Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Random Thoughts: The Smell of a Baby

I always love how a baby smells like. It's synonymous to a milk, a mild powder or sweet as a smell of a candy. I noticed that when I kiss the forehead of my almost 5 year old daughter, I can still smell it. Just this morning when I bid my daughters goodbye leaving for work, I told her you are still a baby. And then she smiled back at me. According to her, she is no longer a baby but an "Ate" (an older sister) to her 3 year old sibling. I can't help but sigh on the thought that my girls are growing up fast right before my very eye. Oh, I am just being nostalgic of the days that I still carried them and put them in the comfort of my arms. Don't get me wrong. Planning for another baby is out of the question now that I am in my late 30's and being pregnant again seems scary for me because of health-related issues. No, I'm not sick either but I have to take extra care of myself since my doctors told me to watch on my diet. I'm not getting any younger so as my health and the capacity to function normally unlike in my younger days.

A baby/child is a blessing and it gives so much joy to a family. As parents, they say, cherish them while they are still clingy because when the time comes they have their own mind set and discover new and interesting things apart from us, they'll be most likely spending time on those new found things. Savor the smell and time of your child until it lasts.

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