Friday, 4 May 2012

Learning to deal with babies

Last night, my 1-year old daughter was crying for almost 4 hours. That lasted until 1 o'clock in the wee hours. I can't figure out what happened to her but what I thought is her sleep was disturbed by me and my husband watching a movie. Though we turned the volume into its lowest that we can hear. That was not the only time we did it but last night was something different.  I observed that lately my daughter wants me to always carry, cuddle and embrace her all the time even in the mornings where I used to be the one to take her to bathe. When I'm in a hurry preparing for work, I leave it to the nanny to do it. But she cries if I'm not the one to bathe her. They say when your child behaves that way, they feel jealous and knows there's a coming sibling. Yes, I am 4 months pregnant and it seems a bit discomfort for me carrying her all the time because she's quite heavy now. I'm afraid I might be pressuring the baby inside me and tiring myself. Lately now, I experience constant back aches.

Now that I'm seeing behavioral changes from my daughter, I'm still learning, discovering and dealing with how she reacts in certain situations. And that for me is a challenge because I'm a new mom. Still, it excites us seeing each and every time she had new antics that amuses us and endears her much. Now, that's what I call learning at its finest.


  1. ...and it gets harder as ur tummy grows bigger! Since it's a no-no to carry her especially during the last trimester, I would spend more activities with kiara that are less strenuous, reading books, singing nursery rhymes, etc. I also let her hug my tummy so she can feel kaedi's ballet or tAekwondo sessions in my womb. She somehow u dear stood that there's a new baby. Sibling rivalry is always there but I try to involve her as much as possible in taking care of the new baby so she won't feel left

  2. They can feel that your having a baby. Hehe! That's cute. Congrats to you!


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