Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wisdom for today

"Happiness is celebrating the little things" life. 
That 'Promises Message' quote came from a small package of a chocolate named "Dove" given by smf over lunch and a Tootsie roll (a childhood favorite!). I never noticed it until smf said there's a saying in it. She said it's true for me. I wonder what she is trying to say. But eventually it sinked it. Yes, it's true! Little things like a smile on someone's face can brighten our day, a kiss, a word of appreciation, a thank you, a sorry, a hug, friendships, family, doing our favorite past time, simple chit-chat with our love ones and having God as the center of our life. Most of the time, these simple gestures are much easily taken for granted because it just passes away easily. We never thought about it until the other one died or because they've hurt you. Even if they've left, the memory of them makes us happy enough. I believe that money and material things are just secondary to our so-called happiness. It's temporary.  What matters is the simple things that come from who and what is around us. Everyday that we wake up is already a gift that comes from our God. That is Happiness!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Blogging and it's wonders

Today marks the long wait I've been dying to happen. My blog has finally recognized by many fellow bloggers and advertisers particularly. Though I can still say I have a long way to go, to discover and to experience the wonders of blogging. Blogging for me has become my other half (aside of course from my husband! Yes, I'm already legally married). It became my venue of outpouring my sentiments (the ups and downs of my life), my current state of mind, my everything. For six months now, I told myself, if ever I'm not recognized and earning, I will still continue writing in my blog because it helped me release my inner most feelings, I discovered many things while visiting other blogs (informative, educational) and I got to meet lot of friends all over the globe. Being recognized and paid is already a big bonus.

Thank you for all who have been patient with me, for my fellow bloggers who have visited and supporting my blog and for my mentors smf and thelivingshed (lovealways) who have been there for me in the initial process of building my site. And most especially my God who gave me this day the gift of wisdom and knowledge to be able to express my thoughts here. If not for Him, I will not be getting this. Forever I will be thankful to all of you.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Saturday: I can't wait!

Here's to another weekend. But this Saturday is different from the rest of my weekend. Since I already blog about wanting to go for a dip in the beach for summer, hence, my wish will finally come true. Wink! I'm going to a birthday party and it's going to be in an exclusive beach resort that is equally heavenly. It will be in small Ligid at the renowed Samal Island in Davao City. My boss will be celebrating his birthday at his own Island. It is my dream to be there one of these days. And eventually tomorrow will be the day. My husband has been yearning to be in that resort. But it's an exclusive resort that strictly invitees are welcome. It's open for public but because of its high end price, a few are chosen and privileged to be in this beautiful paradise resort. It's worth the price indeed. Going there has no entrance fee. But if you're planning to be there, you rent the whole Island and it's yours. Everything from the amenities and the food are all-in-one package.

I'd better be ready and my camera in hand. I would not miss a thing in there and will experience summer at its finest. Buenavista Island Resort, here I come!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Have you ever wondered why a child's smile and laughter is so natural, so spontaneous, so unpretentious and infectious? They seemed to tickle our overall senses once they smile and laugh. Why they know to smile or laugh of something where they don't even know what they are doing?  Usually we do and make odd faces just to make them laugh. Right? 

I just hope and wish that each and every one of us learns to practice a child-like manner because I believe we always have a child in us regardless of whatever age group we are.  The world could be a better place if we just know how to smile and laugh in whatever circumstance we are in.


I received a call today from my hubby that his former office-mate together with his family is here in Davao City for a vacation. Kenneth is now residing with his wife and kids in New York where his wife is working as a nurse. Kenneth and my hubby are close office-mates way before and I got to know him well. We hang out before when me and husband are still not married. He's a nice person even if he comes from a well-off family. Anyway, I just realized that this summer is all about my family and friends coming home from abroad, having their vacation. It's nice to be around them for the longest time. First, my brother and his wife coming here last March, then, my sister-in-law too. After a couple of days, my husband's aunt all the way from Kuwait working as a nurse also was here and lastly the Obed family. Apart from that, I would not miss the "pasalubong's" or the presents given to us. But of course, what matters is there presence and not by the material things given.

