Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Nique's First Set of Tooth, Peeked!

I'm happy to note that my baby of 10 months got her first set of tooth as shown on the photo. I thought it will take a while for her tooth to erupt. Though I saw already her gums are swelling and she's salivating more. She's putting things on her mouth and thumb-sucking to the fullest. I really do not want her to do that habit because it will deform the alignment of her teeth same with my eldest of 2 years. Though some pediatricians say it's okay or let them do it because it's their comfort zone and they feel relaxed and comforted doing it. Anyway, it's still their milk teeth. I can manage to make it beautifully aligned when their permanent teeth starts to grow. A little massage of her gums here and there, regularly and religiously, is all it takes. Oh! Another milestone for my Baby Nique. Love you, Banik-nik!

 photo IMG_20130731_062831_zps3a285a78.jpg

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Beware of Minor Thieves

Last night, when I already slept, my hubby whispered to me and told me he just got back from outside. I told him where he went. He said he was with our neighbor, roaming around our village (nagfi-feeling tanod). "And why?", I said.  They were talking about a girl around 14 to16 years old, a Japanese descendant, who they suspect to have stolen cash in our neighborhood's sari-sari stores and one inside their house. The buzz spread like crazy in our small community. I was literally awakened by his news. I was quite alarmed when he said the age. Too young. He described that the girl is very innocent looking, charming and fair-skinned. A typical Japanese looking one. My hubby couldn't believe because he saw that girl in our village. A beautiful lass that you wouldn't think she can dare do it. He knew about it when our neighbor, right across our house, told my husband that he suspects that the girl stole the coins in his small store. At first he thought that it was their helper that is working with them for a long time now. Of course the helper said it was not her. For about a week, he has an inkling for that girl who keeps coming back at the store to buy something. Just recently, he has lots of 10-peso coins in his tray where he puts his cash. When the girl bought something from the store, he noticed she has lots of 10-peso coin in her hands and found that his tray don't have the coins anymore. Though there were several incidents like this happened to him with that girl so goes the suspicion. He cannot accuse the girl on the spot because he didn't caught the girl on the act of stealing the coins.

Then, we knew later on, that the store at the back of their house too was also victimized by the girl and some stores nearby. Her way is, she will befriend you and talk to you in a friendly manner. You wouldn't notice any harm from her because of her charms and the demeanor ways she has. But then she will just observe everything in the store and the manner the people moves inside. One time, the girl bought from another store a bottle of softdrink. The tindera (sales girl) went inside the house to get a bottle. The tindera  put the money near the small window where nobody can reach it unless otherwise you try to steal it. Having a petite frame, she fit into the small window, jumped with only half her body, reached and luckily stole some cash. She knew already where the money is located as she already "studied" that store. A person in the nearby store saw what happened and reported it. They looked for that girl's house and apparently their neighbors who are also sari-sari store owners were another victims of her. When they talked to the parents and confronted the girl, the girl actually confessed that she just took 500 pesos only and not 1,000.00 pesos as the amount that was stolen in their store. The two who complained thought that it might be their modus knowing that they just rented the place and were actually strangers and new in our village. That the parents who they talked were just calm about the incident when they complained to them. The parents only said they will just talk to their kid. But then another stealing episodes still happen after that involving the teenager. The girl was not at all looking guilty and scared. That's quite alarming for me huh?! I have two helpers in the house and I have my two kids too. We already alarmed our helpers not to befriend her or anybody who they didn't know. I am concerned of my kids safety even more.

Another unfortunate incident happened when the girl robbed cash inside a house. At first, the girl befriends the tinderas/helpers. Capturing their hearts with her friendly talks. Until one time, she asked if she could use the toilet. And since they're friends already, they let her in. You would wonder why she use that excuse knowing she just lives two blocks away from that store. It was her way of observing inside and looking for something to stole. She didn't stole anything just yet. But on the second or third time I guess, she passed through the back gate and climbed there (She honestly confessed it after she was caught). Fortunately, one of the helpers, saw her going from room to room and stole their money. When she was caught in the act, she just returned the money she stole and walked away. After that incident, the girl still goes to that store like nothing happened. My husband helped in finding solutions with them on how to get over with that girl because informing her parents and other members of her family didn't helped at all. They just agreed that today they will report or blotter the incident to the barangay officials in order for the girl to be fetched by some DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) personnel for custody and to give her proper rehabilitation or some treatment.

As young as she is, she knows how to steal in a subtle way and how to do the act at such a very young age. One time, when she was asked why she did it. Her answer was her hands became itchy. Then, I thought maybe she is a Kleptomaniac. I've searched in the internet what really caused these people to steal even if they knew it's a bad thing to do or they knew what they are doing. I came across an article entitled, Confessions of a Kleptomaniac (full article here). I grabbed excerpts from the article that explains how Kleptomaniacs developed this kind of mental disorder. Because I don't believe when your hand itches, you steal. It's all in the mind the act of stealing happens or is about to unfold.

