Friday, 23 March 2012

The wait is over

There are two events I am looking forward this first quarter of the year and this is the most awaited moment. Today marks the birthday of my mother and the homecoming of my brother. Finally, we will be complete for a while. My brother and his wife will be here for a surprise birthday for our mother as well as taking their 2-week vacation break. We booked dinner at a buffet restaurant and ordered this beautiful flowers for our mother's 62nd birthday. This is made by my florist office-mate.

See how beautiful this bouquet of flowers are? Mind you this weighs a bit because it composes dozens of roses in it. I very love its creation. The fact that these are a bunch of roses which my mom adores. I bet my mom will surely love this and I think she will get teary-eyed once she'll receive this in which my brother will hand over this to her. Oh! I'm looking forward to 5 o' clock this afternoon. 


  1. Wow!! Great post!!!
    I am glad I was part of this special event.
    looking forward and more updates to be post..

    God bless you and the whole family.

  2. Love the bouquet of flowers. I'm sure your mom will be very happy to have a child like you.


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