Monday, 26 March 2012

Full-packed weekend

It was indeed a memorable weekend for my family. The birthday surprise and homecoming was a success. I guessed it right. My mom got teary-eyed upon seeing my brother in flesh together with his wife. Everybody got shocked on the following days as my relatives got to see them one-by-one. I missed my brother. He's no longer our younger 'baby' brother like we're used to. He's grown up into a fine, responsible man. And that makes me a happy and proud sister.

Anyway, when we got to our dinner place, my mom wondered why there are many seats prepared for us. We joked her that we invited some of her former hospital-mates. She just flashed a grin in her face. I told her mom you can't just backed out because we made this special for you. So she just stayed and played with her grandchildren. Then came her sister and the husband. This was not a big surprise for her because all along she knew it. And then after a while, we got a bit hungry, so started the dinner. And then arrived my brother and his wife. That was the most heartfelt reunion. That moment, I felt that I missed my family very much. There's no other thing in this world that is valuable to me than my family. It was so good to be reunited again!

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  1. Being with your family is the greatest thing you can ever have. I wished that I live in the Philippines that way I can be next to my sister and her family and my brother and his family. Even my mother is not with me due to her medical issues. When I see each of them, I treasure every minute of it, which unfortunately doesn't happen all the time. Take care.



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