Monday, 6 August 2012

Waiting for another Maria

Time flies fast than I ever imagine. Before when everything in this world is not so complicated and not in a hurry, I can still appreciate the itsy bitsy facets of life. Now that with a lot of happenings that I cannot fathom one-by-one, I just realize that I'm about to deliver a new life 2 months from now. It's like a passing event that I regret I wasn't able to focus more on my second pregnancy unlike the first one. Maybe because I already new what's going on with my body and what's not to do. I am just too  complacent. I said that because my first daughter is still in the growing stage and I am just amazed of how she turned to be an adorable being. Honestly, I am in tuned more with M than my pregnancy. And I am guilty about it. Maybe that is why the baby inside me is very active unlike M. She just want my utmost attention. Now, me and my hubby is starting to introduce baby inside to M. M now knows how to say 'baby' and she acknowledges it by holding and massaging my tummy and she even hugs and kisses my tummy. That's too sweet for M! Wondering wants going on in her mind on it? But somehow, at this point, I try to condition myself that when they'll become two by October, I will be having another adjustment period and that's a new phase of becoming a parent and a mother that I will again experience. It's a challenge yet I know it will be a fulfilling phase of my life that surely as a mother no one will be able to understand, truly!


  1. Huge Congratulations on your new baby, mommy Cheekee! ^_^

  2. Wow, congrats sa 2nd baby.. how cute naman nun scene na nikiss ni M ang tummy mo, naimagine ko..

    1. Thanks Joanne! ang sarap may baby..lahat ng pagod pawi lalo na pagnakikita mo na sobrang adorable ang anak..ganun tlga cguro if you're a mom na.. unexplainable ang the highest level na!


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