Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I received a call today from my hubby that his former office-mate together with his family is here in Davao City for a vacation. Kenneth is now residing with his wife and kids in New York where his wife is working as a nurse. Kenneth and my hubby are close office-mates way before and I got to know him well. We hang out before when me and husband are still not married. He's a nice person even if he comes from a well-off family. Anyway, I just realized that this summer is all about my family and friends coming home from abroad, having their vacation. It's nice to be around them for the longest time. First, my brother and his wife coming here last March, then, my sister-in-law too. After a couple of days, my husband's aunt all the way from Kuwait working as a nurse also was here and lastly the Obed family. Apart from that, I would not miss the "pasalubong's" or the presents given to us. But of course, what matters is there presence and not by the material things given.

I can relate to the feeling of a "bakasyunista" coming home. There's no place like home indeed. And truly, Philippines is where I belong where I have everything: my family, friends and the warmth and smiles of every Filipino that makes us stand out from the rest.

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  1. life is like a story book-it has a beggining, middle and end.


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