Monday, 27 February 2012

New cut

There's a new me. I feel light and breezy. I had my new haircut done last Friday together with my office-mate who convinced me to sport a new look. I was a little bit hesitant of the style she chose for me but in a way a bit challenged since I really wanted to have my hair cut. For many years, I've been wearing my long hair that was damaged because of hair relax and I haven't maintained it by hot oil or spa. I'm thinking to have a new look, new style and ended just okay. Not that I don't want my new hair style but because of my hair's texture it became limp. I've cut my hair short. But thank God for inventing anti-frizz solutions for the hair. It made my hair stay in shape and not look frizzy anymore.

We went to a Korean hair salon near Chimes, Davao. It's where my officemate do her regular hair cut. Their salon is clean and when we went there a lot of high school students do their hair cut too. My choice of cut is a Korean style so I opted to join my officemate. Overall, I liked my new hair cut. It changed my look and it styled my hair. This way, I will have no excuses not to take good care of my hair and to really spend extra time to style my hair and not just the plain ponytail like I used to. My officemate told me that it looked better on me. At least better and not ugly. I will make it a point to have extra time in the morning styling my hair for my advantage also. You see, I'm working in a corporate office so I have to make myself pleasant.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lazy Week

Have you experienced one lazy day in a week? I know everybody can relate to this because as career-oriented individuals we all have manic Monday fever. Last Monday, I never felt as lazy as ever. Better that my co-worker do the talking and entertain me in a way. But she also feels the same as I do. I don't know if it was just the full-packed weekend or it just hit my human system to slow down. Just imagine, staring at my computer with a blank head. Even if I already drank 2 big cups of coffee for that morning only. You see I'm a coffee addict and lover! I am trying now to cut my coffee intake to 2 big cups in a day: 1 in the morning and 1 in mid afternoon during our office tea break.

I really feel lousy. In fact I started writing this post this Monday and I just finished wrapping up this post today. I just want to share my sentiments about my laziness this week and hoping to better my mood since TGIF is here.

I will be having a party-filled weekend this coming week again. Hope that it will not affect my mood the next week. Till then!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My One-Of-A-Kind Valentines

Yesterday was the celebration of love. I had my fair share of Valentine not-so-sweet moment. The day before the V-day, my husband and I had a one big fight! (Hurrah!) And as such, I had red swollen eyes the next day which is Valentine's day. I realize that it started from a simple reaction I said to my husband which I didn't intend to hurt him. It was actually a sweet gesture of my husband to tell me that he was hurt of something that I said and did which he don't usually do. It was not a pleasant scenario for the both of us since we were in the height of our anger. And now recalling back of what happened, I would say it was also a blessing in disguise since it was an eye opener to me (And I hope for him too).

Marriage is really not at all bed of roses. Two people of extreme differences living together in one roof is not that easy. It is indeed true that patience, understanding and God-centeredness must always be present in both individuals to create a homey place to live in. And everyday in the span of 2 years is a learning experience for me not only knowing my husband but also my responsibility as a wife, a companion and the one who runs the household.

Nevertheless at the end of that day, in every bad thing that happened, we are still the two persons who share the same love despite the challenges. My husband has been great seeing how through time he has been showing sweetness unlike before. I should be grateful because knowing my husband it is indeed the effort that counts. Thumbs up husband! I love you everyday!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Perfect give-away

Are you a crafty person? Artistic and creative in mind? I love crafts and designs ever since high school. When I decided on what course to take, first thing in mind is to be an interior designer. But since I didn't took the course, I just rely on magazines, TV programs and internet sources all related to arts, designs, cooking and even fashion. I love Lifestyle Network a lot. Everything in that channel is about designs, crafts, cooking, fashion and interior designs. But since again, we don't have cable TV at home, I just rely most on the net especially that I work in the corporate office and accessible to the computer.

Now that Valentine's day is fast approaching, I was able to search in the net what would be possible giveaway from my boss. I came a cross this website, It is base in the Philippines and as far as my memory can remember, the owners of this crafts company are siblings. Anyway, visit their site to give you a whole array of their perfect giveaways for any occasions and I'll tell you they'll give your orders safe by their packaging and in my experience, I received my items in very good condition and and feel satisfied. As a customer, I will recommend and will return to them to purchase their cute stuff. You can never go wrong with them.