Terrence Shulman is the founder and director of The Shulman Center for Compulsive Theft, Spending and Hoarding, and the author of Something for Nothing, a book on compulsive shoplifting. He says that it’s common for compulsive thieves to begin as young as age five. “Most people start off stealing a little bit in their earlier lives in reaction to emotional distress,”  he says. “Losses, trauma, betrayal, financial issues—and it becomes worse over time. But some also develop stealing behaviors later in life.” He continues, “It is quite common that young children are over-disciplined or abused or shamed for various things…and it can leave a scar and cause them to rebel, often secretively, into law-breaking behaviors such as stealing.”
Dr. Jeff Gardere is a psychologist and the author of two books on parenting. “We do see very young children who begin to steal and it is a sign of some emotional disturbance, a lack of permanence in their lives or a psycho-symbolic way to fill the void in their lives,” he tells me. “That void may come from a lack of love from parental figures, or from emotionally unhealthy environments.” He also agrees with me that stealing “may be a way of taking back power from a strictly disciplined childhood…breaking out of the very strict upbringing and rigid rules by engaging in rule-breaking and sometimes chaotic behavior.”

Monday, 29 July 2013

Have a Peaceful Rest, Dearest Baby Bo!

He is the youngest member of our family. His name is Bo. He's born on April 14, 2006 to a Lhasa Apso and Japanese Spitz or Shih Tzu (I'm not really sure which of the two breeds) parents. He was given to us by my mother's co-worker. When he was brought home, I remembered vividly, his bark almost delighted me when I reached home. There was excitement seeing him in an instant. We gathered around him and played with him because he was days old when we had him. He is really cute like a stuff toy. My brother who is an animal lover is the one who really is hands on with him. Taking care of his food and his needs. Our lives has never been the same when Bo came. He is pure joy and happiness combined.

 photo Bo_zps4c6d16c7.jpg
My brother took this photo. He was sitting on my brother's bed.

For my brother's love of Bo, he even made a Facebook homepage for him.

 photo IMG_20130729_090847_zps87e13180.jpg

The veterinarian ruled out that Bo has a kidney problem showing yellowish discharges when he throws up. My father who told us that everytime Bo eats and drinks, he spills it out. We thought there might be something that stuck in his throat or he ate something that makes him vomit. After 3 days of that, after not eating or drinking for that span of days, my sister told my mother to have him send in the Veterinary clinic for our peace of mind and Bo's condition to be better. I say that because my parents didn't sleep well because they kept in observing Bo day in and out. Bo is like my parents baby since we all got married. So they were very worried when Bo got sick.

The veterinarian shared also to my parents that eating human food is not good at all for animals. Human food or our food has a lot of preservatives (salty, sweet) that don't help in giving nutrients for the animals. Dog food is designed to give the proper nutrition that animals need that cannot be found in our food. So that was an eye-opener for us. We don't know that being first time to take care of a dog with breed.

 photo IMG_20130729_091006_zps07a4c1b2.jpg

 photo IMG_20130729_090955_zpsb451d580.jpg

My brother is very worried when he knew about Bo's sickness and even Bo's friends in the Facebook. An outpour of well-wishes for him.

Bo passed away yesterday in the occasion of our scheduled monthly family gathering. It was my first time to see him after he was confined in a Veterinary clinic for almost a week. Then sent home to recuperate. He bid goodbye a couple of minutes after we arrive. He might have waited for us to be complete and the children around. It was heartbreaking! Good thing the night before yesterday, my brother was able to see Bo, talk to him and took pictures of him via Skype. Bo cannot walk anymore or bark. He cannot even move and just lie on the floor. He responded when he saw and heard my brother's voice and face in the monitor screen. Maybe that was Bo's time that he was able to see us all including my brother the night before.

 photo IMG_20130729_090129_zpsf76532aa.jpg

 photo IMG_20130729_090724_zps19daf96f.jpg

For 7 wonderful years, he gave joy in our family. It was an ordeal worthy of you. Thank you Bo! We love you. You made us cry of your passing. We grieve of your loss. But we know you're pain-free now. It's time for you to take a good rest forever.

