Friday, 24 April 2015

Bag Giveaway...Joei & Me: My Birthday Giveaway: Win a Coach Crossbody Bag fr...

I love bags… second to shoes. All my bags are given by my sponsors such as my OFW family. And I'm one of those lucky beneficiaries of them. But because I'm kind of very particular to quality and brand, it ends that I cannot buy one for me because I cannot afford to buy quality products. That's why I settle to wait for them giving me or join in contests especially in blog giveaway (which I'm fortunate to say, I've been lucky for the past 2 years) such us the Joei & Me: My Birthday Giveaway: Win a Coach Crossbody Bag fr…:

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

SM Kid's Sale Loot

I am always on a look out for sale items from SM Department store especially in the kids section. I dunno know why I don't go directly in the ladies department. Maybe and like all mothers out there the mother in us always rules and comes first! And I find their kids stuff really cute especially for the girls. #mamawonders #motheratheart Don't you think?

Just this Monday, I went to SM City Davao to check on sale items for my 4 year old daughter who I brought along with me. I really love the selection of kids clothing from SM. As in everything whether it's a sale item or not. When it's a sale item naman, I find it still very okay and no flaws like what we are always used to. You know, some minor or invisible defects or stain. Usually their items on sale are last sizes or pieces that they want to dispose already. Since I am already eyeing to get a blue and green colored blouses for her, check out what I got from the sale items...

Note: I really love the Just Tees collection for girls. It's hip, trendy and very fashionista!

 photo IMG_20150420_203911_zpsilie5akf.jpg
1) This shirt is on sale already @ Php125.00. But since they have
ongoing sales, this I got for Php100.00 na lang. Happy mama lang ang peg ko!

 photo IMG_20150420_203921_zpsca6uunne.jpg
2) It's not in my plan to get this dark peach statement shirt.
But I like the caption. Perfect for my daughter!
I got this on sale for around Php160.00. 

 photo IMG_20150420_203942_zpskolxqwib.jpg
3) Still on high from our London trip, I got this for her.
Since there's no red bus design available, I settled for this blue one.
Still on sale @ around Php160.00.
(They have a San Francisco design in pink.
But it's too big already for her at size 14.)

Notice I haven't found a green blouse? Well, a second trip to SM calls for that, yahoo! They have a mall wide sale at the end of April in time for Labor Day (May 1). I only spent less than Php500.00 for all 3 items. Super not bad! Hurry and check out stuff not only for your kids but for you and your home as well. #ilovesm #iheartsm

Friday, 17 April 2015


 photo IMG_20150415_133152_zps6sbelo6i.jpg
Staring at you in this photo makes me a happy mother of you.
I praise God for a beautiful and thoughtful daughter in you.

Random thoughts: You are growing fast before my very eyes. Everyday, I am in awe of what you are today. I thank God for giving me a beautiful daughter in you and your little sister Nique. May you be a God-fearing, generous, cheerful, optimistic and loving person that I wish you would be. May God give me and your papa good health, strength and wisdom to guide the both of you until you are ready to face the complexities of life. I love you and Nique more each day and everyday that I and your papa lives.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Here Comes Summer 2015 (Part 2)

In lieu of my previous post here, here's the 2nd part. I've said that I'll bombard photos of our recent beach trip in this post but sadly I haven't took as much photos as I want because my phone battery's drained. I forgot to charge it. But anyway, here are some photos I grabbed (without permission) from my SIL's FB page. 

 photo 11149455_10153268034834686_8713391268982687265_n_zpsmyv5ugft.jpg
Their swimming pool is very nice. Even the adult pool can accommodate kids
but with adult supervision and company.

 photo 11148498_10153268035769686_6901258836779450896_n_zpsvtusnasb.jpg
Here's the mushroom structure they have and from afar the giant shoes
which I think is 20 years old or more. Both structures
are preserved and I'm glad they did. We have stories to tell to our children.

 photo 10999749_10153268035919686_2812057507394673258_n_zpsujrbm52j.jpg

 photo 11150432_10153268035854686_3974957386528820794_n_zpsprfqzd1k.jpg
At the far right is their new and child-friendly playground. 
At the left is one of their new function halls.

 photo 11017049_10153268036284686_4830118074169866000_n_zpsp14bxijj.jpg

 photo 10984609_10153268036499686_3083307818817376941_n_zpsdgmy98nh.jpg
This castle is also 2 decades old. We remember playing here when
we were kids. But now, they closed the entrance going at to the top.

That's all folks. More than the photos I shared, there are many improvements Mergrande has done through the years. And I'm glad that they maintained it and until now they are still in operation despite many resorts that are now in business.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Our Family Portrait: A Cartoonist Perspective

As a parent, every milestone our children make is not only their achievement but ours as well. We take a sense of pride in every little thing they say and do from 0 to 1 year. On the onset, blurting out voices from their own mouth (even if there is no word uttered) is a first step of development. Then they will be able to respond later on when we talk to them even if we cannot understand what they mean is another. But we know it is the answer to what we say to them. 

Fast forward to 4 years now, my daughter will be a school girl soon. She will be in pre-kinder come school opening. I am ecstatic, I believe, as she is. This Wednesday will be the first day of enrollment on her soon-to-be school. Since I took a leave in work on that day, in the morning, I will officially enroll her just to be sure to get the morning slot. We have a lot to prepare before she will start on her new environment. For one, she doesn't recognize the alphabet and numbers yet though she can memorize and utter it. She doesn't know how to write her name but she knows how to say it, she knows how old she is, where she lives and the names of her family members. That's us.

Speaking of us, one thing I am proud of our eldest daughter is she is showing her artistic side. She loves to scribble on things in a drawing paper and color it. Currently, she is into Play-doh. Honestly, I don't want her playing it because it is so messy and after she plays, me and the nannies fixes it. It's so tiring picking up the pieces of clays on the table and the floor. But even if I don't like it, I let her play because I know it is for her own good. It molds her creativity and imagination.

Speaking of imagination, just this morning, she made the drawing below:

 photo IMG_20150406_155259_zpsoiwkfuqk.jpg
My Mariella's version of our family including our 'house-mates'.

I know it is unattractive but seeing this development of my Mariella makes me one proud mother. She knows now how to relate things through drawing. I bet you will also feel the same if your children exhibits this kind of work. Every time she asks a pen and paper, I really give it to her because it exercises her mind and I encourage parents too to do the same. I feel so blessed that little by little my Mariella is slowly coming out of her shell. 

How about you? Any developments your child is making that makes you one proud parent? Share it...

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