Have a romantic Valentine's to all!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Eden Mountain Nature Park & Resort

Just this weekend, I treated my family with a relaxing ambiance of nature. Last November, I got a promo from Eden Mountain Nature Park & Resort and thought of bringing my family after so many months of juggling motherhood, marriage and my career. I missed my family. Now that I'm married, have a child to attend to and busy with work, I haven't had quality time with my family.

Eden Nature Park & Resort is one of the tourist get-away here in Davao City. It is situated in the Southern part of the city. Our little Baguio so to speak. There you can experience the cool breeze of the place with the pine trees surrounding the place. So as not to add on the pollution, cars are to be parked in a respective area and a shuttle will just tour the visitors to see the beauty of the place. It is indeed a relaxing getaway.

It was a perfect weather when we got up the resort. We arrived there at past 2pm and immediately checked in. The weather is cool. When we got to our room, a wedding is set to happen right outside our  veranda, in their gazebo overlooking the city gulf. We and the kids went out to feel the cool breeze of the place and to see the wedding to take place. We didn't have the chance to tour the place since my almost 1 year old niece had cough. So we were just outside our room.

For those who want to experience a relaxing getaway and de-stress from the hustle and bustle of city life come to Eden Nature Park & Resort. They still have new promos all year round. Check out their website. It's www.


Friday, 3 February 2012

Mr. Grenda

You don't know him. But his employees knows him a lot. I didn't know him either until I came across an article today at Yahoo website. His name is Ken Grenda, a 79 year old man who runs a family-owned business for 66 years, decided to give portion of his income to his employees out of generosity. The article entitled "Aussie bus boss gives $15 million bonus to staffstruck my attention thus blogging it. I hope every employer would come to read about this. It's a reminder that what the financial status of a company depends on its workers. The people behind the operation of the company doesn't run because of the owner. The owner finances and makes plans. But its employees do these plans and make it happen. Employers must commend their employees by doing raise or bonus, acknowledge their job well done and encourages them to do good in their craft. In that way, as employees, they are encouraged and do their best not only for their company but for their personal life as well. People work because of financial reasons. That's the fact. Only a few do their work because they love their work not because of money. If you, as employer, knows how to listen, sensitive enough and takes good care of your employees, you will have a trustworthy, loyal and diligent worker thus putting your company in a good shape. Not only that, you will have good points from up above. For more information of this article, please visit this link:

Have a happy and blessed weekend!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Smart Parenting

How do you describe a parent? For me, a parent is far more than being a mother and a father. Being a parent takes a lot of responsibility and an obligation. An obligation that as a parent, you have to do your role to rear and nurture your child the way you want your child to be. It is also a great responsibility that you have to guide your child to the right values and proper conduct.

Photo taken from www.smartparenting.

Talking to your child is very essential and crucial in the upbringing of these young ones. Thus, not only communication but 'proper communication' is a must. A parent must take time to bond with their child so as not to build a gap between them. It is nice to take a time out with the kids so as to know your child's personality and interests. When I was growing up maybe until my college years, my father is assigned to different location due to work. But even if, he stays most of the time out-of-town, he makes it a point that whenever he is home, he bonds with us. To know more about smart parenting, please visit

A Walk to Remember

This week had been a joyful week for me and my husband since our baby Mariella, who's turning 1 this month, had a few steps already. I can see in her eyes that she's quite afraid to walk by herself because she would resist to stand still while preparing her to walk. She would cry and long to be hold. But this morning was quite a surprise. She could walk almost 8 steps and when she reaches our hand she would hug us. What a delight!

What a joy when you see your child in her beginnings. I am happy that me and my husband is there for her to guide her and we are the ones who are hands on on her growing years. I never felt as equally as happy as I am now seeing my child in her firsts: smile, sound, talk, walk and kisses and hugs. These are very precious and I could not explain in words but to feel warmth and contentment seeing myself in her. Mariella is such a joy and a medicine to stress.

Caring For Our Skin...and Eyes Too!

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