Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Passing Away

Today, around 12 noon, our grandmother passed away in her death bed. Not in the hospital but at home. She's the mother of my mother-in-law. We were just there last night to visit. But the entire family is just waiting for her farewell. They knew that it will be coming soon. My Mother-in-law pass by yesterday at my grandmother's doctor and honestly told her there's nothing more they can do because her kidney is totally not functioning well. The doctor even told her that eating in solid and liquid form is avoided already. More so, even if admitting her in the hospital won't help because she can easily acquire virus now that her immune system is very weak. The aunt of my husband told me that half her body down has no sensation at all. This morning the siblings of my mother-in-law were at their house because they knew they're just waiting for hours.

At this time, I recalled how also my other grandmother passed away. I was there in the hospital in her last breath. My grandmother passed away peacefully like she's just sleeping. But it was really painful seeing my grandfather beside my grandma. He talked to my grandma like she just listens. That's why I was kind of traumatized this time. I only saw once the grandmother of my husband in her bed. But I never came to take a peek on her after that because it pains my heart. Now, the entire family grieves with the lost of a family member.  And I pray, that "Lola Toling" will rest in peace. She's now pain-free and worry-free because she's now with the Lord.


  1. I said this once before on a post I made that losing someone we love is never easy and remembering the beautiful memories makes it even harder. And I think I've read somewhere how the pain we feel don't really go away, we just get used to it.

    My condolences and prayer to your family Cheekee. Time will make the pain of losing someone more bearable. Life goes on, but hopefully, the happy memories we shared with them will stay with us and be remembered.

    Take care and God bless. ☺

    1. Thank you Michael for sympathizing!

    2. You're always welcome. Take care!

  2. My deepest sympathy to your hubby's family, Cheekeegirl..


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