atrium where the indoor playground is located. We didn't go anywhere else but only at that area. In that place alone me and my husband are already exhausted and consumed by the children's energy, hopping and roaming around following after them. We decided to check on other stores for a while but Mariella saw the 'choo-choo' train (she loves Thomas and friends). She said she wants to ride in it. But we didn't have money anymore so we kept on explaining to her not now but on Tuesday because papa and mama do not have money. (We are open to our kids that we have or don't have money. And luckily Mariella understands.) After telling her that, she cried already and is wailing. She keeps on running following the train and it really pinched my heart. That moment makes me cry and wants to make up to her. Oh how I loved to make her ride on that 30-peso-train ride. If only I had extra 50 pesos...

Since I was carrying the little sister, my husband did all the convincing to Mariella. But all efforts failed. We decided to just go home with still Mariella screaming and crying on top of her lungs. I understand why she acted like that because she is already sleepy. She cannot contain what she is feeling at that moment.

In times like this, I wish we have these much. Extra money to let them eat waffles or let them ride in the train at that moment. I wish we have this much to let my kids explore other places and not just like in the malls... Much to buy simple happiness like strawberry, a slice of cake, cookies, bread sticks on the time they request for it... Much time to do baking with them but we don't have equipment to make it happen... If only we have these much, my loves...

Friday, 11 July 2014

My Family Matters

It's been a long and winding road, trudging through the uphills and downhills on the crossroads of life, yet and still, I surpassed some and emerged complete (safe to say) in an imperfect world.

What I'm trying to say is, with all the odds in my life since my single-hood until I got married and had children, one thing that keeps me on my feet is my family (before and now that I have my own). I feel that I have been blessed hundredfold seeing our two kids God has bestowed upon us. Everyday, my husband keeps on saying that he loves seeing our kids in the peak of their simple joys and just the mere presence of them makes life worth the wait. I certainly agree on his sentiments. It is so amazing to see the other half of us, cut from our own flesh and blood like Adam to Eve. I fully understand now how a parent would feel and becomes selfless instantly when it comes to giving the best for their children. Every pain they experience, we want to take it from them and wished it's just us. Every now and then, looking back, how I wished that I had a child earlier. At 35, I am imagining that me and my daughters are doing already things together like strolling around, making crafts together or enjoying dressing up. For now, I'll just wait maybe 3 more years and by that time they'll fully grasp on matters and that they'll understand things easily.

The reason actually of making this post is showing to you our most recent family photo and the first ever we had. I had it also improvised its presentation so as to put in my office desk. I just had to share to you my happiness, my Alpha and Omega, and that is my family.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Sunday Must Be's and Must Have's

Growing up, my siblings and I were made to love Sundays because of the following:


My parents made us experience and value quality time with them. Even if both of them are working, they did not compromise or hinder giving us their children the precious time to be with us. During Sunday, we look forward to eating out after we attend the Holy mass. Then we go to the grocery afterwards which we kids are very much excited going through the food sections. Or, spend weekends with the relatives on the paternal side. Being with the relatives is usually a blast. We didn't miss weekends without going to the beach or be at each respective houses to just gather around. We always have fun with our cousins as we have close age gaps. If time permits, we love to do sleep overs in each others houses and play as long as we want.

Sundays are memory spent with my paternal grandfather and grandmother. Every Sunday, my grandpa goes to the market and buys as Pinoy delicacies like sticky rice (Suman), puto, bibingka and our all-time favorite bitso-bitso. Then my grandma would make a delicious tsokolate made using her baterol. Those are my fond memories why I love Sundays. 

Now that I have a family of my own, being with the kids is very precious to me. I want them to experience my childhood days full of memories being with the family. As much as I can, I stay at home during weekends since weekdays are spent away from them because of work. Saturday is hubby's time in the farm. So we made a pact that Sunday is family day whether we just stay at home or out of the house.

Holy Mass

I miss this very important celebration in my life. I feel guilty of not spending time with my Creator. I feel I'm not fulfilling my duties as a daughter to Him. I know in my heart and God knows that I want to have a complete and constant connection to Him. I know I lacked the spiritual momentum to direct my ways in life. I know I'm not a good mother or a good wife or a good daughter and a good friend. I've always feel empty, missing, been impatient and unforgiving to myself and others. I've always told my husband that we have to make it a point to make time with our Creator so that our children will establish their foundation as a Christian. If we will not be a good example to our faith and role as good Christians, then our children will find it hard to seek God above all things.

Food trip

My weakness is to be able to create sumptuous dish for my family. I'm no novice nor expert in cooking but my heart is full of hope to create delicious food for my family every Sunday. I find at ease to cook or bake for my family during this time because, for one, my family is complete and there's no rush going on since it's a free day. And I also noticed that hubby is happy when I cook something different unlike the rest of the days.

These are simple pleasures I have every Sunday. These are simple ways to make myself happy as well as the whole family. We need not spend a lot but being with the family, sharing good food and a time to relax and be with the Lord are happiness at its finest. Don't you think? 

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