Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My two cents worth

I never tried giving movie reviews since I am not the type of a moviegoer and an expert in film reviews. However, as a viewer, I have my own set of opinion which I think is worth sharing and that depends on my readers on what they think is my opinion according also to their own experience. Anyhow, we have our own thoughts about something that we have also to consider. I am talking about the much talk about movie "The Mistress" against "No Other Woman". I'd like to believe that with these two films, both are very relevant in the world we are in. It is not fictitious but should be dealt with an open mind and heart. Each and every one of us has a different story to tell, a different circumstances in life that it would be unfair to judge. "Thou shall not commit adultery" and "Thou shall not commit thy neighbor's wife". It's as simple as that but hard to do when trapped in a triangle. In the movie, "No Other Woman", Ann Curtis is the selfish, immature, bratty and liberated "other" woman of a married man played by Derek Ramsey. She'd get what she wants to the extent of not minding she's hurting other people especially the wife, Cristine Reyes. While Bea Alonzo, as the mistress in the movie "The Mistress", she's the selfless, responsible, prim and proper lady that's hard to hate. Being the sole provider for her extended family, she has reasons for having a benefactor in the role portrayed by Ronaldo Valdez. The issue is about money but it's more to it. First, Bea don't have a father growing up and a maybe he found it in Ronaldo. Second, Ronaldo has helped Bea in providing for her family especially for her grandmother. Third, she now pays it as "utang-na-loob" to Ronaldo by being with him every Thursday in exchange with the help and the good things she has received from his benefactor. If Bea has her own way, I think she would not enter into that kind of set-up. She's a good person inside and out but her family mattered to her the most that's why sacrificing was her way of making other people happy.

I am happy with the story as a whole because it shows the essence of love in many ways. Love conquers all. Despite having to sacrifice, entails patience and being selfless all in the name of love, then one has to do it. I like the phrase in the movie, "hindi dahil gusto mo, makukuha mo" and "kung ano ang gusto mo, makukuha mo." These phrases has a lot of realizations and limitations. There are things that you want, you won't really get it and some things you want, you can have it as long as you're determined to get it. But that depends on the situation.


  1. haven't seen those two movies yet but I already heard several good reviews about it :)

  2. hmn... you are the _th blogger that posted a review for the movie "The Mistress" and I would say each of you has a unique opinion to share and compare. Now is this a sign that I should watch the movie? (and give my own review? lol).

    good to know you're back, actually we both came from hiatus :) and I still owe you the post for the "VBAward" - I haven't forgotten ;)


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