Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Responsible Parenthood

I just remembered yesterday about the news I saw last week in the television. I told my husband if he has seen it. And yes, it was also featured in the internet. It was about an Indonesian boy of about 8 years old who is already a chain smoker. I was totally shocked when I heard it. And caught my attention thus glued myself in the TV. This boy started smoking at the age of 4 years old and even his parents gave him money to buy cigarettes. Even drinks coffee with it. I was really stunned and dismayed about this. The parents are very much responsible for this boy especially it's health. I worry about the child's lungs. At age 4, it's suppose to be a fragile and delicate organ system that must be taken cared of. As a mother, I'm very much protective of my daughter's health even to the extent of not going outside the house especially near night time because of mosquito bites that causes Dengue fever.

Children should not be exposed in such vices. I am much confident that Philippine government won't tolerate such acts especially to minors since Indonesian government don't have policies on that. However, the parents are the responsible people to teach their children and must be a good role model  to their children. It is said that the family is the first hand information of their children thus parents must exercise.

As of the moment, this 8-year old Indonesian boy goes into a 1 month rehab for him to be a normal child again.

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  1. Along with success comes a reputation for wisdom.


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