Friday, 26 July 2013

What's Sale-ing at Taste Central

Th only downside I could think of of this "heavenly" online store, Taste Central, is it only caters and delivers customers from Manila area. How could you!? What about us living in other parts of the country? Actually, to my dismay, I emailed them. They said they're working on it and can only cater around Metro Manila only for the meantime. Well, at least they're working on it. It's still better than never ever considered it (hehehe). I can only just wish for now and make my list to name a few:

 photo p225x225_zps99569471.jpg  photo p225x2251_zpsd0f3b9d8.jpg
 photo p225x2258_zps4d6112e1.jpg  photo p225x2252_zps12cd4895.jpg  photo p225x22512_zps5017ad40.jpg  photo p225x2253_zps274f6218.jpg  photo p225x22513_zpsb458cbc2.jpg  photo p225x22511_zpsf6ad1cc9.jpg  photo p225x2256_zps8ba120c4.jpg  photo p225x2259_zpsa8f50caa.jpg  photo p225x22510_zps020db905.jpg  photo p225x2257_zps217d8c59.jpg  photo p225x2254_zpsee582106.jpg  photo p225x2255_zps8f6804b9.jpg

Left side (from Top to bottom): Sparkly Cross Bracelet from Vain Accessories (Priced at P1,200.00, discounted at P720.00); Roxy Must-Have Wrist Candy (Priced at P2,999.00, now at P1,465.00); Shu Uemura Perfect Poreless Set (Priced at P2,500.00, now at P750.00); Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Repair Oil (Priced at P1,750.00, now at P1,400.00); Beansprout Walk Together Shoe bags -Set of 6 (Priced at P600.00, down to P500.00); Butter Twists Satin Sylvia Ballerinas (Priced at P999.00, now P350.00); Michael Antonio Glitter Riordan Heels (Priced at P2,999.00, now at P1,500.00)

Right side (from Top to Bottom): Studded Cross Metal Bangle from Vain Accessories (Priced at P1,000.00, now at P600.00); Shu Uemura Skin Radiance Set (Priced at P2,500.00, now at P750.00); Made by David Organics Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo Set (Priced at P514.00, now at P412.00); Moroccan Argan Oil Gentle Soap (Priced at P350.00, now at P315.00); Butter Twists Victoria Fold-Up Ballerinas (Priced at P1,299.00, now at P650.00); Michael Antonio Thorpe Ankle Strap Platforms (Priced at P3,400.00, now at P1,700.00); Michael Antonio Glittery Red Kashmir Heels (Priced at P2,799.00, now at P1,400.00)

Now, and who wouldn't freak out? These are amazing mark downs knowing that the products are of high quality with real discounts. I still have a lot on my wish list but it would be unfair for those who will read this post of mine if I'll put here everything. It will be mind drooling. I'm starting to have a headache because of envy (aarrgghh!). By the way, they not only offer things for women. They are a lifestyle shop. Sigh! I wish a genie will appear and make me have my 3 wishes come true. First in line, that they could deliver nationwide. Second and the last one, is that I will have lots of money to purchase everything on my wish list. I believe in miracles.

Okay, I know you have also your own personal choices, so feast your eyes and minds on their on going sale here. They have new products available every Sunday, so better check out and be the first. But wait, in order to avail of their line of products, you have to become a member. Don't worry, it's for free!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Our Backyard Harvest

Like most average Filipino income earner whose means of living relies mainly on an 8-hour job 5 to 6 days a week, every money and cent spent is thought of wisely. Especially if you have a family with 3 to 4 members, you would rather spend on a need rather than a want. In our case, in order to make efficient spending and to cut cost on certain expenses, my hubby and I thought of putting up a small vegetable garden right at the premise of our home. We have a tiny lot, so we have to sacrifice some of my husband's ornamental plants that he painstakingly labored to beautify our humble abode. For your information, my hubby has a green thumb and he loves planting and farming (lucky me!). As a matter of fact, he together with my brother-in-law is making productively a 5-hectare family-owned land full of banana, coconut, cacao, rubber, durian and some fruit bearing trees in an area where for a few years it has been idle. And since, we regularly cook vegetable food dish at home, hence the idea of putting up a vegetable garden.

At first, I told him of the idea that I just want a planter box to plant Parsley. Why Parsley because I read somewhere that it helps in the cleansing of our kidneys. Chop parsley leaves then let it boil in water. Let the water cool down and drain the chopped leaves. The water that has been boiled by the Parsley is the one that we have to drink 1 to 2 glasses a day. You may store the water in the fridge for you to drink. You would notice a different color in your urine. And that they say are the toxins inside your body.

Anyways, some of the vegetables my husband planted are eggplant, cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions, pechay (a type of cabbage or gourd) to name a few. Sadly, the tomatoes did not manage to live (hehehe). It was way too cool on how my husband planted it sana. He planted it in an upside-down method as what he saw in the YouTube website. But I wouldn't post it here because it's not successful (Teehee). However, I would gladly show off the fruits of my husband's labor on the following photos below.

 photo IMG_20130725_073106_zpsf8484fc3.jpg
The second cucumber that is so big. The first one I forgot to take a photo.
We already ate it. I tell you it is very juicy and crispy.

