Thursday, 21 June 2012

Freebies via blog

A lot of blog sites now have their own perks to be able to get other bloggers support and attention by giving freebies. Who wouldn't like that? I myself have been participating in such promos, contests and whatever it is called to be able to get those things. But unfortunately, I'm not the lucky one. Maybe there are much more deserving people than I am who by God's mercy are lucky enough to grab those featured items that's so cool to have. Anyway, I'm not giving out giveaways because I don't have sponsors yet. I'm still a newbie and hoping that I'll be able to give out soon (if my finances would let me).
In the meantime, I'm sharing to you one of the bloggers giveaways. As you all fellow bloggers know that Firmoo has been giving out plentiful of fashionable sunnies and eyeglasses to lucky bloggers. I joined pretzelgurl's "pa-contest" and hoping that I'll be lucky enough to grab one of those reading glasses for my tired and suffering eyes. You see it's been more than 5 years since I have my own reading glasses. But eventually it broke because of my carelessness. My job requires me to stare on a longer hours in front of the computer so I haven't been fair enough with my eyes. Hoping this time with God's mercy and pertzelgurl's presence in the blogosphere, I'll be the lucky one. The promo is ongoing and ends on the 13th of July. Winners to be announced on the 14th of the same month. So better join now! 

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