I can relate to the feeling of a "bakasyunista" coming home. There's no place like home indeed. And truly, Philippines is where I belong where I have everything: my family, friends and the warmth and smiles of every Filipino that makes us stand out from the rest.

Summer = Beach

April is the start of summer. I like summertime especially before when I was still a student, I'm always looking forward for March because it's the end of the school year here in the Philippines. It's Summer = Beach = Vacation. It's fun! But now that I'm working, Summer = Beach alone. I love summer because it's all about vacation, the beach and get-together with the family and relatives. I have not gone to the beach lately and I was convincing my husband that we go to Samal Island together with our 1-year-old daughter. It will be our first time together as family and first for my daughter to experience the beach. I remembered when we went to Eden Mountain Resort in Toril, we dipped our daughter in the pool but she cried. I guess because of the cool climate in there that she felt cold. Anyway, I am looking forward to go to Paradise Island resort in Samal to experience summer. There's always fun in the beach!

I remembered when were were still kids, my siblings and my cousins almost every weekend we go to the beach. It's always our child memories that makes me always think that summertime is always in the beach!

Craving for coffee and pregnancy

I admit that I'm addicted to coffee. I do. In a day I can consume more than 2 cups without disturbing my sleeping pattern. Even at night before going to sleep, I can take caffeine and sleep right after. Right now, I am prevented to do so because of my pregnancy. This is hard. But sometimes, I take a sip just to ease my cravings. I know this is bad for my baby. I'll be ending my first trimester this month and I can assess that I'm NOT doing a good job taking care of my eating habit. This pregnancy is unlike my previous one.  This time I am lazy and picky of my food. I guess I don't like to eat too much even if I have my desired food on hand. Sometimes it disappoints me because I like to eat but my taste buds don't react well with my appetite resulting in not finishing my food.

Right now, I'm opting to take in dark chocolates to satisfy my senses. But also wary that taking too much might also affect my developing baby inside. Oh, I'm hoping that there's an alternative solution to coffee that pregnant women can take especially, like me, that coffee is their life and satisfaction. I miss my coffee badly. Sigh!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Davao City: Life is here (Welcome Visitors)

I was invited by my boss yesterday to welcome their Australian friends at the airport all the way to dinner. They are a couple in which the guy holds a position on a political arena in a town of Queensland. Both of them are first time visitors in the Philippines. While waiting for the plane carrier they were in, we spotted the family of Rep. Miguel Zubiri of Bukidnon. His kids are so adorable more so his wife is charming. Anyway, finally announcing the plane's arrival, we positioned ourselves at the waiting area holding the welcome banner. They were delighted seeing that we have prepared a welcome streamer for them as they approached. I think they were not expecting a grand  welcome as their face lit up with "oh's" and "thank you's" upon seeing us. After some chit chatting on our way out of the airport and to our respective vehicles, I find myself in awe and grateful that I was one of the invited person to welcome high ranking persons of their kind. They are so down-to-earth and hearing that they appreciate their coming here to Davao City makes me proud that I live here.

We proceeded then to Marco Polo Davao in an exclusive dinner for 12. We are welcomed by the hotel's General Manager Bruno Simeoni and it was such a nice feeling being in a comfort of a 5-star hotel service. Anyway, I wasn't able to get photos of our said plate-in dinner even if my bosses took pictures in it through their cellphones. It was indeed an excellent presentation of food with a 6 or 7 plate-in courses that at the 4th course I thought it was the end of the show. There was more. I couldn't remember anymore the names of the food that I ate because of its lengthy name and complication. All I can say is that even if the food tastes to be excellent, I find myself in drowned by its assortment of tastes that makes my taste buds rumble. Meaning I wasn't able to savor each of its distinct taste because of the food coming and go. However, I manage to try each of it so that I have an experience each of its taste. I am thinking that I was in gluttony at that time because the meals are so heavy in my stomach and that is one reason why I haven't savored them all. Too much of everything is really bad at all. But overall, I would love to return and taste again their food. But I guess not as much as yesterday.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Royal Fortune

I am lucky to be the 8,751th recipient of the 50,000 strictly limited edition memorabilia coin of the Royal wedding of England’s Prince William and Kate Middleton. Actually it’s my brother who applied for it and luckily approved to have one. It’s what I requested my brother to buy for me which cost 7.90 pounds.  Here are some snapshots I took for your viewing pleasure. (Since I'm not an expert in photography, I hope that I gave justice in capturing the coin that would satisfy your curiousity).