My officemate that is also a green thumb told me that we should cover the cucumber with a cellophane to prevent from "injury" (see the brown patch on the cucumber?). I haven't asked her what caused that.

 photo IMG_20130725_072956_zps8115276b.jpg
This is the third cucumber ready to be harvested too.
But my hubby told me that he will harvest it by himself tomorrow. (he's happy)

 photo IMG_20130725_073115_zps235afcb8.jpg
Three more to go. Grow faster. And mind you they grow faster in a matter of days.
I was surprised how fast that can be.

 photo IMG_20130725_073013_zps05611d18.jpg
This is another one awaiting for the right maturity.

 photo IMG_20130725_073140_zps9ad741e5.jpg
This is okra (lady's fingers, bhindi or gumbo in English). This is plant 1.
Look how many are now sprouting. We already harvested twice.

 photo IMG_20130725_073149_zpsd16a0f6f.jpg
Plant 2. More to come. My Green thumb officemate told me a trivia.
Okra is prone of having aphids. Hope ours would not have.

 photo IMG_20130725_073156_zpse773f9a9.jpg
Plant 3. See how plenty are flowering and sprouting.
We are very happy with our small vegetable garden.

We already harvested our spring onions and pechay, but that I haven't taken photos of it. But, I was amazed how juicy and crisp our pechay when we cooked it. It was my first time and didn't expect to taste it that good. As a matter of fact, I don't like the taste of it. But now I realize when its freshly picked, the veggie is more crisp, juicer and tastier even if our homegrown pechay is thin and not as big as the one sold in supermarkets.

I now encourage you to have one in your own yard. It's more healthier and cheaper to have your own vegetable garden at home. And as to the Parsley, we planted it there too together with the vegetables, but we cannot identify it anymore if it's the Parsley or a weed ;))

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

First Glimpse of the #Royal Trio

 photo 20130723_191457_zpsd052bdbd.jpg

 photo 20130723_191536_zps859eee26.jpg

 photo 20130723_191548_zps083029a9.jpg

 photo 20130723_191955_zps538a420a.jpg

 photo 20130723_191958_zpsbfa8b076.jpg

Believe me. I have been glued to this recent event. This is my professed happiness knowing that the royal baby's birth date is the same as mine. I am so overjoyed and honored in my own little way that we have this particular similarity with the Prince of Cambridge (hehehe). And since my brother is working in UK, I asked him if he has taken photos of the most awaited appearance of these three. And to my delight, I asked for some photos for me to blog it.

The Royal couple dressed in blue hue is a picture of a happy and beautiful family now. As I chatted with my brother, he said the baby wears a frowning face maybe because of the flashes that came from the cameras and because everybody is in frenzy and noisy when they came out. Such a lovely family.

Next, I will be awaiting for the baby's name. Hmmmm.... Can you guess?

Footnote: Around 3 years ago, I received an email offering me a job on this particular hospital. I didn't mind it since a lot of scam is circulating around the internet and thought it's a joke. If ever I did accept it, and if the job offer was indeed true, maybe I got to see first hand the royal family on my birthday. Wow! heavens... #wishfulthinking

Auntie Anne's in Davao City

Yesterday, I was able to visit SM City Davao in Ecoland. Well, to my surprise I saw this...

 photo IMG_20130723_182753_zps39858d00.jpg

OMGeez! Auntie Anne's you're coming! I can't wait for you to open. I had experienced and tasted their world renowned pretzel first hand for the first time more than a decade ago in Manila. Imagine, what took you so long to arrive here in Davao City. My favorite here is their Cinnamon flavored-coated pretzel. Actually I really love everything Cinnamon because of it's aroma and of course the taste it brings to the food or drinks. Sometimes, I do put Cinnamon powder on top of my coffee drink. And that makes a kick of aroma and smell to my cup of coffee knowing the coffee addict I am. I use the McCormick Cinnamon powder by the way.

Well, I'm waiting for it's opening and that would be soon. I can't wait to grab a bite of their pretzel. Another food chain that I know will get a long queue. 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

It's a Baby Boy for William and Kate

Wow! This is a good news to start my day right. Although I am not feeling well. I have a little chills today coupled with a stomach-trouble (this word is much better than to say LBM, eeiww!!). I don't know why it struck me. Anyhow, I'm praying that I'll be better since hubby is away for 4 days to attend a seminar out-of-town. Well back to the real point of my blog today. I was off for work yesterday to celebrate my life's milestone. I turned 34 and it feels great celebrating it with my family and parents in both sides. It was just a simple feast. Then at night when I heard the news on TV, I was ecstatic to note that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate finally gave birth to their (Prince William) first born baby boy which happens to fall on my birthdate, July 22. What a coincidence!

