Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Craving for coffee and pregnancy

I admit that I'm addicted to coffee. I do. In a day I can consume more than 2 cups without disturbing my sleeping pattern. Even at night before going to sleep, I can take caffeine and sleep right after. Right now, I am prevented to do so because of my pregnancy. This is hard. But sometimes, I take a sip just to ease my cravings. I know this is bad for my baby. I'll be ending my first trimester this month and I can assess that I'm NOT doing a good job taking care of my eating habit. This pregnancy is unlike my previous one.  This time I am lazy and picky of my food. I guess I don't like to eat too much even if I have my desired food on hand. Sometimes it disappoints me because I like to eat but my taste buds don't react well with my appetite resulting in not finishing my food.

Right now, I'm opting to take in dark chocolates to satisfy my senses. But also wary that taking too much might also affect my developing baby inside. Oh, I'm hoping that there's an alternative solution to coffee that pregnant women can take especially, like me, that coffee is their life and satisfaction. I miss my coffee badly. Sigh!

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