Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mysterious Foe

Why are there people who can't accept and respect others position in the workplace or its stature in the society? Why do they have to envy people even if they already have everything in their hands? I am a victim of this kind of scenario. It just kills me because I didn't do anything to this person. If ever I did something wrong, why do this person just confront me in my face and tell me what's going on. Tell it to me straight and let's deal this professionally! Because we are now in the world of techies and gadgets, it's not appropriate to communicate thru it. The presence of the person still matters so that the message will be properly addressed. There are pieces of messages that will be said and most of times misunderstood if communicated through mobile phone. I am just distraught with this incident because of false accusations against me. I don't know what this person is trying to convey to me. But I am clueless. What the heck is happening here!

I don't know if envy takes this person to attack me. But I doubt because this person has everything (per this person said). I just don't know why this person hides his/her identity to me. I am open to any criticism because I am not a perfect person. So does he/she. Nobody is exception to the rule. Only that he/she knows better than me (this person claims). It doesn't matter to me if you're the greatest, the best as long as you deal other's fairly. I feel I'm not fairly treated. So it is unfair in my part and it bothers me a lot. However, I just wish that in time this person can face me squarely and tell me what's his/her problem with me. I just hope that he/she will realize that it started out because of his/her text to me that hurts me. All I wish that you will come up to me, face me and talk to me. Be a person enough to finish this since you started it.

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