I opened Yahoo news this morning and read this details. I am very excited to see the royal baby. He was brought to this world at around 4:24pm on a Monday, July 22, 2013 at St. Mary's Hospital, West London. It is said that Prince William was also born on that same hospital in 1982. Well-wishers flocked the hospital and the Queen of London's residence, Buckingham Palace, respectively. I wonder if it will be declared as a National Holiday too.  There are two incidents that me feel as if I have a relation to these royal people. One is on April 29, 2011, where the couple get married. It was also the time where my first -born daughter Mariella was dedicated to our Lord Almighty. We didn't even know that they will wed on that same date prior to the day itself. And the second instance is just yesterday, my birthday and the birth of the royal baby boy to which the name is not yet disclosed.

Well, together we will wait for the royal couple to introduce their baby boy to the whole world. Let's keep ourselves updated and hooked to that, alright?

Friday, 19 July 2013

The Epic that is... #Instagram!

I joined in the bandwagon! The essence of hash tags is goodness crazy! And because I am such a lame and slow social media follower, I thought of following the hype too. I was curious before on why using hash tags or simply the number "#" symbol. I read somewhere that putting hashtags on the word or attaching it to the word helps in locating your link easily and instantly. Now, if you're blogging and introducing your site anew, use hash tags.

 photo IMG_20130719_103310_zpsf5499e9f.jpg
#cutie #suctionmat #cellphone
I tried on #instagramming this cute suction mat for cellphone given to me by my ever thoughtful and sincere friend. Actually, it can be used as a cup mat or pot mat. It's a good use for any object so that it wouldn't skid. When I shot this using #instagram app on my cellphone, I was amazed that I can beautify its shot using different styles. I chose this type of shot style to inject old, rusty and memorable feel. Like it? Hype your style using #instagram now. Have a fun weekend ahead! #Birthdays senti mode now. A few days more...

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Barely There

I remember such phrase from a TV ad of a feminine hygiene commercial. It's barely there. You can't see it in your naked eye but it helped a BIG lot. A few days from now, I'll be turning a year older. I will celebrate it with gratitude in my heart. Gone were the days when in my younger years, I am excited for big celebrations, a big feast on the table and bountiful gifts among others. Those material and physical things are happiness. But as time goes by, those big things that excites me aren't a big deal anymore. I mean presents are well appreciated of course especially if it's given with thought and sincerity. What I mean is with or without it, doesn't matter as long as I have my life's treasures with me. Am I maturing? I guess so. Those I thought were just small things and the things that I just took for granted before are what matters most now. Good health, work for sustenance, family, loved ones, peace of mind, love, happiness and everything that our naked eyes couldn't see but the heart, mind and soul could fathom and feel are some of life's simple pleasures that makes us contented, satisfied, peaceful and happy. And that makes us complete and accomplished through time. Though sometimes material things perks up our life, but only for a temporary being. Nothing beats with what the heart, mind and soul could offer. I wish of these things and even if I get older of age, these will remain and present in me.

Great things comes in small packages.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

In Search for a New Haircut and Style

I've been dreading to cut my hair. It's been 7 months since the last time I visited the hair salon and for my nails to get done too. Imagine how dry, flaky and out of body my hair is right now. After my two pregnancies, I have let my hair loose and grow on its own. Always my resort is to have it in ponytail and bun it. It's easier, polished and convenient for me having two kids totting around with me, it's quite impossible to have it styled like I want it to be. Styling was never an option for me. I have dry, coarse, wavy and thin hair. It's like in a malnourished state, isn't it? What makes it worst now is my scalp is flaking. I always reasoned that I'm so stressed up that's why dandruff is at its peak. On the second thought maybe it's his way of telling me that he needs an overhaul and pampering. My hair is in the verge of screaming. Tadaahh! Why not?

Okay, now I'm scouting for a haircut that suits my hair texture and that compliments my face shape. Then I encountered this on site...

 photo 550px-Choose-a-Hairstyle-Step-2_zpsf71a3d8d.jpg
Photo is not mine. See full details and further information here

Normally, when we choose #hairstyles we follow what cut we like. We also have to consider if it looks good on us or if our hair behaves with it otherwise it won't be like the way we want it. In choosing a cut or style, we have to take into consideration our lifestyle. A good, low maintenance hairstyle is more appropriate for me since I'm a working momma: always in a hurry every single day. A good cut or hairstyle also depends on the one who styles and cuts. He or she should have the expertise. A reliable, dependable and professional hairstylist does the trick too. For me, a good one is one who can suggest and help you out on which style looks good on you. It's not about the money or how famous your salon is. It's about the credibility and how you take good care of your clients. And as for me, whether you're a little expensive or not, as long as you are passionate about hairstyling and treatment and you know how to take good care of your clients, I would not hesitate to comeback to you or even recommend it to others. I rarely know of a salon that caters such specialty. Right now, I'm still in the trial stage since I'm not a regular salon person. I don't have regular haircuts or hair treatments so I wouldn't know which salon is proven tested when it comes to quality of service.

How about you? Which salon do you recommend and go to for hairstyling and pampering treatments?