This is the package of the said coin.
The coin. With Queen Elizabeth on this side.
On the reverse side of the coin is Prince William & Kate's photo. Look at the CW printed on the right side. It's the authenticity logo.

This is the certificate of authenticity.
The inside of the certificate.
Closer look.
Closer look.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Holy Week activities

I am born and raised with a religious and devoted Roman Catholic family. My grandparents in the paternal side are the reason why we in the family are closely-knit and always put God in the center of our family. Both my grandparents were active in the church when they we're still capable. My grandma passed away in 2009 while my grandpa is still active at the age of 92. He no longer is active in church but he regularly attends mass every Sundays. He never misses a Sunday.

This year is a long holy week for us. It was a timely event since my brother was here for a vacation, my sister-in-law too both all the way from UK and my auntie from Kuwait. Aside from observing holy week together, it was also perfect to spend more time with them.

  • Day 1 (Holy Wednesday) is scheduled for a get-together with my family and relatives for a Videoke party. It was the only available time to unwind since my brother and his wife is leaving by the 8 of April. We had a fun night and ended around 10:30pm. If it hadn't been our cut-off time, surely we'll end up in the wee hours of the following day. 
  • Day 2 (Maundy Thursday) we stayed at home together with my family and do some laundry. My nanny-cum-helper went home in their province and me and my husband left doing the household chores. Good thing my mom was there to nanny my baby. Doing the chores was like part of the penitence.
  • Day 3 (Good Friday), we did Visita Iglesia (7 churches + 1) with my entire family. It was also a good bonding time together with my kid and my sister's one. The plus one is our traditional thing we do. After visiting the 7 churches, it is time to take a rest and pamper our stomachs. Chowking is our saviour.
  • Day 4 (Black Saturday), me and my family headed to SM for a picture taking. Since my brother was here, we took advantage to have our family photo taken together with our kids.
  • Day 5 (Easter Sunday), my sister-in-law treated as for a lunch at Ah Fat Seafood restaurant here in Davao City. It was a hearty meal.
  • Day 6 (Araw Ng Kagitingan) is considered a regular holiday in the Philippines. It was the time that I just stayed home and rest after the long holiday/ holy day activities.
It was indeed a full-packed holidays and holy week that I'll surely keep. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


With the Holy week falls on a long holiday, it is a great time to renew and recharge our spiritual self. It is with this that I will be out in the blogosphere world for some time after some soul recharging and self-recollection. It will not take long. It is just during these holy days and will be back as soon as regular days will be back to life. I know that it will be a good time to be with myself and recollect with what I have done wrong especially to my husband that I know that I’ve hurt a lot. I want to confess and say sorry for my wrongdoings. At the same time, I will be spending it with family whom I haven’t had a great and long time bonding and catching up with them. I will be back and visit you guys as soon as the Holy days (holidays) are over.

But at the same time, please do still support and visit my blog for those who are still in the surfing world!

A Blessed week to all!

Monday, 2 April 2012

40 days

This week we observe the Season of Lent . It starts on the day of Ash Wednesday (which was February 22, 2012) and ends on Black Sunday (which falls on April 7, 2012) . In this season, it is our time to take a pause on our daily activities and take a personal breather and recharge our spiritual side. This is our chance to renew our personal conversation with our Creator and reflect on our doings for the entire year. It is also our chance to repent on our sins and to spent time together with our loved ones.

Have a Blessed and enlightening Holy Week to all!

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