Thursday, 15 March 2012

"75th Araw Ng Dabaw" fever

The heat and excitement is on! Tomorrow, March 16, will be a special non-working holiday for us Davaoeños as we celebrate the 75th Araw Ng Dabaw. Today, I had a taste of what might be the situation of the big event. As we headed to my OB-Gynecologist in downtown area, the traffic was terrible! Not only because everybody are busy in the preparation but some of the major streets in Davao are under construction. Thus making the vehicles decongested and re-routing was done which caused a bit chaos. Some of the major streets were closed due to some areas that were used for bazaars and some events to highlight and welcome the festivities tomorrow. Per my office-mate, PAGASA is predicting it will be a rainy day for us. So be prepared and bring your umbrellas and jackets with you for your safety. For your quick reference, here I am posting the schedule of activities prepared for this occasion.

So come to Davao City to experience what are in-stored in the City. Happy 75th Araw Ng Dabaw to everybody!

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