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I am Up for the Challenge

I had just received another unpleasant news today from a loved one. It is not directly for me but in a way it will slightly affect our routine and a little major in our way of life. I know with that news there will be a major change. There are minor setbacks and good things too (I guess) that will happen in our everyday living. I don't know if it's really a sad or bad one or we just don't want this scenario to take place. We already discussed this before and finally it is official. The funny thing is that, it was unexpected because initially it was a great buzz in favor of us. But then it turned out it is the other way around. How fate ridicules us and fate tests our faith. No one really knows but God alone.

I haven't thought too much of this yet. I don't wanna divulge it and lay the details too much. But to give you a little hint of what we are going to get through just yet.. you know when there's this thing that you don't want to happen but then it really happens for real? Get it? What will you do? My initial reaction was I felt sadness because it is not the way I wanted it to be. But then, I am positive enough that there are better plans God has in store. That makes me hold on to my faith. God's promise will never fail. I told my husband, God has another plan for us. We don't know what it is but He knows it is for the best, for our good. Everyday is a living testimony that God's presence is always with us. Good or bad, it doesn't matter. God works in mysterious ways remember. What's important and that we should bear in our mind and heart that God doesn't want anything bad to happen on us. Yes, maybe for a while it is uncomfortable and unlikely. But hey, a little sacrifice doesn't hurt too much like what our God did to save us. He died on the cross for the love of us.

My dear Lord, I am up for this turning point you gave to us. Yes, I am sad but I believe in your plans and ways. You know what is best for us. And with that alone I am comforted and still. And yes, I may feel a bit worried but knowing that your ways are not ours, then it's safe to safe we are okay in Your hands.

Monday, 15 July 2013

#Downloading Sites: Torrent or Piratebay

Oh no! I'm not introducing or encouraging one to piracy. It is illegal and we should respect others material or copyright. And I think for domestic purposes it's kind of considerable, I guess. What's not appropriate and fair is downloading and selling it for profit. I know, I'm still patronizing downloaded videos. But I swear, I am not selling it. I'm sharing this now because I am in search of #child friendly videos in the likes of #Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and #Dora the Explorer episodes for my little ones. I asked some of my friends and they told me of sites where I can download for free such videos: Torrent and Piratebay they recommend. Right now, I have downloaded episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Original CD's of Dora the Explorer. My kids super love 'em even if almost the whole day it is played repeatedly. As soon as my eldest daughter wakes up, she asks for Dora or Mouse already. Or when we arrive from office, we catch them viewing it again until they are tired and gets sleepy. We can't even watch the latest news or catch the latest events because we only have one television that is working properly. Every after the movie ends, my eldest requests for another round of it as if she was not yet satisfied. She's jumping with joy everytime it is shown. I am glad though that with these videos, she's able to say words and sings with the songs played. And because me and my hubby are so bored with the same old stories, I want to add some new episodes because honestly we enjoyed watching it too with the kids.

 photo cover_zps50cd385d.jpg
Photo not mine. Happy lang ng peg ano? Happy fellows and colors.

 photo Dora_17HR_zpsf4d17c4b.jpg
Photo not mine. Happy friends and family.

Yesterday, I was able to visit these sites, Torrent and Piratebay. So far I like the Torrent because it's much more faster unlike the Piratebay. When I entered the site, Piratebay, it took a whole time downloading its page. I don't know if my computer is just slow. But I'm happy with the outcome of the videos I downloaded from Torrent. And I'm happy to note too that there are actually new episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse called the Quest for the Crystal Mickey 2013. I also get to see the list of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes from the old series up to present (view it here). I'm so happy I was able to search titles of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Soon, if I have spare time, I'd slowly add it to my playlists.

How about you? Any downloading site you can suggest where I can download free videos for kids that is of good quality too?

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Baby Bo...

I received a call from my sister just after lunch break. She told me an unexpected news about our dog, Bo. It is the first time that I ever received a call that stunned me and from our pet dog. It is an unusual one. I wanna post a photo for a #Throwback today but I don't have with me a photo of which we consider as our youngest in the family. Bo, is our pet dog. His breed is a Lhasa Apso-slash-terrier.

 photo Lhasa_zpsc0191505.jpg
Photo source here. This is a Lhasa Apso breed.
His face is somewhat similar to the little doogie on the photo.

If I remembered it right, he came into our abode way back 2006. He is really a darling and he brought instant happiness to our family. We took care of him like our little baby. Proper food, vitamins and every thing are given to him. Fast forward to today. My sister reported that since Monday, he had no intake already. What ever he eats or drinks, he vomits it out. My mother and father don't have enough sleep because they worry so much of Bo and they monitored him. Good thing that my sister knew it and she immediately told my parents to have him admitted to a veterinary clinic so that proper medications must be given. It was also a blessing in disguise because we knew that the person we thought as to be a Veterinarian in our village is not a certified or licensed one. So my sister just quite of told my parents its better to go to a trusted one and pay a little higher than to settle for a cheaper one and more damage will happen. Right now, our little Bo is admitted in the Veterinarian clinic. It's better that way so that he can be monitored properly and the right medication is given. I don't know what my little brothers' reaction to this. He is in London and I'm sure he will be worried too. He is the most closest to Bo because my brother is an animal lover. I hope that Bo will get better soon. I pray, in Jesus name, AMEN.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

At the End of the Day...

