Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Right now, I'm beginning to feel giddy and a can't-wait mindset about my soon to labor and delivery moment. I am just too ecstatic of seeing my 2nd born and to finish this exhaustion and boredom about the discomforts I have nearing my awaited day. Oh how I wish it'll be a safe delivery and a bearable labor pains. But I still have a lot of preparation to do like having the baby's cabinet (me and hubby thought of having it customized for a more sturdier one), buy N's feeding bottles, cleaning items for the feeding bottles, mittens (I lost or maybe misplaced M's), install the baby's crib and prepare its fittings, buy her bathing paraphernalia, her towels, blankets. I won't buy a lot since I can use M's when she was still newborn. Buying new ones won't be necessary and I am just being practical because N won't use it for long. I'm excited about buying her new stuff this weekend since I am preparing it before I go on labor. I have already washed the baby clothes and other linens last weekend and have it ironed already. I just hope I'd be able to buy and get the stuff I want in one store. Happy baby shopping!!


  1. Praying for a safe delivery. Kaya mo yan! =)

  2. Hello darlin I'm excited as well! About the baby cabinet, I suggest for you not to make a sturdy one because you gotta dispose it as soon as the cutie infant turned into a "terrible tot" :)

    Btw, just want you to know that you're one of my "dearest" in the blogosphere :)


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