Thursday, 28 September 2017

Caring For Our Skin...and Eyes Too!

Hello yah all!  After a very long hiatus, I am finally back!  I was stuck with laziness to write a post thus no updates here.  Though I have so many things that I think I should've shared but the drive to put things in writing came to no avail.  As you could see, when you go back in my previous posts, the photos embedded in it are no longer seen.  I don't know what happened with my Photobucket.  I still have to find out. (UPDATE:  OMG!  I cannot access anymore my account.  I have to figure it out right away.  A lot of my blog photos are in there.  I hope I can revive it.  Anyone from here knows how?  Please help!).  But I am actually active with blogging.  I enjoyed reading other's blog and learned a lot from them.  Like for instance, skin care and make up related and a lot of tutorials!  I admit I am way too late when it comes to make up.  I am now in my late 30's but still I am no expert.  I only use in a daily basis eyebrow pencil/gel (because as they say 'kilay' is life).  I am currently using Monalisa as my eyebrow pencil and gel from Rimmel.  I put on make-up primer in matte (Rimmel) and lipstick (Revlon and Wet N' Wild which are my staples now because they are gifts).  Sometimes I put blush on (from Mac), or curl my lashes (Shiseido) and put on mascara (Maybelline) if I feel like 'gandang-ganda-ako-sa-sarili-ko' moment.  But on top of these, I never forget to prep my face (skin).  As they say, our face (skin) is our canvass.  Bad canvass, unimpressive make-up.  Umm, do I make sense?

Anyway, I wanted to share with you how I prep my skin as 'canvass' before doing my very simple make-up to no-make-up look.  I know mine is not very challenging.  It's a mother-career-woman thing.  Daily rush make-up.  Okay let's begin:  We all know that the first step is to wash face with water and facial soap.  But for me, I don't do it on a regular basis.  I've read in one mommy blogger that for how many years she tried to do it and it works.  Fortunately it works for me too!  I felt that my skin is not that abused with all the soap suds that makes the skin dry all the more.  Since I am not exposed everyday with air pollutants naman, I just use Micellar Water to remove my make up or traces of dirt.  I have used Simple, Maybelline, L'Oreal (in pink) and Biore (in pink).  I like all except L'Oreal.  I feel it didn't remove traces of dirt on my skin as evidenced after I swipe cotton on my face.  I have yet to try Garnier and Derma E Vitamin C Cleansing Micellar Water since I saw the first having great reviews and the latter, well, I want to try because it's interesting having Vitamin C on it.  Though I still wash my face with facial soap and water everytime I commute going to and from work.  Most of the days kasi I ride along with my husband's car going to work.  Right now, my facial soap is still from Simple.  The Simple's Smoothing Facial Scrub.  Though if I were to rate base on my skin's reaction to it, I won't repurchase because I don't find suppleness in my skin.  Though what I like about it is that it is very mild (the scent) and it's not harsh to one's skin.

Next, after cleaning my face, I put on moisturizer.  Even if I have oily face (just at the T-zone), I still use moisturizer because there are some dry areas on my face.  I am currently using the Simple's Hydrating Light Moisturizer.  True to its word, it's indeed light on the skin.  It's what I needed because I have to put on my sunscreen pa.  I don't like the feeling na parang I have too much on my face.  My sunscreen is the Biore UV Perfect Milk in SPF 50+ PA++++ (not the spray type because I feel it's just air coming out everytime I spray.  It's  like nothing comes out and it doesn't give a matte effect on my face compared to the regular one).  It's the blue one for face and body.  I just use it on my face, neck and arms.  So far it worked for me as it gives a mattifying effect on my skin.  No shiny face for me the whole day.  I have oily T zone, so this gives me the right coverage.  I don't use powder kasi because I noticed if do, black and whiteheads settle in my skin to which I abhor.  Sometimes in the afternoon, I just use oil control paper by Biore and after that I'm done na.  By the way, these products I use are what I put during the day.  At night, instead of the Hydrating Light Moisturizer of Simple, I use either Redwin Vitamin E Cream with Evening Primrose Oil or the DHC Deep cleansing oil.  My take on them? The former gives me a moisturizing and cold feel on my face.  The latter gives me a smooth and plumping effect that I don't mind using them alternately.  I recently saw in Youtube one Philippine celebrity who uses all natural and organic product to clean her face.  It can clean and moisturize already and it so safe in one's skin.  She is Coleen Garcia and she uses coconut oil.  See for yourself and click link here.

Okay, I have this one beauty product that I think most women forget to add in their beauty regimen.  The eye cream is important especially as you go older, fine likes and wrinkles are already visible.  A lot of beauty products are available in the market but don't know which one is the best among the rest.  To give you idea on what's hot in store, click link here.

Ultimately, you can only achieve healthy and glowing skin when you eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise and have a positive outlook in life.  Because as they say, beauty radiates from within.

Caring For Our Skin...and Eyes Too!

Hello yah all!  After a very long hiatus, I am finally back!  I was stuck with laziness to write a post thus no updates here.  Though I have...