First day of the week. Monday seems to be the not so liked day for most working people and students. But thinking about it, it shouldn't be. Why? Because before this day, there is Saturday and Sunday where we are recharged after yet a long weekday. Personally, I dislike Monday because it is dragging for me. I want to spend more time with my kids, traffic on the way to and from office seems chaotic and everybody is rushing. I hate it. But I need to be up early because my husband needs to be at his office before 8am strikes. Well, I don't want to sound too negative and discouraging. But this is just my opinion. On a positive note, I am still glad that I belong to the working force, pushing my butts out to earn for a living and sustain everyday. A blessing that indicates a fit mind and body to perform my role as a mother, a wife and as an individual.

Here below are some snap shots I got on our way home last Monday. I was feeling pity of the little girl on the school bus. She is indeed very tired from school and I was looking at her for long since our car is side by side the school bus. She kept on falling her head because she slept literally. I actually want to sit beside her and rest her head on my shoulder. And the other photo shows an adult sleeping too. I would presume she's a mother working to help in meeting the needs of her family. Children are not spared too with the demands of their studies.

 photo IMG_20130705_174347_zpsae6ec085.jpg

 photo IMG_20130705_174641_zps68dc712b.jpg

Two years from now, as my eldest daughter will enter school, I wonder how schooling is for her. Even if at the end of the day she feels tired, I hope her enthusiasm in going to school will never seize. That her eagerness in going to school and learn new things will make her excited everyday. And as for me, even if I am tired juggling from home to work and vise-versa, I hope that my drive and motivation to work will never fade all for my family. I work for my family and because I need to be of purpose and productive not only for my growth but for the people I value most.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

She talks, I understand...

I am happy to note that my eldest daughter of 2 years and 5 months is talking clearly already. Though she's way behind her Cousin Danna, I am glad that I get to understand what she meant through the words she is saying, little by little. Or by pointing to a thing that she wants to mean. It is through these small milestones that a parent could get any happier. I am happy that I can get already what she is trying to convey and not just making a sound or just cry because she is not understood. She can say her little sister's name but she cannot say yet her name, hehehe ... She can count from one to ten and can identify animals like cat, dog, lizard, fish, pig, mouse, lion, #Jolli-bee (Jabee) and even associate its sounds. Even the the giants, she is familiar of that and she's very afraid of that. When it rains, she will say, "rain go". If it rains hard with thunderstorms, she will say giants. Familiar of the movie #Jack the Giant Slayer? Well she got it from there. All these developments I see from my daughter made me think I have a long way to go and it is very important to talk to your child at this early stage because they digest easily the words they hear and later on they will follow.

Based on experience, when both parents are working, nannies are the ones left in the house with our kids. It is right that we give them instructions to talk and choose their words that is child friendly. In my case, with my previous yaya, it was not so much of a disadvantage that both of my helpers are siblings. It was more on they speak on their own dialect that we never understood. It was difficult for me to always remind them to speak in Visayan or Tagalog dialect only so that the kids won't be confused and they will understand us, their parents. But even if reminders were repeated, they stick to their own language because they were used to it. It is not that I don't like their native tongue. I respect that. But my kids are in their formation stage and their brain development is crucial at this times. Their language must be our language too. Later when they are able to establish their own language, it's okay to have multiple language/ dialects or mutli-lingual. That's brilliance! That's more like it.

To the mommies like me, even if we're out 8 to 12 hours a day, it is wise that as much as possible we spend quality time, talking, reading, watching and listening #child-friendly reading materials, videos and music to our children. We are still their number one teachers even if it means they are schooling already. We know what is good and best for our kids, so as much as possible let us spend quality time with them. And as parents, we also have to educate ourselves with current information suitable for our little ones now. Even if we grew up generations ago, we must keep on track with what's the latest but then keep the same old values and impart that to our children. #Filipino values and virtues are undying and worth keeping.

Friday, 5 July 2013

In Search for the Right Internet Service Provider? A True Story...

Since I am into blogging, I am very much needing an internet connection at our home. But somehow, I thought, having one in our house, I cannot use it anytime I like and even if I want to because having two kids around make it difficult for me to experience it and to blog in my own time. In short, malulugi ako. So I just settled making use it during my office break and sometimes during office hours if I am not busy and all my task are done. And it's free. I know it's not proper but I make sure I blog after I'm free with paper works and all the things that needs to be done are done. So when I encountered my office mate Maria's blog about her traumatic experience when getting an internet service provider, you may think otherwise on this. Read on...

mayfleursays...: My Sad Experience with Smart Wi-Max 499

In fairness to other internet service providers, I would say that before getting one make sure that you have gotten the right information if their service is really okay and of quality so that in the end you will be hassle-free and stress-free.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Best is Yet to Come...

I am certain that good things will come my way. Right at this moment, a lot of things are rolling out in my mind that needs to be done, that needs to have. This is not only for me but more for my family. I know God knows what I am thinking and what my heart desires. I am sure that God will answer my prayer at the time when there's nothing more my physical body and mental capacity could do. God knows how earnestly I badly need these prayers in my mind right now... (silence to pray again for these 3 things)... I know in time He will give it to us at the right time and place. Thank you Lord for the grace, mercy and the many blessings you have bestowed us. That we are still lucky to have the basic needs we have. You truly are our Saviour and for-Giver.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Rejoice and I'm thankful: Nanny hired!

This is my month. July it is. I had a prayer and only one wish for my birthday which I blogged yesterday. It was a spur of the moment wish and silently prayed with all my heart. That I will found a right nanny to my 9 month old kid. Then when I reached home, my mother break the 'good news' to me that my father found a prospective nanny. It's not only a potential one but they will be arriving today from the province. So it's for real.  Thank God for an answered prayer!

My father called me today and positively relayed the 'good' news. The nanny is already at my parental's house. I will be seeing her later. I have mixed emotions to the new nanny. I am glad that the wait is over but then quite anxious if she will really stay or will she pass the 'position'. Taking care of an infant or toddler needs a lot of patience, sympathy, understanding, love and passion. One should have tender, loving care personality. I am no strict of rules and regulations. Because she will be dealing on my baby, I expect her to have personal aesthetics and hygiene and I am very particular of that. In the long run, she must have a system already and knows time management. She knows how to pacify my baby's moods and to have a personal relationship with my kids. This is very important to me since she will be dealing with my baby most of the time while I am at work. She knows how to forsee the things that needs to be done and not just wait for my instructions especially the routine works. It is very tiring to repeat things over and over again as if I'm talking to a wall. I am a person also that even if I have a nanny, I don't relay so much to them. Lest, I extend my hands to do the things for my kids. Honestly, it's too tiring to have 2 kids around, that's why I really help them in the morning and at night with the chores not yet done. I bathe the 2 of them everyday, I prepare their food in the morning, I arrange by myself their ironed clothes, I play with them and spend time with them as much as possible even after my day's job. Sometimes, if I can, I launder their clothes and sterilize their feeding bottles. Oh well! Let's see...

It is too early to tell. Oh yes, we found and hired a nanny but to say if she's the one is a different story to tell. I am crossing my finger!

Last note: My sister called me a while ago and reported that she found also a potential nanny. When it rains, it pours. Thank God for the blessings!

Monday, 1 July 2013

At 34...

At last, July is here! My birth month. For the past 13 years since I graduated from college and faced the world of endless possibilities, I realized that things had been happening at the blink of my eye. Almost a decade since I have been out of school and to think that I felt I haven't accomplished much. Before when things were just about me, I just brushed it off and thought I still have a long way to go. So many things to happen still. But then again, looking back, I realized that I also missed a lot of things. That's when opportunities were endless. Whatever comes your way, grab it, experience it, treasure it and when all things fail or didn't come our own way that's when you say it's not meant to be, it's not a mistake, it's not our failure but we have to face the reality in life that we cannot have it all.

Now that I'll be turning 34, looking aback, I'm proud to say that somehow I stand with my two feet on the ground. I may not be the licensed Interior/ Furniture designer that I want to be, I may not be working in Singapore, I may not have savings in my account, I may not have traveled a lot, I may not have a healthy and firm looking body, I may not be physically beautiful (flawless, tall, flat abs and having soft and bouncy hair) and well-endowed (malaki ang hinaharap at puwet), I may not have confidence in myself, I may have a lot of insecurities and worries, I may not be a good mother or a submitting wife but in the end I am still standing with dignity and integrity with me. I thought I'm losing myself because of physical factors surrounding me. But I thank my God for standing by me. 

I am celebrating life because I am alive, I am ill-free, I have my family, I have a job to sustain my everyday living, I have a house to go home to, I eat 3 to 5 times a day, I have clothes to wear, I have a blog that keeps me sane, I have complete senses, I have kids that brings pure joy and love and above all I have my God who keeps me safe and protected at all times. 

Now, I wish not for any material things or a big party for my coming birthday. I just pray to God that He will give me the right nanny for my 9 month old baby. My previous nanny left us for good. That's why I haven't blogged for a few days now because I am emotionally tired. I mercifully pray to God that He grant this little favor I have in my heart, in Jesus Almighty name, AMEN!

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